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Where do you go to (The Marie-Claire Chronicles Book 1)

by Jean Cerfontaine

When the young Marie-Claire wakes up in Rome, she has no idea who she is or how she got there. Her tale of adversity starts in the biting cold, her past unknown and her future uncertain. Our heroine gets adopted from the Marcigliana orphanage by a French diplomat, initiating a journey of self-discovery across post-World War II Europe. In Athens, she discovers a talent for ballet, which gets elevated to greater heights when the family moves to Moscow at the height of the Cold War. Marie-Claire blooms into a social butterfly, joining the high society in Paris and mingling in social circles with the famous singers, writers, and artists who inhabit the City of Light in the early 1960s. Her marvelous travels across Europe include adventurous summer vacations in the French Riviera, weekends at the family country estate in Chantilly and winters in snowy St Moritz.

Interspersed with the coming of age tale of her young life, is her attendance of an embassy party in Paris as a young woman in 1965. Now a student at the Sorbonne, Marie-Claire meets up with figures from her past in the Soviet embassy and faces a painful reminder of an event which forever changed her life in Moscow.

The epic account of Marie-Claire’s life is an enthralling literary adaptation of Peter Sarstedt’s famous song, celebrating 50 years since he won the 1969 Ivor Novello award for “Where do you go to (my lovely)?” The mystery of her origins is finally uncovered, revealing the tragic time prior to that cold night in Rome, bringing an unexpected end to her persistent nightmares and morning tears.

BBW Romance

by J. L. Ryan

Plus size southern belle Tallulah foregoes college to take of her sick grandmother. With dwindling finances and 90 pounds of excess weight, she’s not motivated to do anything except read magazines and pray that she meets her “Prince Charming.”

She’s sick of scraping the bottom of the barrel when it comes to dating, and if she goes out with one more sleazeball, she’s going to give up men forever.

When a chance meeting comes her way in the form of sexy billionaire Alexander Carlyle, the heir to the iconoclastic Carlyle dynasty, she
doesn’t know what hit her. 

He offers her a “business deal,” that will pull her out of her financial hole so that she and her grandmother can live like queens. 
Could this “business deal” be the golden opportunity of lifetime for BBW Tallulah, or is Alexander simply dying to get his hands on her delectable curves for a mind-blowing one night stand? 

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Levi’s Law

by Emma Andersen

Levi’s Law
A sweet spanking romance

US Marshal Levi Parker has only one goal in mind: bring down the Bordel Gang.
When Levi gets word that Frank Bordel is expecting a precious package, Levi’s certain it’s stolen goods and he fully intends to intercept the package before it reaches Bordel.
What Levi doesn’t anticipate is that the very package in question happens to be none other than a mail order bride, and a very feisty mail order bride at that.
Intent on saving the woman from the Bordel Gang, Levi takes her to his ranch so he can keep an eye on her until he finds where the Bordel Gang is hiding.
Josie Logan wants nothing more than to get away from the heavy handed Marshal and marry the man she’d traveled to Wyoming for. Unaware how dangerous Bordel is, Josie continues trying to find the man despite the trouble she can’t seem to avoid.
Josie finds herself getting into more trouble than not and she quickly realizes that this is one US Marshal who won’t hesitate to show her just how serious he is with a good old fashioned spanking.
Josie is caught between her desire to settle down in married life and the growing feelings she has for Levi.

*** This is a sweet spanking romance that has minimal reference to sexual acts. This book details the spanking of a feisty adult woman. If you’re looking for hot and steamy sex scenes, then this is not the book for you. Levi and Josie have a sweet and innocent romance.

The Borgia Blade

by Gardner Francis Fox

“Biagio Marsanti stepped forward and slid out his long evil blade. Per Bacco! he snarled. You ill-guided fool. I’ll shred that face of yours so that no woman will ever want to see it again, by sun or candlelight! “He cut with his sword and the sound of its slashing whistled through the air. But where his enemy had stood was now an empty space. “Then, with grace and gaiety, Ilarion lunged in, his sword a needle of flashing brilliance. It caught Marsanti’s blade and ripped it from his fingers, sent it flying with a high screech of steel. “Donna Dorotea screamed …”
Here is an authentic novel from the swashbuckling age of Cesare Borgia and the Madonna of the Roses. It is an uncensored reprint of the original best-seller.

The Wasteful Girl

by Do Pictures

The love Bianca to much because she was the only child and the heir of family

Sword of Casanova

by Gardner Francis Fox

Women called him Captain Firebrand because he fought and loved with a hot-headed passion. His real name was Michele di Cadogna, a loyal friend of Casanova and casual seducer of countless women. He swore that sensation-seeking Countess Margarita would be his last mistress when her husband used her to bait a trap that nearly cost Michele his life. But innocent and seductive Princess Tea proved just as deadly a snare. For, when Michele carried her off into the wild mountains of Italy, her wantonness not only maddened his senses but plunged him into the savage War of the Spanish Succession!

Transcribed from the original paperback.

The Conquering Prince (Historical Romance Book 7)

by Gardner Francis Fox

He ruled by the swordâ??She by her caresses

His sword for love-
Out of the grandeur and pageantry of 14th-Century England, a master storyteller weaves this powerful tale of a lonely titan and the woman who loved him. Men spoke in awe of The Black Prince, the greatest swordsman of his day women whispered in wonder of the man who could claim the thrones of England and France, but who would trade both for one forbidden night in the arms of a raven-haired goddess.

Love Has A Wild Cry
The Black Prince lay staring vacantly upward at the tent pole.
“Broth,” the gypsy whispered. “Take it away; I don’t want food,” he said.
Then as he turned his gaze toward the girl, he came up on an elbow, eyes wide.
Through thin trousers of black lace, her skin gleamed like bronze. About her throat were copper necklaces, sparkling with pink rubies. Her full breasts glistened in the candlelight.
“This is how the harem women dress, back in the Mongol lands from which my people come. It is a very warm country, you see.”
Then Edward’s arms went around her, his mouth burning on her soft skin. She slipped away easily, circling him, her eyes glowing hungrily as he followed. She kissed and touched, always eluding him, mocking him tenderly, holding him off.
“You must not, my Prince. You are a sick man.”
He trapped her against the tent pole, and his hands roamed her velvet skin.
“Am I a sick man now, Rosette?”
“Ah, no! No!”
For a time the tent was silent, save for the guttering candles. Then, high and keening as a mountain wind, came the wild cry of a frenzied woman.

Sweet Little Things: A heartbreaking short novel of loss, love and friendship. (The Liverpool Series)

by Grace M. Jolliffe

It should have been a beautiful friendship.

Pat was always desperately shy, always scared of saying the wrong thing.

Then she met Johnny, and he did the talking. It was the 1970s, and he was a Liverpool docker. They were poor, but as long as Johnny was around Pat was happy.

Then came tragedy and she misses him more than she can say.

Now kids torment Pat, knocking on the door and running away. She’s hardly talked to a soul in years until a new neighbour arrives next door. 

Sixteen-year-old single mother, Mildie, is just as lonely as Pat. Racial prejudice has turned Mildie’s family against her – she is white, and her little boy’s father was black. Her family called him terrible names when they told her to go.

She does her best to manage, but it’s hard to cope when you’re young and on your own. She’s terrified social services will take her son away. 

They both need a friend, but Pat makes a terrible mistake. She tries to give the little boy a present. It’s just a little thing… she got it free with a pot of jam and can’t understand why Mildie’s so very upset.

Now Mildie thinks Pat’s just like all the rest – the ones that call her names. 

The misunderstanding drives a wedge between them, and it’s up to Pat to face her fears.

Can she find the words to make it right?

Sweet Little Things is a nostalgic, heartwarming and sometimes heartbreaking story set in 1970s Liverpool. 

Not to be missed by readers of Lyn Andrews, Dilly Court and Kitty Neale.

Filled with nostalgia and hope this heartwarming story is a look back to gritty 1970s, Liverpool.

Grace Jolliffe is the award-winning author of Liverpool based The Sunshine Girl, Sweet Little Things, and Piggy Monk Square. Her next novel, Kindness and Strangers will be out soon.

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The Engagement

by Ola Wegner

Pride and Prejudice sequel.
The story depicts the period of Darcy and Elizabeth’s engagement. How will our beloved couple survive three months of constant encounters with family, friends and relatives? Will they find a moment of privacy? Will they break the rules of propriety, anticipating their wedding vows?

“You are engaged to whom?” Mr. Bennet exclaimed, staring with wide eyes at his second daughter.
“To Mr. Darcy, Papa,” Elizabeth replied, sitting calmly on a chair in the Longbourn library.
“Are you jesting with me, Lizzy?”
“No, Papa. I am engaged to Mr. Darcy. I love him and I will marry him as soon as can be.”
Mr. Bennet dropped heavily into his favourite armchair, being quiet for a minute. “You love him? You always claimed to hate him! You spoke many times about your dislike for his person.”
“I did once dislike him,” she admitted. “However, it has been many months now that I have felt quite differently about him.”
“May I know since when exactly?”
“Last April.”
“April? When you visited the Collinses?”
“Indeed. We met again at Rosings Park; you must remember that Lady Catherine is Mr. Darcy’s aunt. Then, when I travelled with the Gardiners, I met him again. At the time I was ready to admit to myself that I was in love with him.”
Mr. Bennet shook his greying head. “It seems that I know nothing about my daughters, even about you, Lizzy.”
“I could hardly speak to you about matters of the heart, Papa. What happened between Mr. Darcy and I was so very personal to me that even Jane does not know about everything. She knows that I do not hate him anymore, but she is not aware of my love for him. I plan to tell her everything tonight.”
The room became silent. Elizabeth thought that it was the best to allow her father some time to settle with the news before mentioning that Darcy wanted to speak with him tomorrow. She could understand why her father was in such a shock. She had always criticized Darcy in his company, and now all of a sudden she was announcing her engagement to the man.
“Forgive me, Lizzy,” Mr. Bennet spoke at last. “But I cannot understand your decision. Are you certain that you know what you are doing? You remember how he said that you were not handsome enough to dance with, how he humiliated you at the ball last year.”
Elizabeth let out a long sigh, forcing a smile. “I do remember, Papa. Mr. Darcy and I were both fools, fighting the attraction between us. But he was the first to acknowledge that he loved me. He proposed to me five months ago but I refused back then.”
“You refused him!” Mr. Bennet interrupted.
Elizabeth nodded, then continued, “It took me all those months to understand him and myself, change my feelings. When he asked again earlier today, I did not hesitate even for a moment.”
“I see, but Lizzy, are you truly certain? Once you are married to him there would not be a way to go back. Trust me on this, you may be attracted to his good looks and wealth, but he will be someone who you will spend the rest of your life with. Think about it, child. Can you trust him? Will he treat you right? Do you know what kind of man he is?”
“He is the best man I know, Papa. He cannot advertise his charms, perhaps, but he is kind, loyal and honest.”
“Very well, Lizzy, if you are certain of your decision, I will not try to prevent it. You are of age, and I do trust your judgement. Your mother will certainly be pleased with such news.”
Elizabeth came to stand by her father’s side. “Thank you, Papa. He wants to talk with you. I told him that you would see him tomorrow.”
“Tomorrow, then.” Mr. Bennet brought her hand to his mouth, kissing it. “I hope that he will be worthy of you.”

3 Wikinger-Romane: Blutspur der Nordmänner/Die Götter zürnen/Odin und Jahwe (German Edition)

by Tomos Forrest

Als der Wikingerfüst Bolthar nach mehreren Monaten von einem Raubzug in sein Dorf zurückkehrt, muss er erfahren, dass seine Tochter Fringa ohne seine Erlaubnis das Dorf mit einem Fremden verlassen hat.

Seine Nachforschungen ergeben rasch, dass sie einem christlichen Prediger gefolgt ist, und Bolthar schwört allen Christen dafür blutige Rache. Er wird rauben, gnadenlos morden, Klöster überfallen und Städte niederbrennen, bis er seine Fringa wieder in die Heimat zurückholen kann. Es kommt der Tag, an dem er sie tatsächlich trifft, und er erlebt er eine �berraschung �

God King of Angkor: A Novel of Tyranny

by Gregory A. Waldron

Angkor. 1220AD. The most powerful empire in the history of Southeast Asia is at the height of its glory.

In the distant province of Champa Angkor’s greatest general, Davendra, has crushed a rebellion. Ignoring his son’s advice, Davendra commits an error that will result in profound and terrible consequences for his family and the empire.

At Angkor, meanwhile, the God King has died. An usurper, Prince Savdra, has seized the royal dais. Bent on total power, Savdra launches a reign of terror, triggering a cycle of revenge that can only end in civil war.

God King of Angkor explores the infinite majesty of the lost Angkorian world.

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