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Is That The Shirt You’re Wearing?: a memoir in essays

by Kristen Brakeman

The humorous essays in the memoir, Is That The Shirt You’re Wearing?, a 2018 Thurber Prize Semi-Finalist, are woven together by journal entries from two summers in the author’s life when absolutely everything happened.

The essays address a diverse range of topics, from Brakeman hating being called “Ma’am” (and proposing a wonderful alternative), to accidentally teaching her seven year old daughter to swear; from discovering the perils of shopping in the loud and stinky Hollister store, to being scolded by a Very Important Singer. Each essay is introduced by a journal entry that provides a humorous or poignant (yet always very relatable) update on the lives of her husband, three daughters, and elderly, yet still guilt-inducing mom. The journal entries emphasize the cyclical nature of life, and trace the author’s bumpy transformation from chronic planner to one who discovers the joy of living in the moment before she runs out of moments.

This is not a mommy blogger whining about her kids. Instead it’s a slice-of-life of a typical American family, a chronicle of the ups and downs of modern life. Readers of Brakeman’s previously published essays have compared her writing to that of Nora Ephron. Though the humor is often wry in tone, ultimately people will find this collection to be life affirming.

When not writing, mothering, daughter-ing, or wife-ing, Brakeman works behind-the-scenes on variety television shows. Also, she is a nice person and eats her vegetables.

PS. She lies about the vegetables.

The Mafia Philosopher: Two Tonys

by Shaun Attwood

“A fast-paced true-crime memoir with all of the action of Goodfellas” – UNILAD
“Sopranos v Sons of Anarchy with an Alaskan-snow backdrop” – True Geordie Podcast

Breaking bones, burying bodies and planting bombs became second nature to Two Tonys while working for the Bonanno Crime Family, whose exploits inspired The Godfather.

After a dispute with an outlaw motorcycle club, Two Tonys left a trail of corpses from Arizona to Alaska. On the run, he was pursued by bikers and a neo-Nazi gang blood-thirsty for revenge, while a homicide detective launched a nationwide manhunt.

As the mist from his smoking gun fades, readers are left with an unexpected portrait of a stoic philosopher with a wealth of charm, a glorious turn of phrase and a fanatical devotion to his daughter.

Prison Time: Locked Up In Arizona (English Shaun Trilogy Book 3)

by Shaun Attwood

“A terrifying insight into prison life” – UNILAD
After Shaun Attwood arrived in the Arizona Department of Corrections, his challenges multiplied. His cellmate threatened to cave in Shaun’s skull with a padlock in a sock. A naked neighbour dragged him into a cell for sex. Before a visit with his parents, he was attacked by a drug-crazed biker. 

Forced to adapt or perish, Shaun made alliances with powerful prisoners, including T-Bone a massive ex-Marine who risked his life saving inmates from rape, and Two Tonys, an old-school Mafia murderer who left the corpses of his rivals from Tucson to Alaska. They showed Shaun how to transcend incarceration and to learn from his mistakes. “If you like Breaking Bad, you’ll love Shaun’s trilogy. Shaun was the Walter White of the Ecstasy market in Arizona” – DJ Keoki

Tucker & Me: Growing Up a Part-Time Southern Boy

by Andrew Harvey

Tucker & Me: Growing Up A Part-Time Southern Boy is the story of a child growing up in the Mad Men era of the 1960’s. Filled with humor, sadness, and harrowing incidents, the memoir refl ects all the emotions of life one experiences growing up, in this case, with a single mom who lived in Los Angeles and a father who lived in a small town suburb of Atlanta, Georgia known as Tucker. Traveling in the summers to the alternate universe in Tucker, the author experienced a roller coaster ride of two completely different lifestyles.

There is Freedom: Born into sex slavery and mind control, rescued by the power of Papa God.

by Hope Beryl-Green

A short action packed, information filled ebook, that will leave you on edge to find out how God rescued a woman named Hope that was born into sex slavery. Born into the deep perversion of the elite pedophile and mind control world. Hope shares the introduction to her full story of the truth of this underground evil. The amazing rescue and deliverance by God from this life of slavery, journeying from hell on earth to abundant life! Truly a stunning book that will convince you that there is no pit too deep for the Hand of God to reach!

Danny Boy: The Boy Who Raised His Family

by Melinda D. Turner

“I was not quite eight years old when Danny was born. Even at that young age I can remember the exact moment I knew my life, my family’s lives, everything we had known up to that point had changed forever.

â??It was evening in early summer. I walked to my parents’ bedroom at the end of the upstairs hallway wearing a soft summer nightgown and lurked silently, just inside the doorway. Mom and Dad stood side-by-side, arms around each other with their backs to me, looking down on their newborn son as he lay under the bilirubin lights in his crib. I don’t remember any words being spokenâ??only that I think mom was crying. Or maybe the baby was. What I do remember as the scene was forever stamped on my consciousness was that I knew something was wrong. Maybe not even wrong. Just different. This baby was different. And somehow, I knew that nothing would ever be the same again. And it never has been.”

At times hilarious, at times heart-wrenching; full of wit and wisdom, “Danny Boy” is a must-read for anyone struggling to care for a special needs child.

One Nonprofit’s Journey To Success: New Heights Educational Group, Inc

by Savneet Singh

One Nonprofit’s Journey to Success, written by Savneet Singh, is an inspiring story of the New Heights Educational Group, a nonprofit, and its founder/director Ms. Pamela Clark.
Singh chronicles a woman’s amazing journey who stepped out of her home to help families unhappy and disappointed with the traditional school system. The bullying incidents and lack of IEP assistance at local and charter schools made her sons feel uncomfortable and unsafe. So, she decided to home-school them and to fight for the families looking for an alternative way to educate their children. Despite all the roadblocks, she kept moving forward and devoted her life to helping parents in a unique way by establishing a nonprofit.
Ms. Clark’s humility and good work ethic shine through New Heights Educational Group today. She gives ample credit to current and former volunteers for the success of the organization and all the awards and recognition it has achieved over the past nine years. Singh also details the wide range of educational services offered by New Heights Educational Group and wonderful tips to manage a nonprofit organization.
If you are a parent, a nonprofit stakeholder or just someone who wants to learn more about educational services and opportunities, you will find this book helpful. Many readers will find Ms. Clark’s good work, perseverance and Christian faith inspirational.

Ich habe einen Traum (Big Ideas 5) (German Edition)

by Bebe Vio

In jedem Sportlerleben gibt es Rückschläge. Aber als junger Mensch seine Arme und Beine, die so wichtig für den Sport sind, an eine Krankheit zu verlieren – einen solchen Rückschlag würden viele nicht verkraften.

Bebe Vio hielt immer an ihrem Traum von einer Karriere als Fechterin fest. Auch dann, als ihr mit elf Jahren nach einer plötzlichen Hirnhautentzündung Arme und Beine amputiert wurden.

Sie träumte unbeirrt weiter von der Olympiade und begann im Rollstuhl, für die Paralympics zu trainieren. Mit ihrem unerschütterlichen Kampfgeist schaffte sie es in die Weltklasse und holte Medaille um Medaille. Sie gründete auch eine Wohltätigkeitsorganisation, art4sport, um anderen zu zeigen, wie sie durch Sport ihre Lebensfreude wiedergewinnen können.

Dieser Essay ist der siebte aus der Reihe “Big Ideas” der Europäischen Investitionsbank.

Grace Kelly: A Life From Beginning to End (Biographies of Actors Book 2)

by Hourly History

Grace Kelly

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She was a famous American starlet who ended up living every girl’s dream of becoming a princess. This American celebrity married the prince of Monaco at the age of 26 and left Hollywood behind to become a monarch. Who was Grace Kelly? Was she an American icon? Was she the much-needed life support of an antiquated royal family? Was she just a trendsetter who got lucky or was the character of Grace Kelly something that biographers, historians, and paparazzi all missed entirely?
Conspiracy theorists and gossip column veterans seemed to have had a field day ever since Kelly’s car ran off the side of a cliff and led to her untimely demise. But greater than any Hollywood cliff-hanger, the life of Grace Kelly demands our attention and respect.

Inside you will read about…

â?? Early Modeling Career
â?? Parental Problems
â?? Work with Hitchcock
â?? To Catch a Prince
â?? Princess or Prisoner
And much more!

So, let us move beyond the many years of hype and hyperbole. Come along with us as we explore the true-life story of an American princess; come along with us as we come to grips with the life of Grace Kelly.

Heroin Rising II: Out of the Ashes

by T.A. Bechel

Heroin Rising II: Out of the Ashes is a true story of redemption, transformation, and recovery after an insidious and chaotic life of drug and alcohol addiction. From purchasing heroin on the streets of St. Louis and creating a path of fire and destruction in T.A. Bechel’s first title, Heroin Rising: A Tale of True Terror, to discovering a God of his understanding in this uplifting tale, Bechel shares an intriguing and personal story of self-reflection and the challenges early recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can bring as he sets out on a journey of righting his wrongs to those that felt the weight and sting of his careless and selfish actions.

The Helpless Helper

by Stephen Nambula

The Helpless Helper is a true story of the troubles faced by one man to provide for others. From roaming the streets of Johannesburg to owning a charity organisation with two locations worldwide.

Historia de un trabajador sexual (Spanish Edition)

by Rafael S. Carcavallo

Narra la historia verídica de un trabajador sexual. El autor relata los orígenes del personaje, su consolidación como prostituto de elite, los trabajos y costos, los peligros, las infidelidades y las trampas de la profesión. ¿Cuánto está dispuesta a pagar una mujer por sexo y placer? ¿Por qué está dispuesta a hacerlo?

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