Free philosophy Kindle books for 19 Dec 18

Finding Solution To Problems: A reality Check

by Hasil Mohamed

Facing problems is something that we don’t normally enjoy doing more often. Nevertheless, we are forced to find solutions to many a problems we face in our daily life. However, you will realize there is a process involved if you consciously put your mind to find solutions.

We all encounter problems in our everyday existence, be it in our home, office or elsewhere. We device many methods to solve each one of them, many we succeed and some we fail. There is a design to this madness of solving problems, even if we indulge in it consciously or unconsciously.

With experience we tend to solve many obstacles with ease. It is at this juncture we can conclude confidently that we have indeed mastered some logic without consciously knowing we follow certain structures and forms. Over a period of time we develop some common patterns or we simply pursue some of those which are best suited for the situation.

There is a pattern to every system present in mother nature. You need to first learn how a system works so that you would know how to solve an issue if something crops up. This is true with life in general, for man-made gadgets, the nature around us or anything we come across. Our life has a pattern, you need to understand it to find solutions to the problems you face.

Whatever method we choose, we always want to solve the troubles in hand within a short period of time. In most cases, time is of essence which determines our life and its many complications. So it is how efficiently one solves the obstacle that makes a difference between us and the rest of the crowd.

This book tries to make one understand the importance of patterns that any system in nature follows. And chasing those patterns we can develop methods that would help ease the effort in solving the stumbling blocks efficiently and effectively.

How To Do Nothing

by Vygintas Varnas

This books is about doing nothing and the title is self explanatory, so I won’t bother writing a description.

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