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Baby Survival Guide: 6 to 12 months old

by Rebecca Curry

You have heard that babies don’t come with instruction manuals. Hopefully, this set of guidelines will make the path a bit easier.

These are a few of the things you will learn from The Baby Survival Guide:

-Benefits of Homemade Meals for Your Baby
-Suggested Serving Portions & 1-Year-Old Birthday Sample Menu
-How to Wean Your Baby
-Vital Nutrient Requirements
-Allergy Concerns
-Foods to Sidestep – The First Year
-Tips for Introducing Solids
-How to Encourage Language & Communication Skills
-What to Do with a Sick Baby
-Medical Issues: Dehydration, Common Colds, Etc.
-Games to Play
-Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, & Snack Recipes
-What to Do at Sleepy Time
-What Mom Needs

There is so much more. You will surely want to add this fabulous guideline to your private library so that you can enjoy the 6-12-month stages of your baby. Time passes quickly, and you won’t want to miss a single minute of all of the experiences. Be prepared with the information provided in this survival guide. Your baby will love the journey.

A Lost Child: If the State and the Federal Government were a parent?

by Rony Joseph

Every child comes into this world as a clean slate. In the nursery babies that will one day grow into teachers are parked next to babies who may never learn to read. Future police officers sleep peacefully beside future criminals. All of them squall for the same reasons and none of those reasons involve political parties, religion, or skin color. Every last one of them holds the potential for a beautiful future filled with love and the contentment of a good life.
So what happens? How do some grow strong while others grow wrong? Are some simply destined to walk a darker path than others?
To figure this out, maybe we need to ask what a child is born to do.

What is a Child’s Purpose?

On a purely scientific level, children are born to replace their parents and to carry on the genetic line of the species. To do that, they need a strong biological structure that will allow them to survive the trials of life as pertains to survival. They need to be physically strong and resilient enough to withstand and preferably thrive within their environment. They need to be intelligent enough to learn from their mistakes and reason their way through problems. They need to have the mental fortitude to endure difficult emotional situations. When they reach adulthood, they need to have the ability to pass these traits on to their offspring.
These rules are pretty standard for all living things. How they are carried out by each organism may vary widely but in general, the rule is to enter the world, grow stronger than what came before you, pass it on. From a single-celled virus or bacteria to elephants to you and me science calls this success.
As if all of these things aren’t difficult enough, human children also have societal expectations to live up to. Survival as an individual isn’t enough. Emotional bonds need to be made and nurtured. Expectations of behavior need to be lived up to. Contributions to the betterment of society beyond simply the procreation of the species must be made.
This is what comes from having a brain that has room in it for more than just basic survival. With higher thinking comes greater purpose. Self-awareness brings the responsibility to be aware of how an individual impacts everything around them. Growth is not just measured in the ability to get through life with a better genetic code than those that produced you. It isn’t just the hard-earned new skill that can be passed on to your own offspring.
If a person only manages to live up to the basic scientific requirements, those around that person will see them as a failure. Some will even argue that their life was wasted. Instead of joy over the new baby produced by these individuals, society as a whole may actually frown and shake its collective head over the fact that the new child was born with preconceived deficits that they may never be expected to overcome.
To be a successful person requires so much more than to be a successful member of any other species. We need to learn more than is simply required to get us through each day. Our set of basic skills must include the ability to understand the world around us in ways that no other creature ever thinks about. We are expected to use our creativity to find solutions to problems that are far more complicated than we would expect the life we share this planet with to even understand.
Humans are expected to manage our impact on that world as well. This does not only mean how we treat the planet but how we fit into the rest of humanity. There are unwritten rules of behavior to navigate. To make matters even more difficult, those rules are in a constant state of flux. What was right for our parents may now be completely taboo. What we believe correct, our children are almost guaranteed to find fault with.
And don’t forget purpose. Each person on this planet wakes up every day with the silent command to live a life of deeper purpose screaming in their head.

Surviving the Separation: 14 Days to Stop Crying and Start Living

by nyomi dunn

Have you recently separated from your significant other? Often times, the stress, depression, anxiety and anger can paralyze you, making it difficult to go on. Surviving the Separation gives you actions to take in the first two weeks to speed up the recovery process and move forward. Using this insightful guide, within 14 days, you can stop crying and start living.

Dating : Secrets for Introverts – How to Eliminate Dating Fear, Anxiety and Shyness by Instantly Raising Your Charm and Confidence with These Simple Techniques

by James W. Williams

Do beautiful women terrify you? Have you ever met the woman of your dreams only to lose her minutes later because you just could not pluck up the courage to say hello? Is there someone you know in your heart is the perfect one but, she doesn’t even know you exist?

With this book, you can gain mastery of your confidence and get the chance to build your own happily ever after.

The dating game is as old as mankind’s creation story. It is biologically programmed in your DNA to meet and mate. The rules of the game changes with the time and the personalities involved, but no matter how we evolve, there is a constant. Someone has to make the first move and society has decided to tag you as “it”.

When faced with the prospect of approaching a beautiful, confident woman or slaying the proverbial dragon, many men have opted for the latter. For introverted men, this is even harder (or so they think). Relationship experts have created several templates and “recipes” to improve the situation without recording much success. Some people have sought the services of matchmakers just to avoid making the move themselves and the success rate for that is even lower.

This book, Dating for the introvert: Discover how to eliminate dating fear, anxiety and shyness by instantly raising your charm and confidence with these simple techniques is a practical approach to overcoming shyness in dating and the success rate for this book is one you are about to become very familiar with

In this book you will discover

  • Why you are dreamy catch for most women
  • An easy step by step guide to making your move
  • Simple tips to keep a conversation going
  • Date ideas when you are at your wits end
  • What NOT to do when you meet the woman of your dreams

The one reason why this book will be more effective in your dating life than anything you may have read or watched is the fact that we don’t seek to change or transform you into someone you are not. Rather, we horn in on your innate charm and help you overcome whatever mental barriers that may be standing in your way.

So, if you are ready to start the next chapter of your life, flip over to the next page!

10 Lessons My Father Never Taught Me

by Samuel K Asare Snr.

One of the major problems that have resulted in total disorder in various homes is “the father problem.” What worsens the matter is the greatest threat it becomes especially in the lives of the children, that goes the opposite direction of God’s original plan.

This book contains ten essential lessons to help you consider, pursue and achieve sucess in the management of your home, but which my father never taught me.

ATTENTION DEFICIT DISORDER (ADD): The Genius Mind – Recognizing, Coping, and Healing Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) (ADHD, Mental Illness, Psychology Books, ADHD Adult)

by Dr. Beenish Masood

This book is what you’ve been looking for!

You’ll discover ways to improve your:
– Motivation

– Completing assignments

– Controlling the way you feel

– Attention span

– Memory

– Ways to not feel so overwhelmed

This is a detailed guide written by Dr. Masood, who has helped thousands of children and adults overcome ADD. He discusses ways to help yourself, and others who think they may have ADD in order to improve brain function, focus, and overall quality life.

If you’re a parent, you’ll discover the best ways to treat it (with and without medication), and provides you with a clear picture of the things you can do as a parent to your child be successful in school and out of school.

Here Is A Breakdown Of What You’ll Learn:
– Over 50 powerful strategies on how you can improve your ADHD at home

– Amazing tips on how your child’s teacher can help him (or her) to do well in school

– Things your child can do to become a better student

– Foods that will help you child with ADHD

– Foods that you SHOULD NOT feed your child with ADHD

– Helpful Therapies that can be applied (whether your child with ADHD is using medication or not)

– The disabilities that you should be aware of because of their possible attachment to ADHD, as well as what you can do to help

– And much more!

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Hormone Harmony Over 35: A New, Natural, Whole-Body Approach to Limitless Female Health

by Dr. Michelle Sands

In Hormone Harmony Over 35, A New, Natural, Whole-Body Approach to Limitless Female Health, Dr. Michelle Sands addresses the growing epidemic of escalated female hormone decline. This book debunks the myth that menopause is the primary trigger of midlife symptoms such as constant fatigue, lack of vitality, sleep difficulties, mood swings, weight gain, loss of sex drive, forgetfulness, fuzzy thinking, and even hot flashes. In an easy to digest format, Dr. Michelle reveals a systems based approach to optimal hormone balance and identifies the chief lifestyle triggers that are contributing to hormonal havoc. This book goes beyond replacing hormones and instead focuses on optimizing hormones from a holistic prospective.

In Hormone Harmony over 35, Dr. Michelle offers an evidence-based twenty one-day plan to restore hormonal balance, reduce stress, and detoxify the body naturally. Inside the book you will find

– A comprehensive hormone assessment – to give you a good idea as to which hormones are causes problems for you
– Suggested test to ask your doctor for and resources to order your own test
– supplements and lifestyle practices to optimize individual hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol, thyroid, melatonin, HGH and insulin.
-The connection between hormones and brain health, hormones and gut health, hormones and liver health
– A 5 step plan to to balance hormones and reverse chronic health conditions
– A complete 21 day plan including: meal plans, recipes, shopping lists, daily protocol sheets, workbooks, supplement, movement and detox strategies, meditations and mindset coaching, Hormone Harmony over 35 is an indispensable guide to taking back control of your hormones, so that all women over 35 can live the life they deserve in the body they desiire

Babyfan – Baby Ratgeber für Eltern: Tipps & Empfehlungen rund um Babys (German Edition)

by Philipp Markus Wiedmaier

Dieser umfassende Baby Ratgeber richtet sich speziell an (werdende) junge Mütter und Väter, die Tipps, Empfehlungen und Antworten auf eine Vielzahl von Fragen rund um Babys suchen. Von Eltern für Eltern. Hier erwartet dich unter anderem folgendes:

â?º Infos, Tipps und Tricks rund um den Umgang mit Babys
� Vorstellung von benötigter Babyausstattung und Babykleidung
� Welche Babymöbel sind sinnvoll?
� Hilfe zu alltäglichen Themen wie z.B. der Baby Entwicklung oder Krankheiten bei Säuglingen
� Unterstützung bei der Wahl des Vornamens
â?º Infos zur Sicherheit deines Babys
� Welches Spielzeug ist für Säuglinge sinnvoll?
â?º Informationen zu Beikost und der richtigen Babynahrung
â?º Die richtige Pflege des Babys
â?º Reisen mit deinem Baby – Was gibt es zu beachten?

Warum Du dieses Buch unbedingt lesen solltest:

Mit dem positiven Schwangerschaftstest beginnt eine aufregende Zeit für die werdenden Eltern. Neben der Freude über den erwarteten Nachwuchs stehen auch viele Fragen an, über die Mama und Papa sich stundenlang den Kopf zerbrechen können. Wir haben auf Basis zahlreicher Erfahrungen von Eltern, die wertvollsten Tipps für Dich zusammengestellt, um all Deine Fragen zu beantworten.


Baby Vornamen
Baby Jungennamen
Baby Mädchennamen
Baby Body
Baby Hose
Schlafanzüge & Schlafsäcke
Baby baden
Baby Sicherheit
Plötzlicher Kindstod
Entwicklung Baby
Baby Tipps
Baby schlafen
Baby abstillen
Reisen mit Baby
Baby Reisepass

Ein Baby entwickelt sich gerade in den ersten Lebensmonaten körperlich, motorisch, sprachlich und sozial in rasanten Schritten. Quasi jeden Tag können die Eltern bei ihrem Kind etwas Neues entdecken, immer und immer wieder kommen neue Fähigkeiten und Fertigkeiten hinzu. Vom Tag der Geburt an macht das Kind diese Entwicklungsschritte und lernt tagtäglich Neues. Mit dem Lesen von “Babyfan – Baby Ratgeber für Eltern” bist Du optimal vorbereitet und bekommst schnelle Hilfe zu vielfältigen Themen.

Christmas in the Hills: A Collection of Christmas Memories of White County, Georgia

by Bryce B. Arnett

Ah, White County. A beautiful country, complete with a Bavarian village, hills covered in snow, and children grown from cabbage. This community, perhaps the “best kept secret” of Georgia, is one of the last bastions of community families and early morning front porch coffee drinking. You will never find a more understanding or loving people. In fact, this community has been affectionately nicknamed “God’s Country”. This book contains several memories and traditions of those who have called these North Georgia Hills “home”.

From the family of Bryce Buel Arnett and all of us in our amazing Home in the Hills, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

402 Avalon

by Ben Campbell

A touching literary discovery, 402 Avalon follows a boy’s journey during the 1950s through one of San Francisco’s most mysterious houses that was built during the 1880s. This curious true story about a neglected boy, his uncommon family, the gushing growth of San Francisco and the infamous house is part intrigue, part innocence and part discovery. 402 Avalon is a stunning portrait of a child wanting guidance, living in the haunted three-story wooden structure that was dangerous.

Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War – The Play (Mrs Caldicot Book 5)

by Vernon Coleman

‘Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War – The Play’ is based on Vernon Coleman’s book of the same name. This play can be performed free of charge by amateur dramatic societies anywhere in the world. There are details in the play of how to apply for permission. This is NOT the film script but a play script written especially by Vernon Coleman for theatrical productions.

I Hope Your Penis Shrivels Up! (Book 2)

by Vernon Coleman

More wonderful agony column questions, answered by Vernon Coleman; a qualified doctor, registered GP and bestselling author. Vernon Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million copies in hardback and paperback in the UK and been translated into 24 languages. This book (like Book 1) contains a wealth of questions and answers taken from Dr Coleman’s hugely popular advice column. The column appeared in The People in the UK and in magazines and newspapers around the world. Vernon Coleman’s books include the medical bestsellers Bodypower and How To Stop Your Doctor Killing You. He is also the author of the hugely popular Bilbury books. The award winning film Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War was based on his novel of the same name.
What the papers say about Vernon Coleman and his books:
Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide
Superstar – Independent on Sunday
King of the media docs – The Independent
A godsend – Daily Telegraph
No thinking person can ignore him – The Ecologist
Compulsive reading – The Guardian
Controversial and devastating – Publishing News
He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping
The doctor who dares to speak his mind – Oxford Mail
The patients’ champion – Birmingham Post
Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun
Britain’s leading medical author – The Star
Dr Coleman made me think again – BBC World Service
Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator
Outspoken and alert – Sunday Express
It’s impossible not to be impressed – Western Daily Press
Refreshingly forthright – Liverpool Daily Post
The revered guru of medicine – Nursing Times
His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic – British Medical Journal
The man is a national treasure – What doctors don’t tell you
His message is important – The Economist
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive today – Irish Times
etc etc
For more information about other books by Vernon Coleman please visit his author page on Amazon, or visit

A Letter to My Son, on Why I Hate His Mother

by Ringo Mandingo

There comes a day in every young boy’s life when he asks, “Hey, where’s Dad? Why aren’t him and Mom together? Was it something Mom did? Did that numbskull completely shit the bed on this one?”

This account is a letter to my son, for all sons; written as a father, for all fathers. It is a universal chronicle for the voiceless men out there who hate the mother of their children as much as I do, or nearly so. The daddies, papas, and padres who feel such blistering rancor and malice toward the women who birthed their little boys that their eyes feel like they’re literally about to explode inside their heads, like bratwurst in a malfunctioning microwave.

When my boy comes of age, I want him to have all the answers to satisfy his curious mind. Herein lay the final and unofficial record of how Mom and Dad’s whole relationship went shithouse-over-sideways from day one.

If you’re in the market for obscene, offensive, madcap, hilariously heartbreaking and scatological tales of one man’s descent into the hellish world of romance, pregnancy, and parenting with a woman he loves to hate and hates to love, then look no further. Let Ringo Mandingo take your greasy palm and lead you Willy-Wonka-style into a world of pulverized hopes and devastated dreams.

Come on, why don’t you? It’ll be good for a few chortles, maybe even a guffaw. If you don’t vomit with laughter at least once, you can have your money back. That’s the Ringo Mandingo guarantee. Not!

Don’t Lick That!: [A Dorky Mom’s Tales of Parenting and Other Crap]

by Erika Watts

There are three things every parent needs to survive parenthood: patience, more patience, and a poker face. Disciplining the kids is one of the toughest jobs a parent has. Having children that make you chuckle when you should be scolding them makes that job nearly impossible.

Erika Watts, the creator of the blog Dorky Mom Doodles, brings you a glimpse inside life with her family, and keeping a straight face in her household doesn’t happen often. Watts illustrates her tales with doodles her husband calls “adorably bad,” so stories about pancakes that look like rabid reindeer aren’t left to your imagination.

In addition to stories about the family, you’ll also find some parenting insights that are packed with a strong dose of sarcasm and self-deprecation. Don’t Lick That! is a must-read for parents and others who have cared for children, and it gives the uninitiated a glimpse into the world of parenting.

Anger Management Workbook For Kids & Children

by Control Anger

A book for children to plan effective anger management for any situation a kid may come across. This will allow children to take clear action in reducing the anger in their lives by preparing themselves to identify what causes their anger and which specific techniques can manage it.

The Kick-Ass A-Z for Over 60s: The Beginner’s Guide to Older Age

by Dr Vernon Coleman

A practical guidebook designed to show the over 60s how to look after themselves in an increasingly ageist world. Contains many proven medical facts which some readers may find uncomfortable (eg eating meat causes cancer though you are never too old to cut down meat consumption). There is bound to be someone somewhere who smokes 100 a day, eats raw steak three times a week, never exercises, is obese and lives to be 100. But most people who do these things need hospital care and die early. Learn how to retain your freedom, dignity, independence and sense of humour. Stay young in spirit, start again at 65 (or older) and live a bonus life. Replace the depressing, pessimistic certainties of old age with the hope and confidence-drenched ambition usually associated with the young. Dr Vernon Coleman, a qualified doctor, is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million hardback and paperback copies in the UK, been translated into 25 language and sold around the world. He has written columns for many leading publications and presented numerous programmes on TV and radio. He was the writer of the world’s first medical software for general use. His novel Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage was turned into a highly successful movie. For a list of other books please see Vernon Coleman’s biography on Amazon and for free articles please visit
What the papers say:
Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide
He’s the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equalizer rolled into one – Glasgow Evening Times
He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping
Compulsive reading – The Guardian
Superstar – Independent on Sunday
King of the media docs – The Independent
The man is a national treasure – What Doctors Don’t Tell You
Revered guru of medicine – Nursing Times
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive – Irish Times
Brilliant! – The People
Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator
A Godsend – Daily Telegraph
Britain’s leading medical author – The Star
The patients’ champion – Birmingham Post
Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun
No thinking person can ignore him – The Ecologist
The calmest voice of reason – The Observer
It’s impossible not to be impressed – Western Daily Press

Casamento Feliz: Como Ser Feliz no Casamento (Portuguese Edition)

by Seu Relacionamento Melhor

Este é um livro que trata sobre Casamento Feliz, e como ser feliz no casamento.

O período de lua de mel na maioria dos casamentos tem uma vida útil. Mas isso significa que você não pode trazer de volta aqueles sentimentos de excitação e antecipação que todos experimentam no início de um relacionamento? Absolutamente não. Todos os casamentos manobram através de remendos ásperos. Alguns não sobrevivem tempo suficiente para sair ilesos do outro lado. Mas muitos fazem. No ebook Casamento Feliz – Como Ser Feliz no Casamento, você aprenderá maneiras de manter seu casamento renovado.

Felicidade não é a coisa mais importante . Todo mundo quer ser feliz, mas a felicidade vai e vem. Casais de sucesso aprendem a fazer intencionalmente coisas que trazem a felicidade de volta quando a vida a afasta.
Os casais descobrem o valor apenas aparecendo . Quando as coisas ficam difíceis e os casais não sabem o que fazer, eles precisam ficar lá e estar lá para o seu cônjuge. O tempo tem uma maneira de ajudar os casais a resolver as coisas, oferecendo oportunidades para reduzir o estresse e superar os desafios.

Se você fizer o que você sempre faz, você terá o mesmo resultado . Os casais sábios aprenderam que você precisa abordar os problemas de maneira diferente para obter resultados diferentes. Muitas vezes, pequenas mudanças na abordagem, atitude e ações fazem a maior diferença no casamento.
Sua atitude importa . A mudança de comportamento é importante, mas também muda as atitudes. Atitudes ruins geralmente geram sentimentos e ações ruins.

Mude sua mente, mude seu casamento . Como os casais pensam e o que eles acreditam sobre o seu cônjuge afeta a forma como eles percebem o outro. O que eles esperam e como eles tratam muito sua esposa.
A grama é mais verde onde você a rega . Casais de sucesso aprenderam a resistir a grama é mito mais verde – ou seja, alguém me fará feliz. Eles aprenderam a colocar sua energia em melhorar a si mesmos e a seu casamento.

Você pode mudar seu casamento mudando a si mesmo . Casais veteranos aprenderam que tentar mudar seu cônjuge é como tentar empurrar uma corda – quase impossível. Muitas vezes, a única pessoa que podemos mudar em nosso casamento é nós mesmos.
O amor é um verbo , não apenas um sentimento . A vida cotidiana desgasta o “lado bom do casamento”. Sentimentos, como a felicidade, flutuarão. Mas o amor verdadeiro é baseado nos votos de compromisso de um casal: “Para o bem ou para o mal” – quando é bom e quando não.

Uma crise não significa que o casamento acabou . As crises são como tempestades: altas, assustadoras e perigosas. Mas, para superar uma tempestade, você precisa continuar dirigindo. Uma crise pode ser um novo começo. � sem dor que grandes pessoas e casamentos são produzidos.

Este livro irá lhe mostrar o que você precisa saber sobre como ter um casamento feliz e ser mais feliz e realizado em seu relacionamento.

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