Free poetry Kindle books for 19 Dec 18

Of A Sexual Nature

by Pete Marchesi

Well… I don’t believe it. Is this guy doing this stuff again? He must be antagonistic. Hope he goes out of his mind…?


by Pete Marchesi

This is a great book! I will say something about it. It is interesting, and you do not want to put it down. It is basically a letter to my future… kids. I have none. But I want to go and live in Las Vegas… Who knows, what will happen there!Thanks.


by Pete Marchesi

I don’t know about my life. I try to keep it.

Of The Moon

by Pete Marchesi

Of the moon… An attempt at negotiation.

(Thanks for reading my books. They are doing really well. Keep to the short ones. There are a few surprises. But on the whole they are pretty conventional. I recommend incest, School Shootings, and Starbucks… Please read.)

The Darkest Edge Of Love

by Johanna Handley

A collection of 14 poems about love and darkness; how they are interlinked, intertwined, never very far apart.

This tiny book of love is a must for anyone who knows how hard it is to love and how sick the love can make you, when it consumes you from inside out.

Luv Quarrel


Short collections of poems written about luv quarrel.
These pieces question the role we have in love – ships.
Enjoy .

C’est la vie! Lyrik und Inspirationen – Illustriert mit Gemälden von Eleonore Westerbeck (German Edition)

by Merlina Glück

Die mit dem Auf und Ab des Lebens verbundenen Emotionen in all ihren Varianten sind den meisten Menschen vertraut. In diesem Büchlein kehren sie in Form von Gedichten aus vielen Lebensjahren der Autorin zu uns zurück. Damit erhalten die Leserinnen und Leser Gelegenheit, ähnliche Erfahrungen in ihrem eigenen Leben noch einmal Revue passieren zu lassen.

Inspirationen für ein glückliches Leben sind in Ergänzung zu den Gedichten und Illustrationen ein guter Anlass, den Blick auch dann nach vorn zu richten, wenn einem das Leben wieder einmal Rätsel aufgibt.

Wir kennen alle den Spruch: â??Ein Bild sagt mehr als 1.000 Worte.” Daher sind die Gedichte reich illustriert mit Gemälden oder Bildausschnitten, die die Künstlerin Eleonore Westerbeck im Laufe ihres Schaffens auf Leinwand gebannt hat. Für diejenigen, die einen E-Book-Reader in Grautönen nutzen, sei gesagt, dass alle Gemälde in sehr intensiven Farben gemalt sind.

Poemories: A collection of alternative short poems.

by Damian Partis

This book is a collection of short poems that I wrote over 20 years ago between 15 & 18 and I recently discovered them hidden away in some books.

There is a variety of poems from all sorts of themes which just seemed to spring to mind and I wrote them down.

The title comes from a mixture of Poems & Memories as when I read through them I remember where I was in my life when I wrote them.

I hope you do enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them.

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