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The Power of Hate: Understand how twelve great minds used hatred to achieve the impossible

by Amples Regiani

Written by the TEDx Speaker & Award-winning creative: Amples Regiani

Are you sure that hatred is evil?

Since ancient Greece, the concept of hatred has been lowered, ignored, belittled, undervalued and sometimes even demonized. And its power minimized, underestimated and diminished, from Aristotle to Descartes all philosophers have interpreted it as something negative, defining it as “The desire for the annihilation of an object and have considered it incurable over time”.

The logic is straightforward: if love is good and hate is the opposite of love, then hatred is bad.

At first glance it is evident. In ‘The Power of Hate’ we will review History and enter an exciting journey through some of the most brilliant minds of humanity to discover that hate, a feeling cursed through the centuries, is the ultimate powerful engine for human overcoming.

Understand and learn how great personalities used hate as fuel to achieve the impossible, reviewing the analysis and practical exercises of each chapter:

1. Ferruccio Lamborghini
2. Jack Ma
3. Michael Jordan
4. Reed Hastings
5. Steve Jobs
6. Mike Tyson
7. La Madre Teresa
8. Cristiano Ronaldo
9. Elon Musk
10. Rudolf & Adolf Dassler
11. Lance Armstrong
12. Madonna Ciccone

Join me in this short but intense story in which you will understand the capacity of hate to serve as a powerful tool of motivation, capable of decisively changing our lives.

Fennomenal PR: From Obscurity to Omnipresence

by Anton Ngo

77% CEOs say PR increases sales – The Value of Corporate Reputation

This #1 Amazon Best-Selling Book in multiple categories such as Public Relations, Media & Communication, Business Consulting  is written for entrepreneurs, business owners, managers, executives,  communications and marketing pros who want to take the most out of public relations.

“Fennomenal PR” is based on the principle of Omnipresence Marketing that helps your company amplify brand message, maintain good reputation, sell more with ease and accelerate growth!

You will learn

-      Earned Media Coverage: Earned media is 3 times more credible than advertising. Learn how to build media relations, refine story angles, and pitch media to gain publicity

-      Thought Leadership Campaign: create professional opinion articles in trade magazines, blog the correct way to convert website visitors into clients

-      Media Monitoring: know when your company is mentioned, detect fake news, & prevent online reputation crises.

-      Spokesperson Training:8 in 10 American CEO say media training is the most effective way to get messages across. Learn how to prepare for media interview, position your company as industry expert, and prevent further damage during a crisis

-      Media Events Management: organise outstanding media events, prepare marketing materials, setup venue, send media invitations and prepare execs for interview.

-      Social Media Management: set social media goals, create content plan to engage & convert followers to customers, and handle social media crisis. You don’t want to act like United Airline or Starbuck during social media crisis!

-      Crisis Communication Management: 70% of small companies that experience a crisis go out of business within 1 year. Discover how to create a crisis communication plan to damage control, and prepare training for management

-      Online Reputation Management:Businesses lose 22% of potential customers when 1 negative article shows up on the 1st page of Google. Learn how to monitor what people say about your company online & fix reputation crisis

-      Speaking Engagement Management: Speaking gigs help your company promote its expertise & engage prospective clients. Learn 5 ways to flood your inbox with speaking offers, pitch event managers, negotiate fee and logistics, generate leads from stage, get referrals over and over again

-      Influencer Marketing Campaign: Connect with industry influencers to reach your targeted clients. Learn how to find, connect, and run campaigns with influencers to increase your brand awareness and sell more products & services.

-      Working with PR Agency: know 5 signs of good PR agency and 6 rules to foster a long-term positive relationship with your publicist so your company does not waste time constantly looking for your perfect agency

This book features hundreds of case studies of companies, media quotes, study results and public figures. More importantly, the author details hundreds of PR rookie mistakes to avoid!

The Spirit of Christmas (Prometheus Classics)

by Henry van Dyke

This Work contains an active table of contents (HTML), which makes reading easier to make it more enjoyable.

A short story, an essay, a sermon and two prayers for Christmas.

The Procrastination Fix : 36 Strategies Proven to Cure Laziness and Improve Productivity : Daily Training for Mental Toughness And Self Discipline

by Jacob Greene

How does accomplishing all the tasks that you set out to do sound to You?

How about doing that consistently on a daily basis? Without Procrastination?

If you want to accomplish more in your work and life yet find yourself struggling with Procrastination, Read On to unlock those secrets for Yourself!

Almost all of us would have procrastinated on something at least once in our lives. One of the tricks here is to know what you can and Can’t procrastinate on.

Procrastinating on that work project which the company needs for clinching the million dollar deal is definitely very much different from procrastinating on getting that anniversary gift for the significant other.


And this is something which you will find out in this Book that also shows You 36 Proven Ways to Beat Procrastination!

Within The Procrastination Fix, You will explore :

  • Manipulate procrastination into a corner and make it work for you
  • Getting the 36 ways on how to beat procrastination and pay focus on the Special 2 which will be integral for you conquering the procrastination habit
  • How writing a letter can be the key to driving away the spectre of procrastination
  • How different times of the day can impact Procrastination and that special thing you can do to work around it!
  • What to do when you are feeling on the verge of procrastinating on something, and the 2 tricks to snap you back on track!
  • What some others have not let on about productivity methods like time chunking and the Pomodoro method to counter procrastination
  • Getting to know the whys of procrastination, and why this particular reason has to be removed from your system in order to beat back procrastination!
  • How do create To Do lists that help you beat procrastination, and not cause it!
  • And much More!

The Procrastination Fix is for anyone. It doesn’t matter if you are a college student, newly minted corporate executive, seasoned entrepreneur or a work from home parent. The 36 ways will work for you – as long as you allow yourself to work on them!

Clear those tasks and projects and enjoy ticking off those items on the To-Do lists!

Approach each day raring to go because you know you have won the duel with procrastination!

Click on the “BUY NOW” button NOW and begin this journey of personal empowerment and serious self transformation!

51 Curiosities About the Cold War

by Editora Mundo dos Curiosos

The Cold War spawned many mysteries, especially for never having actually faced a field battle. But even without a real battle, the cold war had several indirect competitions, besides being known as the war that divided the world: The capitalists and The socialists. The world was divided, literally in some regions. The cold war spread across several countries, generating real battles. With these real battles the world was in a state of tension, apprehensive of a third world war. Come to know all the mysteries that circulate this event, like all the battles that were generated by them in all competitions made by the two powers: United States and Soviet Union.

Urban Studies: Border and Mobility: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Urban Studies (ICUS 2017), December 8-9, 2017, Universitas Airlangga, Surabaya, Indonesia

This work contains a selection of papers from the International Conference on Urban Studies (ICUS 2017) and is a bi-annual periodical publication containing articles on urban cultural studies based on the international conference organized by the Faculty of Humanities at the Universitas Airlangga, Indonesia. This publication contains studies on issues that become phenomena in urban life, including linguistics, literary, identity, gender, architecture, media, locality, globalization, the dynamics of urban society and culture, and urban history.

An American Eutopia: a traveler’s guide

by Luke Lea

In these notes toward a new way of life in America, Luke Lea explores a world of New Country Towns in which the people work part-time outside the home (12-to-24 hours a week) and in their free time build their own houses, cultivate gardens, cook and care for their children and grandchildren, and pursue hobbies and other outside interests. They live on small family homesteads grouped around neighborhood greens, and get around town in glorified golf-carts. So thoroughly are work and leisure integrated into the fabric of their everyday lives that they don’t feel much need to retire, and they die at home in their beds as a rule, surrounded by loved ones.

For those who would like to move to this world he provides a map with some directions for how to get there from here.

American Racism: Overcoming White Privilege

by C.K. Justice

Do you feel that white people have an unfair advantage?
Have you ever felt shame about the history of your race?
In 1861 America fought a civil war over slavery and racism.
Over 150 years later –
The war is still raging.

No matter your race, this book has the solution to “White Privilege.”

Kick out the Fairy in You and let the Woman out

by Simona Ruffini

The first manual that won’t change you into another person, but it will teach you how to be You.
Welcome to you, who managed to get here If you, just like many others, have always felt wrong, inevitably but inexorably kept comparing yourself to other Women, are tired of the self-help manuals who want to turn you into someone you are not, well then this is the right place for you.
Just so you know, you are not alone. And most of all, what happens to you is normal. The message I want to convey to you through these pages is that you are just fine. I am not saying you are perfect and that you don’t need to keep bettering yourself. I am saying that the first step to become what you are destined to be is to be exactly who you already are. So why this book, you may be asking? And why has this book been written by a criminologist, who takes on many cases of abuse towards women? What do spiritual evolution, self-love, the Light, and abuse on women have in common? I can explain with a simple example. You are looking for a job. You know how much you are worth, what it is that you are looking for, and you know exactly how much money you should be paid. At your job interview, they offer you a dissatisfactory job, way below your capabilities and aspirations, and not properly compensated at all. You stand up, thank them, and walk away. What does this example mean? Well, take this instance and place it into a personal relationship. What would happen if, instead of your boss, that man was a significant other or a boyfriend? Would you settle to spend the rest of your life with a man who does not satisfy you, who does not appreciate you, who does not support you, but actually only tries to manipulate you and make you feel bad? You are not happy with your weight but you are unable to lose it; You hate your job but think you can’t aspire to become anything better; You have a dream but you think you “will never be able to fulfill it”; You wish you could move but have no idea of where to start. When a Woman doesn’t love herself, she only lives a half-life. A body she doesn’t like and doesn’t reflect who she is; A job that doesn’t satisfy her; A place where she doesn’t live the way she’d like to; Friends and relationships that don’t gratify her; An image of herself in which she feels lost. Every time you put something else or somebody else before yourself, you are at risk of losing yourself. I don’t want you to be selfish, but to love yourself, which is different. This book stems from the “Project of Women of Light”, something I have dedicated many years of my life to and that I deeply love. With the Project of Women of Light, I have helped many Women “find themselves before they get lost”! The world needs you.

How to Overcome Shyness: Stop Being Shy and Get Rid of Shyness for Good! (How to Stop Being Shy)

by Patrick McIntyre

If you want to conquer your shyness and finally come out of your shell for good, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

It’s Saturday night. Everybody you know is out and about, having fun, socializing, and immensely enjoying their weekend. Only one person is sitting alone in their bedroom, listening to music and browsing YouTube. Does that sound familiar? It should, because that person is you. Well, it is about time you thought about changing this “flaw” of yours, don’t you think? First, let’s start by stating the obvious: you’re definitely not alone. Lots of people have experienced shyness and other variations of social anxiety, ranging from mild to extreme degrees. But second, let’s be clear about this: It is entirely possible to overcome shyness. So worry no longer. Just because you’re shy now doesn’t mean you have to remain that way. This ebook was written as your guide to overcoming shyness once and for all. What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understand the Underlying Reason
  • Reconditioning and Reprogramming Your Mind
  • Facing Society
  • Raising the Bar for Yourself
  • A Few Extra Tricks and Tips
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Forging the Ideal Educated Girl: The Production of Desirable Subjects in Muslim South Asia (Islamic Humanities Book 1)

by Shenila Khoja-Moolji

A free ebook version of this title is available through Luminos, University of California Press’s Open Access publishing program for monographs. Visit to learn more.

In Forging the Ideal Educated Girl, Shenila Khoja-Moolji traces the figure of the â??educated girl’ to examine the evolving politics of educational reform and development campaigns in colonial India and Pakistan. She challenges the prevailing common sense associated with calls for women’s and girls’ education and argues that such advocacy is not simply about access to education but, more crucially, concerned with producing ideal Muslim woman-/girl-subjects with specific relationships to the patriarchal family, paid work, Islam, and the nation-state. Thus, discourses on girls’/ women’s education are sites for the construction of not only gender but also class relations, religion, and the nation.

Transitions in Energy Efficiency and Demand (Open Access): The Emergence, Diffusion and Impact of Low-Carbon Innovation (Routledge Studies in Energy Transitions)

Meeting the goals enshrined in the Paris Agreement and limiting global temperature increases to less than 2°C above pre-industrial levels demands rapid reductions in global carbon dioxide emissions. Reducing energy demand has a central role in achieving this goal, but existing policy initiatives have been largely incremental in terms of the technological and behavioural changes they encourage. Against this background, this book develops a sociotechnical approach to the challenge of reducing energy demand and illustrates this with a number of empirical case studies from the United Kingdom. In doing so, it explores the emergence, diffusion and impact of low-energy innovations, including electric vehicles and smart meters. The book has the dual aim of improving the academic understanding of sociotechnical transitions and energy demand and providing practical recommendations for public policy.

Combining an impressive range of contributions from key thinkers in the field, this book will be of great interest to energy students, scholars and decision-makers.

The Xanthippe Factor: How Can Couples Overcome Today`s Challenges

by Dr. Sara Breslerman

If you are in a relationship, before or during marriage, The Xanthippe Factor is a book you will want to read

The Xanthippe Factor deals with the relationship between men and women in marriage. It examines what happens to love in the various stages of the relationship, why so many men and women are unhappy with their marriages, and what can be done to make long lasting and loving relations that fit the world in which we live.

The Xanthippe Factor argues that marriage has remained largely unchanged since the time of the famous Greek philosopher Socrates and his wife Xanthippe without adapting to the modern complexities of life in general and marriage in particular.

Acquire important insights and tools for improving your relationship!

The book confronts the reader with basic questions about the relationships between men and women in marriage: i.e., role division, parenting, sex, and disagreements – and provides insights, solutions, and tools about how couples can overcome marriage pitfalls and improve their relationships.

Scroll up now to get your copy of The Xanthippe Factor!

Revival of the West: Securing a Future for European People

by Mathijs Koenraadt

This book deconstructs the myth of progressive liberalism. The author explores left-wing ideals of equality, diversity, social justice and open society, and exposes them as empty fiction.

The fate of modern civilization rests solely on the shoulders of men and women willing to defend it. After the European colonial age, the discovery of the New World, the Industrial Revolution and the establishment of the modern West, Western man has arrived at a crisis. Has he exhausted himself like Goethe’s Faust? Should he end his quest for greatness and let others take charge of the world he built? Should he dissolve his ego and hide himself in the safe comfort of anonymous masses? Or should he, at long last, unleash his suppressed potential?

High on a cocktail of sugar, nicotine, caffeine, alcohol, antidepressants, penicillin and other drugs, people have fallen into a collective trance. Like the light at the end of the tunnel, the drunk masses think they are approaching eternal paradise on Earth, but in reality they are marching towards the abyss of their extinction. Only those foreseeing souls who have the courage to return their people to more traditional lifestyles, only those who are willing to break away from mass humanity, only they may jump the abyss and cheat destiny.

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