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The Complete Christmas Books and Stories

by Charles Dickens

Contents :

The Christmas Books:
– A Christmas Carol
– The Chimes
– The Cricket on the Hearth
– The Battle of Life
– The Haunted Man and the Ghost’s Bargain

The Christmas Stories:
– A Christmas Tree
– What Christmas is as we Grow Older
– The Poor Relation’s Story
– The Child’s Story
– The Schoolboy’s Story
– Nobody’s Story
– The Seven Poor Travellers
– The Holly-Tree
– Wreck of the Golden Mary
– The Perils of Certain English Prisoners
– Going into Society
– A Message From the Sea
– Tom Tiddler’s Ground
– Somebody’s Luggage
– Mrs. Lirriper’s Lodgings
– Mrs. Lirriper’s Legacy
– Doctor Marigold
– Mugby Junction
– No Thoroughfare

Potions, spells and wizardry: incantations to make and undo

by Mago Sidrak Yan

You do not have to resign yourself to the adverse situation.
Life does not always go the way we want or how we plan. In these circumstances, it is advantageous to be able to count on the inexhaustible and surprising help of the supernatural. Contrary to what many people imagine, you do not have to be an extra-sensory person to enjoy the power of magic, like a shelf medicine, ready to use.
This work aims precisely to show how easy it can be to use the power of Nature and the Universe to be happier, healthier, longer-lived and more prosperous.
“Do not behave like pigs, who can not look to Heaven.”
Learn fantastic preparations, practices and rituals!

1 – Potions
What is potions
How works
What results to expect from a potion
Potion to attract money
Potion to maintain beauty
Potion to attract a love
Potion to have happiness
Potion to have health
Potion to have long life – elixir of long life
2 – Spells
What is spells
How works
What results to expect from a spell
Spell to attract money
Spell to maintain beauty
Spell to attract a love
Spell to have happiness
Spell to have health
Spell to have long life
3 – Wizardry
What is magic
How does a magic work
What results to expect from a magic
Magic to attract money
Magic to maintain beauty
Magic to attract a love
Magic to have happiness
Magic to have health
Magic to have long life
Magic to increase sales
Magic to be irresistible
4 – Prayer to the Universe

5 – Personalized talisman to be lucky

The Political Spirit

by Faisal Malick

Author Faisal Malick uncovers political propaganda masquerading as a quest for the greater good, and unmasks the political spirit behind Islam. The Political Spirit is a sobering, straight forward book that exposes the truth of power and politics. It uncovers the facade of corrupt governing systems and religious hypocrisy by showing you what really drives people to lose their moral compass in the pursuit of power. The political spirit forges alliances with religious and Jezebel spirits to forward a hideous hidden agenda. You can learn to recognize, resist, and defeat The Political Spirit.

Fire in the Heart: Clean Amish and Firefighter Romance

by Bethanee Rajchman

Becca Geist was hanging laundry when she saw the yellow glow by the barn. Panic set in as she realized what the smoke meant. What happened next caused her to question her faith in God and His mercy. Little did Becca understand how the presence of a lonely county fireman would help her to regain not only her love of God but the courage to find happiness again. Cameron Lowell was driving along Route 85 on his day off when he saw the smoke rolling over the treetops. He rushed to help when he saw the fiery blaze and the Amish girl with her smock burning. He never considered that his hardened heart would cause him to examine what he had believed to be true most of his life. The pain of his past was burned away when the fire in his heart was lit by a woman of faith.

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

The Evolution of the Spirit of Mankind: The Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers

by Julie MacDonald

“There are many changes coming, and you must be prepared. There is nothing that you need to fear. There is nothing you have ever had; there is nothing you will ever lose.”

So said the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers, a collective of four different personalities from the spirit world who communicated this book through Julie MacDonald and dictated to Yves Nazon. Revealing exciting truths about the nature of the soul, the Eighty-Second Regime of Light Workers present an empowering way to view consciousness changes in this new era; and are a powerful wake-up call to our consumerist society. According to this group of beings, the information contained in this book is meant to meet each reader wherever they are in their own spiritual development, be they novice or experienced and help to bring them to the next step of their own growth, unfoldment, evolution, and subsequently, to the next step of evolution for human consciousness itself.

Look Younger And Younger: A quick and easy ways

by B. helman

This book will teach you how to become more Younger And Younger by using different techniques and simple quick and easy ways etc….

The Power of Fifty: 50 Life Lessons for Becoming Your Best Self

by Marci Batiste

The POWER OF 50 is a compilation of short stories, sharing the life lessons that have been harvested by a powerful group of women who are 50+ and who are willing to share their truths to help EDUCATE, EMPOWER AND ENCOURAGE other women around the world. Inside you will find moving testimonials of healing, inspiration, and accomplishment. These women and their stories are examples of tenacity it takes to go after your dreams no matter what obstacles you are faced with.

The Heart of a Warrior: Before You Can Become the Warrior, You Must Become the Beloved Son

by Michael Thompson

Men have a glorious and significant role in God’s Larger Story. They also are the target of a special warfare aimed continually and ruthlessly at the center of their being… their masculine hearts. Naivety and ignorance keep many men running in circles while misinformation and poor training keep many more in bondage. Men are wounded, frustrated, angry and being crushed under the weight of criticism and expectations. The attempted solutions of recent years have been through mere education; tell men what they are doing wrong and give them a list to memorize. This strategy isn’t working and it’s time we fall back to an ancient one. What if we are setting men up for failure rather than helping them be free? This is a book about being a Beloved Son, “receiving love” from God and the affect that should have in settling a man’s heart. Then, and only then is the foundation set for a man to enter the Battle. From the Introduction, Thompson shares why he wrote the book: “I hope to one day see the hearts of men so foundationally settled, so well-trained, so well-equipped, and so well-engaged that when evil dare raise its head, Beloved Sons/Warrior men will know what to do and will do it well.” Join Christian author and guide, Michael Thompson, as he invites men to a place of training and orientation that will ensure both a settled heart and a fierce courage. A man cannot enter this battle without knowing he is a Beloved Son. After all, that is what the battle is all about! Michael is the founder of Zoweh Ministries and author of Search and Rescue: The Life and Love That is Looking for You.

The World Outside: Clean Amish and Motorcycle Club Romance

by Elizabeth Carter

Jessie, a heavily tattooed foul mouthed biker, is riding with his biker gang across the country as a bachelor’s send off for his friend who’s getting married. Jessie, himself, would never dream of settling down; he loves his lifestyle too much and a wife would complicate it.

The bikers meet with a little accident and some of the bikes need repairing. They stop by at the small Amish community of Middlefield and ask for a place to stay while they recuperate.â??

Rebekah had always lived a quiet life in her little Amish town until a year ago when she lost her parents. Now she feels as though her life has come to a standstill and she wants to break away; she needs a distraction. That’s when she meets the handsome biker staying in their little town for a few days.

Can two people from completely different worlds come together and give each other what they want and need?

This is a standalone romance short story ending HEA!

The Sweet Tea Quilting Bee (Southern Grace Book 5)

by Glenda Manus

A stranger’s murder in the dark alley behind May’s Flower Shop is causing the residents of Park Place, South Carolina to keep their children inside and their doors locked at night. Banty Hen Antique Shop owners, Sam and Valerie Owens, are caught right smack dab in the middle since they were the last ones to see the victim alive. Valerie’s new venture, the Sweet Tea Quilting Bee is comprised of an eclectic mix of women, calling themselves â??newbies’ and â??oldies’ in the art of quilting. Their weekly meetings help keep Valerie’s mind off the murder, but it’s hard to keep the secret from the ladies that the victim was killed over, of all things, a quilt! The murder suspect has been described as tall and thin, a pitifully vague description, but Police Chief Jess Hamilton and his new detective, a self-described Columbo, are on the case, questioning every tall and thin person in town. Even Sister Margaret, a nun who has just begun her mission at St. Gabriel’s Catholic Church, doesn’t go unnoticed. But it’s hard not to notice a nun who dances, and sings along with country music when she thinks no one’s watching.

Dance and Be Glad (Promises from Above Book 2)

by Melissa Wardwell

Finding a reason to dance through tragedy can be difficult when doing it alone.
Jillian Matthews had two priorities in her life – her daughter, Katie and her dance studio. When her husband died nine years before in the deserts of the Middle East, she became determined to raise her daughter on her own, refusing to open herself up to love again. The day her high school sweetheart waltzed back into her life things began to change.
Dr. Michael Emerson told himself he was happy with his life as a bachelor after a messy divorce. He thought his life as an ER doctor and yearly missions work were enough to satisfy him, that is until he saw Jillian for the first time in over a decade, leaving him longing for more. When tragedy strikes, he finds himself in a situation that he is completely unprepared for.

New Christmas Gift Bells (Christmas Romance in Willow Spring Series Book 1)

by Brenda Clemmons

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Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Western Romance story.

Christmas is on the way but firefighter and EMT Jesse Young doesn’t feel much like celebrating. This will be his first Christmas since his wife died, but he has to make an effort for his six-year-old daughter, Tabitha. Filled with grief, he feels abandoned by God. Struggling with his faith, he tries to make sense of it all. His partner, Shayne, tries to support Jessie as best she can, but she worries about him and Tabitha. Her efforts to help only make things worse.

As Christmas approaches, he hears a bell, reminiscent of his wife’s favorite Christmas movie, â??It’s a Wonderful Life’ – but he’s not finding anything wonderful about this approaching holiday.

 Can Jesse find his faith again?

 Will Shayne be able to help Jesse through his grief without ruining their friendship?

 Finally, can Jesse forgive God for taking his beloved wife from him?

In a story of faith challenged by doubts and fears, Jesse Young tussles with an age-old question:

Why do bad things happen to good people?

Will he find his answers or is it too late?

Christmas Romance In Willow Springs Series
Book 1: New Christmas Gift Bells
Book 2: New Christmas Dreams
Book 3: New Christmas Blessings
Book 4: New Christmas Gift

â?¦”These are stories of hope, fear, romance, suspense, and true love.”…

Brenda Clemmons’s Clean and Wholesome Contemporary Western Romance series is enjoyable for all ages.

Back To Amish Life: Stories of Amish Romance

by Marisa Meyer

A Collection of Amish Romance Tales
Grace could simply not go through with it. Despite the fact that she once had feelings for Reuben, her betrothed, she could not bring herself to marry him. He had changed too much and the more she thought about it, the more she felt like she was in her own personal prison. When things finally got too much, she chose to do what so many other Amish youngsters do. It was time for her to explore the Englisch world and their customs. Knowing just how devastated her parents would be, she sneaks away at night. And with the help of an Englisch Doctor friend, she manages to settle in among the Englisch.
She explores life, dare to love again, and enjoys every moment of her freedom. But then she meets Lydia, and she realizes that everything up to this point in her life had been for a purpose far greater than her own understanding. It was Gott’s plan.
Sarah thinks that the Amish lifestyle isn’t for her. She loves her family and friends but she feels as if she doesn’t fit in. She doesn’t bite her tongue, hates to do common chores and thinks children are snotty little brats. What she does like to do is push the envelope, whether it be riding a horse too fast or shirking her duties at the farm. But when she meets the serious minded John, she begins to rethink her attitude. Will she change her ways for the sake of a romance?

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