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Lighting The Way: Decentralized Politics, Cryptocurrency, and Abundance in the 21st Century

by David Seaman

The wild success of the first short book, Good, Evil, and Economics: How They Almost Won, is what breathed almost immediate life into this longer sequel. David expands on many of the paradigm smashing concepts outlined briefly in that shorter work, as well as share personal opinions and hard won research from the FULCRUM team, including Politics, Crypto, Medicine, and more.

Anxiety: Recognizing Anxiety and Learning How to Fight Back (Anxiety, Social Anxiety, General Anxiety Disorder, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, PTSD)

by Austin Lynch

Use These Methods To Recognize And Defeat Anxiety In Your Life Today!

Do you find yourself stressed more often that not? Are you losing sleep, or constantly on edge or worrying about something in your life? You could be living a life afflicted with anxiety or an anxiety disorder! Don’t worry though, anxiety is more common than you think but the important part is learning how to spot anxiety, consolidate its causes and symptoms in your life, and learn how to FIGHT BACK for your happiness! Do not just dismiss your anxiety as you being “stressed” or “tired”… you are stressed and tired because of your anxiety!

Here’s A Preview Of What You Will Learn…

– The Nitty Gritty on Anxiety
– Generalized Anxiety Disorder
– Obsessive Compulsive Disorder
– Panic Disorder
– Social Anxiety Disorder
– Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
– Managing Anxiety Long Term (with Trusted Methods!)
– EFFECTIVE Day to Day Strategies for Fighting Anxiety

If you want to put an end to anxiety’s grip on your life, I invite you to download this book for the low price of 2.99 and if you enjoy it, please leave a review!


by Mika Kishore

A fun way to introduce Homophones and Homographs to kids. Sometimes it can be confusing, but this book attempts to introduce the concept weaved through a simple story of a young girl who is missing her friend and wants her to return from her holidays. Simple to read and understand, with fun exercise on each page, and the rhyming words make the book more interesting.



Health is your greatest wealth, an essential factor in human existence. Your body is a complex organization that needs proper maintenance to function well for general well being, hence, adequate nourishment and care is necessary for healthy living. Essentially, your body requires a well balanced diet to nourish the body at cellular level for optimum growth and development of body organ. We also need regular exercise to achieve good result. This helps in supporting the nutrients, caring for and maintaining the skin and body to rebuild underlying structures, erasing dryness and wrinkles, and protecting the skin against harsh environmental conditions. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of our environment is also vital to preventing disease and other forms of contamination. It is also important to know that Nigeria is blessed with a rich culinary heritage, possessing high nutritional values that help more in maintaining a balanced diet for healthy living. With the information in this book, i hope it will guide and help more people in the proper planning of our daily consumption and other things necessary for maintaining good health.

Best english speaking course in Hindi: English speaking course in Hindi (Advance Book 1)


This is the best book for education purpose.

Happy H: Learn all about the alphabet H with rhyme and colourful pictures (Learning the alphabet Book 8)

by Desiree Low

Learn words starting with H in a fun way using rhyme and colorful pictures to stir imaginations. The full alphabet is available in the series

Making Love Real: The Intelligent Couple’s Guide to Lasting Intimacy and Passion

by Danielle Harel Ph.D

If you are thinking about ordering this book, you probably have a strong desire to work on your relationship, but the steps to take to create any kind of real and lasting changes may feel like a mystery. You may have tried everything from taking a romantic vacation to buying a drawer full of feathers, candles and sex toys you still haven’t used. You may have even gone to couples therapy and learned some tools for good communication.
Making Love Real will help you take your relationship to the next level, one that includes both your emotional and your sexual connection.

Written by two pioneering sex therapists and relationship coaches who have worked successfully with countless individuals and couples helping them improve their relationships and sort out their sexual challenges, this comprehensive guide offers you an in-depth understanding of sexual desire and relationship dynamics as well as a highly practical set of tools that will help you have deep and lasting transformation in your relationship.

You will learn why you have the same fight over and over again and how to break the cycle to repair and heal old resentments. You will find out what actually turns people on psychologically and physically and how to have an honest, supportive conversation about your desires. You will learn how to handle the day-to-day ups and downs of relationship and how to use challenges in your relationship to deepen intimacy instead of eroding it. You will create the passionate connection you’ve always wanted.

Intermediate French Short Stories: 10 Captivating Short Stories to Learn French & Grow Your Vocabulary the Fun Way! (Intermediate French Stories Book 1)

by Lingo Mastery

Improve your French skills and grow your vocabulary with these 10 entertaining French short stories!

The best part of learning a new language is experiencing the culture and diving into activities that will enrich your life and vocabulary. The best way to learn a new language is by reading, and in this French book you will find yourself turning page after page to get to the end of each captivating story that will engage your mind and help you improve your French.

In this book you will find:

  • 10 captivating short stories that develop in circumstances such as traveling, personal relationships, among other topics that you will find easy to relate to.
  • The stories are broken down into manageable chapters, so you always make progress with the story.
  • Carefully written stories with you as an intermediate level reader in mind, using straightforward grammar and commonly used words so you can enjoy reading while learning new grammatical structures without being overwhelmed.
  • Plenty of natural dialogues in each story that you would actually use in an everyday conversation, which will drastically improve your speaking and comprehension ability at the same time!
  • At the end of each chapter there will be a comprehensive guide specially designed for intermediate level readers, it will take you through a summary of each story followed by a vocabulary of some of the words from the story to make sure that you understand the story fully.

Chapter by chapter you will find yourself effortlessly reading each story. Not struggling like in basic textbooks or boring reads. You will get involved by reading the dialogue of the characters by learning how to express yourself in different contexts and more importantly by learning new French words that will get you closer to your goal of becoming fully conversational!

Enjoy the book!

The Rituals for Success

by Ian Moore

One -The feeling of frustration teaches us that we don’t see the world as it really is, and that if we really want to change the world, we must start with ourselves!
Two- Misery and dread are a reality, and when we learn that life is not simple but complicated and difficult, we realize that a daily consistent Rituals for Success is the only defense we have against dread and droop.
Third – We can transform negativity into confidence by developing Rituals for Success.

Life Is A Race

by Aaron Francis

A short motivational and inspirational word to word passage book with a comparison to life and race.

Ultimate Guide To Become Document Controller

by Sunil Butolia

This book helps document control professionals to:
Identifying and defining responsibilities of a document controller
Understanding the relationship between documents and records
Tips for document writers
Managing and maintaining documents hard copy and soft copy
Handling revisions and deviations
Writing document control procedures
Understanding construction drawings
Explain document control simply.
Raise awareness on document control.
Raise their profile.
Explain how document control can be useful.
Convince people that would not listen otherwise.
Influence people by showing how DC helps protect safety and liability.

London Real – Jim Kwik -10 Steps To Improve Your Memory : YouTube Transcript

by Stefan Kreienbuehl

With everything we do, we aim to serve your insights. We aim to serve your thirst for discovery and understanding. Our service breaks new ground. We just happen to serve your perception of a new world. You realize that you are capable of more than you thought you could do.

Are you a visual learner? You learn by reading and seeing pictures?
You’ve watched a fascinating YouTube speech? You wanna read it quietly again?
In this Edition you will find a transcription from a YouTube speech, spoken by Jim Kwik.
Title from the YouTube Video:
10 STEPS TO IMPROVE YOUR MEMORY – Jim Kwik | London Real
Duration: 22:53

The Legacy of Felix Klein (ICME-13 Monographs)

This open access book provides an overview of Felix Klein’s ideas, highlighting developments in university teaching and school mathematics related to Klein’s thoughts, stemming from the last century. It discusses the meaning, importance and the legacy of Klein’s ideas today and in the future, within an international, global context. Presenting extended versions of the talks at the Thematic Afternoon at ICME-13, the book shows that many of Klein’s ideas can be reinterpreted in the context of the current situation, and offers tips and advice for dealing with current problems in teacher education and teaching mathematics in secondary schools. It proves that old ideas are timeless, but that it takes competent, committed and assertive individuals to bring these ideas to life. 

Throughout his professional life, Felix Klein emphasised the importance of reflecting upon mathematics teaching and learning from both a mathematical and a psychological or educational point of view. He also strongly promoted the modernisation of mathematics in the classroom, and developed ideas on university lectures for student teachers, which he later consolidated at the beginning of the last century in the three books on elementary mathematics from a higher standpoint.



The ideal zenith of paranormal riddle with hot and sexy sentiment and simply enough anticipation and interest to ensure a chilling, goosebump-conjuring, story line… MYSTERIOUS LOVE would be a splendid choice for adaption to screen- – there’s an arrangement in here for supreme certain.
After returning back to the nation to take up addressing work, Celeb is confronted and threatened with arrangement of weird occasions until the point when it turns out to be chillingly evident that something about him needs frantic consideration.
In this Baffling Affection , Caleb was persuaded and ended up moving to Solace tune to the detriment of his marriage with Jessica. Solace misleadingly go about as a ban in Caleb’s life.
Secured in the past is Solaces life, her capacity to repair the past turns into a war among her and the present, Discover more about this in this book

Those that can’t…shouldn’t: Basic qualifications for becoming a teacher

by Toni Lang

Intended for those seeking a teaching position, this text is an honest and at times a harsh and direct viewpoint of the qualifications needed to be a teacher. The ideas and suggestions in this text are not based on any research. They are based on 20+ successful years in the field of education as a teacher and administrator. Only the right people are needed to do this great work. If you think you are the right person, this text may be for you.

How to CREATE AN EBOOK and PUBLISH IT on Amazon: Step by Step Ultimate Guide (Daily Advice 4)

by Harvey Madison

One of the fаÑ?tеÑ?t аnd easiest wаÑ?Ñ? to make mоnеÑ? оnlinе iÑ? through writing and Ñ?еlling
еbооkÑ?. As Ñ?оu might have expected, thаnkÑ? tо thе Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ? оf thе Amаzоn Kindle, thе
intеrеÑ?t in reading еbооkÑ? hаÑ? Ñ?kÑ?rосkеtеd. RеаdеrÑ? lоvе them bесаuÑ?е thеÑ? саn Ñ?urсhаÑ?е a novel оr a hоw-tо bооk аnd rеаd it аlmоÑ?t instantly. ThеÑ? аrе downloaded dirесtlÑ? from thе intеrnеt. ThеÑ?е digitаl books
аrе сеrtаinlÑ? opening uÑ? a whоlе nеw mаrkеt for author’s аnd people who want to Ñ?еll
thеir infоrmаtiоn.

Blockchain: Beyond Bitcoin Explore this Rapidly Unfolding Technology that is Changing the World

by Josh Aiko

Blockchain is changing industries. Read about this technology to better understand how Blockchain will transform our lives.

Blockchain technology is the latest buzzword in the world of e-commerce, voting, smart contracts, energy, music and so much more. So, what is a blockchain?
The primary feature of the blockchain technology is that it is not maintained in a single place and is accessible across a network of hundreds of thousands of computers that are a part of the blockchain network.
You will learn about the basics of this blockchain technology, the way it works, its uses, pros and cons, and much more in this book. So, if you are ready to step into the world of blockchain technology, then let us start right away.
Keep up with your competition. Start with this book!

Dont waste time. Grab this book for only $0.99!

Social media marketing for flower shop: How to engage your customers and increase your flowershop brand awareness on Social Media?

by Mari Salonen

How to engage your customers and increase your flowershop brand awareness on Social Media?
People tend to spend more time online today than ever! To engage with your customers and make your brand known, you have to build prospective customers’ brand loyalty by nurturing them, getting close to them, and allowing them to learn about your brand. A 2016 research tells us that more than 80% of people won’t buy from brands that are new to them. To increase your brand strength and your customers trust and be able to sell both online and offline, you have to be willing to invest time and (sometimes) money.
A great starting point in improving your brand is to read our free e-book that you can download here.
What will you learn from our free e-book? Let’s start by saying that this is not just an e-book, it’s a guide that was written with a particular focus on what are the most used social media ways today to create a brand or to raise your brand awareness. It is addressed to small businesses, who don’t have too much money or can’t afford to pay someone to do their online advertising, and so, choose to do it for themselves.
What you will be able to do by downloading our free e-book about Social Media Marketing Strategies?
1.How to create social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Adsense Account
2.Optimizing your website or e-commerce website in terms of SEO (search engine optimization)
3.How to engage with your potential customers via a blog or on Social Media
4.Optimizing your Social Media pages and manage to do your own SEM (social media marketing)
5.Create Ads on Facebook and Instagram
6.Create a central brand concept that you will use to advertise your brand 360° with a low budget
7.How to create a successful email marketing strategy
Why to follow our advices and place your trust in us?
Because we know how difficult it is for small businesses to engage with their customers online and that their media and marketing budget is limited in terms of spending. Our e-book guide was developed by professional marketing specialists that work in the Social Media advertising and Marketing advertising. We wanted to create an easy to read guide for flower shops and florists that want to make the shift from offline selling to online selling. You have everything to gain, and nothing to lose if you chose to try online advertising and to create social media pages of your business.
Today, interacting with people online is probably the most important thing that you can do. We are living in a time when time is our most precious resource. That’s why you have to be present online and to be easy to reach for your customers. Clients will also expect and want to place order online, on your website or on Social Media pages so that’s why you have to be online 24/7 and interact with them.
Read and download our e-book today and don’t waste anymore time! You owe it to yourself and also to your clients!

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