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It Must Be Magic: Mystery of Love, Book 3

by Jennifer Skully

Everyone believes in carpe diem… don’t they?

For flower shop clerk Lili Goodweather, that’s what life is all about–savoring the precious moments and all the beauty the world has to offer. So it breaks her heart when 12-year-old Erika Rutland can no longer see the magic in everyday moments.

No, not everyone believes in carpe diemâ?¦ or telepathic communication with animals.

A firm believer in all things practical, widower Tanner Rutland doesn’t want his daughter’s mind filled with Lili’s fanciful talesâ??especially her claims that she can communicate with cats. And worse, that his daughter’s cat Fluffy has witnessed a murder. When Lili asks him to help search for the dead body that just absolutely has to be out in the redwoodsâ??she claimsâ??he’s forced to confront whether Lili is just plain crazy or her gift with animals is real.

But after that first delicious kiss, he starts to think he’s the one who’s gone completely crazy. Because suddenly there’s something about Lili that Tanner just can’t resist.

Can this single-minded widower give up everything he believes for a little touch of magic.

From NY Times and USA Today bestselling author, “It Must Be Magic” is a stand-alone contemporary new adult romantic comedy/mystery/paranormal lite.


“Skully has a talent for smooth dialogue, fun, sexy characters and delightful humor – and she doesn’t disappoint here.” ~ Romantic Times

“It Must Be Magic is perfect…Jennifer Skully once again brings her brand of magic to the reader.” ~ Once Upon a Romance

“I know that when I sit down to read one of [Jennifer Skully’s] books, it’s going to be filled with humor, charm, tantalizing sex.” ~ Romance Reader at Heart

“Jennifer Skully is a master at romantic comedyâ?¦Run out and get this one cuz it’s a keeper!” ~ Single Title Reviews

The Gatekeeper’s Bride: A Prequel to The Gatekeeper’s Saga

by Eva Pohler

Unrest brews among gods and mortals alike when Hades makes a deal with the Fates to end his loneliness in the Underworld. But when Persephone proposes to conspire with him in a plot against Demeter, things get out of hand.

Find out the truth of how Hades and Persephone met and fell in love and the impact it had on the rest of the pantheon in the throes of the Trojan War. Learn how their children–Hypnos, Thanatos, Megaera, Tisiphone, Alecto, and Melinoe–came into being. Discover why they were assigned their respective duties as Sleep, Death, the Furies, and the goddess of ghosts. Find out the real reason why the Olympians possessed such profound disdain for these Underworld gods.

This prequel to The Gatekeeper’s Saga is more than a retelling of the Persephone myth. Many more of the ancient myths are woven together to reveal the conflict, tension, and relationships among the gods in one of the most beloved pantheons in human history.The Gatekeeper’s Bride can be read before or after The Gatekeeper’s Saga.

Crave To Conquer (Myth of Omega Book 1)

by Zoey Ellis

He conquered an Empire – and she’s next.

The Alpha Emperor

He is known as a ruthless barbarian by many. They are not wrong. His savagery has made him Emperor and now it will secure him his mate.

Omegas have gone missing over the past century, but that will not stop Emperor Drocco from finding his. He enlists the help of renowned historian, Cailyn, a strong-willed Beta female. She is not at all a suitable mate for an Emperor… but the longer he spends in her company, the more she stirs something within him like no other ever has.

Soon, his urge to dominate the defiant female threatens his control, and he begins to wonder if perhaps she’s worth claiming as his own.

The Omega Spy

She was prepared for his arrogance and wild nature, but not for his perceptive intelligence or the effect he would have on her.

Knowing her life would be over if Emperor Drocco ever discovered she was an Omega, Cailyn plans to conclude her mission as a historian as soon as possible.

However, when she underestimates him, she is trapped in a dangerous struggle to protect her freedom, while every instinct she has tried to deny since she first saw the powerful Emperor, is unleashed.

Crave to Conquer is the first installment in the Myth of Omega series, a dark, steamy, Omegaverse romance. Cliff-hanger included but the trilogy for this couple is complete. For fans of dominant Alpha anti-heroes, sassy Omega heroines, epic fantasy worlds and captive romances. Discover a magical kind of dark…

Crave to Conquer includes romance and situations of a dark nature. Some aspects of this story may be sensitive for some readers. For aged 18 and over.

Next Door (A Chloe Fine Psychological Suspense Mysteryâ??Book 1)

by Blake Pierce

“NEXT DOOR is full of completely unexpected twistsâ??you will read it on the edge of your chair. It is Blake Pierce at his best! Another masterpiece of suspense and mystery. I highly recommend it to the permanent library of all readers that appreciate an excellent thriller, full of psychological suspense and with a completely unexpected ending. This is the first in what promises to be another excellent series. I can hardly wait to read the sequel.”
–Books and Movie Reviews, Roberto Mattos

NEXT DOOR (A Chloe Fine Mystery) is book #1 in a new psychological suspense series by bestselling author Blake Pierce, whose #1 bestseller Once Gone (Book #1) (a free download) has received over 1,000 five star reviews.

FBI Evidence Response Team intern Chloe Fine, 27, finds herself forced to confront her own dark past when her troubled twin sister needs her helpâ??and when a body turns up dead in her small, suburban town.

Chloe feels life is finally perfect as she moves back into her home town, and into a new house with her fiancé. Her career with the FBI looks promising, and her wedding is on the horizon.

But, she learns, all is not as it seems in suburbia. Chloe begins to see the undersideâ??the gossip, the secrets, the liesâ??and she finds herself haunted by her own demons: her mother’s mysterious death when she was 10, and her father’s imprisonment.

And when a fresh body is found, Chloe soon realizes that her past, and this small town, might hold the key to solving both.

An emotionally wrought psychological suspense with layered characters, small-town ambiance and heart-pounding suspense, NEXT DOOR is book #1 in a riveting new series that will leave you turning pages late into the night.

Book #2 in the CHLOE FINE series is also now available!

The Bride

by S Doyle

A Modern Day Marriage of Convenience…


Here’s the deal. I’m sixteen and I’m getting married. Super weird, I know.

It was just my me and my dad. We lived on a cattle ranch in Montana. He died suddenly, leaving me an orphan (which is still a thing). I’m sixteen months away from being a legal adult, so I have two choices.

A foster home or marry Jake Talley. My Dad’s foreman and really, my best friend.

It’s legal. It solves all my problems. Except now I’m living with Riverbend’s hottest cowboy – my husband in name only – and I’m still in high school. Where no one wants to date Weird Married Ellie.

Still all we have to do is wait until I’m eighteen to get a divorce. Then Jake and I can go back to being normal.

We’ve got this. Right?


I never saw this coming. Married. To a kid I’ve known her whole life. But there was no way in hell I was going to let her live at a foster home. The ranch is where she belongs.

Sure we’re married but it’s not real. Just a piece of paper. My girlfriend is furious. But I know I’m doing the right thing. For sixteen months, it’s me and Ellie against the world.

No big deal.

Or is it?

The Bride is Book 1 in a 3 part series.


by Heather Sunseri

“Plagues and politics and romance, oh my! Dystopia meets science fiction in Emerge, the first book in a new series from popular YA author Heather Sunseri. â?¦Truly, a well-crafted dystopian romance! Don’t miss this one!” ~Serena Chase, USA Todayâ??s Happy Ever After blog, author of The Ryn

Six years ago, a highly contagious virus wiped out more than ninety-nine percent of the country’s population. The only person to contract the virus and survive, Cricket fled her identity and the safety of New Caelum, an airtight city. Now eighteen, she watches the city where the wealthy cocooned from the devastating outbreak. When the city’s rumbling incinerator wakes her one night while she and her friends are camping just beyond the city walls, she alone knows what the fiery machine means: the lethal virus is back.

Only eighteen, Westlin Layne is already being groomed to succeed his mother as New Caelum’s next president. Suddenly West’s sister develops symptoms of the deadly virus thought to be eradicated years ago. Placed under quarantine, the president confesses to West a long-held secret: Christina Black, West’s childhood friend and first love, survived the virus, and her body alone holds the precious antibodies to save his sister.

Now West must leave the city to find Christina. But Cricket has no intention of being found.

Thermal Mermaid’s: How to Make Goat’s Milk & Roses Hot Cooked Soap: A Full Picture Tutorial

by Ruby Seadragon

Do you love the craft of soap making or just want to learn how?
There are a handful of methods and techniques to get a hand made natural soap that you can make in the convenience of your own kitchen. Let the girl’s at Thermal Mermaid show you how to make this hot process cooked soap recipe with a popular recipe and a step by step tutorial filled with pictures to show you how.

There’s even a link to full video tutorial inside to talk you through the recipe if you have any questions. This recipe may be a DIY, but don’t be fooled. This is a commercial quality luxury product that is sold on store shelves for public consumption. All the recipes you find with Thermal Mermaid are sold to the public at open markets and craft festivals. The recipe found in this book is no exception. Thermal Mermaid’s Goat’s Milk and Roses recipe is an all time favorite requested by everyone.

This book contains one goat’s milk home made soap recipe created by Thermal Mermaid. It discusses some of the different methods in making goat’s milk soap, and basic beginner safety instructions for new soap makers. It also contains a full picture tutorial and access to a video with further instructions. Inside you will also get full access to the Thermal Mermaid facebook soaper’s club where you can work on this recipe and discuss questions or comments with Thermal Mermaid and other soapers with one of our best goat’s milk soap recipes.

The Half-Breed’s Bride (Rollins of Riverview Book 2)

by Daphanie Austin

While this is not an erotic book in anyway, this book has passionate kissing, along with the words lust and desire among others. There is also a certain amount of violence; though not overly much and nothing graphic in nature. If any of these things bother you please do not purchase this book. If you have already purchased it please seek an immediate refund. Thank you and God bless!

“The Half-Breed’s Bride” is book two in the “Rollins of Riverview” series.

Katelyn (Katie) Nichole Rollins left home at the tender age of sixteen. Tricked into believing her marriage to the cruel Travis Monroe was real she spends the next four years in a living nightmare. When she finally learns the truth and heads for home her coach is attacked by Indians and she finds herself in the possession of yet another cruel man, but what seems like more bad luck actually turns out to be a blessing in disguise when she meet a beautiful Indian woman named Leotie and a God that she didn’t think cared about her.
Lance Andrew Thomas is a half breed Texas Ranger who hasn’t had an easy row to hoe. As a favor he heads out in search of his best friends little sister. He knows she is in trouble when he starts asking around and finds out more about Travis Monroe than he bargained for. When he finally catches up with the beautiful, spirited Katie she isn’t anything like he imagined and he is in for the surprise of his life when he comes face to face with a twin brother he didn’t even know he had!

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