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Arty, Crafty, Nasty

by Melanie Zuben

This book is about rags to riches and riches to normality. It is a confession and observation of human strengths and weaknesses in the world of the crafty and powerful, delivered with wry humor.
It is about struggle amongst the kindest and nastiest one comes across in a given life time.
The period of personal transformation starting from communist Hungary; the glamorous world of the wealthy in Australia; the discovery of love, passion, values and disappointments amongst the mist of confusion; out of control involvement in on-line political commenting on Hungarian issues; and finally it’s about a quest to find out how the world really works.
It includes art, threats from computer hackers, religious sects and a Kamikaze approach to on-line Hungarian politics. It is a gentle warning to the average Joe or Joanne what NOT to do.

***WARNING!*** There is a few spelling mistakes left in this work for people who need to correct others in order to make their life fulfilled.

From Darkness Into Light: A Journey From Cambodia To America

by Savuth Penn

I would like to give a testimony of how I found Jesus in the summer of 1997, June 1997 to be specific. First of all, due to the atrocities or evil acts that I have witnessed from April 1975 to mid 1980, from twelve to seventeen years of age, I have denied all God’s existence or any of His manifestations as well as any religions. I became an atheist. Before I move on to how I found Jesus through numbers, I would like to tell you some of the details of the evil acts that I have had to witness or experience.
Both of my parents served in the military. When the communist faction took over Cambodia in 1975, one of the first things that they did was to execute all military officers. My father was one of them. They shipped all the officers to a remote location for mass execution. Fortunately, my father didn’t get killed. He came back home with a wounded arm. Three months later, they found him and executed him. This time, it was in my presence. That was the first evil act that I have witnessed. Then, they split my family apart. They sent me to work in the rice fields, sixteen hours a day seven days a week. I was almost starved to death. Due to the war in the country within many factions, including the Vietnamese army, I was pushed into a Thai refugee camp. While in the camp, I joined the orphaned group and the leader of the orphaned group took me in as his brother. Three months later, my new brother and I landed in the United States, or the heaven on earth.
From September 1980 to present, I have been living in the United States. It was very hard at first, but I expected nothing from America. I accepted whatever America offered me which turned out to be more than I expected. When I first arrived in America, I had nothing. I mean really nothing; no money, no education and knew nothing about the English language. One decision that I made that changed the course of my life was to go to school and the determination to stay in school. I spent my first eight years in school while in America. In 1988, I received my degree in Electrical Engineering. My belief in education pulled me out of poverty. Then in the summer of 1997, I found God or rather God has found me.
In June 1997, on Friday to be specific, the operator of my company in Minnesota called me in to fix the computer software called the State Estimator. I arrived at work around 6 am. I struggled to fix the program for about two hours. This had never happened to me before. Then I heard the “Voice” that said “why don’t you pray on it!” I said no and I denied the “Voice”. Then the “Voice” became more clear and stronger. Out of desperation, I placed my hands on the monitors and said “Whoever you are, please help me.” When I opened my eyes, the program solved again and displayed a timestamp, “08:08:08”, as a completion time for analyzing the power system or the power grid. I was intrigued with the numbers and thought that these numbers most have a religious meaning, involving God. But how do I know which god? Was it Allah, Jesus, Buddha or Hindu’s gods? I could not confirm it. So, I moved on with other life pressing tasks.
Then, the numbers “888” appeared to me again during lunch time. And then again at around 1 pm. That got me thinking and I entered it in the internet searching engine. The result blew my mind away. It said that “888” is a number that belongs to Jesus as it is a summation through His name of the Greek alphabet. I broke down and cried. I stopped working for the rest of the day and searched and learned about Jesus as well as His Father. Before I went home, I placed my hands on the monitor, said the prayer, gave my life to Jesus and I became the follower of Jesus Christ ever since. And now I am one of the children of God!

I Fell Off My Bike and Lost My Mind

by Jason Talbot

A life story about a kid turned Marine and the life endured afterward.

Whether we admit it openly or not, we all have a mansion-sized closet full of skeletons. As bones are gross, I’ve decided to release mine. All, but a few anyway. Here is a little back story before we dive into my memories. The year was 1984 and a legend was born.

Murphy’s Law defined the rest of my childhood. Anything that could go wrong did.

Welcome to my world! Have a seat, make yourself a still drink, and put on a helmet, because this will be one hell of a bumpy ride!

How I Found Comfort Through the Storm

by LaTrisha Graham

This is the second book to the series of Finding Comfort Through the Storm. This goes in depth on how I found the comfort to make it through life changes and also how I depended on God to see me through this test in life. It talks about relationships, and hardships and other things that I know my readers would relate with or can understand.

See You Tonight and Promise to Be a Good Boy!: War memories

by Salo Muller

Moving Holocaust Memoirs by Dutch boy who went into hiding.

Former Ajax physiotherapist writes his WW2 memories.

‘See you tonight, and promise to be a good boy!’ were the last words his mother said to Salo Muller in 1942 when she took him to school in Amsterdam, right before she was deported to Auschwitz. She and her husband were arrested a few hours later and taken to Westerbork, from where they would later board the train that took them to Auschwitz.

The book is, in his own words, “the story of a little boy who experienced the most horrible things, but got through it somehow and ended up in a great place.” Salo, at only 5 years old, spent his time during the Second World War in hiding, in as much as eight different locations in the Netherlands. The book tells the story of his experiences during ww2, but also explains how he tried to make sense of his life after the war, being a young orphan.

Ë?Ë?Ë? His memories are interwoven with historical facts and explanations, making it both an autobiography and a historical narrative.

Salo Muller became famous in the 1970s as the physiotherapist for Ajax, the Amsterdam soccer team. He treated renowned players such as Johan Cruijff, Sjaak Swart and Piet Keizer.

The why of the tragedy is something he can’t let go:

Ë?Ë?Ë? ‘Hardly a day goes by when I don’t shed a tear but, unfortunately, it doesn’t change a thing.’

‘See You Tonight and Promise to be a Good Boy!’ was the result of Salo’s participation in of the Shoah Project, initiated by Steven Spielberg and the USC Shoah Foundation, where his testimony was recorded. This encouraged him to write down his story.

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The MY CRIME SERIES presents to the world books written on inmates by inmates.

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The MY CRIME SERIES books have been produced so we better know each other, including the felon.  The ultimate goal is to create a better system, a system that lives up to our own standards of justice.   

All books are written on inmates, by inmates.  Welcome to BOOK THREE of the MY CRIME SERIES:  

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All books are written on inmates, by inmates.  Welcome to BOOK THREE of the MY CRIME SERIES: HOOD TO HEELS

“Hood to Heels” is the unbelievable true story of Lawrence, a child raised in American ghetto circumstances who became the epitome of extreme violence while at the same time holding tight an inner secret of female identity.

Prepare yourself to look behind the curtain. You will find out how crimes, such as carjacking and crack dealing, are perpetrated. You will stay up late with Lawrence, as his mind swirls in the consideration of who he is. You will witness the racial divisions found in Los Angeles neighborhoods pitting Hispanic gangs against black American gangs. Finally, you will visit the prison psychologist with Lawrence and, with Lawrence transitioned to Lauren, you will confront former gang associates as they challenge her identity.

Hold tight for an L.A. story Hollywood cannot handle: Hood to Heels.

Thank you for taking time out of your day to read and learn about HOOD TO HEELS and the MY CRIME SERIES 

Content Includes:

Family Life – Neighborhood Life – Gang Life – Drug Use – Racism – Youth/Adult Incarceration – Murder – Beatings – Property Theft – Prison Culture – California Culture – Youth/Adult Sexuality – Transgender Themes – LGBTQ Themes –

(Part 6) collection of the most beautiful shots (German Edition)

by Thang Nguyen

(Part 6) collection of the most beautiful shots

Call Me Trooper: The Chronicles of a Michigan State Police Officer

by C. K. Roberts

This fusion of criminal investigation, traffic patrol, and undercover drug deals culminates in a potent concoction for anyone interested in police work. The author’s career as a uniformed trooper and a narcotics officer, have birthed these gripping narratives.

Ride along with this seasoned trooper, through pages of heart-pounding and adrenaline pumping events. As his passenger: you will respond to various dispatched emergency calls, join in on a multitude of investigations, interrogate suspects in the interview room, knock off some big loads of narcotics on the freeway, and buy from dealers on dark street corners. This book is a front row seat to genuine cases and real arrests.

For the cynical reader, dozens of supporting documents have been included. These records add a unique credibility to the accounts described herein.

Call Me Trooper is filled with intense action, intriguing investigations, and uproarious humor. You are guaranteed to laugh, you might cry, but you will definitely be absorbed in these reports from the front lines of law enforcement.

Those who are considering a career in this field may find this publication weighty upon the scales of that decision. Be forewarned, after reading this, you may just find yourself standing in line at the police academy.

To the men and women who already wear the badge, this work is offered as additional perspective, from another who has stood along the thin blue line.

These are certainly not the tales of Sherlock and Watson, nor of Bond and Bourne. Yet they are from the same neighborhood; on the non-fiction side of the tracks.

Our Teenage Years: Growing up in a small town in the 80’s (My Life Book 1)

by T. J. Wray

This is the first book in the (My Life) series. This book is about two best friends growing up in their teenage years in a small town. All the wild adventures and stories from my childhood. After my parents divorced and we went on the run for 11 years. This book includes my first job, girlfriend, prom, drivers license, my first car and many other first we all did in our teenage years. But really this book is just about LIFE. It will make you laugh and it will make you cry. Please enjoy

Repurchased: One Woman’s Sacrifice to Save Herself and Her Children

by Rhonda Williams

An American woman’s sacrifice to save her family in a foreign land as she takes a wild ride leading her to discover her true faith through betrayal and loss.

They Call Me Joey Flowers: A Collection of Stories Worth Telling

by Joseph A. Garofalo

From the author of Chicago Law, A Trial Lawyer’s Journey. This book contains some of the author’s favorite stories from his personal and professional life, which provide inspiration and motivation for others in leading happier, more fulfilling and successful lives. Enjoy stories about the author’s trial practice, developing relationships with clients and opponents, his favorite remembrances from childhood and the influence of family and friends on his development. Consider the pleasure of performing meaningful work, setting and achieving goals, overcoming habits and paying tribute to the people we love. Experience the joy of being reunited with a long-lost family, developing a sense of spirituality that permeates everything you do, and appreciate the perspective that age can bring to life events past, present and future. Know the meaning of getting in touch with your authentic self and creating your destiny. Explore the adventure of your life, and bring back the gift you discover on your personal journey, which will benefit the rest of mankind. Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading some entertaining stories told by a masterful storyteller.

Trump Hates Puppies

by Vlad Nixon


Everything in this book is True. Or not. It would be presumptuous of me, even with my oversized ego, to assume I know the difference between Truth and Falsehood, Fact and Fiction.

J’ai un rêve (Les Grandes Idées t. 5) (French Edition)

by Bebe Vio

Le parcours de tout athlète est semé de revers. Mais se voir dépossédé de ses membres – ceux-là mêmes qui vous servent lorsque vous faites du sport -, en raison d’une maladie contractée très jeune, est une épreuve que nombre d’entre nous ne surmonteraient jamais.

Bebe Vio n’a jamais abandonné son rêve de devenir escrimeuse, alors même que ses bras et jambes avaient été amputés lorsqu’elle avait onze ans, à la suite d’une grave méningite.

Loin de renoncer à son désir de participer aux Jeux olympiques, elle a commencé à s’entraîner, dans son fauteuil roulant, pour les Jeux paralympiques. C’est sa détermination sans faille, sa volonté de gagner malgré les difficultés d’ordre physique, qui ont fait d’elle une championne de l’escrime. Bebe a aussi fondé sa propre association, art4sport, qui vise à encourager d’autres personnes à se concentrer sur la beauté de la vie, grâce au sport.

Il s’agit ici du septième article de la série des ” Grandes idées ” créée par la Banque européenne d’investissement.

Chicago Law II: The Journey Continues (Chicago Law, A Trial Lawyer’s Journey Book 1)

by Joseph Garofalo

From the author of Chicago Law: A Trial Lawyer’s Journey. This book contains some of the author’s favorite stories from his personal and professional life, which provide inspiration and motivation for others in leading happier, more fulfilling and successful lives. Enjoy stories about the author’s trial practice, developing relationships with clients and opponents, his favorite remembrances from childhood and the influence of family and friends on his development. Consider the pleasure of performing meaningful work, setting and achieving goals, overcoming habits and paying tribute to the people we love. Experience the joy of being reunited with a long-lost family, developing a sense of spirituality that permeates everything you do, and appreciate the perspective that age can bring to life events past, present and future. Know the meaning of getting in touch with your authentic self and creating your destiny. Explore life’s adventure and bring back the gift you discover on your personal journey, which will benefit the rest of mankind. Sit back, relax, and enjoy reading some entertaining stories told by a masterful storyteller.

Oy Vey! I’m Glad I’m Gay

by Barry Losinsky

In this witty, insightful memoir, longtime school psychologist Barry Losinsky shares his painful coming of age story as an overweight gay man against the backdrop of the Vietnam War, his Jewish ancestry, Baltimore’s race riots and the AIDS epidemic. He eventually comes to terms with himself, finds the love of his life, and uses his own experiences to help troubled kids in the public schools. Written with warmth and heartbreaking honesty, the writer takes the reader on a journey that explores gay relationships and power of acceptance.

“In his first book, Losinsky has managed to create an intimate yet delightful take on coming to terms with one’s sexuality and identity. Losinsky’s memoir takes readers to Baltimore, where the author grew up in a world rich with diversity within the Jewish community. The memoir explores both positive and negative experiencesâ??from instances of sexual assault and near-death experiences to what Losinsky calls “The Perils of Barry” to sexual exploration and his ultimate coming-of-age that leads him to both define and own his sexuality. Losinsky’s brutal honesty about his life and his struggles with his identity is something readers of all backgrounds will appreciate.”
â?? Philadelphia Gay News

Beautiful and indifferent girl (Japanese Edition)

by Oliver Dana


Minhas três primaveras (Portuguese Edition)

by R. Christiny

“Alguns sorrisos são muito mais do que simples curvas. Ás vezes eles também podem proferir grandes ameaças.”

Meu nome é Luz, mas há um paradoxo em meu nome, se você observar mais de perto, verá que a minha vida é uma angustiante escuridão. As minhas escolhas não foram as mais sábias e os meus amores foram os mais errados.
Eu sempre acreditei que a morte viria de uma única vez, paralisando o coração e impedindo a respiração. Pensei que a dor fosse súbita e implacável, mas isso é uma terrível mentira. A morte pode dar um golpe fatal ou pode corroer seu corpo e sua mente, te lançando no abismo da loucura antes mesmo que você possa dar seu último suspiro.
Minha vida foi marcada por três primaveras e sei que antes de eu terminar de contar minha história, você já estará se questionando se ela é de fato real e irá querer saber como pude suportar tanta dor por todos esses anos, mas a verdade é que eu não suportei. Eu já estou morta, e foi em 1983 que eu comecei a morrer.

Pink girl (Japanese Edition)

by Oliver Dana


Vernon Coleman’s English Heroes

by Vernon Coleman

`My aim in writing this book has been a simple one: to enable readers to learn the basic details about the most important men and women in English history and how and why their contributions deserve to be remembered. Some of the people in this book are far less well-known that they ought to be, thanks to the prejudices and bigotry of many commentators. I hope that even ardent historians will find surprises here and that when you have finished reading about my 100 heroes you will know, and understand, a great deal more about England, English history and the people who made England great. These are men and women who, in one way or another, honoured themselves and their country and made the world a better place for the rest of us. These men and women were unique and irreplaceable. They all made huge contributions to life on earth. These men and women were all giants. They were giants of their time and they are giants of our time. We should be grateful for their lives, celebrate their work and be proud that they were English.’ – Vernon Coleman
`Brilliant, enjoyable ,fasinating, stirring, moving; brought tears to my eyes. Even though I consider myself to be Real English and proud of it, I am ashamed to admit that there is so much in Vernon’s book that I didn’t even know or was aware of. It has been a fascinating and educational experience; learning, digesting and appreciating. Should be placed in every school, college and university.’ – BT
Vernon Coleman is the author of over 100 books which have sold over two million hardback and paperback copies in the UK and been translated into 25 languages. For a full list of available books please see his author page on Amazon.
`Vernon Coleman writes brilliant books.’ – The Good Book Guide

From Cult to Country: An Asthmatic’s Journey to Find More Air

by Michael Ricks

Cult-to-country is about country musician, Michael Ricks, growing up in a household where his parents were rabidly devoted to a religious cult that, among other things, preached against the use of modern medicine to the detriment of over 100 church member deaths in under twenty years. The eldest of nine children, Michael suffered the brunt of emotional, psychological and physical abuse meted out by his ardent father who worked thoroughly to instill suffering as a normal way of life. Michael describes how music helped him cope through the abuse and well into his adult years.

Musically gifted by the age of 12, Michael took a paddle his father used to hit the children and turned it into a makeshift guitar. Thus began Michael’s lifelong love affair with the banjo and guitar and country music. After years of attacks of stress-induced asthma, Michael began a personal journey to ferret out the roots of his anxiety: a journey which has taken him into the world of country music.

Michael’s story is a story of ongoing anxiety-remission through his love of country music and his knack for taking instruments of pain into instruments of redemption.

Running to Catch Up

by Peter Flatman

Peter Flatman was in his late twenties when he persuaded others to run a brutal road relay in Lancashire despite this being his first race.
He did not look like a runner and was shortish and muscular. Some said his style was ugly. So why was he drawn to long distance running that, at best, only offered blood, sweat, tears, fatigue and pain. Yet killing chickens from when he was 11 gave him a tough edge. Twelve years later he was described by Martin Duff as being the best, if not, the best Vet-40 in the UK.
Peter did not run at school, or as a teenager, yet confounded his critics with national rankings at 25k, 20 miles and the marathon. Peter’s story is enthralling, and he believes it’s never too late to start running. Competing for the RAF and Combined Services gave him the confidence to become the founder of one of the first running shops in the UK.
Be inspired by Peter’s story, how he never gives up and finds a way to cope whatever Fate throws his way. Enjoy the pathos of the free-fall and the joy of the Cleveland Marathon. Peter Flatman was also a successful coach who instilled inner-belief in his runners. A true story of a determined and singular man.

I have a dream (Big Ideas Book 5)

by Bebe Vio

All athletes experience setbacks. But to have your limbs – the very tools you use to practice your sport – taken away by an illness at a young age is a setback that many would never overcome.

Bebe Vio never gave up her dream of becoming a fencer, despite having her arms and legs amputated when she was eleven years old after suffering from fulminant meningitis.

Instead of abandoning her dream of going to the Olympics, she began training for the Paralympics from a wheelchair. Her unwavering determination to win, despite her physical challenges, made her a world champion fencer. She also established her own association, art4sport, to encourage other people to pursue the beauty of life through sport.

This is the seventh essay in the Big Ideas series created by the European Investment Bank.

THE MEDICAL BLACKLIST A True Crime Mystery Thriller

by Daria Jmill

This book is dedicated to all innocent victims of the medical blacklist.

All night long shock waves of electric pain traveled in helix spiral patterns up and down my body through the legs. Snakes were writhing all over my body from my legs up to my head. I was having nonstop nightmares of snakes all night long. This was Hell Night. But far worse was yet to come.

I asked for a drink of cold water. I was given a mug with the inscription “Life is a bitch and then you die.” Using an electro larynx I communicated to the lawyers, “This is a horrible idea. I want to smash this mug and buy you a different one with a better slogan.”

How was I supposed to live from a wheelchair after being quick on my feet? My imagination led me to the idea of wheelchair fencing. I imagined myself doing mobile fencing out of a wheelchair.
I called up a local fencing coach and explained my situation. I was losing capability to use crutches and would have to get into a wheelchair soon. Would he be open to the idea of teaching me how to fence? Sure! Absolutely!
I wasn’t going to take this relapse lying down! The fencing was giving me a hard, strenuous cardiovascular workout, safety valve release of anger and preventing obesity.

Attorney Moskal: (nonchalantly without the tape recorder) They stabbed you in the back.
Daria: Isn’t that (false documentation) illegal?
Attorney Moskal: Yes it is.
Daria: What are you going to do about it? (I was referring to the false documentation of my medical records).
Attorney Moskal: (casually) Just overlook it. Sign right here.

I’m doing adapted water skiing through Courage Center. A couple of strong guys help me get down the embankment into the lake. I am inserted into a metal frame that is attached to a board. The rope is tied down to the board. A team of four wonderful volunteers are in two separate boats. One is a pull boat, the other a chase boat. Each boat has one driver and one watching ready to pull me out of the water if I fall in.

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