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Made In Paris: A Christmas Short Story (Made In Series, Book 1.5)

by Ana Newfolk

New York. Paris. A friendship across continents and ages.

In Paris, days before Christmas, and on the most important stage of their lives, Dorian and Jean-Paul stumble upon the many letters they exchanged over the years since they became penpals at the tender age of ten.

Watch what happens when friendship turns into more.

Distance, tragedy, and fear.
Will anything get in the way of their love?

A sweet gay romance set in the most romantic city with a happy ever after from the author of Made in Portugal, Ana Newfolk.

Grab your copy and discover a love…made in Paris.

Made In Paris is a 10k word standalone gay romance short story with a HEA ending and no cliffhanger.

Cutie Pies and Deadly Lies (MURDER IN THE MIX Book 1)

by Addison Moore

A HILARIOUS cozy mystery from the New York Times bestselling author Addison Moore

My name is Lottie Lemon and I see dead people.Okay, so I rarely see dead people, mostly I see creatures of the dearly departed variety, aka dead pets. And for some reason those sweet, fluffy albeit paranormal cuties always seem to act as a not-so-great harbinger of deadly things to come for their previous owner. So when I saw that sweet orange tabby twirling around my landlord’s ankles, I figured Merilee was in for trouble. Personally, I was hoping for a skinned kneeâ??what I got was a top spot in an open homicide investigation. Throw in a hot judge and an ornery detective that oozes testosterone and that pretty much sums up my life right about now. Have I mentioned how cute that detective is?

Lottie Lemon has a bakery to tend to, a budding romance with perhaps one too many suitors and she has the supernatural ability to see dead petsâ??which are always harbingers for ominous things to come. Throw in the occasional ghost of the human variety, a string of murders and her insatiable thirst for justice and you’ll have more chaos than you know what to do with.

Living in the small town of Honey Hollow can be murder.

From the NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY bestselling author, Addison Mooreâ?? Cosmopolitan Magazine calls Addison’s books, “…easy, frothy fun!”

The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice (The Zemnian Series Book 7)

by E.P. Clark

Dreams are not enough. Deeds are needed.

Valya has chased the slave traders stealing her people’s children all the way to the very edge of Zem’. She is preparing to leave her motherland behind and descend into the foreign plains beyond the mountains in order to rescue as many enslaved children as she can–until a sudden vision changes everything.

Instead of heading East, she finds herself racing West, back to Krasnograd, where the Empress is in mortal danger. But in order to save the Empress, Valya must keep from destroying herself. With her native recklessness and her newfound magic only very partially under her control, though, she may have finally come across a mission beyond even her considerable strength.

The Dreaming Land III: The Sacrifice is the final book in The Dreaming Land mini-series, and the conclusion to the award-winning Zemnian Series, set in the unique matrilineal world of Zem’. Inspired by Russian history, fairy tales, and literature, this epic series is a subversive examination of gender, sexuality, and reality in the vein of The Mists of Avalon or the Kushiel’s Legacy series.

With discussion questions at the end.

The Shaded

by Matthew Ellington

What if darkness is your greatest enemy, the light your weapon and your prison? Can a prison ultimately save you?…

The Shade is darkness incarnate, the apotheosis of all nightmares, and it imprisons the town of Fervence. Complacent in their protection from the dark realm by the repelling power of an orb of light as enigmatic as the The Shade itself, the townspeople have chosen to forget the evil that surrounds them and the light that is supposed to protect them.

Enoch Clay, orphaned by an evil from that shaded realm–a thing that corrupted his father and killed his mother–has not forgotten. Now, over a decade after his parents’ murder, The Shade invades again, taking from him the only love he has left and the only reason he has for remaining inside the light: his wife Esther.

Convinced by a vision and a mysterious relic, Enoch believes Esther’s murder may not be all that it seems and her killer the only key to saving her from death. But can it be trusted? To find out, Enoch must escape his town and its holy laws and flee into the forbidden darkness. But will he be able overcome the great evil that awaits him and threatens both worlds of light and dark?

The darkness claimed her. Only the darkness can release her. But at what cost?…

Collected Stories

by R.V. Cassill

“Cassill has been a master of the American short story for forty years,
and this is a brilliant showcase of his work.”

Oakley Hall

“In the world of short fiction, this collection of thirty-nine stories
is a major event, for R.V. Cassill is a literary artist, a modern master
of short fiction. And here is his best work. Cassill’s concept of the
short-story form is lofty, his material treats the possibilities of
humanity observed; he is disciplined and at the same time unusually
sensitive to American life in full resonance.”

James B. Hall

“R.V. Cassill is a writer very much in the American vein; in this
collection he captures the spirit of life at the heart of this country
over several decades. He is a master at compelling the reader’s attention
from the very first line of a story, pulling us into vivid and memorable
American lives.”

Kit Reed

A Daughter’s Revenge (Elf Sisters Book 1)

by Nick Masellis II

Adria, daughter of the King and Captain of the army, hunts down creatures of Darkness. But a truly evil creature has returned. The same creature that murdered her mother. Now, aided by her mother’s spirit, Adria seeks to avenge her. But, what terrible price will it cost her?

City Of A Thousand Spies: The Conor McBride Series, Book 3

by Kathryn Guare

An Iranian, a Bohemian and an Irishman walk into a bar.
It isn’t a joke.
It’s Conor McBride’s latest mission.

Conor McBride has accepted a bargain he may live to regret, if he gets to live at all. Lured by the chance to resume his career as a violinist, he’s agreed to extract a defecting Iranian from Prague. He’s been promised a simple, stitched up mission, but as he might have expected, it unravels into chaos as soon as he arrives. The Iranian has endangered his own life with a shocking indiscretion; a suspicious MI6 agent is hatching a plan that could start an international crisis; a mystery stranger is tailing Conor’s every move; and he has less than a week to master a sonata he hasn’t looked at in years.

As if that weren’t enough, the partner he’s brought with him is a freshly trained operative he couldn’t persuade to stay home. Conor hopes his relationship with Kate Chatham is on track to become a different sort of partnership, but his desire to shield her from the covert part of his life was no match for her determination to share in its risks.

Working together, they soon discover the fabled lanes of Prague are not half as twisted as the secrets everyone is hiding. Exposing them won’t be easyâ?¦or safe.

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Annie Flynn – First Row, Second Desk (The Condemned Man Series Book 2)

by Kevin Byrne

WARNING: This is a short story. Of the 104 pages, the story itself is only 16 (2844 words). There are many pages with limited text. This is intentional â?? you must read this incredible story to discover why.
Annie Flynn knew early on where life would take her. “The northeastern region of Syrtis Major Planum. That’s where I’m going to land.”Experience the magical life of Annie Flynn, from those early years in the first row, second desk to humankind’s first landing on the red planet.

â?¦fantastic stories, where I’m limited only by my imagination, not by the confines of this stupid disease.” National MS Society Leadership Conference, Denver, CO – November 2016Kevin Byrne shares unique insight into the world as a man condemned by both his body and mind.

Published by the NEVER STOP NEVER QUIT charitable foundation, 100% of the revenue earned from each sale will go directly to the fight against multiple sclerosis.

Never Stop� Never Quit�®
To donate to our efforts through Bike MS, please go to:

A Body’s Just as Dead

by Cathy Adams


The American Dream ain’t what it used to be, and Pete-o Hemper has a bone to pick with these newfangled changes. When high-tech ways whack their little hometown off-kilter, the zany Hemper family struggles to adjust. Fueled by a gluttonous diet of talk radio, wacky Uncle Pete-o strikes back at the forces he believes are betraying the land that he loves. A crazy congealed salad of bizarre adventures, stinging wit and gritty realism, this fresh portrait of American stubbornness has all the ingredients of a stirring page-turner. You’ll relish this folksy menagerie of real and relatable characters in their endearing calamity of modern life run amok.

“You read it in bursts of laughter, followed by sustained sympathy for characters.”
– Kent Meyers, author of TWISTED TREE and THE WORK OF WOLVES

Can this far-out family adapt to the ever-changing state of the union?


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Battaglie invisibili (Italian Edition)

by Sonia Bassi

Una vacanza in Alto Adige, un albergo di lusso, un marito affascinante. Maddalena sembra possedere tutti gli ingredienti per una vita felice. Eppure, all’improvviso, il terreno le frana sotto i piedi e una valanga la trascina a valle, costringendola ad affrontare una risalita e un nuovo capitolo della sua esistenza.
Lei vorrebbe rimanere a crogiolarsi nella solitudine ma Valeria, l’amica del cuore, la trascina a una festa di capodanno a Saint Tropez dove, complici un calice di champagne offerto da una mano gentile e un suadente accento francese, Maddalena avverte una nuova e vitale emozione affiorare per invitarla a rimettersi in gioco.
Il destino la vede volare a Pechino per misurarsi in un ruolo che la natura le aveva precluso, affrontare una madre restìa a cederle il testimone e il suo stesso passato.
Questa delicata storia affronta con grande sensibilità i temi del matrimonio, della maternità e dell’emancipazione, esplorando i luoghi interiori in cui si svolgono, appunto, le nostre battaglie invisibili.

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