Free parenting and families Kindle books for 20 Dec 18

How to Care for Baby Chicks

by Jeno

This book is written for those adventurers interested in raising some adorable baby chickens. Raising baby chicks from the start is an extremely rewarding experience, as you can watch them grow from chirping balls of fuzz to egg-bearing, full-feathered ladies. Chickens make great pets, but they can also be a handful.
This simple guidebook will help you from the very first day of picking out your baby chicks; to collecting delicious eggs weekly as the chickens mature.

Becoming Santa: A Rite of Passage Story for Mature and Older Children (Rites of Passage Stories Book 1)

by Dr. Vanessa Ewing

The purpose of this book is to provide a Rite of Passage for children as they are ready for understanding the history and adult version of the spirit of Santa Claus. Each family will need to choose for themselves when this Rite of Passage is to be shared, as each child and family is quite different in their needs and sense of readiness. Children may be as young as four or five or as old as eleven or twelve (or may not have ever believed if the childhood version of Santa was not fostered and shared within their family). Rites of Passage are often missing from our world today and it can leave a sense of confusion and loss in times of significant transition where there could instead be a sense of pride and happiness for the prospect of a new role. Transition ceremonies often involve teachings, such as the story in Becoming Santa, helping children release their previous roles as young children understanding the magical and simplified childhood version of Santa Claus with their new role as a member of the older child and adult community that continues the spirit of Santa and attitude of altruistic giving to others. Without Rites of Passage and Transition Stories, children may be more likely to feel upset, a sense of loss, or anger over learning the true spirit story of Santa Claus versus the childhood stories that they heard. In other cases, children may act somewhat indifferent to this new information, especially if they had some previous sense or partial awareness of the adult community version of Santa (as is often the case). While there is still a loss when the more complex, adult version of Santa replaces the childhood version of Santa, there should also be a sense of pride and confidence that comes from being trusted with this knowledge. Most important to this Rite of Passage is for children to know the purpose behind the childhood version of Santa- providing a sense of magic, altruistic giving, and kindness in the world. When they are ready to be a part of the altruistic giving within the adult community, they are able to bring that sense of magic to other youngsters as well.

Outnumbered: A working parentâ??s evolving quest for life balance.

by Mervyn George

Not sure if you’re keeping head above water? Or how to balance your time between work and everything else?

Whatever your situation, you’re not alone!

When life throws its curveballs we need to flex. That usually means giving up something we enjoy to focus on something else. When kids arrive, that dynamic shifts and when kids start to outnumber parents, you don’t stand a chance. They win, pretty much all the time!

This is one amusing account of how the family dynamic has evolved with the addition of one, two and then three children.


by Luis Dávila

Basado en hechos reales ADULTERIO SIN JESUS presenta el resultado de la infidelidad. Una lucha entre el bien y mal por la conquista del alma. 7 Maldiciones, 7 bendiciones. Un origen jamás imaginado durante el arrepentimiento guiado por Jesucristo.


by Luis Dávila

Allí crecía con salud, fortaleza, sabiduría y el favor de Dios, de Jesucristo.

If You Love Me, Take Me Now

by Steve Cox

A truly remarkable love story of a family’s struggle with brain cancer. From the onset of symptoms through diagnosis and treatment, the author articulately chronicles events as they unfold. Fears and raw emotions will capture the reader and give them an insider’s view of a husband and wife’s struggle to stay alive. The odds against what happened to this family are incalculable.

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