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ABDULLAH OCALAN: The Leader of Self-Sacrifice For Kurdistan

by Hamma Mirwaisi

The Word Abdullah Ocalan and Kurd have one thing in common; both are the name come into existence because of the resistance against the occupiers of the Kurdistan. The struggle by the Kurdish people to be free from occupiers and live in the land belongs to their forefather peacefully made histories. The famous Jewish historian Josephus’ stated in the Antiquities of the Jews history – PrefaceĆ¢??There are those who write histories in order to gratify those that happen to be concerned in them, and on that account have spared no pains, but rather gone beyond their own abilities in the performance: but others there are, who, of necessity and by force, are driven to write history, because they are concerned in the facts, and so cannot excuse themselves from committing them to writing, for the advantage of posterity’.

Sri Krishna & Duryodhana

by Gireesh Haridas

A Short Conversation.

On the seventeenth night of the Mahabharata war, Duryodhana visits the tent of Sri Krishna to discuss the death of Karna.

Of Dancing & War: A story of friendship, violence, and human nature.

by Paul Lacey

In this stark novella, ex-Royal Marine, Paul Lacey, takes the reader on a disturbing interrogation of modern combat and how readily the human mind adapts to extreme violence. Of Dancing & War is an unapologetic story of war, with all the sights, sounds, tastes, and smells of battle.

Warren is new to war. Flown in under cover of darkness, Warren joins his comrades and finds himself in an immediate fight for survival. Abandoned, outnumbered, and surrounded on a rooftop in a remote town in Afghanistan, Warren must learn the brutal truth of human nature in conflict.

“Bright light, heat, and confusion surrounded him. Dust and smoke dimmed his vision and stung his eyes, and shouts and gunfire spun around him. He smelt everything. Concrete, dust, burnt hessian, and the acrid nose stinging scent of explosives. There was another smell. A smell that sunk deep into him and awoke a base repulsion. It was a thick and bitter smell, almost like the sea, organic.”

10% of all proceeds will be donated to Combat Stress – the UK’s leading Veterans’ mental health charity.

Combat Stress is very grateful to receive proceeds from Of Dancing & War – A story of friendship, violence, and human nature, written by Paul Lacey. Combat Stress is not affiliated with the author and does not endorse the content of this book.

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