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Christmas Kiss (A Scottish Holiday Romance) (Kisses and Carriages Book 1)

by L.L. Muir

Spending Christmas trapped in a castle with a gorgeous Highlander? She can think of worse ways to spend the holidays.

As wicked weather isolates Bree and Heathcliff within the frozen walls of a Scottish castle, they’ll need to learn to trust each other. If they can’t come together to solve a disturbing mystery, they’ll have more to lose than their hearts. And more to rue than just a Christmas kiss.

KISS THIS is the next holiday romance in the Kisses and Carriages Series.
L.L. Muir has over fifty original stories currently available. Be sure to check out her Amazon author page to see what series will appeal to you. And be sure to sign up for her newsletter at

Tarnished Crown (The Royals)

by Erin Watt

Two years ago, one mistake cost Gideon Royal the girl of his dreams. Since then he’s become jaded and stoic, caught in a spiral that has him dealing with blackmail, heartache and loss. When he left for college, he hoped to start over. But fate has other ideas, placing Savannah Montgomery in his path again.

Savannah believes there’s no coming back from Gideon’s betrayal.

He thinks she’s wrong.

Forgiveness. Hope. Redemption. Gideon has vowed to win back the only girl who owns his heart. And when a Royal makes a promise, he’ll go to the ends of the earth to keep it.

No Quarter November: An Anthology

by Douglas Wilson

There is a time for rhetorical qualifications. That time was not No Quarter November.

During November 2018, Douglas Wilson hoisted the Jolly Roger and went merrily swashbuckling his way through the culture and the church. Where he might usually make careful qualifications and check all the “on the other hand” boxes, he instead wrote a series of blog posts that slashed right to the heart of various matters. From the worst of the worldly (sexual chaos and atheistic evolution) to the frailties of the faithful (lame church music and foppish liturgical garb), both foes and friends got skewered. This book is the resultant shish kebab.

The Untamed Duke (The Taming Series Book 2)

by April Moran

“Honeybee, I haven’t a drop of honorable blood in my body. I’m cold. Selfish. Hollow. And I greatly enjoy the reputation my cruelty has gained me.”

They call him the Winter Wolf.
Nicholas March has few morals. fewer friends, and a notorious lack of honor.
And his heart? What remains of it is cold, desolate and locked away. He learned long ago the lessons of betrayal. Never trust a woman. Recognize others will expect the worst. And no matter the cost, always retain control of any situation.

Grace Willsdown has no patience for Society’s silly games and no desire for the imprisonment of marriage. When a secret lien against her home is revealed, everything she treasures lies clenched in Nicholas’s palm. She must make the Devil’s bargain to save it all.

Five nights of pleasure and the claim will be dissolved. But neither Nicholas nor Grace anticipate the depths of their desire after their first night together. Consuming. Tender and brutal. Boundaries become distorted. What is the bargain? And what is true emotion?

Will they brave the storms and fires to unlock their love? Or turn their backs when the five nights are done?

***The Untamed Duke contain sexual scenes that are tastefully detailed, as well as strong language. If this disturbs you as a reader, please understand these instances are necessary and play an integral role in the arc and development of the storyline and the characters themselves.

Side Hustle: Season One, Episode 1 (Darcy Walker Side Hustle Story: Season One)

by A. J. Lape

Join Darcy Walker in season one of SIDE HUSTLE, a three-part serial where she leaves the Cincinnati, Ohio, area for the bright lights and bustling action of Los Angeles, California. Crimes are darker, people are more colorful, but one thing remains the sameâ??Darcy Walker solves crime one way: living life like a verb.

Darcy Walker excels at lies, deception, and outthinking the bad guys. She has the résumé to prove it. While waiting to attend the police academy, she takes her talents into pizza delivery. Little does she know, life as a delivery driver isn’t all pizza and wings.

On a late-night run to a customer’s home, Darcy’s delivery turns deadly. She stumbles into a murder mystery straight out of a Hollywood scriptâ??a blood-soaked crime scene with no known witnesses except a suspicious man with a Mona Lisa smile. To compound the trifecta, the victim appears to have a past he’s been trying to outrun. Uncovering his secret-filled life leads Darcy and some new friends on a high-voltage journey, intersecting with a former adversary.

When shadows of this old enemy surface, Darcy realizes black and white are an absolute as sure as the sun’s rotation. One wrong move could keep her from the academy, and one screw up could mean a friend of hers breathes his last breath.

In Side Hustle, solving crime takes a backseat to the moral dilemma she’s placed in: protect her dream or keep a friend alive. Will Darcy uncover who murdered her customer? Or will a Grim Reaper from the past end her and her friends’ lives first?

Readers call the Darcy Walker Series Stephanie Plum meets Veronica Mars meets The Blacklist.

Grab this humorous, nail-biting mystery today!

The Best 77 Ideas for Breakfast: Tasty and Useful (Keto Recipes, Breakfast Recipes, Desert Recipes, Low Calorie Breakfast, Coffee Recipes)

by Ashley Fiorentini

Good breakfast is the best way to start your day. To make it easier for you to shake up your wake up and ensure you don`t have any excuse to miss breakfast, this book includes 77 breakfast ideas.
This book contains:
– name of the recipes;
– time and complexity of the cooking;
– benefits of the meal;
– photo of the finished dish;
– ingredients and a step-by-step description of the cooking.
All recipes in the book are divided into 5 parts:
– dessert recipes;
– breakfast coffee;
– low-calorie recipes;
– low-carb recipes;
– smoothie recipes.
“The best 77 ideas for breakfast” offers variety for every age and circumstance. So whether it`s a breakfast to grab before you head out to work, one to have on the run, or something you can enjoy on a leisurely weekend morning, there`s something here to suit everyone. Build your morning meal around the healthy breakfast ideas in this book and this will result in healthier, more balanced diets for you and family.
We hope you enjoy these wonderful breakfast recipes.

Unexpected: Novella (Felony Romance Book 2)

by Jeana E. Mann

“5 Crazy A$$ Stars!!! I was hooked right from the start and read it one sitting!” â??Amazon Reviewer

A one-night hookup leads to an attraction that threatens the futures and hearts of a college student and a nightclub bouncer.

Karly has been working hard to support her little sister and finish college. Her girls’ night out turns unexpected when she runs into Felony Bar’s notorious bad boy, Randy McKenzie.

Randy doesn’t do relationshipsâ??not since his girlfriend left with their son. When she left, something died inside him. They’re over and now he’s playing the fieldâ??hard. When Karly walks into his bar, he’s only interested in getting her into his bed. He has no idea that she’ll stay in his heart long after they part.

If you love dark, gritty, and real, you’ll want to one-click this new adult bad boy romance.

One-click today!

Series reading order:


The Magic Factory (Oliver Blue and the School for Seersâ??Book One)

by Morgan Rice

“A powerful opener to a series [that] will produce a combination of feisty protagonists and challenging circumstances to thoroughly involve not just young adults, but adult fantasy fans who seek epic stories fueled by powerful friendships and adversaries.”
–Midwest Book Review (Diane Donovan) (re A Throne for Sisters)

“Morgan Rice’s imagination is limitless!”
–Books and Movie Reviews (re A Throne for Sisters)

From #1 Bestselling fantasy author Morgan Rice comes a new series for middle grade readersâ??and adults, too! Fans of Harry Potter and Percy Jacksonâ??look no further!

THE MAGIC FACTORY: OLIVER BLUE AND THE SCHOOL FOR SEERS (BOOK ONE) tells the story of 11 year old Oliver Blue, a boy unloved by his hateful family. Oliver knows he is different, and senses that he holds powers that others do not. Obsessed with inventions, Oliver is determined to escape his horrible life and make his mark on the world.

When Oliver is moved to yet another awful house he is put into in a new sixth grade, one even more terrifying than the last. He is bullied and excluded, and sees no way out. But when he stumbles across an abandoned invention factory, he wonders if his dreams might be about to come true.

Who is the mysterious old inventor hiding in the factory?

What is his secret invention?

And will Oliver end up transported back in time, to 1944, to a magical school for kids with powers to rival his own?

An uplifting fantasy, THE MAGIC FACTORY is book #1 in a riveting new series filled with magic, love, humor, heartbreak, tragedy, destiny, and a series of shocking twists. It will make you fall in love with Oliver Blue, and keep you turning pages late into the night.

Book #2 in the series (THE ORB OF KANDRA) and Book #3 (THE OBSIDIANS) are now also available!

“The beginnings of something remarkable are there.”
–San Francisco Book Review (re A Quest of Heroes)

Christmas Quickie

by Lark Avery

Last year’s only New Year’s resolution: Lose my virginity

Yet, here it is two weeks before Christmas and I’m as pure as snow.

Things look Tiny Tim grim until I find out my billionaire bossâ??the same billionaire boss I’ve been crushing on all yearâ??signed up for a dating app with the username Scrooge. Perfect! I’m in desperate need of a thorough scrooging.

Unfortunately, he has a strict rule: no dating employees. Ever.

But there’s no way I’d ever have a chance with New York’s most successful hotelier without bending a few rules. So I come up with a plan. And it’s not like I’m really lying. I’m exactly the girl he asked for in his profile.

Besides, I’ve been a very good girl all year. I deserve the chance to be a little naughty. Time to throw away the rulebook and make a few Christmas wishes come true!

Author’s Warning: There’s no way you’ll make it through this scorching hot tale of secret identities and workplace insta-love without getting tickled by the holiday spiritâ?¦and maybe feeling a few tingles in some other places, too!

The Possession of November Jones (Book 3 in the Reverend Paltoquet supernatural mystery series)

by Pat Herbert

Towards the end of the Nineteenth Century, two young mothers meet violent ends in a large South London house. Reverend Bernard Paltoquet and Dr Robbie MacTavish, together with their friend, clairvoyant Dorothy Plunkett, are drawn into these tragic events, when young November Jones walks into Robbie’s surgery in the late autumn of 1962.

What is the mystery surrounding her, and why is a restless spirit trying to communicate through her? The disused cellar in the house she rents seems to hold the answer. Meanwhile, two senior citizens are wandering in and out of Bernard’s vicarage trying to find answers of their own.


by Nancy Romps

Heated historical encounters with rough, handsome and rugged men…

A tantalizing collection of those strict lovers teaching unruly women exactly how to behave!

Vindicated: A Standalone Bad Boy Secret Baby Romance (Felony Romance Book 3)

by Jeana E. Mann

“This isn’t a sweet little vanilla romance…it’s a rich and intoxicating love story.”

A down-on-her-luck waitress struggles to finish college while battling attraction to the secretive bouncer of a dangerous underground nightclub.

Karly’s only goal in life is to maintain a passing grade in college while working to support her little sister. To make ends meet, she takes a job at the infamous Felony Bar. The brooding bouncer Randy proves to be a distraction with his tattoos, muscles, and brooding eyes. Add in their one-night stand, and things get complicated.

Randy lost his girlfriend because he couldn’t say those three little words to her. She took their son and left him with a broken heart. He’s vowed never to let another woman in until sweet, petite Karly Ericsson enters his world. She needs someone to protect her from all the creeps in the club, and he’s the man to do it.

Darkly sweet and peppered with realism.

One-click today.

Impulsive: A Standalone Bad Boy Love Triangle Romance (Felony Romance Book 4)

by Jeana E. Mann

“Her characters – especially the beautiful and damaged Elijah – are memorableâ?¦” Goodreads reviewer.

A weekend of fun blurs the boundaries between friends and lovers when a rock star falls for his best friend’s girl.

Tasha and Luke have always been friends, but when Luke suggests they add a little spice to their relationship, Tasha can’t pass up the offer. His dark, smoldering eyes and sexy body have her tied up in knots. Things are starting to heat up between them when Elijah Crowe, the hottest rock star on the planet, stumbles off his tour bus and into their lives.

Elijah is fun, unpredictable, and dangerous. Luke is steady and reliable. Tasha craves them both. What begins as a harmless weekend of fun, ends in a ruthless mind game. Secrets tumble out and relationships crumble. Tasha will have to decide which one of these sexy men has captured her heart.â?¨

A sexy, spellbinding romp with a rock star that will leave you wanting more.

One-click today.

Proven Character: Praying for Our Children

by Liz Holtzman

We want our children to be people of strong moral character who value and display wisdom, compassion, and courage. We want them to develop hearts of kindness, faithfulness, and humility while living generously, persevering through life’s challenges, and walking in obedience to Christ. But how do we help our kids develop character traits that will go the distance, no matter what life throws at them?

We pray.

Comprised of scripture-inspired prayers for thirty-one character traits and a section of commentary with tips on how to pray powerfully and effectively, Proven Character: Praying for Our Children will help you discover how prayer creates space for God’s work to be accomplished. This devotional will help you develop the skills to

pray for your children’s character development,
take up the shield of faith on their behalf,
silence the enemy,
access God’s presence,
and encourage their faith.
Our children are worthy of our prayers. Our prayers exert a powerful influence upon the spiritual environment in which children make their choices. As you pray through these specific character traitsâ??one for each day of the monthâ??you will learn to invoke the truths of God’s word, invite the Holy Spirit’s influence, and impact children’s lives for Christ.

Drift: Standalone Rockstar Romance (Felony Romance Book 5)

by Jeana E. Mann

“Emotionally strong story, one you don’t want to put down or miss reading. On my re-read list already and highly recommended.” — Amazon Reviewer

A blind date with a rockstar threatens to reveal a nurse’s hidden identity.

Elijah Crowe has everything a man could want. Fame. Women. Wealth. Somewhere along the line, it all became meaningless. Caught in a cycle of self-destruction, he’s got to get out before it kills him. An impossible task when everyone on earth knows his name, he’s got an ironclad contract, and the people running his career can’t be trusted.

Lauren Caldwell learned at a young age that the paparazzi can strip away a girl’s soul. She gave up fame and fortune to live an anonymous life. She’s content to bring babies into the world and hide in the suburbs until the death of a child rocks her world.

Their impromptu blind date brings disastrous consequences. Elijah wants a new life. Lauren wants to hide. He will sacrifice everything he’s achieved to have Lauren, but is she willing to risk a return to the limelight for him?

On the surface, they have nothing in common. It’s what lies beneath that brings them together.

Fans of the Rock Kiss series will want to check out this sizzling bad boy romance.

One-click today and take a walk on the wild side with the biggest rock star on the planet.

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