Free science fiction Kindle books for 20 Dec 18

Crisis: 2038: A Novel

by Gerald Huff

Fall 2038. A crisis is brewing as increasingly intelligent AIs and robots replace more and more human labor, leading to high unemployment and civil unrest. While politicians and the people remain paralyzed by tribal ideologies, two competing voices emerge with radically different solutions. Sara Dhawan, a brilliant sixteen-year-old girl discovered in a small village in India, emerges onto the global stage with a compelling pro-technology message. But a darker force is emerging. A shadowy group of anti-technology terrorists determined to use any means necessary to stop our merging with and subservience to technology. Over the course of five perilous months, the battle plays out, each side leveraging the latest tech, in-depth VR experiences, autonomous explosive drones, and government surveillance through medical implants. Which path the country chooses will determine whether we plunge into social breakdown or chart a course to a more abundant and equally distributed world.

The Harem at the End of the Galaxy

by Kyle Kenze

The last women alive locate the last man alive.

Now, a confused twenty-first-century male must save and satisfy all these beauties from the other end of spacetime. The survival of humanity depends on it.

For the first time, the complete time-travel serial novel, The Harem at the End of the Galaxy, is collected into one hilarious, smokin’ hot romp of a box set that contains every word of the five novellas in the series, including, Vortex, Classified, Psych, Glitch, and Explode. This 61,000-word high-steam bundle comes together to form a sci-fi novel intended for open-minded readers over age 18 who appreciate pulp science fiction, men’s harem adventure fiction, over-the-top action, more than a touch of humor, and plenty of nudity, swearing, and, swinging/sharing/polyamorous encounters. The future won’t be rated G.

Tales from the Kurtherian Universe: Fans Write For The Fans: Book 2

by Michael Anderle

Kurtherian Gambit readers and fans come together again to create a book by the fans – for the fans.

Nine heart-pounding adventures and one poem make up Volume Two of the Best-Selling Fans Write for the Fans series, which includes an introduction by Michael Anderle.

Who Would You Choose, By Micky Cocker

A poem by the Kurtherian Universe’s favorite poet, Micky Cocker launches  Volume Two of Tales from the Kurtherian Universe.

Sendia’s Journey, By Tracey Byrnes

She’s young. She’s emotionally damaged. She’s also a geniusâ??and she may well be the best hope the crew of the Bastante has to survive against a threat they didn’t know existed.

Confused Kitty, By Logan Caird

The station isn’t safe.

The human fleet arriving in Yollin space and taking over made an impressionâ??and pissed off a lot of people. Cindy Qin just wants to help the Yollins get their equipment back in working order, but people with vested interests have other ideas.

Bek, By C. R. Wood

She was fourteen and invisible to her own family. Constantly pestered by her brother’s friend, she hid in plain sight to avoid everyone. Only a vicious attack by blood thirsty pirates could bring her out of the shadows.

The Cave, By Samantha Harmer

Stenya and her mining team achieve their biggest score the day their colony comes under attack. With no way to defend themselves, Stenya leads her friends to temporary safety.

Will anybody receive their distress call in time, or will their sanctuary become their tomb?

The Albino Were, By Virgel Mitchell

Celine is an average girl in a backwater town.  As the daughter of a couple of guides, Celine has always known what her future would be. Jeff is anything but average, and as a member of the Guardian Marines he knows without a doubt what his future is. Can Jeff help Celine find the stability she once enjoyed? 

H’Lageh Freedom, By Logan Caird

When her isolated planet is taken over by pirates, Agent Blackwood goes undercover as a slave to undermine their efforts. When she learns of an imminent attack against the pirates, she has to act quickly to get the slaves to safety. But with only minutes to break free, she fears she won’t be able to save them all. In a race against time, time is going to win.

Holding On Is Sometimes Letting Go, By Tim Bischoff

There are many events in life that change a person’s perspective. Roles are reversed, memories can be torturous, and peace difficult to achieve. When hard decisions have to be made, which way would you decide?

Adventures of Armi-Geddon, By Dominic Novielli

Armi is only six, but has enough gumption to be much older. Along with Conrey, her best and only friend, she gets into troubling situations.  In this adventure they stumble upon a highly placed Noel-ni who wants to take over the space station that is their home, and they undergo a life-altering experience that makes their friendship that much greater.

Cordelia’s Search, By Craig Martelle

A Bad Company Short Story – Humanity’s greatest export – Justice. Space is a dangerous place, even for the wary, especially for the unprepared. The aliens have no idea.

The Silo

by Lloyd Peterson

Derek Morrison is just an average man in an average small town. Everything changes when Derek meets Natalie Norton, a New York City native who claims she has the ability to see the future. Derek will help Natalie find an old grain silo that she believes harbors an explosive device that will destroy Derek’s hometown, and start a chain of events that will lead to global annihilation.

The Peregrinate Chronicles The Observer Wars: Book 4

by James Seckler

The Observer Wars is the next book in the Peregrinate Chronicles, an episodic science fiction adventure about a group of humans who face dangerous aliens, strange planets, ghost ships, time travel and the vast unknown of space.

The Peregrinate Chronicles Journey of the Few : Book 1

by James Seckler

The Peregrinate Chronicles is an episodic science fiction adventure about a group of humans who find themselves on an alien ship after a virus wipes out life on earth. They have faced dangerous aliens, strange planets, ghost ships, time travel and the vast unknown of space.

Tomorrow is Gone

by Aline Riva

What starts as a weekend at the coast ends with a storm and taking shelter in a tunnel, when lightning strikes Emma is separated from her friends and finds herself in a nightmare future world where a war is raging. Saved by a young general named Ramsea, she is given shelter at his home in an underground complex of tunnels where she is shocked to learn more than two centuries have passed by, and it seems the world is at constant war.
Alone and afraid in this strange future world, she and Ramsea become close, spending a night of passion together as Ramsea vows to try and open up the crossing point in the tunnel to enable her to go home, as he decides to go with her, for the sake of his young son Swift, who has never known life without conflict.
But just as the tunnel fires up once more, Ramsea is shot in the head by an enemy sniper, just as time drags Emma back, with her last memory of Ramsea being the sight of him lifeless with his son weeping over his body.
On returning to her own time her companions are missing and eventually presumed dead – and no one believes her story of travelling to the future, so she stops talking about it. Twenty years pass by and one night a storm blows up, a storm the likes of which Emma has only seen once before… Venturing back into the tunnel, as lightning strikes she crosses back to the future earth and finds herself in the middle of a terrifying battle where fire is raging and here, twenty years have also passed by.
Then through the smoke steps a figure – a man she is amazed to see is Ramsea, he is older, battle scarred and the bullet wound to his head is repaired with cyborg wiring.
After taking her to safety and a joyful reunion, she meets his son – now a man and forever scarred by the memory of his father’s shooting twenty years before.
Through Ramsea and Swift she learns Ramsea was saved after the shooting by a flier from the mysterious Gateway City – a place they soon learn they must return to, if Ramsea is to survive after a tunnel cave in damages his cyborg repair unit.
Emma then embarks on a journey with Ramsea and Swift and Ramsea’s youngest daughter Flame to search for the elusive Gateway City – along the way they must cross strange lands, meeting enemies and old friends as they face danger and the unknown in search of their destination, as Emma wonders how Ramsea will react when she finally finds the right moment to tell him the reason why she cannot stay in his world, as she wonders if the love that time put together will be torn apart, or will theirs be a love that even time itself can not destroy?
Tomorrow is Gone is the latest science fiction tale by Aline Riva, author of more than forty titles including the Number One bestsellers The Body in the Wall and Under the Cobblestones, and most recently the author of steampunk adventure Cyborg Britannia, also co author of best selling zombie horror saga Deserted with the Dead and the guest writer of Sanctuary One and Sanctuary Two, a post apocalyptic cyborg adventure and part of the Foliage scifi saga by Nathan Ward.

The Peregrinate Chronicles A Voyage Back from the Dead: Book 3

by James Seckler

The Peregrinate Chronicles is an science fiction adventure about four humans who find themselves on an alien ship after a virus wipes out life on earth. On their journey, they will face dangerous aliens, strange planets, ghost ships, time travel and the vast unknown of space.

The Peregrinate Chronicles The Tetrahedron Dilemma: Book 2 (Chapters 11-20)

by James Seckler

The Peregrinate Chronicles is an episodic science fiction adventure about a group of humans who find themselves on an alien ship after a virus wipes out life on earth. They have faced dangerous aliens, strange planets, ghost ships, time travel and the vast unknown of space.

A Gift from the Gods

by Martin Gunn

How do you fight the enemy within, when you don’t know that the enemy exists?

This is the problem facing the USA in 1985 as a Nazi cell, dormant for decades, waiting patiently for its moment to strike, conspires to forge a new Fourth Reich out of the ashes of the old. Fifty years earlier, in 1935, alien technology is recovered from a crashed UFO in the Black Forest, and is developed by a team of German scientists, overseen by psychopathic Waffen-SS officer, Hauptsturmführer Gustav von Brandt. What evil plot does this Nazi cell intend to deploy? And what is the alien technology which will help them achieve their ambition?

This Science Fiction thriller is a rollercoaster ride of intrigue and deception involving Aliens, Gods, Dinosaurs, Nazis, the CIA and the Mafia. And in a highly original story spanning nearly three hundred million years that culminates in an explosive climax, who would believe that the key to the destiny of our planet would be in the hands of a painfully shy, socially awkward teenage boy?

With a fast pace and a collection of narratives that â??travel’ from one time to the next, this novel will be a compulsive read for anyone interested in Science Fiction and Spy thrillers.

Amazing Grace: Part 1 of the Grace to Grace trilogy (OASIS Book 4)

by Benjamin Thurber

When Grace Schuyller, “former” thief and unusually strong family member, becomes a full agent of OASIS, she’s immediately assigned to some cases that are unique for her perspective. She’s a casual Buddhist, but is wondering a few things since she can’t seem to let go of bad things, most notably the reason she has a horrible scar on her back.
But a British spy comes into her life and things go quickly south as they have to flee the USA or be arrested and questioned about the theft of a valuable document by some very familiar means.
So how can Grace clear her name? What other unexpected surprises come up that needs to be dealt with? What can she allow herself to feel for this charming Brit?
And what secret, when revealed, will change her focus on her life forever?

Breed Specific

by Aline Riva

Set in an alternative future where the Dangerous Dogs Act and Breed Specific laws have been applied to humans.

Grace is a young woman who has been raised in a compound, and on the day she is hunted down for slaughter she is rescued by Mack, a freedom fighter, who feels he has no choice but to take her with him when he returns to base – an old nuclear shelter deep below ground, where he has been building up and army over more than two decades in the hope of over throwing the dictatorship that has held power for as many years.

As Grace grows closer to Mack, she learns the truth that has been kept from her whilst growing up in captivity – those who fight for freedom are the parents of children who were taken many years before, after the slaughter first began, when human breed specific laws were first put into place.

Despite Mack’s efforts to protect her, Grace defies his wishes and sets about uncovering secrets – and is horrified to learn that in reality, there is no such thing as human ‘Type’, and the breed specific laws were put into place to cull the poor and put them back into the food chain, to feed those in poverty with the flesh of their own people…

Then, as the war effort heads to a final confrontation, it seems Mack is intent on winning the war at all costs – including the loss of his own life, and is spurred on by the ambition to kill the woman responsible for the death of his son many years before. As Grace pleads with him to reconsider his actions, will Mack’s people over throw the dictatorship that brought human flesh to the food chain, and how is the mysterious prisoner Indigo linked to the dawn of a new understanding that could bring about an unbreakable bond between humanity and the canine species – and can this glimmer of hope really bring a war torn country together, in renewed hope of a better tomorrow?

Permian: Installment Two

by Devyn Regueira

Alvin Bonman is equal parts crude and likable, an attractive contradiction of traits that earned the middle-aged geologist and academic many friends throughout his career. Among his dearest is another living, breathing, lecturing contradiction – Every Daniels, a young anthropologist burdened with a generalized fear of people. Alvin’s friendship is tested, Every’s sanity is called into question, and their differences are measured upon scales of fate.

In Deepest Dark part 2: Understanding Captain Ahab (OASIS)

by Benjamin Thurber

As the family of Jacob Blackwell mourns his death and grieves for his loss, his widow knows she must move on, not only for her step-daughter, the paralyzed Grace, but for her own sanity as well.

But there is something going on that is very well hidden.

Who is this mysterious person e-mailing Alex? Who keeps showing up, unrecognized by everyone, in areas of importance? What is the cause of “The One,” and where is this person hiding at?

And what is the mysterious connection between the Blackwell clan and the next head of the True Freemen?

All this and more up to a climax that creates a new force for good in its wake.


by Hugo Damas

This collection of five short science fiction stories aims to explore the vast potential of the future, and all the unbelievable things that might take place when technology makes everything possible.

From such a large scale as dealing with an intergalactic invader that eats stars, to the high stakes of deciding what to do with a weapon that will push the galactic power struggles up several terrifying levels, every tale offers a vastly different setting and experience, all the while connecting together around the familiar experience of facing what is unknown.

What is dangerous, new, terrifying and amazing.

What is Beyond.

Redeeming Grace: The Third Part of the Grace to Grace Trilogy (OASIS Book 6)

by Benjamin Thurber

Grace Schuyller has left home. She knows that her fury nearly led her to murder, but it means she has some question. What is she? Is she a sweet girl who has a nasty and overwhelming temper or is she really a monster in disguise?
Although she is seeking these answers, there are interruptions and friends that have to help her out. And then another question is brought up, leading to a meeting of another monster and a challenge to Grace’s intellect and courage, leading up to a talk with someone who gives her everything she hopes and fears for.

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