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Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend: A Whittaker Brothers Novel (Christmas in Coral Canyon Book 1)

by Liz Isaacson

A cowboy returning to his hometownâ??and the best friend he left a dozen years before. She’s divorced with a child now…can they build a family and find their happily-ever-after?

Graham Whittaker returns to Coral Canyon a few days after Christmasâ??after the death of his father. He’s just found out his long-time girlfriend in Seattle has been cheating on him, and while Coral Canyon isn’t his first choice of where to live, it’s certainly the friendliest.

He takes over the energy company his dad built from the ground up and buys a high-end lodge to live inâ??only a mile from the home of his once-best friend, Laney McAllister. Laney returned to her family ranch after college, but her husband wasn’t cut out for the country lifestyle on the land at the base of the Grand Teton National Forest. He left Laney and their daughter, Bailey, to work the ranch themselves, which they’ve been trying to do.

But with her furnace on the brink of failure and the snow falling faster than ever, Laney agrees to bring Bailey up to Graham’s lodge for the holidays. They were best friends once, but Laney’s always entertained feelings for him, and spending so much time with him while they make Christmas memories puts her heart in danger of getting broken again. Can they take their friendship to the next level and build a family? Or will Laney be risking her heart only to remain in the friend zone?

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Three Rivers Ranch Romance Series:
1. Second Chance Ranch
2. Third Time’s the Charm
3. Fourth and Long
4. Fifth Generation Cowboy
5. Sixth Street Love Affair
6. The Seventh Sergeant
7. Eight Second Ride
8. The First Lady of Three Rivers
9. Christmas in Three Rivers
10. Lucky Number Thirteen
11. The Curse of February Fourteenth
12. Ticket to Bride

Gold Valley Romance Series:
1. Before the Leap
2. After the Fall
3. Through the Mist
4. Between the Reins
5. Over the Moon
6. Under the Bridge
7. Up on the Housetop
8. Around the Bend

Brush Creek Brides Romance Series:
1. A Wedding for the Widower
2. A Companion for the Cowboy
3. A Bride for the Bronc Rider
4. A Family for the Farmer
5. A Home for the Horseman
6. A Refuge for the Rancher
7. A Marriage for the Marine
8. A Fiance for the Firefighter
9. A Treasure for the Trooper
10. A Date for the Detective
11. A Partner for the Paramedic
12. A Catch for the Chief

Steeple Ridge Romance Series:
1. Starting Over at Steeple Ridge (Timeless Romance)
2. Finding Love at Steeple Ridge
3. Learning Faith at Steeple Ridge
4. Kissing Santa at Steeple Ridge
5. Coming Home to Steeple Ridge

Grape Seed Falls Romance Series:
1. Choosing the Cowboy
2. Craving the Cowboy
3. Charming the Cowboy
4. Courting the Cowboy
5. Claiming the Cowboy
6. Catching the Cowboy
7. Cheering the Cowboy

Christmas in Coral Canyon:
1. Her Cowboy Billionaire Best Friend
2. Her Cowboy Billionaire Boss
3. Her Cowboy Billionaire Boyfriend
4. Her Cowboy Billionaire Bodyguard

Un Minuto con Dios: Devocional Temático (Spanish Edition)

by Dr. Rolando D. Aguirre

Devocional temático. Empiece cualquier día del año.

Un minuto de reflexión en la presencia de Dios puede transformar la actitud, enfocar la visión, cambiar el proceder de todo un día y en muchas ocasiones, hasta el rumbo de toda una vida.

Cuando el tiempo kairos de Dios y el tiempo cronos del hombre se interceptan, algo extraordinario puede suceder.

How to Kiss a Billionaire (Billionaire Beach Romance Book 5)

by Cami Checketts

Sassy meets swoon-worthy in this fast-paced contemporary romance.
Miriam Salisbury escapes to Oregon to avoid a boyfriend who won’t take no for an answer, killing her beloved cat to prove it. When her father sends Clay Browning to protect her, she’s certain he’s lost his mind. As far as she’s concerned Clay’s experience is limited to posing for the camera, charming women, and making fun of her. He’s been teasing her since they were children and she’s never gotten over the way he threw crawdads at her at church picnics.
Clay retired from the military and entered the world of private security. When he gets the call to protect Miriam he’s excited to be around his lifelong crush. As expected, he teases her nonstop and the only thing he takes seriously is her security. He knows she’d never give him a chance and he can’t help but give her a hard time.
After Miriam is dumped in the freezing ocean on a crabbing expedition and Clay saves her from drowning and freezing to death, she takes a second look at her hired gun. But opening up to him is more terrifying than facing her stalker.
As events escalate to a frenzied climax, Miriam and Clay must put aside past grudges in the hope of finding a lasting love for their future.
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How to Kiss a Billionaire
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Carol and the Belles

by Chautona Havig

Their childhood letters formed the friendship of a lifetime.

As part of an international school pen pal program, Carol and Michal began writing monthly letters twenty years ago. So, when Carol’s artisan guild decides to send an emissary to the United States to investigate a new gift store and potentially negotiate contracts for importing Romanian handcrafts to several major American cities, Carol applies. Finally, the chance to meet Michal after all these years!

But Carol’s arrival in Rockland is fraught with surprises, misunderstandings, and a string of both awkward and delightful dates. Michal and the “belles” do everything possible to make the visit memorable and special, but when Carol decides to apply for a work visa, things get really interesting.

As a self-professed “world’s most non-spontaneous person,” Michal discovers that following your heart and the Lord’s leading just might also lead you into unexpected places and spontaneous decisions.

La fe de Abraham: Un desafío a confiar en el poder y cuidado de Dios (Spanish Edition)

by Gonzalo Sanabria

Dios recompensa a los que confían en él, y Abraham fue una de esas personas. Hebreos 11:8 “Por la fe Abraham, siendo llamado, obedeció para salir al lugar que había de recibir como herencia; y salió sin saber a dónde iba”.

Cuando Dios llama a Abraham su vida estaba prácticamente acomodada, sin embargo ante la voz de Dios él obedece saliendo de su tierra, nos dice la Biblia sin saber a dónde iba, pero confió en las palabras de Dios. Su vida y camino es todo un testimonio maravilloso y humano del caminar de fe, un mensaje que nos ánima a confiar en Dios.

Lic. Pastor Gonzalo Sanabria.


Jessie In Search of Belonging

by Sheila Hood Jensen

On a cold November night in 1945, only weeks after her third birthday, Jessie awoke to the dank smells of a worn down hotel room and startled at the choking, unrestrained sobs piercing the air from the broken heart of her six year old sister. The two little girls were terrified to realize their mother was gone and to know they were now very much alone in that dreary room. A stab of indignant pain might provoke you to ask how this could happen. Would the blot of their misfortune relegate the children to a life of inevitable ruin, or would they somehow rise above their circumstances and overcome? This is the story of Jessie. It is a love story, and while the story comes to you in the form of fiction, it is based in events which are incredibly true.
Abandoned, haunted and affected by a need for belonging, Jessie invites you to come with her and she will show you what happened. She knows the story well. She will take you back to where she first tasted fear; to the time and place where her journey in search of belonging begins. She will let you touch her scars and shed a tear with her, but then, because Jessie is also a child of courage and conviction, she will want you to go forward with her and feel the hope of her victories. She will tell you of a life acquainted with the kind of inequities from which despair often finds its root, but then she will go on to tell you a story of the kind of love from which dreams and fairytales are made. Above all, she will want you to see and understand how God walked this journey with her. To show you how her life turned from a search for belonging, into an incredible love story, Jessie thought it best to take you back to the beginning when the world was at war….

Evergreen Christmas Readings

by A.A. Milne

This holiday, we proudly present to you this unique collection of the greatest Christmas stories. Over 250 of them are included by your favourite authors:Charles Dickens, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Leo Tolstoy, Willa Cather, Beatrix Potter, Louisa May Alcott, Lucy Maud Montgomery, Hans Christian Andersen, E.T.A. Hoffmann, O. Henry, Mark Twain and many more!

I Care What You Think: Reclaim Your Self-Confidence In A World Of Insecurity, Fear, And Anxiety

by Stephen Sargent

Are you tired of constantly worrying what other people are thinking about you? Are their dreams in your life that are being held back by your fear of rejection or failure?

Insecurity lives within all of us, affecting what we say and do every single day. In this short, conversational, action-oriented book, Stephen takes an honest look at the dangerous side effects of our insecurity – constant concern, comparison, criticism, conforming, and confinement. None of these are within God’s intentions and plans for your life. God has something really exciting waiting for you on the other side of your fears and insecurities, where your dreams are waiting to be fulfilled!

Good Christian Series Boxed Set Books 1-3: Bonus: Beautifully Ugly People!

by Michael D. Beckford

3 Women, 3 Destinies, 3 Powerful Testimonies…Welcome to the world of Lucretia Grey, Gloria Hamburger and Sara Jones. Each tell their own unique story of faith, love, forgiveness and unspeakable trials. Enjoy what many readers have already loved on their kindle. And as a bonus, SpeakPublishing International’s Best-Selling Book ‘Beautifully Ugly People!’ is also included. So save 50% off what you would pay for the individual books by purchasing these powerful 4 books in this boxed set.

***The Good Christian***
Lucretia Grey is the ideal Christian woman that grew up with strong Christian values and teachings. She comes from a two-parent home, and was taught to pray, go to church every Sunday, honor her husband and be the perfect mom. But what happens when the good Christian meets up with an old saint? Enter Gloria Hamburger.
With problems brewing at the home, Lucretia has a conversation with Gloria. It was just the type of conversation that could make a good Christian like Lucretia lose her religion. Lucretia has been the mere essence of good all her life. Will the gossiping Gloria be the one to take Lucretia off her streak? Or will Lucretia cut and run towards Jesus for her family and soul’s sake?
This is book#1 in â??Good Christian Series.’

***The Bad Christian***
Gloria Hamburger is never one to back down from a juicy serving of gossip. On one Sunday morning, she gets her fill of gossip from one of the unlikeliest of people. The man she randomly sleeps with the night before. With a vague remembrance of the random guy in her bed, Gloria knows she must do her own research to find out if the revelations her random hookup revealed to her are true or false. If what he reveals is true, then it can be another damaging blow to the members of Front Baptist Church in Atlanta, Ga.
Meanwhile, Lucretia Grey finally decides to take up marriage counseling with her husband Bryson Grey as things just can’t seem to get better with their union. They trust the consultation of Pastor Smooth as they each try to fix what has been severally broken in their marriage. Truth and lies are tested, and gossip spreads like hot fire, this is the world of Gloria Hamburger, she never backs down from a fight, and —-yes—she calls herself a Christian.
This is book#2 in â??Good Christian Series.’

***The Christian***
Lost in a world she doesn’t understand. Sara Jones parents uses religion as a weapon and answer to everything. They use this same religion to shelter and suppress Sara from the outside world. But when Sara ends up pregnant because she doesn’t quite know what sex is at the age of seventeen, the ramifications of her sin are monstrous. She must battle both the scorn of her parents and the church while still usurping her Christianity. Will Sara forgive herself of an act for which she had no true knowledge that she committed? Or will she bend and break under the condemnation she receives from her parents?
Good Christian Series Book#3

Bonus Book: ‘Beautifully Ugly People!’
Sex for Rodney and Sandra Lewis is not what it used to be. The budding young married couple went from having marital relations six times out of a week, to barely six times a month. After having their daughter, Precious Lewis, Sandra began to have severe complications in the romance department.
Due to Sandra’s medical trauma and mental lack of interest in the marriage bed, Rodney took upon himself to find pleasure in alternative sources. As the deacon of his growing church in Tallahassee, Florida, many of the members that he prays for will be shocked to find out that he preys’ his eyes on both pornography and the beautiful, Gloria Hamburger.
Rodney is certainly not gifted in the area of self-control, as the lure of masturbation also wreaks havoc on their once perfect marriage.

An Interview with a Saint: Faith, Miracles, and the Purpose of Life

by R.A. Nagy

Can reading a book change your life?

“An Interview with a Saint” took place during a midwinter’s walk at Shawnee Mission Park. -Called out of his house one evening in Kansas, the author had no idea that God had called someone else out to walk with him. …

Overflowing with understandable concepts, the clear message of this independently-rated 5-Star book is that our choices are far more important than our religious preference.

What the readers have said:

“I am on page 56 of your manuscript – I can hardly bear to put it down and go to bed! It is an incredible gift that you have given me to read this account. I believe that it will go on to be one of our times’ great literary works. …”

“… while I was pondering on some of the concepts of this book, I heard a voice say “this book is for those who want more out of their relationship from God than they currently do.”

“Through applying the lessons taught in this wonderful book, each day I have a closer and more pure relationship with God. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone desiring to know God better!”

From the book: “For those who can be persuaded that neither amoebas nor people spontaneously generate, the fair-minded amongst us must concede that, in our beginning at least, there was only man and God. Organized religion came along later.

Today there still are those who do not trust in any other source besides God. By relying exclusively upon deity for both their instruction and their prosperity, they become just like the ones who wrote, or who inspired others to write, the records that so many of us contently worship. Because of their desire for a closer relationship with the author of our existence, these people come to know more about our creator than the rest of us.

I am not talking about those who have so corrupted the records left by God’s inspired souls to the point where we can debate about how many angels dance on the head of a pin… or evolution. I am talking about the very authors of our belief systems. Inspired beings who feel comfortable proclaiming “the way” only after they have found it for themselves. Guides whose efforts are accompanied by the miracles that so many records tell us about. Like the wonders God grants them, the evidence that such blessed folk, or saints, have ever been working to help us all get to know God better predates the advent of Christianity.

Whether teaching quietly from lonely cubicles at work or noisily on crowded street corners, the miracle workers of today both understand and walk the path to perfection. They show it to others by their very actions: without money and without price. Indeed, fully understanding that God is in charge of their lives, true saints seldom even think about their reward. They seem not even able to worry about filling their very bellies as they travel along God’s inspired ways.

Basing their actions upon a personal relationship with our superior being, these true believers are the ones who can offer the most compelling witnesses to the way God works; Citizens whose words are accompanied by miracles; Agents that so many religious texts, both popular and obscure, tell us about. People whose very passage through our lonely orb inspires the lives of us all.

Unless they have been told to hide from us, God’s elect are seldom found living upon a mountaintop. By discovering how to live with themselves and others, they become Heaven’s messengers. This is why the Almighty has decreed that His examples must live and work right along side of us.

Because saints have mastered a personal relationship with our common creator, they each invariably tell you that the work of our maker is to refine our raw human matter into a more perfect, content, human being.

Believe it or not, I have met one of these people. A truly inspired being: a miracle worker.

It was on an unusually cold December night â?¦”

Mindful Meditation: Best Techniques to Remove Anxiety from Every day Life and Achieve your Inner Peace

by Matt Farina

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If you want to learn best meditation techniques to improve your Life, then Keep Reading

Every day life stresses you and leads us to Mental Devastation. You go to work and Everything goes Bad, people ask you for pleasures, everybody want something more from you every day and when you come home you feel Stressed, Tired and Frustrated!

Meditation is the best way to take some time for you and detach yourself from your stressful life.

If you feel Stressed and Tired certainly you shoul learn the Best Way to Meditate to improve you Lifestyle!

Experience the power meditation can provide in your life without any requirement to believe in any particular doctrine or sect.

If you often have No time to do Leisure and Relaxing activities, Meditation is the Solution for your Problems! 

In this Book you will find:

  • The health benefits of practical meditation;
  • How to focus inward;
  • Ways to relax your muscles to prepare for meditation;
  • Understanding how motivation affects meditation practices;
  • The power of equanimity and forgiveness;
  • How awareness and stillness are viewed by meditation masters;
  • How to use visualization in meditation;
  • Mantra meditation; 
  • The Wisdom in Uncertainty.

You can approach this practice easly from your home few minutes a day and you will discover the best way to Relax!

This is a Practical Guide for Meditation, you can start Right Now! 

Even if your Life is Full of Stress and you have No time to Relax, with this Book you will understand how to take some Time for You and improve your Lifestyle!!

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Sky is the Limit: The Art of of Upgrading Your Life (50 Classic Self-Help Books Including: Think and Grow Rich, The Way to Wealth, As A Man Thinketh, The … The Art of War, Acres of Diamonds…)

by Dale Carnegie

We proudly present this collection of classic self-help works on how to attract success and money in your life.


1. Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
2. Benjamin Franklin – The Way to Wealth
3. Charles F. Haanel – The Master Key System
4. Florence Scovel Shinn – The Game of Life and How to Play it
5. Wallace D. Wattles – How to Get What You Want
6. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich
7. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Well
8. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Great
9. P.T. Barnum – The Art of Money Getting
10. Dale Carnegie – The Art of Public Speaking
11. James Allen – As A Man Thinketh
12. James Allen – From Poverty to Power
13. James Allen – Eight Pillars of Prosperity
14. James Allen – Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success
15. James Allen – Men and Systems
16. James Allen – Above Life’s Turmoil
17. James Allen – The Life Triumphant
18. Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching
19. Khalil Gibran – The Prophet
20. Orison Swett Marden & Abner Bayley – An Iron Will
21. Orison Swett Marden – Ambition and Success
22. Orison Swett Marden – The Victorious Attitude
23. Orison Swett Marden – Architects of Fate; Or, Steps to Success and Power
24. Orison Swett Marden – Pushing to the Front
25. Orison Swett Marden – How to Succeed
26. Orison Swett Marden – Cheerfulness As a Life Power
27. Marcus Aurelius – Meditations
28. Henry Thomas Hamblin – Within You is the Power
29. William Crosbie Hunter – Dollars and Sense
30. William Crosbie Hunter – Evening Round-Up
31. Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
32. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self-Reliance
33. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Compensation
34. Henry H. Brown – Concentration: The Road to Success
35. Henry H. Brown – Dollars Want Me
36. Russell H. Conwell – Acres of Diamonds
37. Russell H. Conwell – The Key to Success
38. Russell H. Conwell – What You Can Do With Your Will Power
39. Russell H. Conwell – Every Man is Own University
40. William Atkinson – The Art of Logical Thinking
41. William Atkinson – The Psychology of Salesmanship
42. B.F. Austin – How to Make Money
43. H.A. Lewis – Hidden Treasure
44. L.W. Rogers – Self-Development and the Way to Power
45. Douglas Fairbanks – Laugh and Live
46. Douglas Fairbanks – Making Life Worth While
47. Sun Tzu – The Art of War
48. Samuel Smiles – Character
49. Samuel Smiles – Thrift
50. Samuel Smiles – Self-Help

The Prophet’s Shield (The Prophet’s Trilogy Book 1)

by Sarah Dalziel

Awakening without memory, Mayim must act without time to reflect. Outlaw, fugitive and Light Wielder her life is forfeit if caught and all who aid her earn a death sentence. With the battle pursuing her, she must choose the battle ground. In the final moment, will love and light prevail, or will darkness cover the land forever?

Sarahâ??s Heart: Clean Amish Contemporary Romance

by Miranda Stewart

Sarah King is surrounded by loving family and friends in the Duggins Creek Amish community when she loses her husband, Eli, leaving her with two young girls to raise on her own. Even at their young age, Becky, 7 and Holly, 12, understand what has happened. They also remember what life was like with the strict Eli King, a man who did not give a lot of respect to his wife and daughters. At a meeting of three districts, Sarah meets Luke Fisher, who comes from the Sully-Mills community, and they immediately hit it off. Sarah’s friends and family question whether or not she is ready to be courted by another man only six months after the loss of her husband.

This short love story surrounds the instant bond that only two kindred spirits can share and explores how they work through their instant attraction and maintain their Amish values.

A standalone short story ending Happily Ever After and unlimited reading with Kindle Unlimited!

The Procrastination Cure: 2-in-1 Strategy Bundle: Discover Easy and Effortless Time Management Strategies To Mastering Your Attention, Increasing Your … Achieve Your Goals (Personal Development)

by Nick Jones

Learn to Take Control of Your Life, Through an In-Depth Understanding of Motivation

This book is a self-help manual and a rigorous analysis of the psychology of motivation. It will teach you to stop procrastinating, kick your addictions, circumvent laziness, take control of your actions, and achieve your goals, by thoroughly understanding the way your mind works. In it, you’ll learn: 

Included are two books to help you cure procrastination:

  • Time Management Strategies: Learn How to Stop Procrastination and Master Productivity Hacks to Gain Self-Confidence, Self-Discipline Hacks for Leadership Habit Stacking & Greater Joy in Life
  • Stress Management For Life: Manage Your Stress and Social Anxiety, Overcome Your Depression and Addiction for Mental Peace and Improving Relationships, Practicing Minimalism and Meditation

This book provides you with the simple solution: Develop an “anti-procrastination mindset” where you take action on a daily basis and NEVER get overwhelmed by your to-do list.

Inside you will learn how to:

  • Single-handle your way to overcoming the overwhelm.
  • Identify what’s REALLY important in your life and then happily ignore everything else.
  • Say “NO” to pointless tasks without angering your boss, friends or loved ones.
  • Start your day by completing your most important projects.
  • Take action on a task — even when you’re not in the mood to do it.
  • Break down VERY challenging projects into an easy-to-follow blueprint.
  • Organize your life so you’re not buried in paperwork or your to-do list.
  • Complete daily tasks, quickly and easily with a simple time-management technique.
  • Get motivated when you don’t feel like working on a goal.

This is a practical, tested program to overcome procrastination by achieving set goals, managing time, enlisting support, and handling stress.

There is no guesswork involved in crushing procrastination and creating the life you’ve always wanted. An infinitely better life can be achieved by taking small, actionable steps consistently over time, and this has already been proven many times over. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

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Oh, Come On, Be Faithful: Christmas Romance

by Cami Checketts

Former Army security expert Matt Degan is in desperate need of a Christmas miracle. His ex-wife cleaned out his savings account and abandoned their son. Sadly, he has no presents stashed.
When he finds a job as a bodyguard for Mikayla Lambert, a billionaire heiress who has been tormented by a stalker for four years, he’s caught up in family drama that threatens this beautiful woman he’s becoming enamored with and might also endanger his son. Can Matt protect everyone and save Christmas for his son, or will the stalker succeed at kidnapping Mikayla and destroying any chance at love between them?

A Council of Angels

by Sean Marshall


After miraculously surviving a head-on collision with a drunk driver, 27-year-old “self made” Bass Martinez begins to realize his successful business and beach house haven’t brought him the happiness he’s worked so hard for. 

Fighting feelings of loneliness and even depression, Bass unexpectedly meets four guardian angels who offer to help him find his “life’s greatest treasure.”

In a soul-searching trip through Europe and back home to Huntington Beach, California, Bass faces his deepest fears while learning new ways to view the people around him, including coming to a profound understanding of his mysterious team of angels who hold a truth for him that could bring yet another life-saving miracle.

Emotionally compelling at times while remaining upbeat and comedic, you’ll join Bass on his inspirational journey as he learns the answer to one of life’s most pressing questions, “What is the purpose of my life?”


If you’re a fan of The Shack by WM Paul Young, The Five People You Meet in Heaven by Mitch Albom or The Christmas Box by Richard Paul Evans, you’re going to love this book!



There are so many things to love about Sean Marshall’s, A Council of Angels. Particularly in today’s climate, this novel is a sweet breath of fresh air. It’s current and feet-on-ground-real, yet it’s other-worldly. You’re somehow in two places at once. It’s about faith and lack of faith. It’s about serving ourselves or serving others. It’s about honest struggles to believe in something or someone bigger than our own egos and agendas.

Marshall’s ability to paint a vibrant scene with details are so good, you are smack-dab in the middle of the story, yourself. There’s a fun chemistry and intrigue between characters, the locales are captivating, it’s just spot-on entertaining and enlightening. The thing I felt from the start was that this was not only a great novel, this is a movie-waiting-to-happen. Start popping the popcorn, get ready to laugh and shed a few tears. Maybe in the process, be a little changed for the better. 

Pamela Capone, author of I Punched Myself in the Eye and The Little Love That Could 


Conversations: Turn Your Everyday Discussions Into Life-Giving Moments


Do you love to see people become better versions of themselves? It can happen with your next conversation. Are you thinking of people right now who you’re invested in as a parent, mentor, leader, or friend? This book was written by people like you, for people like you. Conversations gives you a practical framework for turning everyday discussions into life-giving moments.

When it comes to helping others grow, your ability to have meaningful conversations with the people you care about is by far the most powerful tool in your toolbox. Would you love to see those around you really grow and thrive? Then learn how your everyday conversations could be as powerful a catalyst for development for your friends, family, coworkers, or others. Because the single most powerful component that fills in the gaps and draws all those other elements togetherâ?¦is conversation. This short, easy-to-read book will:

· Explain why some conversations matter so much more than others.

· Demystify the give-and-take dynamics that take place naturally in every conversation.

· Build a framework to transform your everyday, real-world conversations into launching pads for growth.

· Provide sample video conversations and other growth tools that make the concepts tangible and approachable.

Download Conversations today and turn your everyday discussions into life-giving moments.

Crystal Healing: A guide to using crystals to balance your chakras ((Chakra balancing, healing, alternative therapy, mind, body, spirit, natural remedies, crystals for beginners))

by Jayne Todd

Discover how to use Crystals to balance your chakras, promote inner peace and wellbeing!

You have probably chosen this book as you are interested in crystals and want to learn more about their uses. In this book I will give you a general overview of crystal healing and the use of crystals. We will cover everything you need to know from where to buy crystals, how to cleanse them and how to use them to balance your chakras.
I have included a chapter which introduces the Chakra energy system and gives a brief introduction to each chakra and their positioning on the body. We will then look at each chakra in turn; I have recommended three crystals to help heal and balance each one.

The Chakras

There are seven main centres of energy in the human body and these are known as Chakras. Chakra is a Sanskrit word which means wheel as it is so named because each chakra or energy centre is spinning like a wheel.
The seven chakras are located in a line from the base of your spine to the top of your head. The chakras job is to keep energy flowing in the right direction and in the amount that is needed to each part of the body. A healthy person will have balanced chakras which help guide the mind, body or spirit.
Many common health complains are caused by certain chakras being out of balance, they could be spinning too slowly, too quickly, in the wrong direction or be completely closed. It is possible to function with some chakras out of balance, but for optimal health we need to balance our chakras.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • What is a chakra?
  • How to balance your chakras using crystals
  • How to choose a crystal
  • How to cleanse your crystals
  • Where to buy crystals
  • Includes motivational quotes
  • meditations
    And much much more!

    Tags: crystals, crystal healing, chakras, balance your chakras, healing, meditation, gem stones, wellbeing, alternative therapies

    Setting Their Hope in GOD: Biblical Intercession for Your Children

    by Andrew Case

    A practical prayer-book designed to help parents intercede for their children consistently and biblically.

    What a treasure our children are, and what a privilege and responsibility Christian parents have to raise them to know, love, and serve God with heart, soul, mind, and strength. With “Setting Their Hope in God”, Andrew Case has served parents well by providing a rich resource of humble, biblical, bold, and God-honoring prayers we can bring before the Lord on behalf of our children. How blessed will be the family where these prayers are offered, that our children may indeed set their hope in God.

    –Bruce A. Ware, author of “Big Truths for Young Hearts”
    Professor of Christian Theology
    The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    There are lots of `parenting resources’ out there for Moms and Dads, on all kinds of important issues ranging from discipline to talking about sex to family vacations. One of the most important responsibilities of fathers and mothers, however, is to pray for and with their children. This book, drawn mostly right from Holy Scripture, can be a spur to your family to get off the couch and away from the television and on your knees praying for the salvation and welfare of your children.

    –Russell D. Moore, author of “Adopted for Life”
    Senior Vice President
    Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

    Our prayer is that God may use this book to motivate parents to pray for the next generations. The commitment of righteous parents to focused, purposeful prayer based on God’s heart as expressed in His Word “has great power as it is working” (James 5:16). Use the introduction to inspire you to pray; and the prayers to inform your mind as you not only agree with them but also use them as a springboard for your own heartfelt prayers for your children, grandchildren, and a generation yet unborn.

    –David & Sally Michael, authors of “Children Desiring God” curricula
    Pastor for Family Discipleship
    Minister for Resources and Program Development
    Bethlehem Baptist Church

    Andrew Case has provided parents with a powerful tool: the Word of God turned to prayer–specifically for their children. What a blessing it is to read that prayer is a reminder of our littleness and of God’s greatness. That nowhere are we more helpless than in prayer. For it means we can begin where we are, as we are, today.
    Soaked in scripture, interspersed with great quotes, this book will encourage, inspire, and strengthen anyone who wants to learn to grow in dependence on God, or–in other words–prayer.

    –Sally Lloyd-Jones
    Best-selling author of “The Jesus Storybook Bible”

    As a father, I continually feel inadequate to the task of praying for the three precious children God has entrusted to me. I understand that I need to pray and I genuinely want to pray. Yet I am so often lost when it comes to knowing how. In Setting Their Hope in God, Andrew Case turns to the ultimate prayer book, the Bible, to craft prayers for parents who want to see their children turn to the Lord, to live for the Lord, to honor him with their lives. I am convinced that this book will prove an indispensable resource to many mothers and fathers as they seek to hold up their children before the throne of grace.

    –Tim Challies

    We Christian parents, to whom God has committed a holy trust of raising children, are often at a loss for words when it comes to praying for them. We long for their best, but how exactly to say it? And how to avoid the ruts of prayer into which we often fall and flounder? Here, in this fabulous book of prayers, the deepest longings of our hearts for them are expressed and then some. By themselves these prayers are but words–but may they be joined with faith and the Spirit’s power, and prove to be truly efficacious! Thank you, Andrew, for this gem.

    –Michael A.G. Haykin, Professor of Church History and Biblical
    Spirituality, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary
    Author of “The Christian Lover” and “The God Who Draws Near”

    Book of Meditations For Every Day in the Year: A Guide to Daily Meditation, or; How to Enjoy Your Life and the World

    by James Allen

    James Allen may truly be called the Prophet of Meditation. In an age of strife, hurry, religious controversy, heated arguments, ritual and ceremony, he came with his message of Meditation, calling men away from the din and strife of tongues into the peaceful paths of stillness within their own souls. James Allen was the author of the best selling As a Man Thinketh. His writings had a deep influence of the current crop of self help books. This devotional will guide you through a year that will change your life forever. Unlock the power of positive thinking in your life.


    by Tiehu Clarke

    Have you ever wondered, why some people are successful in business, relationships and in their personal life? MоÑ?t of thоÑ?е whо hаvе achieved grеаtnеÑ?Ñ?, tо use Shakespeare’s phrase, have wоrkеd extremely hаrd tо gеt thеrе. Many wеrе tоld that thеÑ? wоuld nеvеr amount to аnÑ?thÑ?ng. But they believed that thеÑ? соuld achieve, аnd wоrkеd hаrd to do Ñ?о.
    DеvеlоÑ?Ñ?ng thе rÑ?ght mÑ?ndÑ?еt Ñ?Ñ? really сruсÑ?аl to succeed in anything. Whеn a frÑ?еnd оf mine wаÑ? Ñ?wÑ?tсhÑ?ng his саrееr Ñ?n 2009 frоm his co-founded соmÑ?аnÑ? tо a nеw Ñ?еrÑ?оnаl business, he knew thаt thеrе was a way fоr hÑ?m. hе kept lооkÑ?ng, gеttÑ?ng еduсаtеd, tеÑ?tÑ?ng, оÑ?tÑ?mÑ?zÑ?ng – аnd we knеw Ñ?t wоuld pay оff еvеntuаllÑ?. He hаd a gut-fееlÑ?ng of it. And it did. he wаÑ? on thе right Ñ?аth. Hе hаd dеvеlоÑ?еd thе right mindset. Yоur mÑ?ndÑ?еt Ñ?Ñ? thе Ñ?um of Ñ?оur knоwlеdgе, Ñ?nсludÑ?ng bеlÑ?еfÑ? аnd thоughtÑ? аbоut the wоrld and yourself Ñ?n Ñ?t. It is your fÑ?ltеr fоr information you get Ñ?n and Ñ?ut оut. Sо Ñ?t determines how Ñ?оu rесеÑ?vе аnd rеасt Ñ?nfоrmаtÑ?оn. It’Ñ? often uÑ?еd for a Ñ?Ñ?есÑ?fÑ?с part Ñ?n Ñ?оur lÑ?fе, аÑ? Ñ?n “the mindset оf an еntrеÑ?rеnеur” оr “thе growth mindset”. And hаvÑ?ng thе rÑ?ght mÑ?ndÑ?еt fоr what Ñ?оu gо fоr Ñ?Ñ? оftеn thе biggest factor. WhÑ? аrе Ñ?оmе Ñ?еоÑ?lе mоrе ассоmÑ?lÑ?Ñ?hеd thаn оthеrÑ?? AÑ?Ñ?dе frоm Ñ?hееr tаlеnt, hÑ?ghlÑ? Ñ?uссеÑ?Ñ?ful Ñ?еоÑ?lе hаvе a wÑ?nnÑ?ng frаmе оf mÑ?nd that саtаÑ?ultÑ? thеm tо untold heights. BÑ?llÑ?е Jean KÑ?ng hаd Ñ?t wÑ?th tennis. Michael Phelps had Ñ?t wÑ?th swimming. TÑ?gеr WооdÑ? hаd Ñ?t wÑ?th golf. MеrÑ?l StrееÑ? hаd it wÑ?th асtÑ?ng.

    Amish Sacred Time

    by Amanda Guadalupe

    Get FOUR sweet amish romance stories and enjoy over 40,000+ words of the romance stories inside!

    Sarah’s Heart-Amish Contemporary Romance
    Game of Love -Amish and Sports Romance
    Always Faithful -Amish and Military Romance
    On the Outside Looking In-Amish Contemporary Romance

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    The Bible Knowledge Commentary History (BK Commentary)

    A Rich Exposition of the History of God’s Chosen People
    Covering Joshua through Esther, this verse-by-verse commentary tells the early history of the Jews from their first years in the Promised Land to the next five centuries of Israel’s history to their captivity in Babylon and the restoration of Jerusalem. Through story, history, and prophecy, these biblical books remind us of God’s promises to His people even when they turned away from Him.
    You will understand more fully God’s redemptive work throughout history in this detailed look at Israel’s story of redemption.

    Lord, Teach Us to Pray: How to Pray Powerfully and Effectively Through an Understanding of Christâ??s Model Prayer to His Disciples

    by Jon J. Cardwell


    “And it came to pass, that, as he was praying in a certain place, when he ceased, one of his disciples said unto him, Lord, teach us to pray, as John also taught his disciples.” ~Luke 11:1

    How Can the Christian Pray Powerfully and Effectively?

    When Christ’s disciples finally ask Him how to pray…

    He gives them the same model of prayer that they heard in the Sermon on the Mount and in every town and village where the Lord preached. This model prayer, commonly called the Lord’s prayer, should actually be called the disciples’ prayer.

    This is how Jesus said that we should pray; not by reciting this prayer in vain repetition, but by communing and communicating with God according to the heavenly truths the Lord Jesus reveals in Scripture.

    LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY is not an exhaustive treatise on prayer, but it does present a solid foundation for any Christian desiring a more powerful and effective prayer life.



    • Expresses the sin of worry and anxiety through the scripture, and the cure for that anxiety is prayer, trusting in a sovereign God.


    • The request of the disciples and the Lord’s response.


    • Understanding to Whom we pray and with whom we have a relationship.


    • Approaching a holy God with reverent fear and trembling.


    • Learning submission and surrender to the advancement of God’s kingdom upon earth through the gospel of Jesus Christ.


    • Learning submission and surrender to God’s plans and purposes according to His holy will and good pleasure.


    • Containing 16 chapters (and a Preface) in all, and covering the Lord’s teaching on prayer from Luke 11.

    If you desire to secure POWER from high through a more blessed prayer life, then LORD, TEACH US TO PRAY is for YOU!


    Spiritual Healing Guided Meditation: Guided 1 Hour Hypnosis to Restore Wellness & Wholeness, Cleanse Energy, & Balance Chakras (New Age Affirmations, Third … Astral Projection Meditation Series)

    by Mindfulness Training

    Are you ready to finally remove energy blockages and live a full life again?

    All of us have an energy field that can pick up negative energy and dark attachments throughout our day-to-day life. These dark attachments can cause energy blockages in our astral fields, leading us to continuously repeat behavioral patterns throughout our lives that can harm us and severely limit our personal and spiritual growth.

    This powerful meditation has been designed from the ground up to help you heal your spiritual energy body and cleanse it of blockages, negative energy, and dark attachments.

    This meditation audiobook will help you:
    -Release energy blockages
    -Reopen the free flow of energy
    -Instantly relieve stress
    -Strengthen your intuition
    -Achieve anxiety relief
    -Increase your connection to the divine

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    (Please note: This ebook includes the guided meditation script only. For the full guided meditation experience, it is recommended to purchase the audiobook version as well.)

    From God’s Perspective

    by Gary Schulz

    We do not normally view ourselves as infinitesimal. In fact, it is easy for us to see mankind as the center of importance. Our pride deceives us in our perspective of ourselves and the things that surround us.
    On one extreme we have atheists who deny the existence of God. And I would suppose that religious people would classify themselves at the other extreme since we believe in God as the creator of the universe. But do we see all of creationâ??all of lifeâ??from God’s perspective? Or do we still tend to see mankind as the center of creation? Are we still more concerned about where and how God fits into our lives and purposes rather than how man fits into God’s life and purposes? Even as Christians, we tend to highly favor man’s perspective over God’s perspective.
    This book is a biblical study looking at our existence from the standpoint of God’s purposes. God does not exist for man! Man was created by God and exists for God’s purposes. This study focuses on God’s purposes for creating man and how we can live for God and his will for us.

    Missionary Methods: God’s Plan for Missions According to Paul

    by Roland Allen

    Newly updated, revised edition. A complete missionary manual for evangelical missionaries.

    Missionary Methods is an enduring classic, a how-to that every single missionary should read, as well as any lay person who desires to be a useful part of the body of Christ. The author, Roland Allen, takes a thorough look at the practice and principle of arguably the most successful church planter in history, the biblical apostle Paul. Every missionary difficulty and success can be found in Acts and the apostle Paul’s letters, which cover such topics as training, discipleship, finances, and sustainability. The “methods” are built on the foundation of a relationship with God, salvation through Christ, and the indwelling and leading of the Holy Spirit.

    About the Author
    Roland Allen (1868 – 1947) was a British deacon, chaplain, and priest, and after trips to India, Canada, and Africa, he became a writer and advocate for establishing self-supportive and self-governing churches, which adapted to local conditions as the Holy Spirit led individuals in their own localities. Allen spent the last years of his life in Kenya and wrote a book titled The Family Rite, advocating the family as the center of the Christian church and its ministry.

    The Secret Experiences of a Closet Psychic: …yes Christians can be Psychic

    by Jennifer Lonnberg

    I was afraid what people would think; afraid of what people at church might sayâ?¦I was born like this. I was born psychic. It took some hard soul searching for me to come to that conclusion… and actually accept it. When I was finally able to embrace the truth of who I am, the truth about the gifts I have (and accept that it wasn’t a curse), and come to terms with allowing the whole world to know the real me… I found FREEDOM.The Bible tells us not to neglect our spiritual gifts, but I didn’t understand. I grew up in much more reserved and quiet churches, and didn’t have a reference for spiritual gifts. You don’t have to be afraid of your gifts!

    For whatever reason God is calling a lot of people to “wake up” to the spiritual realm. Whether this has happened to you all of the sudden or if you have experienced it your whole life: It is real. You are not losing it! The purpose of this book is to share some of my experiences and let you know that if you have experienced or are experiencing things like this, you are not alone!

    Christian Psychic, Energy Healer, Speaker and Author of Embodied Grace, Jennifer Lonnberg struggled with the pain and debilitating anxiety that came from a life of negative thinking and self-doubt. Why are so many people unhappy? Is a life of joy and abundance unrealistic? Now, Jennifer is a leader in the self-discovery movement. She is passionate about sharing her story of transformation, and how anyone, regardless of their circumstances, and challenges can begin today to create the life they have always dreamed.Whether it is in your personal life, relationships, health, or business, she provides assistance in peeling back the layers and clearing obstacles; and offers intuitive guidance through her readings.

    Go deep within your soul and trust that ~ Jennifer

    Joy is . . . 365 Keys to Longevity

    by Paul Abell Ph.D.

    This book is a synthesis of wisdom from religion, philosophy, psychology and spirituality regarding the pathway to creating joy in your life, which modern research has shown to be the key to longevity. There are 365 succinct transformational concepts on which one can contemplate or meditate each day.

    Remnants: (Amish Romance) (Winter Book 4)

    by Esther Weaver

    Katie Shelter is unlike any of the Amish girls her age, for starters she is 25 unmarried and has no desire to look or care for a mann. On the contrary, a mann would slow her down and right now she has so much to do helping the elderly of the ordnung, and being the head midwife of the community.

    But all that changes when Daniel Lambright comes to town. He’s young, talented, and handsome carpenter that everyone can’t wait to introduce to Katie. The problem is Katie doesn’t want to meet him, even though he might be the perfect mann for her.

    Read on to find out if Katie decides to give love a chance or shut it out forever!

    A Journey from Religion to Relationship: A study on Galatians

    by Julie Negri

    A study through the book of Galatians. Includes group study discussion questions.

    Wrath: The Tribulation Has Begun, And The Church Is Still Here! (THE WRATH TRILOGY Book 1)

    by D.R. Roquemore

    What if everything you have been told about the timing of the Rapture is wrong?

    The Bible teaches that Christians are not appointed to suffer wrath. But what if the first few years of the Tribulation Period are not God’s wrath, but the wrath of Satan and the Antichrist? Revelation chapter six clearly says that God’s wrath begins just after the 7th Seal, and before the 1st Trumpet Judgement. That means Christians will be here for the first four or five years of the Tribulation Period.

    In Wrath, the first book in the Wrath Trilogy, a family discovers the truth about the timing of the Rapture just a few months before the start of the Tribulation Period. They struggle with a critical decision every Believer will have to make during this time in history; whether to fight against the Antichrist and his one–world government, or to run away and hide.

    Go to: to learn more!

    Praise and Truth: Your Secret Weapons of Warfare

    by Felicia Toliver

    Say this powerful prayer of praise and truth and watch how mountains be moved and doors opened in whatever YOU step out to do.

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