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Madeline Wicks & The Aftereffects of War

by Cora Buckles

England, 1960s: Madeline Wicks was born while the world was at war. She never knew her mother. Her father, an American flyer in the RAF, became a hero back then. But peace time and grief left him with little ambition afterwards. She never went to regular school from the start, but her father insisted she learn from the books he’d pinched from the library. They took the books back, of course, because they were borrowers, not thieves. Madeline was quite partial to mathematics though and could calculate probability in her head. Useful, given her father was also quite a gambler. That was his downfall, and she meant to learn from that tragic example. But what happens when Madeline comes into a stash of somebody’s cash by mistake? What if she just borrowed it for a bit like those library books back then?

Mrs. Mayberry Meets Her Match

by Susan Page Davis

Amelia Mayberry’s rewarding career as a matchmaker is winding down. She’d like to close shop and spend her sunset years in peace. There’s only one unfinished piece of businessâ??an unsatisfied customer for whom she needs to set things right. Her late husband’s friend wasn’t happy with the potential bride Amelia sent his way, but she doesn’t know why. The question is, will Lennox Bailey allow her to find him a new candidate?

The Burning Glass

by Marjorie Bowen

Paris. Eighteenth Century.

Julie de Lespinasse runs the most famous salon in Paris and regularly socialises with some of the most brilliant minds in France. Her heart belongs only to one – the M. de Condorcet. But when the city’s most eligible bachelor, Jacques de Guibert, makes his attraction towards her clear, she can’t help but feel the same. But his heart is already taken by the lovely Madame de Montsauge.

Both remarkable wordsmiths, Julie and Jacques exchange beautiful letters and fall hopelessly in love – if only something didn’t always get in the way. Will they unite before they waste their lives in regret, or does fate have something darker in store?

Full of yearning and heartbreak, Burning Glass is a passionate historical romance from one of the masters of the genre.

Praise for Marjorie Bowen

â??Miss Bowen’s work is of the exceptional class’ – The Scotsman

Marjorie Bowen often wrote under the pseudonym Margaret Gabrielle Vere Campbell Long, and was one of Britain’s most prolific authors of the twentieth century. Between 1906 and her death in 1952, Bowen wrote over 150 books, garnering much acclaim for her popular histories and historical and Gothic romances. Alongside masterful descriptions and concise, efficient prose, she deftly rendered larger-than-life subjects in the minds of her readers. Her other titles include The Sword Decided, Mary Queen of Scots, The Queen’s Caprice, The Governor of England, Mistress Nell Gwynn and Dickon.

Amelia’s Deception (Deception Series Book 1)

by GG Shalton

Amelia Abbott may be a baron’s daughter, but rich she is not. Her father’s unscrupulous business practices will soon have him going to prison leaving Amelia on the street and her family destitute. A marriage is her only hope to survive. But with her family shunned by London society, her choices are limited. Accepting a proposal from a second cousin, she is secured to start her new life until a merciless man she met at a friend’s house makes a scandalous offer.

Early 19th century Scotland was a hard life for an Irishman. Growing up on the streets and engaging in petty crimes earned Andrew Baird his stripes in the small gangs that ruled his neighborhood. As his size and territories increase, he eventually organizes his gang and creates his own criminal empire earning him the infamous name of Black Baird. A known blackguard with impeccable manners and ruthless business practices. Owning many gambling clubs throughout Scotland and England, his business takes him to collect money from a young lord’s home where he meets an innocent young girl that intrigues him like no other.

Robin Hood: Illustrator: Brundage, Frances

by Henry Gilbert

Robin, or Robert of Locksley, as he was known to the steward and the monks, was a freeman, or socman, as it was termed, and was a young man of wealth as things went then. He had his own house and land, a farm of some hundred and sixty acres of the richest land on the verge of the manor, and he knew full well that the monks had long cast covetous eyes upon his little holding. It lay beside the forest, and was called the Outwoods. Robin held his land at a rent, and so long as he paid this to the monks they could not legally oust him from his farm, much as they would have liked to do this. Robin was looked upon by the abbot as a discontented and malicious man. He had often bearded the abbot in his own monastery, and told him to his face how wickedly he and his stewards treated the villeins and poorer tenants of their manors. Such defiance in those days was reckoned to be almost unheard of, and the monks and Guy of Gisborne, their steward at Birkencar, hated Robin and his free speech as much as Robin hated them for their tyranny and oppression.

Assassin’s Arrangement: a Victorian Romantic Suspense novelette (The Accomplice Novelette Trilogy Book 1)

by Anna Lillian Wade

“There was absolutely nothing remarkable about Miss White at all, and that is exactly why the assassin chose her.”

Joseph Thorne is painfully handsome, charming, and intelligent. In 1853, he is also the best assassin in Somerset.

Catherine White is unremarkable at first glance, but also seemed to be there just as the assassin needs a good diversion.

When the assassin learns that a few seemingly-innocent quips resulted in Miss White’s suitor growing violent, he attempts to make amends–but not without benefitting somehow.

The assassin proposes an arrangement: He will eliminate Miss White’s violent suitor if she becomes his accomplice in assassinating a particularly difficult-to-reach Russian baron.

Miss White’s reluctant acceptance leads to unforeseen adventures and unexpected passion.

A steamy blend of JAMES BOND and MANSFIELD PARK, ASSASSIN’S ARRANGEMENT is a fast-paced romp through Victorian Bath.

Amazing Grace

by Amanda Longpre’

It was the year 1873, and Henry’s life was about to change. Wealthy society banker Henry A. Bennett II thought he had his life all figured out- until one disastrous mistake cost him everything. Forced to hide out on a remote Colorado farm after his mistake nearly costs him his life, Henry finds himself starting to question everything he knew about God, the world, the devout young widow who was not what she seemed- and himself. Marie Larson never expected in a million years that Henry of all people would be the answer to her prayers. Faced with the impossible task of trying to save her homestead after the untimely death of her husband, the young widow could not fathom why God would tell her to hire Henry as her farmhand after the awful things he had done to her and to the town of Colorado City. She highly doubted the arrogant, self-serving banker had ever labored a day in his life! But as time goes on, the former banker soon finds himself wanting to know more about this God of hers, and why he seems to be mysteriously drawn to a certain stubborn young widow with bright blue eyes and a strange light shining deep within her.

The Dream Bucket, Manuela Blayne: Covington Chronicles III and IV

by Mary Lou Cheatham

If the front porch of this old shack could speak, it would tell stories of abuse, salvation, horseplay, despair, hopes for a better tomorrow, tender regrets . . .

The Dream Bucket:

Trudy, a young girl, loses her home, her father, her childhood . . . but not her hope.

Zoe, a mother, seeks a place to live, covers secrets, provides for her children’s needs while unforeseen challenges bombard her.

Samuel, a neighbor, reaches out to help but encounters rejection.
Manuela Blayne:

Manuela, the granddaughter of slaves is as hopeful as any young girl can be.
Trudy, a survivor, suffers for others.
Jeremy, a dreamer, rises above his circumstances.

Presenting in one volume: two books about Trudy Cameron and those she loves.

Alice au pays des merveilles: – (French Edition)

by Lewis Carroll

Alice s’ennuie auprès de sa sÅ?ur qui lit un livre (” sans images, ni dialogues “) tandis qu’elle ne fait rien. ” Ã? quoi bon un livre sans images, ni dialogues ? “, se demande Alice. Mais voilà qu’un lapin blanc aux yeux roses vêtu d’une redingote avec une montre à gousset à y ranger passe près d’elle en courant. Cela ne l’étonne pas le moins du monde. Pourtant, lorsqu’elle le voit sortir une montre de sa poche et s’écrier : ” Je suis en retard ! En retard ! En retard ! “, elle se dit que décidément ce lapin a quelque chose de spécial. En entrant derrière lui dans son terrier, elle fait une chute presque interminable qui l’emmène dans un monde aux antipodes du sien. Elle va rencontrer une galerie de personnages retors et se trouver confrontée au paradoxe, à l’absurde et au bizarreâ?¦

Hello, I’m A Nazi…! (Book Two): The Untold Efforts Of One Manâ??s Determination To Try And Get People To Like The Nazis…!

by Dr. Fick Härter

Book Two of “Hello, I’m A Naziâ?¦!”

It’s the beginning of World War II. Avid SS Officer Karl-Otto Von Lichtenstein prepares for the end of the war and the 1,000 year reign of the Third Reich to begin.

“A thousand years, conservatively – consider that in a single day we Germans can take over a country and hey! Chocolate all year roundâ?¦!” Von Lichtenstein writes.

Von Lichtenstein’s diaries were found hidden in a bread tin in the Fuhrer’s bunker in 1945. By chance, an American undercover operative was able to appropriate it from Russian hands. Once in America, while the diaries historical significance and importance were dismissed, they were, nonetheless, regarded to be of “military importance” and deemed “CLASSIFIED.”
The dairies were declassified under Ronald Reagan’s presidency and “rediscovered” by Dr. Fick Härter and then carefully and painstakingly collated over the course of 18 months and finally released in 1981.

Von Lichtenstein’s diaries have emerged to be regarded by some as forming part of the most important and authoritative work on the Third Reich and Nazi Germany. They provide a masterful, historical narrative, shedding unique, never-before-seen insight into the Nazi psyche and their daily activities and revealing, first-hand, the inner workings, beliefs and Nazi plans for extreme world domination.

Book Two of “Hello, I’m A Naziâ?¦!” the untold, but valiant efforts of one man’s determination to try and get people to like the Nazis is a can’t-miss work of narrative fictionâ?¦!

The Emerald Tablet

by D A Cowley

When Napoleon stepped inside the Great Pyramid, only in his wildest dreams could he have imagined what he would find…
Thrown into an exhilarating search for an ancient artefact, ex law enforcement turned treasure hunters, Steele and French find themselves drawn into a dangerous web of intrigue whilst following in the illustrious footsteps of the former French Emperor.

The Storyteller Book II The Hummingbirds Shadow: AMBW Interracial Romance

by S. Hayashi

This historical story is set in the ancient world, it tells the story of Nehteri, a fearless and strong-willed warrior, who is kidnapped by pirates and taken to Japan.There her world is forever changed as she goes from, a warrior in the Pharaohs household, to a slave. Nobou is a nobleman, with a courageous soul, who meets Nehteri in a time of war. Nehteri, now known as Mika,finds her life taking an unexpected turn when her lover,Jiang, is taken as a prisoner of war. Mika vows to save the life of her lover even when a surprising secret is revealed. Nobou, seeing the plight that Mika is in, makes a drastic decision that will change both of their lives forever.

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