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You Owe Me One

by Kathryn Hollingworth

Two young men, living separate lives more than a century apart, are hounded by the same dark entity. Against the backdrops of nineteenth century Louisiana and Paris, through to modern day Florida, they each struggle to save their souls and to find love and happiness. This is a story about the battle between good and evil.

“How does it feel to meet your old buddy, head-on near the fires of home?”
I can barely speak. I manage to say something, between bursts of coughing. “So, that’s where I’m going? You’re sending me to Hell?”
“Well, Joe, you do owe me one,” says my old buddy and smiles warmly. Blackness.

“Some people say that the closer you are to God the more the Devil comes after you. Well, that sure is true in my case. Maybe that’s why I’m crouched down at the back of a Baptist church, where there’s a service in full swing, clutching a powerful crossbow I bought at a store with fake ID, because I’m only sixteen. I fully intend to use it; the crossbow I mean.
The Devil must be chuckling with glee if he’s watching me now, for as a child I was as close to God as anyone could be. Two church services on Sunday and Bible Study twice a week was part of my regular routine. Now I can taste bile rising in my mouth, as I hear the cries of hallelujah. In a nearby window I can see a lone vulture swooping down from the sky. As I slowly rise up onto my feet, the outline of the wedding guests comes into view. The floral dresses, fancy hats and corsages, all blend into a garish kaleidoscope of horror. My vision is blurred and I pause for a moment as my lungs seem to constrict, so that it’s getting hard to breathe. My hands shake as I load a bolt into the crossbow and walk up the aisle, and all the while I’m wondering if I am truly Satan’s collaborator.”

I began to ascend the flight of steps which led to Montmartre, eager to disassociate myself from the body lying in the road below. I watched the scene from the top of the steps, afraid that I may have been spotted, although I could see no one nearby. At first the street was quiet and still, as in a time of prayer or of mourning. Then the people came running from all directions. They seemed to descend on him like vultures, their black cloaks flapping like wings, their raucous cries of alarm raking the still air. Many of them had dark eyes, I was sure of that, even at a distance, as they came running towards him through the Parisian streets. They had dark eyes that were shrewd and sharp and keen. Their crow-colored heads glistened in the sunlight. Were they here to help him or to pick his pockets for silver, like the magpies I had seen in the woods around the chateau? But it was too late to help this man. He was already on his way to Hell. They seemed surreal, like visitors from the underworld who had come to claim his soul.

Atlanta Rain: Into the inferno

by Martin McGregor

When four young teenagers take a Ouija board out to the supposedly haunted hanging post at Inkpen, they open up a doorway that has been hidden away from human eyes for hundreds of years. A ghost from the past has been resurrected along with a disease that threatens the entire county.
Following the death of her parents, Atlanta is becoming more powerful but a chance encounter leaves her starting to question her abilities and she makes a vow never to use them again.
As the disease begins to take hold, Atlanta is drawn into a battle that she is reluctant to become involved in, but without her help mankind may face a threat that many believed to be extinct.
The creature that she must now face is the most powerful enemy that she had encountered to date and may very well hold the key to opening up the gates of hell itself.


by S.M. Shuford

“The hearts you take are the legion you make. Will I love you still… I say that I will.”

A fever dream of romantic grotesque, Loverboy is a dance of love, heartache and hatred that intertwines horror with beauty as if they were never separate.
Classy and sensual like a forbidden fairytale, this collection of dark poetry paints its phrases from bittersweet fantasy, gender identity, mental illness, broken heritage, obsession and society.
Each poem in S.M. Shuford’s debut holds a unique heart to itself, whether it is shattered, whole or darkened and awaiting death. Loverboy is a collection for those who have ever felt lost or broken, like wandering ghosts who cannot find their way back home.
Fully illustrated, this edition includes an exclusive introduction and a preview of Shuford’s second compilation, Absolute Heaven.

Sellers’ Madness

by Jonathon Hicks

After losing everything Captain Jacob Sellers holds dear during the Civil War, he returns home to Mississippi with the hope of reuniting his family. After failing to do so, Captain Sellers buries himself in his work as the chief of police. Soon, he finds himself taunted with cryptic messages written in blood by a killer that has been terrorizing the area. Determined to find the killer before another victim is claimed, his work rapidly turns to obsession as he discovers nothing is as it seems.

Hex and Fortune Investigate

by Aline Riva

Book One in a new series of adventures, telling the tale of psychic investigator Aidan Hex and his partner Ivy Fortune, who are helped with their investigations by Tripp, a ghost with a kind heart – but also, with more than a few lustful incubus tendencies.
After Hex and Ivy are thrown together by chance and encounter Tripp, the three of them form Hex and Fortune Investigations – and their new business will take them on a journey into the strange, the frightening, and occasionally humorous realms of the spirit world.

Adding to this, Tripp, unable to resist the urge to walk abroad on All Hallows Eve, chooses to seduce Ivy – leaving her with a pregnancy that was certainly not planned. But then as her relationship with Hex turns to love and Tripp begs forgiveness, what follows will bind the three of them together as a family, and together, they will make a great team as they continue to take on cases that lead them deeper into the strange world of the paranormal.

One Man’s Trash

by Greg Liles

Louisiana is known today by many as only “The Mardi Gras State,” but others who have come here to share in its rich abundance of Cajun-style food and outdoor sporting activities refer to it as “Cajun Country,” or “Sportsman Paradise,” or “Bayou Country,” or “The Pelican State.”

Whatever the reference, Louisiana is as different from one end to the other as day is to night. The northeastern part of the state is a large delta formed by deposits of soil and sand from the mighty Mississippi River, while the northwestern portion is covered in forests. The terrain in the southwestern part of Louisiana is flat and grassy and its midsection is covered with rolling hills.

But in the southeast the land is covered with mile after mile of dense cypress swamplands. Trees whose branches slump, laden from Spanish moss that blocks out the sun, but fails to keep out the heat, and with water discolored by rotting and decaying flora, this natural maze of tributaries – as numerous as the branches on a tree – is none too easy to travel since once inside its claustrophobic environs its easy to get turned around and lost.

Also home to many superstitions and the voodoo queens and witch doctors from which they originated – only a few venture here on their pirogues (small flat-bottomed, wooden boats propelled by long wooden poles that are driven into the mud at the bottom of the shallow waters and pulled upon much like oars) in search of gators, crawfish, or other game – for fear of the magical powers these mystics were said to possess.

For those who are amateurs at swamp travel the dangers are numerous. And even for those who are proficient in this type of environment and are skilled enough to navigate their way through the endless maze, the gators, snakes, and witch doctors are not to be taken lightly, for if they are, one may never come back out, alive.

Blake Robichaux and Terry Delarue live in the small bayou town of Akers, Louisiana where work is hard to get and supporting themselves a struggle. Down on their luck, they break into storage units, planning to sell the stolen goods to sustain themselves. Unsuspectingly they happen upon a mysterious wooden box while going through their plunder and are transported back in time where they must find a voodoo witchdoctor and change the course of future events or many will suffer.

One Man’s Trash is the tale of their journey through the Louisiana swamps and the account of supernatural happenings they encounter.

This book is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and places portrayed in this book are products of the author’s imagination and are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Ghost Beach Island

by Aline Riva

When detective Bella Martin uncovers a tale about a formula that cures all disease and halts aging, developed in wartime by the Nazis, she initially dismisses the story of the eternally young Daniel Lazarus as a myth – until she finds proof that the formula worked, and that Lazarus is still alive, preserved forever by an experiment that took place more than sixty years before.

Encouraged by Justin Woolfe, a young man whose survival depends on the discovery of the miraculous formula, Bella investigates further – and is soon on a journey, accompanied by Justin, to find the elusive Daniel Lazarus.

But when they arrive on Ghost Beach Island, a truth is uncovered that reveals the ugly side of the formula – while it cures all and provides eternal youth, it its also dose dependent, and when a damaged batch of formula is given out in error, Bella and Justin are caught in a desperate battle against the affected islanders, who without the formula, have turned into vampiric killers with a ravenous appetite for the taste of blood…

Young Chase Baker and the Cross of the Last Crusade: A Gripping YA Chase Baker Thriller

by Vincent Zandri


“Can Chase and his pals survive the living dead?”

You know Chase Baker as an adventurer and Renaissance man who loves the ladies but who also loves finding trouble in the form of buried treasure all around the globe. But what was Chase like back when he was a teenager? Turns out, he was a younger version of his adult self.

In this romantic and historical YA novel, Chase teams up with his two best amigos–the skinny, fun loving, Twigs, and the combative but courageous, Baily. At Chase’s urging, the three embark on a late night quest to uncover the Cross of the Last Crusade which is said to have been buried along with the body of an old Frenchman, Pierre Menands. When Chase’s “sort of” girlfriend, the beautiful Monique, joins the hunt, the band of teens face down haunted ghosts, angry cops, a speeding locomotive, rabid dogs, a murderous resurrected crusader, and finally, the zombie reincarnation of Menands himself.

For teenage and young adult fans of romantic suspense, alternative history, and action & adventure tales like those created by JR Rain, Stephen King, Clive Cussler and Dan Brown, New York Times and USA Today bestselling ITW Thriller Award winning author, Vincent Zandri, delivers a brand new thriller written for all ages and for everyone who loves a pulse-pounding, fast, edge-of-your-seat read.

Scroll up and grab your adventure today!

Here’s what the critics are saying:

“Zandri has brought back that wonderful ‘quest’ story that keeps the reader alert and pinging with anticipation from beginning to end. His ‘Chase Baker’ character is cocky, smart, and multi-talented, but with that brotherly quality that reminds you of a best friend in school. These are the types of characters we remember and follow, and Zandri does them with flair, along with non-stop action and a surprise ending. What thriller reader could not love that? The Shroud Key is well worth every minute.” — Suspense Magazine *****

“Vincent Zandri has become one of my favorite authors. This is a story directed at youth. I could see my boys when they were young would have read this and soaked it up. It would take them on so many adventures.” — Amazon Reviewer ****

“Excellent…Totally classic teenaged boys humor and idiocy EXCEPT that they get into some awesome investigating of an artifact and the whole thing kind of prepares readers for the adventures of the adult Chase Baker…It’s a fun book and the audio is even better! Andrew Wehrlen adds to the characters and to the goings on in a very good way.”–Amazon Reviewer*****

“As the mother of two teen-aged boys who would laugh hysterically at a burping catsup bottle, I completely get where Vince went with this one. Good, solid base for the Chase baker series…., BUT I’m so GLAD that Chase grew up because I like the adult chase a LOT LOT LOT better. Still, a peek at his beginning was.. cute.. and the adventure was an enteraining, exciting read … thanks Vince!” –Amazon Reviewer*****

Charlie Charlie

by Aline Riva

When Jack and Amber buy their first home together, she is looking forward to a new start – if Jack can let go of the past and move on from a career that brought him fame in his youth, because his fame has long since faded along with his youth. But Jack is obsessed with the past, and his obsession frequently leaves Amber alone in their big old house, and one rainy afternoon after browsing the web and discovering the Charlie Charlie pencil game, she decides to try it out – with shattering consequences.

After playing the game, Amber begins to witness horrifying visions regarding a murder that seems to have taken place on the premises – a murder no one seems to be able to recall.

As events become more terrifying, Jack calls in an old friend of the family – a medium named Max Franklin. And while Jack is off pursuing the dream of rekindling his career, the task is left to Max and Amber to try and lay the ghosts of the house to rest.
But unknown to Max, Amber is fascinated by Charlie Charlie, and from the pencil game she quickly progresses to using a Ouija board. Then as Max and Amber grow closer and events at the house begin to turn so terrifying Amber fears for her sanity, a truth will be revealed that will lead to a shocking realisation for Max, a medium who claims to have seen it all and believes, until now, that the spirit world can no longer surprise him…

MALDITO (Spanish Edition)


Un hombre condenado a vagar por toda la
Eternidad combatiendo el Mal en todas sus
formas� La esperanza de que su trágico viaje
puede llegar a su fin, y una batalla épica entre las
fuerzas de la Luz y de la Oscuridad es lo que se
cuenta en este apasionante thriller de corte

The Day the Stranger Came to Town

by Greg Liles

Limbo, a dusty, west-Texas border town, was first an Indian village. But the white man took the land by force, killing many of the Indians and chasing away the rest of them.

The Indians buried their dead on the outskirts of Limbo, fled to the mountains, but later returned and massacred everyone and left the town in ashes.

A Comanche spell, cast upon Limbo, prevented the souls of those who died there to be released into the spirit world and established a boundary to hold them there forever. The citizens of Limbo resurrected. They picked up where they’d left off, unaware how their lives had changed, but after certain suspicious events took place they realized that there were two sides to life – the one they lived in now and the one they all wanted to return to.

The townsfolk believed it was God who brought them back to life and that he would provide a sign that would show them how to return to their former lives. Given a second chance, they vowed against violence and all other sins in hopes they would be forgiven and released from their captivity.

Those who had risen became the regulars and those who wandered into Limbo were called outsiders. Regulars had no trouble spotting outsiders, but they soon found that outsiders could neither see nor hear them so it was impossible to communicate. Not many passed through Limbo, and those who did, didn’t stay long. But those wanderers, who were unfortunate enough to die of dehydration, malnutrition, heat stroke, or gunshot wounds, while inside the city limits, were surprised when they were rewarded with new life.

It didn’t happen often, but whenever it did, the regulars would vote whether to accept the outsider, and allow him to become a regular or banish him from town and send him across the boundary where he would cease to exist completely. In the course of time, a few good people had been accepted, but others who had been less desirable, had not.

Josh Duncan’s fate was yet to be determined the day he rode into town, and fell from his horse, dead from extreme dehydration and heat exhaustion. As were the fates of his father and brother, members of the Duncan Gang, who were headed there in order to cross over into Mexico to escape capture, and that of the U.S. Marshal who was right on their tail to avenge the deaths of his wife and daughter.

Josh needed to give his father a message and his father needed refuge from the marshal who wanted to kill him for what he’d done. Coming back to life in Limbo had its complications for Josh, who learned he could not speak nor give messages to the living, and by falling in love with a young local woman whose husband had been killed during the same Indian uprising as the rest of the town and resurrected as they had, but had been hung later by the residents for abusive behavior.

The man’s age at the time he and Josh met and the time that had passed since the town had hung him, and the fact that no one had any comprehension of time, did not make sense to Josh. He figured out the secrets behind Limbo, how the people could return to life, and convinced the townsfolk that if they listened to him that he could send them back. But his wife-to-be did not want to return, so Josh was at a crossroads.

When the marshal arrived in Limbo, and was ambushed by the Duncan Gang and sent to the afterlife, Josh put together a plan that would work for them all.

This book is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and places portrayed in this book are products of the author’s imagination and are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Black Magick: An Occult Thriller

by R. Saint Claire

In this page-turning, spine-tingling, occult horror thriller, a small town music legend has everything a man could wish for: success, money, and the love of his life. But when a bitter ex-girlfriend isn’t ready to let go, he makes an unwitting deal with the devil in the form of Lloyd Lair, a musician who lacks Rob’s talent, but who will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

“R. Saint Claire shows a lot of talent and promise.” Horror Palace

“This is a terrific read, a sleek and sultry occult-noir thriller steeped in a sort of luscious, corrupt carnality reminiscent of Argento or Bava. The author is also a filmmaker, and both the imagery and pacing benefit from a cinematic sensibility: Scenes are set with vivid descriptions, and the story zips along at a lean, economical pace, begging to be read in a single sitting. Fun and creepy, and worth seeking out.” GoodReads

“Black Magick is a wonderfully, fun read. Nefarious circumstances fall upon Rob Sweeney, a middle aged rocker who prefers the comfort and intimacy of small town America to a metropolis. When he meets a supposed old high school friend who makes big promises in exchange for a chance at Rob’s success as a musician, Rob grows suspicious. And rightly so, as Rob’s entire world becomes ensnared in incantations and inexplicable surprises. I thoroughly enjoyed this read. Not my typical reading choice, but when the author handed me a copy I was instantly curious. A quick read, very approachable writing style, and a pleasant thrill to get wrapped up in a genre piece. Recalling shades of Goethe’s Faust, the recent indie film The Love Witch (2016), and the milieu of Bruce Springsteen. Recommended, especially if you’re in the “mood” for something unexpected.” GoodReads

Gaslighter (The 11th Percent Book 5)

by T.H. Morris

Jonah has witnessed the unthinkable.

The world has changed, and the new threats aren’t just ethereal. It’s no longer just about having the right spiritual powers, the right armaments, or the right allies.

Just like before, when Jonah thought he had the Eleventh Percent figured out, just when he thought he had all the answers, he learned once again that he had no idea.

Now, Jonah Rowe faces his most challenging trial yet. His faith will be tested, and his beliefs challenged. And in the end, he’ll find himself asking the question: is it the world that is different, or just him?

Gaslighter is a standalone novel, and can be enjoyed even if you haven’t read other books in the series.

Red Snow: Fifth Anniversary Edition

by Vivika Widow

A secret was buried deep in the dungeons of the old king’s castle. An unsuspecting woman would release a monster and plunge the kingdom into chaos again.

“Witchcraft, madness and battles of old. A dark fairy tale for lovers of all things horror and fantasy.”

The Box

by Vivian Noir

Enter, if you will, a time and space of suspended belief and strange phenomena. Step into the Inverted Mirror and prepare for delicious spectacle that will turn your world as you know it upside down…

Presented for your approval, the story of a couple and their first home. But trouble begins before the last box is even unpacked. Strange voices and strange sensations begin to plague the happy couple, turning their dream home into their worst nightmare…

The Cragly of Cindereach

by Jason Breshears

He has walked the roads of Dagothar for ages. His people mastered war long before Men invented swords. Haunted by loss, driven by convictions deeper than humans can feel, he wanders through kingdoms on his journey fulfilling an ancient oath. Chief of the First People, of the blood of Ha’akathrals from before the Age of Shadowed Ice, he walks through civilizations in the Old World to the domains of men. Known to the feylorn, to the faeries of the great forests of Dimwood, Splinterdark, Treehelm, Enchandrus, Everleaf and Harrowood and across the wilds by those almost as old as he, Tal-Nik of the Beasthorn walks to a place where he had suffered the greatest anguish of his long life. He is thousands of years old by the time he went back to Cindereach…they should have left him alone.

Tal-Nik and the Kindread are featured in The Oraclon Chronicles.

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