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Blood Oath (The Darkest Drae Book 1)

by Raye Wagner

Everything I know is a lie.

I’m an ordinary mortal girl. Lord Irrik is a depraved dragon shifter. King Irdelron is an immortal tyrant.

In the disease ridden land of Verald, life is mapped out much like the established rings of our kingdom. Everyone has a roleâ?¦
Me? I’ll be uselessly serving potato stew for the rest of my life because I can’t make anything grow.

But starvation brews rebellion.

When the king strikes, I’m captured by Lord Irrik. Instantly, I’m embroiled in a deadly game. One where I’m desperate to understand the rules.

Because nothing makes sense anymore.

Now, I’m not only fighting for my life . . . but a love that could be the key to my freedom.

What if the truth means you’re not who â?? or what â?? you thought you were?

Fans of dark fantasy, dragons, intrigue, and romance will devour this story. Scroll up and one-click now!

Due to thematic elements, this series is recommended for mature YA and up.

Las Manos Lo Resisten: Cuidado con lo que pujas (Spanish Edition)

by Darren Kyle O’Neill

Historia de la infame pintura embrujada de eBay, basada en hechos reales.

Año 2000: Daniel Leyden, el padre de una familia joven, compra una pintura por eBay.

El vendedor afirma que esta tiene una maldición y poderes demoníacos.

Ese mismo año, el detective Héctor Gómez investiga un caso policial de hace 28 años, que sigue abierto, de un asesino en serie, conocido como “El Intercambiador de Vidas”.

Los terribles sucesos que se producirán juntarán al detective Gómez y Daniel Leyden, mientras descubren el verdadero mal: “Las manos lo Resisten”.

¡Cuidado con lo que pujas!

Edgar Allan Poe: Complete Tales & Poems (Illustrated/Annotated) (Top Five Classics Book 13)

by Edgar Allan Poe

This ebook compiles Edgar Allan Poe’s complete tales and poems, including “The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym of Nantucket”, “The Fall of the House of Usher”, “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Raven” and “The Cask of Amontillado”.

This edition has been professionally formatted and contains several tables of contents. The first table of contents (at the very beginning of the ebook) lists the titles of all novels included in this volume. By clicking on one of those titles you will be redirected to the beginning of that work, where you’ll find a new TOC that lists all the chapters and sub-chapters of that specific work.

The Lovecrafts: A Horror Short

by Donchatz

From the author-
‘she’s always loved lovecraft stories and there was nothing better than laying beside her while a storm raged outside and she read lovecraft all laying against me telling me the parts she liked best. well there were other things that are better but you know what i mean. anyway i decided to write something in the lovecraft cthulhu mythos setting or at least my version of it. i’m not much into gothic steeples and archaic language but i think it came out pretty good.’
-from an interview with black acid online

Dark Waters: Something Stirs Beneath

by Dale Drake

Delve into Dark Waters, a collection of macabre and twisted tales where the terrifying, ghastly and horrifyingly gruesome stir just beneath the surface.

A walk by the sea turns into a nightmare of madness and death.
An old well harbours a dark and terrible secret.
An auction off the Cornish coast tears a couple’s life apart.
A demon hunter learns the true meaning of fear.

Death Rites (The Lazarus Codex Book 1)

by E.A. Copen

One necromancer. Two bloody murders. A ghost of a chance.

For necromancer and ex-con Lazarus Kerrigan, The Big Easy is anything but. Crime is up, incomes are down, and someone dumped the body of an innocent girl in front of his shop.

With his record, he’s the police’s primary suspect. To clear his name, he’ll have to find the real killer with help from the dead.

But what he awakens in his quest for answers might just get him–and everyone else in town–killed. More than monsters go bump in the night when the sun sets in New Orleans, and some mysteries are better left unsolved.

If you like fast-paced urban fantasy thrillers, snarky wizards, and rooting for underdogs, then you’ll LOVE the first installment of The Lazarus Codex.

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The Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival: Book One: Shrovetide & Book Two: All Souls

by Samuel Brower

This edition collects the first two novels in the Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival series.

Book One: Shrovetide-
A fire-slinging magician, a machine gun-wielding strongman, and a mysterious, tattooed gypsy; these three men make up the Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival’s “charity division”. Using unique skill sets, the charity division members will help anyone in need who has nowhere else to turn. But, after arriving in a small town in upstate Ohio during the late winter of 1955, the carnival men are tested like never before. A Satanic cult is attempting to summon a demonic force into the mortal realm, and the police and town council are in on the plan. Worst of all, a twelve year old girl is the cult’s intended sacrifice. With the little girl’s life hanging in the balance, the magician, the strongman, and the gypsy must face impossible odds to save the world from the denizens of evil.

Book Two: All Souls-
The Thunder & Shield Travelling Carnival is set up in New Orleans, Louisiana in October of 1956, with the hopes of bringing a little merriment to the storied city. Soon, the three men who make up the carnival’s “charity division” are approached by a group of young folk who say their friend has been murdered and the police are ignoring the crime. The charity division; a fire-slinging magician, a gun-wielding strongman, and a mysterious, tattooed gypsy, along with their new ward, a young blind girl with burgeoning powers all her own, agree to investigate. They quickly find that there is more to the case than they could ever have imagined. A local voodoo queen offers her assistance and with this new and strange ally they are thrown into battle against two formidable enemies. It becomes apparent that if the charity division fails to stop the evil that is taking place in New Orleans, the young men who came to them for help will surely perish, and possibly many, many more.


by Rob Ramsey

Moving to a new town is never easy. Especially one that might be the entrance to Hellâ?¦

Rose Francs thought living in a small town was going to suck. She couldn’t have been more right. When kids from the high school start disappearing, Rose discovers that she is somehow connected. Something evil has followed her and is terrifying the people of Greenville. With the help of her friend Gabe, a constable and his dog, and the mysterious Jesse, Rose races to save the town and the one she loves.

The Garden Of Beauty Book One: The Dancing Demon

by Lestat Mordred

The orchestra gathers their instruments of torture, join them and their conductor. Glimpse into the beginning of a world gone mad. The Count Aime Lorraine, driven to the edge of insanity itself, is tormented by his past memories and the very world around him. His life in a France set long ago is ripped asunder after being accused of a murder he did not commit. The puppeteer behind his demise his own mother, the recent murder of his brother weighing like bricks on his soul, Aime becomes something far worse than a monster after his own brutal murder at the whim of his mother.

This is the first in a series of novels called The Garden Of Beauty, a horror tale about the lingering effects that hatred and insanity have to twist the dead into malicious, vengeful demonic creatures.

Terminal Nightmare

by Robert Marshall Lee

Alex has just gotten out of jail and moved into a boarding house next to a cemetery. Everything seems to be going well until an intelligence not of this world, simply known as The Entity, crosses over into our plane of existance to create his own, lasting and terrifying nightmare that Alex and his friends can only hope to survive.

Robert Marshall Lee is a writer, independent filmmaker, and journalist. He currently lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan and this is his first published novel, although he has been writing for several years. Many of his stories are based off of actual events or real people. He enjoys reading, spending time with his friends, and is also an actor. Feel free to email him at [email protected]

Forever Unforgettable

by Robin Graves

Thena and Brad were a loving and happy couple that are soon to be engaged, until Brad lost his job. With the weight of the world on his shoulders, he turns to alcohol as his release, but it takes over his sanity and has him thinking negative about everything. He starts snooping around in Thena’s laptop and finds something he’d wished he’d never set eyes on, and if things couldn’t get any worse, he returns to his immediate family to receive more bad news. Then, he makes a decision that will be forever unforgettable, considered a dark urban crime of passion… which leads him into a dystopian society


by Casey Bartsch

Fifteen years ago, the small town of Pleasure, Wisconsin’s innocence was stolen by a young boy. Now, he is back, leaving a trail of bloody carnage in his wake. The media has dubbed him Strawberries, and the country is mesmerized.

Detective Harry Bland is a broken man, and can’t find a single clue to catch him. It doesn’t help that his mind won’t focus; his heart just isn’t in it anymore.

Halfway across the country, Sylvia is in a different state of mind. When she isn’t selling sex to the rich, she is doing her best to disappear. She lives a life of assumed names, one night stands and a constant stream of narcotics.

A reporter, two cross-country truckers, an eccentric friend, and a rubber-clad CSI all have their part to play, as their paths come together in a small town you’ve never heard of. Strawberries has killed again.

Magic of Fire and Shadows (Curse of the Ctyri Book 1)

by Raye Wagner

Deep in the forest, in the land of Ctyri, the Four Horsemen ride. And they are coming . . .

Princess Adaline loses her entire family in a despicable act of war, and with magic protecting the borders of Beloch, retribution is impossible. But Adaline is determined to tear down the wall of Fire and avenge those she loved most. Even if it means denying a growing attraction to her protective guard.

All of Beloch is in turmoil with the threat of war at the magical border. After her father’s departure to negotiate peace, Vasilisa becomes a pawn in her stepmother’s scheming climb for the crown. But when Vasi’s hand in marriage becomes part of the selfish strategy, Prince Nikolai should be her salvation. Instead, he seals her doom.

Would you die to save your homeland or let it burn to ash to save the one you love?

If you like dark fantasy, you’ll be immediately consumed by the Curse of the Ctyri series because of the magic, romance, and shocking twists. Readers will love the threads of familiar tales in an epic coming of age story of stunning risk, slow burn romance, and witchy power.

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Due to thematic elements, Curse of the Ctyri series is recommended for readers of mature YA+.

Autonomy: a novel

by A. R. Braun

Graduating from high school and going out into the big, bad world on your own is hard enough. But when your “bestie” and her boyfriend kidnap you and rape you in their basement, it’s the shits of the shits of the shits. And when they only give Scout food, a shower, and her diabetes medicine when they feel like it, it gets even worse.

She finally escapes, but Scout finds the rapture and the reign of the beast have come as she wasted in the dungeon. Out of the frying pan and into the conflagration. After the worst has been done to herâ??including how her “bestie” and her man had invited their friend over to defecate on herâ??can she hold on to her Christianity and become a martyr, unable to buy or sell? Or will she harden her heart and serve the Antichrist?



A mysterious letter in the middle of the night that cannot be ignored leads Norman Pendle to an abandoned mansion outside the city of Wultkan. He knows not what waits for him in the mansion, but is driven by curiosity to find out.

An excerpt * The back of my chair pressed hard against my back as I sat in it both stunned and perplexed by the letter I had just read. Its contents contained a wealth of stunningly revealing information in the form of a small paragraph. I looked at the envelope to reassure myself it was actually addressed to me. Norman Pendle, 237 Glenview, Wultkan city. It was indeed addressed to me and that particular doubt was laid to rest. The return sender was a Solenia Furtner and I neither recognized that name nor the address below it. I doubted the authenticity of the letter, but like a seed planted in the fertile ground it grew in my mind and wouldn’t go away. It turned out my mind was indeed very fertile ground.
With a great foolishness, I stepped out into the cool night air an hour after midnight. The doubts still lingered in my mind as curiosity had gotten the better of me. The smell of moist salty sea air greeted my nose and the sounds of a steamship headed back out to sea greeted my ears. I took a moment to admit that living in the age of steam power is a wonderful thing and I couldn’t picture living in a world without it. My shoes quietly cushioned my footsteps and I made my through the streetlights of Wultkan in my quest to silence my curiosity.*


by Jack Binding


A short psychological horror story that’s the perfect read for your daily commute

Ever been stuck on a train in a dark tunnel, trapped in an airless sardine tin with a bunch of strangers?

Sure you have.

But don’t be so eager to get out of that train, because what’s waiting on the other side might be even worse â?¦

This short horror story is a dark descent into the subconscious horror that lurks inside all of us. It is a tale of love, money and the shackles of modern city life.

About The Author

Jack Binding is a Londoner living in Sydney. Inspired by writers such as Stephen King, Clive Barker, JG Ballard and Martin Amis, Jack writes gritty, dark fiction that combines horror, fantasy and twisted, black humour. 

Property can also be found in the collection Pills: 18 Short Stories.

The Dreamer (A Suspense Thriller)

by Tim Kizer

What would persuade you that the entire world is a product of your dead patient’s imagination? Would you believe the unbelievable if the evidence seemed overwhelming?

Psychiatrist Stanley Blake is quite amused when one of his patients tells him that the world is just an afterlife dream in his head and Stanley is nothing but a character with planted thoughts. However, he soon discovers that this man could be right.
Things take a darker turn when the patient asks Stanley to put a bullet in his skull to test if his theory is correct.

The Dreamer, a suspense novelette


Hitchhiker, a suspense story

When a serial killer hitches a ride one sunny day in a beautiful California valley, he does not suspect that he may have met his match, who is dead set to take another life. The battle of wits begins and only the most devious mind will survive.

Sixtus, a suspense story

After becoming friends with a mysterious entity named Jeremy, Zack, a skinny fifteen-year-old nerd suffering from polydactyly, acquires a taste for killing.

First, he butchers his parents in their sleep. Then he cold-bloodedly rips out his schoolmate’s intestines. A few days later, Zack strangles a young woman before stealing her car. And that is just the beginning.

Who–or what–is Jeremy? And what are the reasons behind this killing spree? If you think you know the answers, chances are you are wrong.

Wild Dark: A Novel

by Kelly Buddenhagen

Two and a half years ago, twenty-three-year-old Clara Fallow was found unconscious and alone at the scene of a house fire with no memory of why she had even been at the abandoned property. Clara tries to move on from that mysterious night by spending her days babysitting three spoiled suburban kids, doing her best to ignore their parents’ smug superiority, and suppressing any desire for a better life by partying with her shallow boyfriend. But when a stranger shows up outside of her work gig one summer day, Clara can’t deny that he knows something about both the blaze and her past. Too bad the truth isn’t so easy to discern when you’re a girl with more trust issues than your town can boast ears of corn. In rural Campbell, Pennsylvania, that’s a whole heck of a lot. Secrets, strangers, and the supernatural aren’t so extraordinary in this sleepy little village. And, as Clara learns, nothing happens by chance.

An allegory about spiritual warfare and the good God who has never forsaken us, WILD DARK is not your mother’s Christian fiction.

All The Dark Places: A novella

by Eygló Karlsdóttir

ALL THE DARK PLACES is a story of family secrets and dark confrontation. Kari wants nothing more than to be normal and lead a normal life, but in the shadow of the violence she faces it is impossible. She lives in the forest with her sisters taking care of the forest and doing her best to avoid the monster that inhabits it at night. What are the Dark Places that fill the forest? And how will she find the courage to battle the terror that her father embeds on her and her sisters?

ALL THE DARK PLACES is a novella, a short coming of age story about love, darkness and survival.

Victima (Ashes Saga Book 1)

by K. R. Leikvoll

Insane, crazy, paranoid: all words college student Valentine used to describe herself in her previous life. She believed everyone who said her childhood friend was a figment of her imagination – that she was simply mentally ill. Her horrible existence made sense. That is until her “imaginary” friend bleeds to death in her arms and forces a crystal band onto her finger.

Propelled into a nightmare, Val is stolen from her dreary life on Earth to a place far more dangerous – a world torn asunder by the ravages of a demon war. Just her luck… everyone concludes she’s their foretold savior: a being called the Divinus, capable of miracles.

With only the help of her captor, an inconsiderate man as cursed as the monsters around her, she must fight to find the truth of the ring, her existence, and a way back home before she becomes a monster herself… or is she one already?

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