Free poetry Kindle books for 20 Dec 18

by the way

by Mile Grncarov

A collection of freestyle poems that discuss leaving home, losing loved ones, gaining independence, and what its like to be a young person in the 21st century.

The Dead Drop: Angst Anthology

by Wayne Denning

Eclectic proseSome friendsSome foes

Short and Sweet 2: My Michelle and Obama Love

by L Triplett

The love of Barack and Michelle Obama has inspired the world, and the poems here in this book are destined to make you feel that same kind of love. The poetry within this pages is designed to make you believe in love again. Each poem is short and sweet, although love lasts forever.

the business of being birds: poetry & short stories

by Abby Jones

The author of Rosalind (written under Stephen C. Paden) brings forth a collection of her poetry and short stories with bonus chapters from the sequel to Rosalind: Maggie, set to hit Amazon in early 2018.

God Ways

by Ri Cameron

Poems, Poetry, Thoughts
God Ways
God weighs

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