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Ignition (Commitment, a gay romance series Book 4)

by Karen Botha

Is this the beginning of the end?
With the biggest court case the racing world has ever seen coming to an end Elliott and Kyle can start rebuilding their lives.

Kyle stood by his new husband in sickness and in health, for better, for worse and did not expect to get left behind as Elliott buys a struggling racing team and devotes all his time and attention to turning it into a success. Their marriage is put to the test as the two men both live and work away from each other, causing tensions to rise and tempers to flare.

Will absence make the heart grow fonder or is this a case of out of sight, out of mind? Join Kyle and Elliott for their newest adventures in racing, trust, and passion. Download your copy now.
A note from Karen
I’d love to hear your thoughts on this and my other series, it’s always great to hear what readers say directly. All my contact details are on my Amazon Author Page, feel free to message me.

This Commitment book, Ignition is the 4th in a fiction series of m/m gay romance books set in the world of elite sports. The books included in this lgbt romance collection are: Buckle Up, G-Force and Jump Start which may be purchased as one book in a Commitment series collection. The rest of the mm romance books in this gay series, Ignition, Turbo Charged and Pole Position may be downloaded on kindle or purchased separately as paperbacks.

Books in the Commitment series
1. Buckle Up
2. G-Force
2. Jump Start
4. Ignition
5. Turbo Charged
6. Pole Position

Other series in the same Universe include:
Love: Daisy
Love: Idris
Naked: Naked Truths
Naked: Naked Lies
Naked: Naked Souls

A Forbidden Love Novella Series – The Complete Series: Novellas 1 – 8

by Bree Wolf

For fans of Mary Balogh and Christi Caldwell comes a set of moving tales of love and familyâ?¦from the ballrooms of London to wind-swept country estates!

From a USA Today bestselling author! Passionate heroines and noble gentlemen follow their dreams of love in this engaging collection of eight Regency romances.

#1 The Wrong Brother
Two brothers. One lady. And a heart torn in two.

Just as ISABELLA CARRINGTON gives her hand to CHARLES DASHWOOD, her heart is stolen by none other than her husband’s notorious twin, ROBERT.
When mind and heart do not go hand in hand, can there be a happily ever after?

#2 A Brilliant Rose

Two brothers. A brilliant, young lady. And a love that will not be denied.

When ROSE LAWSON meets a handsome man, she quickly fancies herself in love.Upon learning his name, she recognizes his reputation and her opinion of him can not be lower.
Will CHARLES DASHWOOD be able to win Rose’s heart and overcome his.. or rather his twin brother’s past?

#3 The Forgotten Wife

A love lost. A daring wife. And a mistletoe kiss.

Because of an accident WILLIAM EVERETT cannot remember the past few years of his life, including his loving wife CATHERINE.
Will Catherine find a way to reclaim her husband’s heart? Or is a love once lost gone forever?

#4 An Unwelcome Proposal

A chance encounter. An unexpected proposal. And an undeniable love.

When WESLEY EVERETT proposes to the women he loves, CHRISTINE DANSBY says no, because she does not believe in marriage.
Will Wesley take ‘no’ for an answer? Or will he be able to convince Christine that marriage is far from boring?

#5 Rules to Be Broken

A scandalous lady. A virtuous gentleman. And rules that need to be broken.

After a minor faux-pas, DIANA LAWSON finds herself the centre of whispers and stares of society. When Diana finally decides to live by her own rules alone, she meets ARTHUR ABBOTT who is a stickler for propriety.
For Diana to uphold society’s rules, Arthur must break them. Can scandalous and virtuous ever walk hand in hand?

#6 Hearts to Be Mended

A lady in love. A gentleman with a reputation. And a secret that keeps them apart.

LADY ELEANOR ABBOTT is in love with HENRY WALTHAM, a man her mother does not approve of. While Eleanor finds herself faced with an endless stream of appropriate suitors, Henry is torn between simply whisking her off to Gretna Green – and let propriety be damned! – and the deep desire to prove himself an honourable man.
Is their future doomed or will they find their happily ever after?

#7 Winning her Hand

A list of suitors. A rational-minded lady. And a gentleman who vows to win her hand.

When it comes to choosing a husband, WINIFRED is at a loss. The only man who constantly occupies her thoughts is her brother’s oldest friend TRENT HENWOOD, Earl of Chadwick, who could not be more unsuitableâ?¦at least for her.
Will Trent be able to change her mind and win her hand?

#8 Conquering her Heart

The most awful woman in England. An honour-bound gentleman. And a pact that will benefit them both.

When ABIGAIL finds herself swarmed with eligible suitors, her only solution to evade a marriage of convenience is to reinvent herself in a most awful way.
Agreeing to his sister’s suggestion of choosing each other’s spouse, GRIFFIN RAMSEY, EARL OF AMBERLY, finds himself confronted with the most awful woman in all of England.
Is there any chance for a happily-ever-after when both parties dislike one another?

Do you like this author?
Check out the USA TODAY bestselling ” Love’s Second Chance Series”!

Ebb and Flow

by Catherine Florang

A collection of poems, quotes, short stories, skits, and photography, detailing life’s struggle and beauty.

Secrets of Wildflower Island (Wildflower Mystery Series Book 1)

by Michelle Files

Wildflower Island is an idyllic place, where crime just doesn’t happen.
When 4 teenage girls discover a body, badly beaten, a nice day at the beach goes horribly wrong. As they embark on a quest to solve the murder, they find themselves as the main suspects. The girls quickly turn on each other as they are blackmailed by an unknown person and harassed by residents of the small island they live on. Who killed the boy? Will the girls be next? This mesmerizing mystery, suspense novel will have you guessing until the end. Get your copy today!

The Oven House: A novel about love and guilt, about falling apart and becoming whole.

by Lynne Rees

Breeze has a husband she loves deeply and runs her own used book-store. She’s happy, very happy. But after she strikes up a conversation with an intriguing stranger in a coffee shop her life begins to spiral out of control. Obsession, theft, guilt and infidelity: will she find her way back?

Editorial Reviews of the out of print paper edition:

John McAllister, ABC Writers Network:
A beautifully seductive little book. Utterly, totally, completely un-putdownable.

‘Rees’ novel is a poetic and eloquent study in guilt.’

Good Reads:
A short book, but all credit to Rees for that. Too many authors would drag out this same story for a couple of hundred further pages, just to fit into the number of pages that a novel usually is. This was tight and controlled throughout. And quite uncomfortable for that. It was refreshing to read a story where an infidelity isn’t the happy ending in itself. Rees chooses each word and each sentence carefully, none are out of place, none are wasted. The characters and their actions felt very genuine.

Dodd Harrington, Corporate Team Builders Inc., Los Angeles, California:
â?¦ incredibly raw, real, heartfelt, and insightful; so honestly and articulately written. From someone who rarely reads fiction, put me on the list to receive her next novel.



Namastasai is a Maithili novel dealing with the condition of women in Mithilanchal.

Secrets – The Andersen Saga (The Andersens Book 21)

by Jacie Middlemann

Secrets is part of the ongoing saga of the Andersen Family series.

Livia Andersen was a woman who held her family together with a quiet smile and an iron will. It’s been over a year since her death and her children and grandchildren she leaves behind continue to grapple with the shifting changes in their lives and her absence is still felt by each of them.

A year ago in the midst of his parent’s divorce Nate Handen surprised everyone in his extended family when he talked his father into leaving the family home and moving in with him and his friend and business partner. He also convinced him to go into business with the two of them. So far both ventures were working out better than anyone ever expected.

His father was happy and despite the acrimonious divorce proceedings his parents were friends. The way he saw it they got along better now than he could ever remember when they were married.

Now he was on his way to visit his mother.

The Andersen Saga is a story of family. It is a story about joy and loss, hope and sorrow, betrayal and regrets, unconditional forgiveness, high expectations, and unwavering loyalty. It reminds that at the heart of who we are is the family we come from, the family who stands behind and beside us and at times against us. And who we become isn’t just a result of those still with us but those too that we’ve lost along the way. It is about the twist and turns every family deals with, the conflicts from within, and the never ending desire for acceptance and respect.

Secrets is the twenty-first book in the ongoing Andersen Family Saga. Other books in the Andersen Family Saga include Betrayal, Resolute, Broken, Found, Choices, Regrets, Remember, Forgiven, Truths, Always, Expectations, Decisions, Disillusioned, Believe, Relentless, Everlasting, Enduring, Treasured, Determined, and Chances.

The Andersen Family Saga is a series of novellas, classified by Amazon as Short Reads. If you love sitting down with a novella style book you will enjoy the Andersen Family Saga series. These books fall between the forty-five minute to two hours reading time category of Amazon “Short Reads.”

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