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Into the Darkness: A Taine McKenna Adventure (Taine McKenna Adventures)

by Lee Murray

Laying low after a furore in the Urewera ranges, NZDF Sergeant Taine McKenna accompanies girlfriend Jules Ashes to France, where something ancient and evil has left its kill on the cobbles of La Ferté-Bernard. The terrified villagers have seen it before. That time, elders closed the gates and whispered of the plague. Now, the danger threatens all of Europe. The local gendarmes are going to need help. Lucky for them, McKenna is available, expendable, and ultimately deniable�

Arklight: Force Interdiction

by J M Myrick

Fight for yesterdayâ?¦ Hope for tomorrowâ?¦
The ancient Order of the Knights Templar hid pieces of Arma Christi all over the Earth, staving off disaster in their time. The locations to these weapons were documented in a cryptic journal, which remained a closely guarded secret for hundreds of years. In Operation Nightfall, Arklight’s Spear Team discovered the existence of the journal, and an epic mission unfolded, propelling a deadly event horizon. Powerful enemies have since emerged, intent upon bringing about the destruction of all things. The fate of mankind hangs in the balance. Spear Team must undertake a mission to secure a piece of the ultimate weapon, unfolding an incredible truth behind the legend.
Arklight and their predecessors, the Alsos Mission Team, fight an extraordinary battle across time, attempting to gain the advantage against a brutal foe. Paths collide when the history of their missions are shared, uncovering a multitude of secrets that span from the American Civil War, to World War II, and into the modern day. These ancient battlefields have forged a spectacular reality no one could have ever foreseen. A war of souls looms on the horizon; the showdown between good and evil explodes in this second installment of the Arklight series.

Into No Man’s Land

An account of Timothy a seventeen year old soldier fighting in the battle of the Somme, describing his first day of the battle as he desperately fights for survival along with his childhood friends, Simon, Edward and Lawrence meeting devastation along the way.

Mr. Standfast

by John Buchan

During the later years of the First World War Brigadier-General Hannay is recalled from active service on the Western Front to undertake a secret mission hunting for a dangerous German agent at large in Britain. Hannay is required to work undercover disguised as a pacifist, roaming the country incognito to investigate a German spy and his agents, and then heads to the Swiss Alps to save Europe from being overwhelmed by the German army.

shoufuutei ikkyou ichi yamigaeri (Japanese Edition)

by fuyu yoshiaki


Two Queen of Japan (TakagiI Bunko) (Japanese Edition)

by Junichi Takagi

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Tread the soft Earth

by David Poole

1944, and the 2nd world war is drawing to a close. The German army is in retreat as the allied forces move forever closer to Germany. General Edwards is at the Mod with his chiefs of all divisions of the armed forces. He knows he is this close to bringing the war in France even closer to an end for the people who have suffered for almost 5 years. He comes up with a plan to send three ordinary people behind enemy lines. To try to send false information which the Germans will be able to listen to. He chooses one army member, if only so he knows the other two will have some sort of support, if things did go wrong. Jack Higgins, a soldier who shows no respect for any man or woman with rank. His years spent fighting for the cause have mainly been abroad, as that is al the army staff see fit for him. A womaniser, and a hard man when it comes to taking punishment for hitting an officer. never shirking from his responsibility, General Edwards sees this man as the perfect soldier for this outrageous plan he has. Harriet and Freddie are interviewed and seen as being the ideal couple who could pull this off. But ahead of them lies many obstacles which they had not planned for. One being the general in charge of the German garrison in Boussac, France. General Von Halmach is an officer who has no liking for war, but has to do his job for his country. But once he sets eyes on Harriet, it starts a situation which the Jack and Freddie see as something only they can stop, if they are to achieve their goal with why they are here. Will Harriet be able to pull off this new role she has got herself into. She finds the German general a charming man and finds it difficult to refuse his advances. But Jack has other plans for all Germans, including the General. But hidden away from anyone else knowing, he has fallen for Harriet, who is a married woman, whose husband is a prisoner of war. Will they be able to do their mission and return to England, or will the moment of being in another country and leading a different lifestyle hinder their progress

A Deadly Passion

by david poole

Harry Coxall, war veteran from Iraq, and Afghanistan. Known only to his closest of friends as ‘Bishop’, This was all down to his youth, when his girl friend at that time went to a rock concert, only to be found the following morning dead in the canal, and raped, along with her body being full of drugs. He decided on joining the army, if only to take his pain and suffering out of those who brought pain and suffering to innocents. After some years of reaching the heady heights of Sergeant, Harry had done his bit for queen and country. Leaving the army he had met Debbie, a young woman he knew was who he wanted to marry.
Now,6 years on from all of that, and a young daughter named Aleisha, he had survived a vicious attack on his life from Debbie’s parents, and herself, which never ever registered as to why she would have gone onto their side. He was now contented, with Louise, his second wife, who he had met when in the army together. Louise was a great wife, and a good stand in mother to his daughter. His beautiful cottage in the Yorkshire dales, and close to Leeds was as tranquil as he could have wished for.
But the chance viewing of the TV by Louise had his life going completely off course. Together, they saw the riots in the middle east, and mainly against the British, which wasn’t anything new. But seeing one of his old troop, and seemingly involved in the riots had Harry having to ask questions to his old Captain.
Once again, Harry was asked to do his country a favour, as in getting the Embassy staff out of the trouble torn country. Louise knew her husband wouldn’t refuse, as she knew he had never got back to accepting ordinary life after what he had seen and done when in the army. Another issue was, that his first wife Debbie had been released from prison for her part in trying to have him killed. Harry had accepted this, but didn’t want his daughter to have to brought into knowing about her mother, at least not at this young age. Only once the child had matured a little more was he prepared for her to have a one to one with Debbie.
Choosing his own crew to do the job asked of him by the MOD, Harry is now ready for the mission, including his faithful dog, Deefor.
As time takes his course with the mission, it becomes clear to him, that the father of Debbie he thought he had killed, was still alive. But more gremlins and ghosts of his past come back to haunt him on this trip, and once he is back home. He knows it is only a matter of time before he has to face his past, and knows by going back to the middle east for one more trip, he is risking those who stand by him, including his wife Louise. The conclusion to his exploits in finishing this once and for all has devastating consequences for him, but will he survive the growing threat from ghosts of his past

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