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Peppermint Bark: A Gumdrops and Soda Pops Cafe Mystery (Gumdrops and Soda Pops Mysteries Book 1)

by Dennis Gallemore

Just days before Christmas, Beth Jones, long-time resident of Hollyville, has been found lying dead at the foot of the stairs in her home. Ruled an accident by the local police, Jasmine Owens, the owner of the Gum Drops and Soda Pops Café, believes otherwise. Assisted by police officer Jake Landon and her friends, Jasmine pieces together the puzzle while preparing for Christmas in the Ozarks.

Another Shot: A Modern-Day Ruth and Boaz Story

by Brooke St. James

Another Shot is a contemporary romantic novella based on the classic story of Ruth and Boaz.

My name is Rae, and this is my story. Regretfully, it begins on a sad note. Everything was taken from me when my husband died in a tragic car accident. The only person on Earth who could have possibly been hurting more than me was my beloved mother-in-law, Laura, who lost her husband and only sons in the same accident.

Laura was forced to leave Arizona and return to New York, and I decided to go with her. I packed my things with no prospects or expectations; all I had was the undeniable urge to remain with her. As a result of becoming a widow at twenty-three, I was in a surreal frame of mind, and making a new start with my mother-in-law seemed like the only logical decision.

Less than two weeks after the accident we were on our way to New York. I trusted we’d make it somehow, but never imagined someone greater than us already had a plan in placeâ??a plan as romantic as a fairy-tale.

Albert and Journey to Self-Discovery: Self-knowledge

by Altinay Ashimbekova

This story demonstrates the connection between the internal and the external of who we are.

The subject of «Albert and journey to self-discovery” is very topical for many people today, because we are beginning to realize that we ourselves are the sources of everything we have – from health on and down to the attitude to people, all the matters and situations.

*The book clearly demonstrates it on the example of Albert – a young countryside man who, since childhood, has been dreaming of something great and wanted to follow his heart , but since he couldn’t find any response to his needs in his immediate circle, he had an inner riot that grew into an argument with the whole world. *

Desperate and devastated, he leaves home with great resentment, but miraculously he gets to an old man who has been living in the woods for a long time. And this very old man is going to encourage Albert’s spiritual development. Their friendship is going to grow into partnership and a big business.

The book describes methods of forgiving ourselves and people in our lives and how to deeply understand the processes around us.

Maybe the book will seem a short story to you, but it is connected with the fact that people are always on the move today and want everything done quickly, so reading large volumes seems unreal to many of us.

Attention! After reading this book you are going to treat many people, processes and things with a deeper understanding and see reasons and consequences of events. I sincerely believe that it will inspire you to find your own way and to start acting.

It’s recommended to those who have chosen the path of personal development trying to follow their inner voice.

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Risking it all for Love (A Snow Valley Romance Book 1)

by Kimberley Montpetit

A Christmas Romance to warm your heart and soul!

A feisty ballerina with a broken heart. A minister-in-training whose faith can work miracles. Can two strong-willed people find true love and a match made in heaven?

Jessica Mason is on track to become a world-renowned ballerina and she works hard to forget the tragedy in her hometown of Snow Valley when Michael, the boy she was going to marry, was killed in a car accident three years agoâ??an accident that tortures her with guilt because she was in the car that night and should have stopped Michael from drinking.

Burying herself in her dancing, Jessica finally succumbs to family pressure and returns for Christmas. When she visits Michael’s grave in the churchyard for the first time, Jessica is shocked to meet handsome James Douglas, the pastor’s nephew who’s studying for the ministry. Pastor James knocks Jessica off her toe shoesâ??literallyâ??but Jessica has had a love/hate relationship with God when he took Michael away from her and falling for the preacher is definitely NOT compatible!

But James is unlike any minister-in-training she’s ever met. James can not only dish back Jessica’s finely tuned sarcasm but understands grief all too well, turning Jessica’s world upside down.

Can Jessica forgive herself for that terrible, fateful night? Can she take another risk on love?

A fast-paced romance by Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Kimberley Montpetit

Kimberley’s Snow Valley Romance Series:
RISKING IT ALL FOR LOVE, A Christmas Romance #1
ROMANCING REBECCA, A Summer Romance #2
SEALED WITH A KISS, A Spring Romance #3
UNBREAK MY HEART, A Winter Romance #4
THE SECRET OF A KISS, A Fall Romance #5

Unto Him

by Rebekah Morris

When 10-year-old Richard discovers a family has moved into the empty house in the neighborhood, he is excited. Especially when he meets Jon and Jack. But something seems wrong. Is there anything Richard can do tho help make Christmas special for his new friends?

Angel Ranger (Rollins of Riverview Book 1)

by Daphanie Austin

While this is not an erotic book in anyway, this book has passionate kissing, along with the words lust and desire among others. There is also a certain amount of violence; though not overly much and nothing graphic in nature. If any of these things bother you please do not purchase this book. If you have already purchased it please seek an immediate refund. Thank you and God bless!

Luke Anthony Rollins has always dreamed of being a Texas Ranger, but his latest undercover assignment places him smack dab in the middle of the meanest bunch of outlaws he’s ever encountered. After being with the Tucker gang a grueling eight months he doesn’t seem to be any closer to cracking the case than when he started, but when a beautiful piece to the puzzle is shoved in his lap (literally) he finds a lot more to thank God for than just solving the case.

LeAnn Michelle Chandler finds herself in the arms of a guardian angel in the midst of a living nightmare. All she wanted was to find some peace that she had made the right decision when she said yes to the banker’s spoiled son, but peace is a million miles away as she finds herself kidnapped during a bank robbery.

Recipe for Christmas (Cutter’s Creek Book 10)

by Kit Morgan

Eldon Judrow searched for his brother Lucius for years, during which, he just happen to strike it rich. Imagine Lucius’s surprise when Eldon shows up in Cutter’s Creek! But even though Eldon’s bank account makes it appear he has everything a man could want, his brother has something far more precious. A wife. Can Eldon find the same happiness? After all, the pickings in Cutter’s Creek aren’t just slim, they’re practically non-existent!

Agatha Shrewsbury has lived with the Bridger family for five long grueling years. More a slave than a member of the family, she finally reaches the breaking point. Will she ever know happiness? Or only toil and ridicule at the hands of her “keepers”?

A lonely man, a desperate woman, one Christmas festival, a mean-spirited family, and one â?¦ well, you’ll find out. Mix them together and you have a Recipe for Christmas! Enjoy this clean and wholesome, sweet historical, holiday romance!

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