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Willow’s Wish (Half Demon Heroes Book 0)

by Anni Antoni

Willow craves one thingâ?¦

But It remains out of reach.

 Nothing works, she’s desperate!

When a sinister stranger offers her another way to get her wish, she seizes the opportunity. Like magic, everything falls into place and her dearest wish is within her grasp. But when she learns the unimaginable truth, there is no escape! Willow has signed an irreversible contract sealed with her own blood.

She vows to make things right, drawing on every strength she has, but does she have the strength to overcome the evil that threatens to destroy her?

If you like your fantasy mixed with delicious dark humor, you’ll love Willow’s Wish, because it shows how determination can get a young woman exactly what she wants if she can pay the price. Get it now.

Gray Wolf: A legends of Ansu fantasy

by J.W. Webb

Mercenary dawn. Raiders stole his childhood. It’s time he made them pay.
When his parents are murdered and his sister taken by raiders, Corin’s world crashes in on him. Wild and willful, he joins the elite Wolf Regiment but swiftly falls foul of its swordmaster, the brutal Taskala.
The regiment becomes embroiled in a vicious civil war between the sultan of Permio and rebel tribesmen. Corin, caught in the treacherous power play between rival factions and corrupt leaders, struggles to survive. Torn between his quest for vengeance and growing hatred for the sadistic Taskala, Corin has to intervene when the woman he loves becomes the latest target of Taskala’s wrath.
Gray Wolf is the first book in a new trilogy featuring Corin an Fol, a man chosen by the gods to walk a dark path. The novel forms part of the Legends of Ansu, a spellbinding fantasy series. If you like tough action featuring gritty characters set to a vivid fantasy backdrop of war, treachery and vengeance, then you are going to love this new tale by JW Webb.
Pick up Gray Wolf to discover this exciting series today.

The Merging: An Ian Dex Supernatural Thriller Book 1 (Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department)

by John P. Logsdon


Las Vegas is getting rampaged by ubernaturals, and only one team has the guts to step in.

Ian Dex is the captain of the Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department (PPD), the crew responsible for kicking the crap out of any supernatural stupid enough to mess with the Strip. He’s a cop, a millionaire, an amalgamite, and a horndog.

Sin City is always running amok with disturbances and glitter, but sometimes those two items merge and the nightlife gets out of hand. Kind of like mixing Hell and…well, more Hell.

When an ubermage appears on the Strip, strutting around in his Chippendales-style outfit and sending out other ubernaturals to kick up dust and unleash destruction, it’s up to Ian Dex and his team to do what they do best: bust heads and shred souls.

Casinos are clamoring for help, cops are fighting tooth and nail just to survive, and tourists think it’s all part of the Vegas experience.

The weather forecast for tonight on the Strip is dark. Very damn dark…and bloody.

If you like Jim Butcher, Michael Anderle, K.F. Breene, Ilona Andrews, Patricia Briggs, or Steve McHugh…you’ll have a blast with the first book in the Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department.

Las Vegas Paranormal Police Department Series Order

  • The Merging
  • Grave Creatures
  • Blood Bane Tower
  • London Growl
  • Swarm of Fire
  • Curse of Fangs
  • Clash of Flames

Questions for John P. Logsdon
Q: What do you enjoy most about writing the Paranormal Police Department?
A: It’s fun and irreverent. I get to travel around inside the head of a police chief who is young, powerful, loaded with snark, and is great with the ladies. At the same time, he seriously cares about everyone on his squad. Basically, he’s a badass cop who gives a crap.

Q: Why should readers want to jump into the world of the Paranormal Police Department?
A: A few reasons, actually. It’s high-action, often hilarious, and just plain fun. On top of that, there are multiple precincts in the PPD for readers to enjoy. So, while this series of books covers Ian Dex and the Las Vegas PPD, there are different lead characters running the PPD precincts in the Badlands, the Netherworld, New York, Seattle, Shadow, and Southeast Asia.

That means that readers who crave action and adventure are going to have tons of action-packed, laugh-out-loud stories to consume with a vengeance. We’re already over twenty books in and there’s a new book releasing every 2-3 weeks in 2018-2019.

Q: Anything else you’d like to leave readers with?
A: If you’re into naughty humor and high-octane adventures, you need to give the Paranormal Police Department a shot. That’s what all the authors in the PPD love to read, which means it’s also what we love to write.

Paranormal Police Department categories

  • Dark Comedy
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Urban Fantasy
  • Supernatural Thriller
  • Urban Fantasy Thriller
  • Science Fiction & Fantasy
  • Paranormal and Urban Romance
  • Vampires & Werewolves
  • Supernatural Shifter


The Cleansing Pentalogy


@BookCleansing on Twitter!

If you had read the Cleansing before, I advise you try again, a great deal has changed! <3 (Less fourth wall!) THE ULTIMATE Cleansing Collection! All FIVE books in ONE place! A true mental health psychological walk through an apocalyptic dystopian Britain, through the eyes of a self destructing young man. The Cleansing; Watch a close minded and fearful of his own head boy as his world is turned upside down so quickly. Feel him scream and stumble his way through a world that is shattering around him all whilst trying to walk the right path between right and wrong, life and death, choice and forcefulness. A mystery group of savages are about to descend upon the planet and they care not for politics, they care not for history, they do not even care about human life, the only thing left to be asked is where will you be when the Cleanse begins? The Cleansing Aftermath; The same soldier but never anywhere near the same planet. A year has passed and the fires of humanities failings have been left far behind, they are sat right alongside everything ‘Steve’ once questioned, the masked group of savages are gone now, the only thing left in their wake is a world that is trying to find itself once again. Different dynasties and different savages are now left to fight over the remains that we never deserved, feel Steve as he steps the thin line between his own demons and the ones he must now overcome, all whilst still running from the red piercing eyes of before. The Cleansing Last Stand; To say the world is on it’s knees is an understatement and never really true for the simple fact there is no ground to land upon, everything has been taken away and this time, this moment, this period is where man will define and decide whether it wants to go on as before or delve into the disgusting practices of the new world. Steve has lost everything and now knows that it is high water to hang up the boots and beret, feel him as he traverses through cannibalism, religious groups, his own demons and of course those red piercing eyes who are getting a little more desperate than before, this is it and this is how it ends. The Cleansing Origins; A spin off from the Trilogy. This book is insane and follows the masked leaders thousand year story, this is no magic, this is nothing but science and how the plan was put together to end it all, to end the entire world around us. Watch and feel Michael as he struggles to stick to the ways of old whilst trying to catch up with the ways of new. Watch him scream at kings, dodge muskets, mould the war to end them all, fight in the second war that should have ended them all. All the time learning and creating, hiding and staying in the shadows, until he bursts into the new world with one of the most savage cliff hangers at the end of his adventure which leads into… The Cleansing Beyond; Almost ten years since the war first started, since the rioting in Paris and Berlin, since Steve sat in a helicopter not knowing what he was going toward. The United Kingdom has settled into clear factions, the cities that were predicted to be sparse in most apocalyptic stories, they are the complete opposite. Ravaging cannibals, groups of nations that got stuck in the country when the world fell, soldiers who have lost their path and beliefs, the masks somewhat there but at the same time more of a drifting memory inside every mind that lived through them. Beyond is unique for being a mental health orientated apocalyptic story in the wastelands, the fighting is still there, the death is still there, his mind still there and broken beyond all belief. Beyond also fills in the gaps from the previous books where time was passed over for various reasons, Beyond is a complete and utter decimation of a mind in a world that is long decimated. Grab my hand and jump into the most pain ridden, tear driving, fear quivering mental abyss you will ever read.

ONE MORE KISS: Vampire love and lust

by david poole

For two young people it was written that they would spend an eternity without a love they knew they had for one another. Born to be what they were, vampires. For one, Angeline she would be chased by Thomas who she had known since a teenager, but with one certainty, he was always going to be hers. For the years that followed they would encounter death and love but with different consequences, but with the knowledge that they couldn’t change what lay waiting for them.

Cursed Souls Guest House

by Geoffrey Sleight

A young couple’s hiking holiday turns to terror, imprisoned in a house where the only guests are ghosts, waiting for the newcomers to join them in a horrifying death.

A Game of Survival

by T. R. Tells

“A Game of Survival” is a coming of age story about a girl whose life is shattered and ripped away from her. At a young age, she’s thrown into a world of discrimination, inner demons, and violence in a male-dominated society. Thea finds herself being used over and over by men who want to exploit the powers she has and barely understands.

She is unaware that she’s a pawn in a much larger game, that’s being played by gods and demons for the future of the world. An evil is lurking in the shadows, feeding on negativity and sin as it tries to control her and the world with humanities own corruption.

BE:: The Rise

by Jihad Uhuru

(((previously releases as DARK HORSE ASSASSIN: RISE OF THE MESSIAH)))) BE: The Rise is the 1st book in this trilogy. Although the label is fiction on this series the messages are very real. These stories are very graphic and eye-opening. Enjoy the journey. Now a look into what to expect from this revisioning of Revelations.

In light of having the 1st African-American as the 44th US President, racism is at an all time high. Greed and envy are running rampant in this 21st Century biblical Babylon. The almighty dollar reigns supreme and America is in complete disarray. Even God is being exploited for a dollar more than ever before. Now, as thousands are dying, America’s fate lies in the hands of two people.

From the drug and crime infested inner city streets a black male rises. His name is Zion, but many believe he is the key to saving America and the world from impending doom. Time is running out as the veil of darkness threatens to consume the Earth and all that inhabit the dying planet. With the help of twelve of the nation’s most prolific spiritual leaders, Zion and two friends risk their lives daily trying to redeem mankind while barely staying a step ahead of the world’s most powerful men – men who have two goals – destroy Zion and his friends, and world domination under a New World Order.

Will the greatest good triumph over supreme evil? Is there really a God? And if you have any questions to God’s purpose for hue-manity, by the time you finish reading the nail-biting suspense thriller BE trilogy you will have no doubt to what your purpose in this life is.
BE: The Rise

Girl Desecrated: Vampires, Asylums and Highlanders 1984 (The Fergus She Vampire Book Series 1)

by Cheryl R Cowtan

Rachel has an alternate personality.
Her alternative personality is named Scarlett.
Scarlett has fangs, a history, and a hankering for a Highlander. 
Rachel is going to attempt an extraction.

Haunted by an abusive past, Rachel is alone, angry, and emotionally damaged. Worse, her mind has split, giving birth to Scarlett, a seductive alternate personality who does sinful things. When Scarlett slips out to play, people disappear. Rachel’s psychiatrist prescribes meds. Her mother wants an exorcism. Rachel just wants to be normal.

On her 18th birthday, a steamy encounter with sexy Highlander, Angus McNab ramps up Scarlett’s perverted desires, leaving Rachel struggling for control of their shared body.

Seeking a way to put her “other” down before Angus cuts and runs, Rachel starts to unravel the sinister truth of Scarlett. Tracing her alternate personality to the 1600s, Rachel reveals an ancient curse, unforgivable betrayals, and a forgotten, supernatural heritage. 
In this menacing reality, Rachel learns there are worse things than madness. But there are also benefits to hosting a demon vampire–namely power. Can Rachel put Scarlett down and finally live a normal life, or will her temptation to use Scarlett’s mojo leave her bound to evil forever?
And when the battle reaches its peak, which femme fatale will Angus choose?



William 1600s — “Even dead, Scarlett seemed able to graft my thoughts onto yearnings a gentleman should never ever contemplate. But then again, no gentleman had ever lived a night wrapped in her cool limbs, savouring such sordid and delightful affections as I had. Scarlett’s attentions had raised me above God, but so help me, in no time she had thrown me down to the devil. And then, the killings had begun.”

Rachel 1984 — “Dragging the back of my hand along the varnished tabletop, the cracks in my knuckles picked up the American’s oily smear like little skin shovels. It would take just one sniff of my hand, and Donald’s scent would be imprinted on my mind, forever. It was a heady thought, as I forced myself not to inhale.”

If you like your decade to rock, your demons to bite, and your girls to kick it, then you are going to love this unforgettable story of Rachel as she faces off against The Fergus She.
Buy this book, now, and then hang on! You’re about to take a wild ride.

Dark Matters: 17 Twisted & Disturbing Tales

by G. Donald Black

Why would a mother murder her four children with a smile on her face? What sinister end awaits the regulars of the local watering hole? When Beverly Havermore rubs elbows with other members of high society, what ghosts from her past come to haunt her? Could a curse be behind the mysterious speech problems plaguing an otherwise healthy Benjamin Anatole?

The answers to these alarming questions can be found in this collection of seventeen nerve-racking, and at times darkly humorous, short stories that are guaranteed to chill the bones of even the most sensible reader. From a man choosing obsessive masturbation over infidelity to a trailer park gossip queen who receives a troubling diagnosis that she can’t accept, this diverse assortment of unsettling narratives tells the stories of characters so vivid, you’ll swear you’ve met them in person – and maybe you have.

In G. Donald Black’s short fiction debut, he demonstrates why he won’t stay an independent author for long. These stories, with their richly crafted characters and twisting plots, will pull you in and take you places you’d never dare to go. So curl up in your favorite chair, turn on the reading lamp, and prepare to have your skin crawl. Enjoy the ride!

10 Twisted Tales vol:1

by Steven Havelock

10 Supernatural tales from the deepest depths of the psyche.

10 Twisted Tales vol: 12

by Steven Havelock

This book contains 10 short stories from the deepest depths of the psyche. Are you brave enough to read these tales of chilling terror? If so draw the bed covers close, light the bedside lamp and prepare for a rare treat of a book.

Out of Frame Anthologies

by Jack Lothian

The mind of an artist can be a landscape of imagination and wonder, but when it becomes unbridled, its genius can give into madness. If you were born with a talent for the arts, simply enjoy the world of the artists, or revel in suspenseful and psychological tales, you will find it hard to put this novel down.

In Out of Frame Anthologies, creativity is the thin red string that connects an actor, a novelist, a gallery painter, a surrealist, a creative writer and a sculptor. Six separate tales weaved by six uniquely-styled writers, each examining the darkness of imagination.

Red Hollows by Jack Lothian – In 80’s Hollywood fast and free culture, if an actor wants to retain his popularity, getting in touch with his killer instinct is a must.

Deadline by S. J. Sims – A writer can’t find her killer as writer’s block, a psychological adversary that no writer wants to face, threatens her looming Deadline.

Ouroboros by Rhiannon Robertson – At the brink of artistic corrosion, an artist ingests a Tab of magic that revitalizes his art but may be the gateway to death.

Don’t Call Me Crazy by Sarah Witt – A woman on the path to insanity experiences the ecstasy of art as she observes her alters. Their surreal macabre paintings are stimulating, but the mutilated corpses that they use to paint with electrifies her soul.

There Will Be Cookies by Oneiric Roper – A writer’s group is a place of sharing ideas, receiving feedback, and when this writer sits in the group, Death is there.

Common Clay by John M. Risner – An art student sees clay as a way to escape the perversion of her reality, but there are men in her life that want to destroy her artistic expression.

Following in the tradition of stories featuring tortured artists, like the books, John Fowles’ The Collector, and Stephen King’s The Shining, and also the films, Michael Powell’s Peeping Tom and David Lynch’s Mulholland Drive, Out of Frame Anthologies offers a collection of shocking tales. Are you ready to glean insight into the yin and yang nature of beauty and horror that exists in every artist’s conflicted soul? There is no better time than now to submit to Out of Frame Anthologies and immerse yourself in its creative mania.

Papa’s Prisoner

by Alice Everly

A madman has been wreaking havoc for over two decades, unbeknownst to millions of people living around him. Lydia finds herself trapped in his wicked web and she is systematically forced to become Little Lydia.
After several years, Lydia is taken in by a kind and gentle man who promises to protect her. She’s certain she’ll be free to return home to her family at last.
Unfortunately, things aren’t always as easy as they seem, in life or in love. Lydia discovers that the very man who bought her freedom may be just as much of an enemy as the madman. Evil lurks in even the most innocent of places.
Lydia struggles with understanding why she’s so comfortable as Little Lydia rather than the independent adult she used to be.
As she works out her feelings, Lydia must come to terms with the shadows in her mind and decide if she really wants to remain Little Lydia after all.
Can Lydia overcome the demons that seem to be lurking around or will she be forever imprisoned in her own mind?
This book has a HEA, but it contains dark themes and depictions. Although this is a complete story, it will lead into other books. If you’re looking for a sweet Little romance then this isn’t the book for you! Lydia goes through plenty of dark and distressing experiences before she finds her HEA.

***READ BEFORE BUYING** this book contains aspects of age play, spanking, violent punishments, and material that may trigger some readers. It is listed in the horror genre for good reason. This book does not contain sexual activity other than sexual activity relating to spanking of an adult woman and some kissing. All characters are age eighteen or older.

WARNING: This book contains material intended for an adult audience and includes dark themes that may trigger some people. If the thought of a grown woman being punished and spanked doesn’t appeal to you then this book is not for you. This book contains elements of BDSM, Spanking, DDLG, age play, a grown woman acting like a child, and some really mean and violent people.
If you’re still excited to learn about Lydia’s fate, then this book is for you! Kick off your shoes, break open a bottle of wine, sit back, relax, and enjoy the story!

Nine One One

by Kay Oliver

Three strangers, a wealthy divorcé in his brand new Mercedes and a young couple taking their first trip together, find themselves tangled in a messy accident and stranded on the side of a desolate desert highway. With one of them in critical condition, they call 911 expecting a quick response and experienced professionals to save the day. Instead, they’re pulled into a sinister game with a cold-blooded, merciless dispatcher.

A short story taken from Kay Oliver’s horror collection, Sicko, this tale will pull you through a labyrinth of suspense and terror. If, at the end, you find yourself hungry for more, get the full collection here:

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