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Survival Roping: Emergency Survival Roping, Knots and Rock-Climbing

by Jack Swan

Survival Roping:

Emergency Survival Roping, Knots and Rock-Climbing

Whether you are in a true emergency situation or simply trying to pass the weekend through a round of rock climbingâ??survival roping will endow you with the skills you need to come out on top. What is survival roping? It’s a wide range of roping skills that can be effectively utilized in survival situations. If for example, you need to cross a raging river, there is a specific set of survival roping skills you can learn for that express purpose. If you need to haul items, again there is a roping skill for that. And most importantly, if you ever need to render aid to an injured companion, there are plenty of roping techniques such as the “man harness” that can help you carry your friend to safety. This book goes over all manner of such useful skillsets, showing you how you can make the most of your rope!

In this book you will learn:

  • How to lash items together
  • Create strong knots
  • Create mesh nets
  • Make rope harnesses
  • And much more!


by Aditya Sharma

This is a collection of my written articles over the last 5 years which are original, researched and carefully crafted after looking at every aspect.

This will be a one of its kind published work and will benefit all the stakeholders, i.e. the sponsors, the broadcasters,the administrators, spectators and players

sankaku: japanese mountain photography (Japanese Edition)

by Yamaya Tasuku

Photobook | Beautiful Japanese trail. “Sankaku” means triangles in Japanese.
Location: Japanese Northern Alps, Mt.Kurobegorodake, Kumonotaira highlands.
Season: Autumn
Weather: Day1 rainy to sunny, Day2 sunny, Day3 cloudy.
86 photos


ã?»è?¬å¸«å³ ã?ã??ä¸?山まではæ?²è¼?å??ç??なã?




Sports along with academics and work


Sports correspond to a structured form of physical activity involving 2 or more players that instils a sense of effort and achievement. It also has entertainment, recreational and commercial value for all those who are involved. Sports carry along the thrill and excitement of winning and carry a heavy design element too. Effectively, sports comprises of playing under a structured set of rules and forms the third prong of life along with work and academics.

THE CODE OF HONOR & THE DUEL: by Georges Breittmayer

by translated] M. P. Lynch

The Duel is a messy business. In 1918 Georges Breittmayer decided to reform the Code of Honor and the Duel for a new generation of duellists who had already known the horror of the trenches. This manual is the result. For those who chose to settle affairs of honor in the old chivalric style with sword or dueling pistol, this was the guide. For entertainment purposes only.

The 90’s (Life on the Road) (My Life Book 2)

by T. J. Wray

This is the second book in the (My Life) series. The first book was about my Teenage Years. This book is about more grown up and adult experiences. Marriage, children, and jobs.
After breaking my back and going through major back surgery, I had to spend a year and a half in rehab and physical therapy learning how to walk again.
Then I needed a knew career, and a knew adventure. This book will take you down the road to that adventure..Please Enjoy

Almost Somewhere: A Motorcycle Adventure From Cambodia to Vietnam and Back

by Anton Swanepoel

Would you like to explore Cambodia and Vietnam?

Follow me as I make my way from Siem Reap in Cambodia to Saigon in Vietnam, and then all the way up to Hanoi and back to Cambodia. Share in the laughs, scares and adventures I encountered, and marvel at the landscape with included pictures and links to videos I took along the way.

A dream is a living thing. The more thought you give it, the stronger it gets, until it becomes an obsession. For a long time, I have dreamed of riding a motorcycle from the bottom of USA near Miami on route 56 and go all the way up as far as I can. However, funding kept that dream a bit at bay for now. Being in Cambodia, I decided I would do the next-best thing, motorcycle from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh) to Hanoi. For added effect, I decided to cross over to Laos near Hanoi, and then come down through Laos back into Cambodia. That was the plan, but plans do not always work out, as we want them to.

p>Contained in the text:

  • Over 100 pictures of Vietnam and items along the Ho Chi Minh Road
  • Links to videos i took on my travels
  • Historical facts of attractions i visit on my tour
  • Blow by blow account of over 2400 km on a scooter through Vietnam, including bus rides in Cambodia and riding the train back from Hanoi to Saigon.
  • If you want to experience Vietnam and share in unforgettable memories, this book is for you.

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    Keto Diet: Ultimate Bodybuilding Training: The Complete Weight Training: Get Bigger Leaner and Stronger, The Science, Meal Plans 3 Book Bundle â?? Ultimate … Ditch The Cardio & Keto (Build Muscle 2)

    by Donovan Ekstrom


    – Slim waist

    – Visible abs

    – Round broad shoulders

    – V-shaped defined back

    – Visible muscular chest

    – Muscular and vascular arms

    – Nicely shaped muscular legs

    These are the key characteristics of an aesthetic ripped physique that Keto Diet Ultimate Bodybuilding Training focuses on developing…

    If you want to build muscle, get strong, toned, and lean, fast without resorting to dangerous pills, fad diets, wasting time in the gym. . .doesn’t matter how old you are or what shape you are in now. . .you want to read this book.

    Here’s the deal:

    Burning fat and Building muscle and staying in fantastic shape is not as complicated as the “Experts” make it out to be.

    Say goodbye toâ?¦

    • Jogging for hours on endâ?¦
    • No more cross crazy 300 bpm workouts that can be dangerousâ?¦
    • And no more living in the gym to get a “six pack”

    You also don’t have to live on low carb island or restrict yourself to water and skipping meals to just to lose weight and gain it all back.

    This book is also for those frustrated from weight training, without getting the results that they should be gettingâ?¦ I want you to find out the missing pieces that are holding you back, so you can finally get the results you deserve.

    Lastly, Keto Diet Ultimate Bodybuilding Training is not just about muscle. It incorporates exercise routines that you can use in your lifestyle without slaving away in the gym with ne results.

    Gain control over your body, develop self-confidence, self-mastery and maximize your potential. Make the positive changes to your physique now.


    by Luis Dávila

    Based on real events, PROMISES OF JESUS presents three vows that could change a boy’s life. To live unnoticed or to leave a legacy, who does it depend on? Content: Answer the calling. Recognizing the descendants. Living safe. Listening to the covenant. Being chosen. Getting to know the plan. Discovering the Word. Getting results. Holding on to love. First Promise. Leaving disobedience behind. Lifting the chosen one. Growing in wisdom. Answering to difficulties. Holding victory. Supplying what’s necessary. Guiding the children. Earning a gift. Asking, calling. Second Promise. Strengthening the spirit. Living eternally. Seizing the invitation. Trusting in new strength. Following the example. Wanting to obey. Confessing, believing. Shining in the dark. Third Promise. Answering the promises.

    My Husband My B*tch: The Big and Very Beautiful Edition

    by Ken Phillips

    It has been the joy of my life to get to know so many strong, ass-kicking women over the course of the past nearly-three decades. The women in this book are ass-kicking, dominant WIVES! It’s one thing for a man to want to be defeated by some random beautiful woman, but it’s a whole other situation when you get your ass and your balls handed to you by your wife! What is it like for these guys when they first find out that their wife can dominate and humiliate them? How do the wives feel when they look down and see their defeated, emasculated husband and sweaty and light-headed from the beating he just took from you? These women are on the bigger side and they know how to use their size, strength and ability to make their husband their submissive little man. But it isn’t just their husband that feels their power. These women also use their superior abilities to defeat and dominate other men. In some cases it’s a fun situation and other times the men are paying for their sins and getting an ass-kicking or a ball-busting that they will never forget! Please take a look at my other books on Amazon Kindle! They all deal with powerful women and the way that they show their physical superiority. Watch out guys, more women are hitting the gym and you just may find yourself tapping out to HER!

    Saint Croix Platinum Shipwrecke’s: Dime Store Novellette’s

    by Donald Johnson

    This Was A “Fascinating Adventure!” W/ All The !Twist’s & Turn’s!” Of A “Jame’s Bond Movie!” Loved Every Minute! Beautifull “Island! “Smile’s!” Don Johnson!

    Genesis Defensive Playbook: The complete defensive football playbook, schemes, formations, motions and audibles

    by Adam Kells

    Your complete defensive football playbook ready to take onto the field.Complete uniquely designed Nickel defense with full breakdown of sets, shifts and formations. Very easy to use and very effective, incorporate this playbook into your defense and create a real lockdown defense. All formations visually outlined, with additional creative blitz and pressures. Torment the opposing offense with quick adjustments for maximum pressure and confusing looks for easy turnovers.
    Use the formation templates to create your own plays from the ‘alignment’ section. The Genesis defense is built for flexibility and is the tool for running a successful defense.

    sankaku: japanese mountain photography (Japanese Edition)

    by Yamaya Tasuku

    Photobook | Beautiful Japanese trail. “Sankaku” means triangles in Japanese.
    Location: Japanese Northern Alps, Mt.Eboshidake, Mt.Noguchigorodake, Mt.Suishodake, Mt.Washibadake, Mt.Mitsumatarengedake, Mt.Yarigatake
    Season: Summer
    Weather: Day1 cloudy, Day2 sunny, Day3 rainy, Day4 rainy.
    50 photos

    é«?ç?¬ã??ã? ã?ç?å¸½å­å²³





    Recommendation of beekeeping: Just Bees but bees (22nd CENTURY ART) (Japanese Edition)

    by Junichi Kuwahata

    é¤?è??ã??ã?¼ã? ã®ç«ä»?ã?役となã??ã?ã??ä½?å?ã??é¤?è??のã?ã?ã?ã?ã??æ?¯é?ã?ä¸?読ã??!!



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