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The Poker Botting Manual: Earn Stonecold Cash without even playing on your own

by Ian Anderson

I am a Poker Player and started using Bots to make money by Playing Poker in Poker Rooms.
I am here to give this guide to all the newbies and the veterans of Poker a Bot that will make you play poker without not even playing on your own and also without even investing any sum as you will get free money to play and after earning it, invest it more.
You also do not need to buy any other poker guides and manuals.
I have attached the screenshot of my 2 weeks playing also in the introduction part so to make you sure that I am not bluffing or telling a lie.
In this guide you will get:
1. Free Poker money:
2. The Bot:
3. Bot Profile:
4. Getting free money:
5. Running the Bot:
6. About the luck in Poker:
7. Getting a Rakeback deal:
8. Final tips:

Surviving Chemical and Biological Warfare (Survival Guides Book 1)

by John Carter

Terrorist incidents in the United States and elsewhere involving bacterial pathogens (3), nerve gas (1), and a lethal plant toxin (i.e., ricin) (4), have demonstrated that the United States is vulnerable to biological and chemical threats as well as explosives, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
(CDC) reports. An act of biological or chemical terrorism might range from dissemination of aerosolized anthrax spores to food product contamination. Predicting when and how such an attack might occur is not possible, says the CDC.
Indeed, anyone who has been in the army knows that chemical and biological weapons are nasty tools of warfare that can be used in a variety of ways.
Chemical and biological terrorist attacks and industrial accidents strike without warning. Be prepared for anything with this survival guide!

Backgammon for Tigers

by Robert Hopkins

Backgammon for Tigers offers solid practical advice and demonstrates techniques that will develop an early awareness of the tactics and strategies used by strong players.

The book covers all aspects of a solid game throughout the beginning, middle and end phases. 

There are over 50 game positions provided, accompanied by key tables with analyses, and explanations given of just what was going on in the minds of the players.

The reader will end up with a set of straightforward tools and ideas to carry into every game with a growing sense of knowing what they were doing – more or less, or at least sometimes, perhaps…

This book will be a valuable aid to any beginner wishing to explore online backgammon.

You will play better backgammon after reading this book

Rhythmic Gymnastics as a style of life: Stories to remember

by Sara Marijuan

Sara Marijuan narrates the story of how she made her dreams become true in such a minority sport as Rhythmic Gymnastics is, since she started it as a hobby at just seven years-old until she retired after college.

Through her passion for this sport she wants to show how dreams have no limits. It is a story of perserverance and sacrifice, a lesson for life. This story is about the hard trainings which provided Sara with a discipline that, applied to other aspects in her life, have helped her to grow as a person.

She shows every training season with detail and enthusiasm and explains the reader how each person has different values in life based on our own experiences. At the end, rhythmic gymnastics is not just a sport, it´s art.

It´s a book for athletes, coaches, parents and sports judges, familiar, yet unique.

El Inter Milan F. C. escándalos (Spanish Edition)

by Piercarlo Rizza

Si crees que las tetas de Pamela Anderson son más ciertas que el fútbol italiano

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