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No Limit (The Drift Book 5)

by Susan Hayes

Three hearts. Two worlds. No limits.

Tyran Varosa and Braxon Torr are on a mission. Find an inhabitable planet. Start a new colony. Escape the archaic rules and traditions of the Vardarian homeworld. They never expected to find their mate along the way, and they never imagined she’d be a diminutive human female with pink hair and a warrior’s spirit.

Phaedra Kari has been called a lot of things in her life: trouble, cyber-jockey, lunatic, hacker, but never someone’s mate – not until an alien prince and his best friend arrive at the Drift. She’s got plans of her own, and they don’t include mating anyone, not even a pair of gorgeous aliens whose every touch tempts her to say yes.

When corporate backstabbing progresses to real-life murder, these three will need to come together to ensure the survival of their plans, their friends, and each other.

The White Death

by Daniel Rafferty

The human race is dying. Genetic mutations are multiplying. Genetic hatred floods the hearts and minds of mankind, society is decaying. The battle of pro-life advocates versus pro-evolution supporters rages. The future is in the hands of the newly elected US President. America can’t handle this crisis alone; the world needs to join together. President Morgan plans to use his executive power to make a difference. There has been too much talk, and not enough action from world leaders. Something must be done, now!

After only a couple of hours in office, President Morgan is told about Section 51. He learns what most of the world doesn’t know; humans have been monitored by an alien alliance since 1903. Deep beneath Area 51 in Nevada is an experimental laboratory. This is the home of Freda, Earth’s only alien resident. In this secret facility, Freda is joined by an elite scientific team, headed up by Dr. Peter Roberts. They are on the brink of medical discovery to reverse the genetic mutation. The alien council is planning an intervention, but what they initiate results in global outrage and a fight for survival.

As human populations begin turning on each other, desperate for survival at all costs, civilized societies across the planet begin to disintegrate. Governments crumble, chaos reigns, and death spreads like wildfire. Can the president and Section 51 thwart the real possibility of extinction … and handle the consequences of their heart breaking decisions?

Holy Shit It’s Christmas: and other holiday stories, etc.

by Patrick Downing

A weird and wonderful collection of short stories celebrating the Christmas Holiday and beyond. From a father left to do the ludicrous to provide for his family on Christmas Eve when a Government spy satellite crashes into their house, to a man who finds solace from his grief in the bottom of a barrel of Monkeys, to a world where the only man left with an imagination is the most sought after person on Earth, this a fun, thought-provoking, and imaginative journey from start to finish.

We Happy Few: The Screenplay

by Seth Chambers

Screenplay WGA# 1730385. Based on the novelette of the same title.

What if time travel was different than anybody expected?

Prisoners are used as lab rats in a ruthless series of temporal experiments. It turns out that time travel is different than anyone expected, and the past can be exploited without affecting the present. Or so it seems.

One prisoner is highly dubious, but nobody listens. He gathers a crew, commandeers a time capsule, and launches a mission to save past, present, and future.

This is not your ordinary time-travel story, but a tale of brutality, courage, unlikely friendship, and ultimate redemption.

Seth Chambers spent much of his formative years happily engrossed in the works of Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury, Arthur C. Clarke, Theodore Sturgeon, Alfred Bester, and numerous other science fiction masters.

Seth is the author of What Rough Beasts, Little Bird, and Beautiful Machines. His novella, “In Her Eyes,” was a nominee for the Sturgeon award and an honoree of the James Tiptree award. Seth lives in the Chicago area and can be contacted directly at [email protected]

Cyborg Britannia

by Aline Riva

In a future where England is divided after a bitter civil war following an environmental catastrophe, one side of the land has embraced cyborg tech while the other has looked to a new age of steam. When Alastair, cousin to the self proclaimed king of Cyborg Britannia is injured in a shuttle accident, his life is turned into a nightmare by King Konrad, who decides that it is time Alastair lived up to his royal obligations – and while Alastair recovers from a wiring procedure that has saved his life, the king informs him he will be forced into a marriage that will see him as little more than a prisoner for the rest of his days. But Alastair falls in love with Lara, the technician who has been ordered to aid his recovery and together they plot to flee the land, crossing over to the Human State, the land of steam. But the crossing the border is dangerous – buried along the divide are Mudmechs, said to be fearsome mechanical killing machines, set down post war as the ultimate line in the sand to ensure the two warring sides never meet again. While Alastair is fleeing Britannia, on the other side of the divide, a man is running for his life – a thief by the name of Duke Kettle, who is actually born of blue blood and the twin brother of Alastair, he is also a man with a clockwork heart and his best friend the mysterious Watchmaker has a secret of his own – he is not as young as he seems, having been exposed to a substance in wartime fifty years before that prevented him from ageing. When Duke and Alastair finally meet, it will not be a joyful reunion, because a Mudmech has accidentally stumbled loose from its chains deep underground – what will follow will shed terrible light on a fifty year lie of shocking proportions, as Duke and his brother must band together with others to confront both sides of the divided land, to force their leaders to admit a dreadful truth that has been hidden too long from the world, it will be a dangerous mission as the mechs lurk beneath the mud and those who know the truth have set off in the name of justice to right an old wrong – in the name of the lost who have never returned from the war…
Written by Aline Riva, (Deserted with the Dead, The Body in the Wall, AU197), this is the author’s very first book with a blend of science fiction and the world of steampunk, also swirling darkness, humor, emotion, adventure and a splash of horror into a story that will take you on a roller coaster of a ride you will not be expecting, and certainly not forget. This book is a colourful but powerful science fiction tale that will also leave you questioning the concept of the word ‘monster’.

Blood Ties

by Derry Knight

Captain Sera Oslo and the crew of the Crimson Sparrow are locked in an endless battle with the Zahariev Mining Corporation which is headed by Dmitry Zahariev; a man whose lust for power and riches has brought about an age that is fuelled by terror. The Citizens of the galaxy live in constant fear, any attempt to take back their freedom has been quickly quelled by blackmail, kidnapping or mass executions and any hope that once existed has been snuffed out.

Though the majority of the galaxy have accepted their fate, for Sera the battle is personal and she will willingly commit everything she has to see her personal war through to the end. Her home and her family were taken from her by Zahariev and though her fight is for the good of the galaxy and its people, her ultimate goal is to put a bullet through the skull of the self appointed dictator.

She wants revenge but her target has proven to be untouchable and even with the assistance of a committed crew the Captain is fighting a losing battle. The vicious methods used in mining the precious resource Terotanium ensure the corporation is ever expanding its grasp and the guerrilla tactics used by the pirate crew serve only as an annoyance until an unlikely survivor of one particular mining operation is discovered by the crew. Sera knows this is the key to finishing her war but the odds have been and will always be stacked against her.

Das Tweet: The Tweets of Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

by X X

I give you the poetry of Congresswoman Oscasio-Cortez. All of these words are her words, taken straight from her Twitter account. No words, spelling, and punctuation have been changed. Only lines breaks were added to make her tweets morph into free verse poetry. Also, all titles are quotes, titles, allusions, and references to various political philosophers, leaders, writers, and musicians.



A fictional universe where the passion has taken hostage to the melancholy, mixed to give life to the characters, discovers a place where the ingenuity of a legendary traveler traces its way through a world full of mysteries and dark secrets, we accompany a rapsoda in The events that surround him and his thoughts, marking the destiny full of ephemeral desires and unattainable goals, thanks to his particular way of seeing his environment is selected to fulfill more than one objective or request by the people in his way.


by Coady Chambers

A glimpse into the future in which two young friends-turned environmental detectives discover some uncompromising truths.


by Seth Chambers

Hell has come to Earth, and guess where it makes its home?

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