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Photographic Memory: 10 Steps to remember Anything Superfast! Accelerated Learning for Unlimited Memory Efficiency. Create Habits to Help You Improve Your Memory, Focus and Clarity. Mind Hacking!

by Luke Caldwell

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Have you been worrying that your memory may be slipping? Or are you envious of your classmate’s apparent ability to memorize large amounts of information with ease? Perhaps you are heading towards the “golden years” and you just want to make sure you keep your memory sharp. Or you are about to start school after a long sabbatical and you want to be sure your study skills are up to par. If any of these describe you, or as the title suggests, you just want to develop a photographic memory for the fun of it, then Photographic Memory: 10 Steps to Remember Anything Superfast is the guide for you!

This informative book covers everything you need to know for boosting your brain health to optimize your powers of recall. From nutrition to sleep to meditation, you’ll learn how to harness your brain’s natural potential and impress yourself with your memory abilities. Did you know that tapping into your creative abilities can improve your ability to remember experiences? Or that a healthy awareness and acceptance of your emotions is critical to strengthening your memory? 

In this revolutionary age of health care, we can all benefit from learning how to keep our minds sharp as we age. Not only will you learn how to improve your memory to its maximum, but you’ll also learn the best ways to guard against the memory loss that can sometimes come with growing older. 

You’ll also learn tips and tricks of true memory champions. From techniques that will help you remember grocery lists with ease of learning how to memorize the first 100 digits of pi, this memorization book has it all. 

Inside you’ll find

�     How to eat for better brain health and memory.

�     The optimal level of sleep for your memory powers.

�     The secrets to meditation and mindfulness to improve your recall ability.

  • How to keep your mind active and memory sharp in retirement.

  • How to harness your creativity to improve your memory.

  • How to keep your emotions from mastering you and impeding your memory.

  • How to memorize an entire randomly shuffled deck of cards in under two minutes!

  • And much moreâ?¦

Stop Smoking Now

by Annie DePasquale MD

Do you want to quit smoking?

Do you need a simple, yet effective plan?

Do you want an approach based on medical research?

Dr. Annie has looked at the studies and boiled them down to an easy-to-follow four step plan.

You will be able to quit with this straight-forward method.

No more cigarettes, cigars, or e-cigarettes.

You are smoke free!

Good Fats for Keto Diets: Mastering the Elements of Eating. Low Carb Without Bad Fats for Weight Loss and Great Health

by Miranda Scott

Do you want to lose weight?

It’s the innovative guide that reveals how eating more fatâ??the smart kindâ??is the key to health, longevity, and permanent weight loss.

For years experts have told us that eating fat is bad. But by banning fat from our diets, we’ve deprived ourselves of considerable health benefitsâ??and have actually sabotaged our own efforts to lose weight.

Should you cook with coconut oil or vegetable oil? Eat butter, cream, or olive oil? Supplement with fish oil or flax oil? Sometimes it seems as if everyone has a different opinion on these crucial questions–but this book holds real answers.

In this book I want to cut through the confusion about how dietary fats affect our bodies–and set the record straight on how to eat for optimal health. 

You’ll read about:

  • The many health problems supposedly caused by saturated fat–that actually aren’t
  • Why the so-called healthy vegetable oils are actually making you sick and fat
  • The optimal ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fats in your diet
  • Foods that help resolve inflammation, increase longevity, and fight or prevent chronic illness
  • A cyclical ketogenic eating plan that keeps your body burning fat as healthy fuel
  • Supplemental fats such as fish oil, krill oil, and flax oil–what to take and how to choose
  • Which oils you should cook with, how to use them, and why
  • And much more…

In the book “Good Fats for Keto Diets”, I explain the amazing properties of healthy fat, including its ability to balance hormones for increased energy and appetite control, and its incredible anti-inflammatory benefits. The solution for slimming downâ??and keeping the pounds off for lifeâ??is to “smart-fat” your meals, incorporating smart fats with fiber, protein, and most importantly, flavor. 

It’s time to unlearn what we think we know about food. Getting smart about fatâ??and everything you eatâ??and learning to smart-fat your meals is the only solution you’ll ever need.

You are personally responsible for your health!

50 Delicious & Healthy Recipes for Diabetes Diet!

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Mindfulness + Mindset For Success: 2 Books in 1: The #1 Mind Hacking Guide to Declutter Your Mind, Practice Minimalism and Meditation: Learn How to Attract Money, Personal Growth, and Life Mastery

by Rafael Kain

Are you ready to make your dreams of personal and professional growth a reality?

If you’ve ever wanted to experience personal and/or professional development and set you personal and professional growth goals, but haven’t been able to find practical ways to develop and implement this vital knowledge, this book has the inside track information you’ve been searching for!

Designed for ease of use and packed with over a hundred specific examples, this book offers a “say this, not that” approach to communication that will help you model and cultivate growth mindset in the classroom. For example:

Fixed Mindset

  • You’re so smart.
  • You’re wrong.

Growth Mindset

  • l like how you used different strategies to figure out these problems.
  • That didn’t work out for you. How could you approach the problem differently?

This book has been carefully designed to give you all the strategies needed to map your own personal and/or professional growth plan of action that will implement all your growth goals.

Inside this book you’ll discover:

  • The Balancing Act of Personal Growth
  • Growing your Career to its Maximum Potential
  • Developing professional growth plan
  • How Personality Affects Growth Development
  • Networking vs. Collaboration
  • Social and “Soft” skills Development

You may not know now but as you read on you will find out EXACTLY just how quickly you can be in-tune with how your mind really works!

Be the one who gets what he wants – be your own Success. This book will show you in simple steps how to develop an unbeatable MINDSET, your personal foundation for success.

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The Problem of Increasing Human Energy

by Nikola Tesla

NIKOLA TESLA was a gifted electrical and mechanical engineer, and was one of the most influential inventors of the last century. Eventually holding over 700 patents, Tesla worked in a number of fields, including electricity, robotics, radar, and the wireless transmission of energy. His discoveries laid the groundwork for many of the twentieth century’s greatest technological advances.

This book contains Tesla’s philosophical ideas on humanity’s relationship with the universe, and also his explanation of technological aspects of his work. His ideas on the wireless transmission of energy are discussed.

First published in Century Illustrated Magazine in June 1900, this text is yet another example of his genius.

Loss and Damage from Climate Change: Concepts, Methods and Policy Options (Climate Risk Management, Policy and Governance)

This book provides an authoritative insight on the Loss and Damage discourse by highlighting state-of-the-art research and policy linked to this discourse and articulating its multiple concepts, principles and methods. Written by leading researchers and practitioners, it identifies practical and evidence-based policy options to inform the discourse and climate negotiations.
With climate-related risks on the rise and impacts being felt around the globe has come the recognition that climate mitigation and adaptation may not be enough to manage the effects from anthropogenic climate change. This recognition led to the creation of the Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage in 2013, a climate policy mechanism dedicated to dealing with climate-related effects in highly vulnerable countries that face severe constraints and limits to adaptation.  Endorsed in 2015 by the Paris Agreement and effectively considered a third pillar of international climate policy, debate and research on Loss and Damage continues to gain enormous traction. Yet, concepts, methods and tools as well as directions for policy and implementation have remained contested and vague.
Suitable for researchers, policy-advisors, practitioners and the interested public, the book furthermore:
-         discusses the political, legal, economic and institutional dimensions of the issue-         highlights normative questions central to the discourse
-         provides a focus on climate risks and climate risk management.
-         presents salient case studies from around the world.

How to Start Your Own Nursing Business: Australian Edition (Practical Guidebooks for Busy Nurses Book 4)

by Melanie Nightingale

Are you a registered nurse who wants to set up their own nursing business?
Now is the time! Your qualifications are a business goldmine: there has never been a time in the history of Australia where the market demand for nurses has been as high as it is today. Members of the public, public hospitals and private healthcare services all want your skill set, and not just as an employee: they are prepared to pay top dollar to contract you as a business entrepreneur. What do I mean by top dollar? Think twice your current salary (at least) for doing the same job, but also think of complete creative control over the how, when, where, who and why of your working day.
Starting your own nursing business means no more incompetent middle managers to answer to, no more claustrophobic, bullying work cultures, no more slaving away for exactly the same wage day in, day out, no more being undervalued and disrespected, no more depression, abuse and lack of motivation. As a business owner, you are the one that calls the shots, and the rewards you receive are commensurate with the effort you put into your work.
How to Start You Own Nursing Business (Australian Edition) guides you through the intricacies of setting up a nursing business in Australia. Written by an globally experienced nurse entrepreneur for Australian nurses, it is an invaluable guide and a highly motivational tool that will get you started on the road to your dream of being a self-employed nurse and business entrepreneur.

Also by Melanie Nightingale on Kindle:

Practical Guidebooks for Busy Nurses:

– 50 Alternative Career Paths for Nurses
– How to Get a Nursing Job in Australia
– How to Get Out of Nursing
– How to Start Your Own Nursing Business (UK Edition)
– How to Start Your Own Nursing Business (Canadian Edition)
– How to Start Your Own Nursing Business (USA Edition)




A bright future (Big Ideas Book 6)

by Fatih Birol

There are two ways to look at renewable energy today.

On the one hand, falling costs and strong policies are promoting the rapid spread of solar energy and wind power all across the world. Solar power is one of the few bright spots among clean energy technologies as the world transitions away from fossil fuels. On the other hand, renewables make up only a fraction of global energy consumption. In the power sector, they still compete with fossil-fuel power plants; in the heat and transport sectors, which account for 80% of energy consumption, renewables still play a relatively marginal role.

The potential for increasing the role of renewables is massive: biofuels can be scaled up in transport, while bioenergy, solar thermal and geothermal energy can produce a larger share of heat for buildings and industry. Greater electrification, coupled with the increase in renewable electricity generation, is a key route to decarbonisation.

However, to realise this potential, strong policies, research, innovation and investment are needed. Only in this way will renewables be able to contribute to the emission reductions demanded by the Paris Climate Agreement and help us meet the Sustainable Development Goals, meant to provide access to affordable and reliable energy for all.

Concise Pre Algebra: Learn Pre Algebra in 30 Hours of Study with Detailed & Concise Explanations, Detailed Example Problems, Over 50 Practice Problems with Solutions

by Josiah Coates

Do you need to learn quickly? Ever wonder why textbooks are so big?

Textbooks are big because they are expensive. The publishers can’t justify a huge price unless they have a huge book. There’s no other reason.

But there is a disconnect between your textbook and what you need to learn. You don’t need to learn an endless list of theorems, postulates and definitions. You need to learn how to solve problems.

This book teaches how to solve problems quickly and efficiently. In each chapter we start with simple elementary example problems, then slowly increase complexity as the chapter progresses. There is a natural flow – by the end of each chapter you will naturally progress to solving difficult and complex problems.

Learn by doing! Take action now! Stop wasting time with these ridiculous textbooks. Buy this book and take your education into your own hands!

Food for Thought: Your Guide to Healthy Eating

by Dr Vernon Coleman

The original and still essential guide to vegetarian eating and a healthy diet. Over 50,000 paperback copies of this, the original “Food for Thought”, have been sold in the UK alone.
Dr Vernon Coleman gives simple guidelines for healthy eating, provides the scientific evidence proving that meat causes cancer, offers easy to follow slimming tips and lists 101 superfoods that can improve your health. (Dr Coleman was the first doctor to write warning about the link between meat and cancer.) Dr Coleman also explains which other foods are associated with diseases.
The contents include:
Everything you need to know about carbohydrates, protein and fat
Do you need vitamin and mineral supplements?
Is tap water safe to drink?
The truth about a vegetarian diet
How to avoid food poisoning
The truth about microwaves and food irradiation
What the reviewers say:
`…advice on vitamins, minerals, healthy drinking, losing weight and much more. If you’re worried about what you eat, this will tell you what to avoid.’ – Good Book Guide
`…his no nonsense approach to all foods makes finding your way through the nutritional maze that much easier.’ -Evening Times
`Have just finished reading your latest edition of Food for Thought. I have found the book fascinating and informative.’ – GP, London
`I consider it to be one of the most brilliant books of its kind that I have ever read. Not only are the contents a mine of information and advice but the style is such that it makes the whole so thoroughly enjoyable to read; indeed it is a book difficult to put down.’ GP Streatham
What the critics say about Vernon Coleman and his books:
`No thinking person can ignore him.’ – The Ecologist
A godsend – Daily Telegraph
Superstar – Independent on Sunday
Brilliant – The People
The calmest voice of reason – The Observer
Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books – The Good Book Guide
Compulsive reading – The Guardian
His message is important – The Economist
The man is a national treasure – What doctors don’t tell you
His advice is optimistic and enthusiastic – British Medical Journal
Revered guru of medicine – Nursing Times
Outspoken and alert – Sunday Express
Dr Coleman made me think again – BBC World Service
King of the media docs – The Independent
Marvellously succinct, refreshingly sensible – The Spectator
Probably one of the most brilliant men alive – Irish Times
Britain’s leading medical author – The Star
Britain’s leading health care campaigner – The Sun
Perhaps the best known health writer for the general public in the world today – The Therapist
The patient’s champion – Birmingham Post
A persuasive writer whose arguments, based on research and experience, are sound – Nursing Standard
The doctor who dares to speak his mind – Oxford Mail
He writes lucidly and wittily – Good Housekeeping
He’s the Lone Ranger, Robin Hood and the Equaliser rolled into one – Glasgow Evening Times
Dr Vernon Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million hardback and paperback copies in the UK alone, and which have been translated into 25 languages and sold around the world. His bestselling books include Bodypower and How to Stop Your Doctor Killing You. His novel Mrs Caldicot’s Cabbage War was turned into an award winning movie. Dr Coleman is also the author of the Bilbury series of books.

How to Prepare for an Earthquake: Your Emergency Essentials Guide to Earthquake Preparedness and Other Earthquake Safety Tips

by Victoria Sommers

If you want to be sure you’re properly prepared for the next big earthquake in your area, then this book is for you!

Today only, get this incredibly useful guide for only $2.99. Regularly priced at $4.99. Read on your PC, Mac, smart phone, tablet or Kindle device.

One of the most devastating forces of nature is the earthquake. It sweeps in unexpectedly and brutally, wreaking havoc and leaving a trail of destruction and misery. It’s fearless and indifferent to the lives, livestock, and structures that it can flatten along the way. I have personally witnessed a killer earthquake with a magnitude of 7.7, and it was the closest thing to the end of the world that I have ever experienced. Hundreds of people were killed that day, and billions of property, structures and livestock were ultimately decimated. More lives would have been saved if people had known how to react during those grave circumstances. But no one expected it, and so no one had prepared for it. Regrets always come out after the fact. But with regrets are lessons learned that will last me a lifetime. I will never be caught unprepared again for this horrible catastrophe. Therefore, if you do not want to be in the same frightening predicament that I was, this book is for you. Also included are earthquake safety tips that you can use, should you ever find yourself in the grip of such a powerful force of nature.

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn…

  • Understanding Earthquakes (Cause & Effect)
  • WHAT to Prepare for an Earthquake
  • HOW to Prepare for an Earthquake
  • How to Prepare for a Tsunami
  • What to Do During and After an Earthquake
  • Earthquake Safety Tips
  • Much, much more!

Download your copy today!

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Störungen des Gehirns: Ein Leitfaden für psychische Erkrankungen (German Edition)

by Georg Sommer

In diesem Buch werden verschiedene Erkrankungen des Gehirns beschrieben und ihre Behandlungsmethoden dargestellt.
Hier eine kleine Leseprobe:
Allerdings gibt es jeden Tag Berater, die Menschen mit psychischen Erkrankungen diagnostizieren, und deshalb ist es schwierig festzustellen, ob eine Diagnose richtig ist oder nicht. Auch aus diesem Grund gibt es viele Kontroversen um diese Bedingungen herum.
Psychische Gesundheit ist für den Alltag unerlässlich. Die meisten Menschen sind in der Lage, ohne Störungen in ihrem mentalen Prozess durchs Leben zu gehen, aber andere scheinen ständige Unterbrechungen zu haben. Es sind diese Unterbrechungen, die uns zeigen, dass im Gehirn dieser Menschen etwas schief läuft und dass es ein bestehendes Problem gibt.
Wir müssen uns verschiedene Diagnosen und Symptome ansehen, um die Störungen im Gehirn zu verstehen. Zum Beispiel sollten wir die bipolare Depression als Beispiel nehmen. Dies ist eine der häufigsten Erkrankungen, die in der heutigen Gesellschaft diagnostiziert werden. Tatsächlich kennen Sie vermutlich jemand mit bipolarer Depression, die Sie gerade nicht wissen, dass sie es haben. Bipolar ist sehr verbreitet, aber viele Menschen verstehen den Zustand nicht ganz. Bipolar ist ein chemisches Ungleichgewicht im Gehirn. Das bedeutet, dass dem Gehirn lebenswichtige Nährstoffe vorenthalten werden, die es braucht, um eine stabile Denkweise zu bewahren.


Das Problem ist, dass viele Menschen, bei denen die Krankheit diagnostiziert wird, ihre vollen Lebenserfahrungen nicht berücksichtigt bekommen. Wir alle erleben Stress, Trauma und Dramatik in unserem Leben. Allerdings geht nicht jeder mit diesen Stressoren auf die gleiche Weise um wie ein anderer und niemand sollte erwartet werden, dass er mit diesen Stressoren auf die gleiche Weise umgeht wie ein anderer. Es gibt einen Prozess, der stattfindet, der die Bedingung einer bipolaren Depression mit sich bringt.
Das erste, was du berücksichtigen musst, ist, dass wir alle “Auslöser” haben. Diese Auslöser sind die stressigen Ereignisse, die im Leben passieren. Nun, jeder geht anders damit um. Einige Leute werden negativ reagieren und andere ignorieren. Diejenigen, die diese Themen ignorieren, hören die Botschaften dazwischen oft nicht. Das ist es, was den psychisch kranken Geist vom “normalen” Geist unterscheidet. Der psychisch kranke Geist neigt dazu, alles im Leben aufzunehmen, was gesagt wird. Sie hören alles und lassen all diesen Prozess in ihrem Gehirn ablaufen, bis er beginnt, Verwirrung zu stiften. Der “normale” Geist neigt dazu, nur auf das zu hören, was er hören will, und deshalb haben sie diese widersprüchlichen Gedanken nicht, um die mentale Verwirrung zu verursachen. Um diesen Prozess besser zu verstehen, hilft es, auch kognitive Störungen der psychischen Gesundheit zu verstehen und wie diese mit der Verwirrung zusammenhängen, die im Kopf entsteht.

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