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FRIDA KAHLO: The Lonely Artist. The Entire Life Story (Great Biographies Book 1)

by The History Hour

Frida Kahlo

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Frida Kahlo was ahead of her time. She was bisexual and would have fit in perfectly in the time we live in now. Her disabilities would be acceptable in our society of today and her husband, Diego would probably be run out of town by the Real Housewives of “Cheaters.” Frida came with a lot of baggage in her life starting when she was only six years old and even more baggage piled on when she was in high school. Her suffering was more than anyone can imagine but she kept her head held high and forged her way forward.

Inside you’ll read about

  • Frida’s Birth and Family
  • Frida and Diego Begin Their Life Together
  • Diego’s First Fight with Penile Cancer
  • Frida’s Lovers
  • Frida Was Rotten to the Core
  • A Lifetime of Frida’s Creations
  • A Medical Doctor’s Perspective on Frida

And much more!
If Frida had not had a unibrow, waxed her upper lip, and shaved under her arms, she may have appeared more feminine than she did, and it may have given her more self-confidence. She never gave herself a chance because she felt it was her job to be the boy in the family.

When the fermale is an engineer

by Vitoria Jorrie

When the fermale is an engineer

How To Play Guitar For Beginners: The Ultimate Introduction To Learning Guitar Fast

by Kenny Miller

Do you want to learn how to play a guitar fast?’ The answer is not far fetched “How to play Guitar for beginners” is what you need; you would learn the tricks of how to become a “Rock guitar god”. After going through the book, you would play like a “Guitar rock star” and blast the guitar strings to the delight of the listening audience. Have you been fantasizing about playing a guitar? You have tried all you could, but the fantasies wouldn’t come into reality, that fantasy could become a reality with this book, live beyond fantasy and live your dreams. The greatest things in life come to those who go out of their ways to pursue their life desires and aspirations, “How to play Guitar for beginners” has helped so many to achieve their dream of becoming a great “guitar rock star”. The steps and keys listed in the book are written in an easy to understand words that would guide beginners to becoming a “guitar maestro”. So learn how to thrill your friends, family and audience with your “guitar playing” skill; buy your own copy of “How to play Guitar for beginners” now!

DIY Household Hacks: Discover Proven Household Hacks to Increase your Productivity, Save Time and Money (Diy Projects, Home improvement, Diy)

by Nichole Brandon

Make your Home spotless Environmentally, Increase your Productivity and Spend More Time with People you Love

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7 Reasons to but this book

1.This book will help you organize your home with proven hacks
2.You will increase your productivity so you will have more time to spend with family and friend.
3.Make your home spotless environmentally friendly place and save money.
4.I will take you through each room of the house and implement these hacks to make your life a lot easier.
5.Most of the hacks in the book are interchangeable, meaning that some of the hacks under the kitchen heading will work in other parts of the house too.
6. You will learn how to organise your home in 3 steps

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Proven Household hacks Teaches you:

  • Proven Hacks for planning
  • Quick hacks that will make your Living room more functional
  • Quick hacks to optimize your bedroom
  • Make your kitchen a “healthy” heart of the home
  • How to Use your storage space in a clever way
  • How to be more productive while working
  • Stop running around the house looking for things
  • How to Organize your home in three steps

Here’s a preview of what you’ll find inside this book:

  • What to do before you start
  • Proven Living room hacks
  • Bedroom Hacks
  • Kitchen Hacks
  • Closet and Laundry hacks
  • Office Hacks
  • Household hacks to increase productivity
  • How to organize your home without going insane
    • Much Much More

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Architectural Master Pieces in 1 of 4 Volumes: A Visual Record of World Architecture, their different styles over Centuries. Over 3,300 antique prints, original paintings and up-to-date photographs.

by Michael Robert Mumford

Here in Britain we start with Stonehenge, our most impressive prehistoric monument located in the English county of Wiltshire. Originally planned as a downloadable PDF eBook available on all Platforms. 1100+ pages, 18 Chapters. Art & Design in Architecture: made visible. A Visual Record of World Architecture, their different styles over Centuries. Over 3,300 antique prints, original paintings and up-to-date photographs. Now available in 4 volumes in easy to read paperback format.
Art & Design in Architecture: made visible; PDF Illustrated History Index; Visual Record; World Architectural design samples; Architecture gives Proportion; Balance and Harmony; Creativity across the world; History Timescale; Sample Styles & Periods; Architectural Antique Prints-Mesolithic; -Egyptian; -Greek; -Roman; Celtic Britain-Gothic; -Georgian; -Art Deco; Genuine old Prints-Roman Empire; Roman Empire East & West Maps; Early Rome Architecture Antique Prints-Rome’s Architecture; Roman’s their Lost Buildings; Rome Oil Paintings & Pompeii Ruins; Roman wall Frisco’s; Old & New Prints of Rome’s Finest Buildings; Rome-Palaces; -Churches; -Cathedrals; -Circus; -Public Baths; -Forums; -Monuments; -Gods & Emperor’s; Examples of Rome’s Finest Buildings; Examples of Old Restored and New Buildings Criteria; Perspective Drawing of Shadows; Romanesque & British Architecture; British Gothic 12th C-20th Century Buildings; Woodworking & Joinery Plans; Baroque Design 1600-1750; GB -Large Houses; -Ex Abbey’s; -Castles; -Halls; -Manors; -Mansions; Georgian Architecture 1714-1830; WALKCHESTER -Roman Past & Present; -Tourism & Shopping; WALKCHESTER; -Street-Architecture History; City wall & Street Maps; Wheelchair Museums Map; Historical Design-Pattern; -Decoration; -Ornamental; -antique examples; -good & bad example of architecture; Doors & Doorways Designs; Art Nouveau Doors; Examples of Human Creative Individualism; Collective religion community buildings; Alhambra Mediaeval Castle and Baths; Ancient; buildings were painted in Bright Colours; Byzantine Art; Irish Early Christian Art; Wooden Bar Sections; Staircase Handrails Plans; Bishop’s Lloyd’s House 1615; Watergate Rows; Norman Carved Mouldings; Gables and Carved Wood Panels; Ceilings; floors and walls; ornamental; Complex Roof Structures with Skylights Plans; Designing Staircases; Handrails for Every Occasion and Situation; Mosaics-Greek; -Roman; The Doric; Ionic and Corinthian order; Hampton Court Palace; Tudor Chimneys; Reinforcement of Mankind’s Creativity; Active Risk Assessments
All architectural historians have different viewpoints have a passion for their country’s need to record their heritage in an ever-changing world.
Why? See Djenne, Mali, Mankind’s Creativity, Chapter 18.
Our DNA tells us we thrive on decoration from cave to palace, even on our own bodies.
From mutilation, or makeup to costume, just to be different. Some individuals have a strong desire to dress-up to show-off, from the very poor to the so-called rich. It is an innermost greed in mankind’s religion to show-off. The good architect tries to smooth out these excesses, against the here today and gone tomorrow. And to travel the world does really broaden the mind.
A good example is the BBC’s Michael Portillo, our modern-day Bradshaw evangelist, talks about how good HE think’s something is. Positively, he meets people and places.
These are the real gems, the richness of small countries and their heritage.
My “Art & Design in Architecture: made visible”, is my journey through time as a European’s view on history. I would like to see all the corners of humanity from Africa to Asia and all countries in-between, that is someone else’s challenge. We acknowledge the good work our National Trust and English-Heritage are helping to preserve and restore the many buildings they are responsible for. We all need to solve is the ever-increasing danger to FIRE. This is in the interests of everyone to minimise accidental fire risks.

Nice fashion style of asian models

by Luke Laing

Nice fashion style of asian models

Wainwright’s Snowdonia in Photos, 101 Viewpoints and Planned Walks eGuide KINDLE

by Michael Robert Mumford

Wainwrights Snowdonia KINDLE

Anyone’s who’s familiar with walking in the great outdoors will have heard of the great Alfred Wainwright and more than likely of his wonderful pictoral guides to the Lake District Fells and further afield. When Snowdonia is mentioned however, then guidebook writers such as Poucher and Showell Styles spring to mind, but certainly not Wainwright. Until resently I wasn’t aware that he’d produced a book of Welsh Mountain Drawings when I was told of a fascinating new book that recreates each of those line drawings with photographs. Apparently, it wasn’t until he was 72 that AW relented and visited Snowdonia, having favoured his beloved Lake District, thinking Snowdonia was scarred by quarries. This was, in his own words, “a book of atonement, an admission that I have been wrong and an act of restitution. I owe North Wales an apology. “Wainwright’s Snowdonia in Photos – 101 Viewpoints and Walks – is a fitting tribute to his belated visit. Not only does the book contain 101 stunning images, but also a walking guide in order for you to reach each location and experience each image yoursef. The book is available from independent publishers -Mumford Books and Landscape-guides on their site, where you can download other free e-book samples, or purchase their full e-book interactive CD-ROM at £14 each, or a quality hardback at £44.

Each viewpoint has a detailed route guide from the nearest carpark or road side. A great book to pre-plan your Wainwright’s Viewpoints, there are easy off the road access for wheelchairs, or 5 hours walking to choose from. We give you GPS directions to follow, with links to find the best sunniest spot, to photograph. Time your walk to give you the best illumination, web site links included, together with your own map making and Forum to compare notes.

Alfred Wainwright (1907-1991), much loved by ramblers and fell walkers, will always be remembered for his famous â??Pictorial Guides, compiled between 1955 and 1984. Mainly known for his works on the Lake District, many people may not be aware of his visits to Snowdonia and in particular his â??Welsh Mountain Drawings’, first printed in 1981 towards mthe end of his publishing career. In black and white sketches, he recorded the spectacular mountain views, including aspects of Snowdonia’s rich industrial heritage .

Now for the first time, an interactive eGuide has been compiled with fullcolour photographs of Wainwright’s stunning Snowdonia vistas. A team of landscape photographers  have searched for the exact locations of the original viewpoints and recorded digitally the same views some 30 years  later. Obviously there will be some differences where trees have grown, boundaries have changed and structures built. But, they have made notes about their findings and recorded their locations using a GPS device. You too can now stand where Wainwright once admired the timeless beauty of Snowdonia. Taking advantage of modern technology, such as this interactive e-Guide with links to e-Maps, GPS data and up-to-date weather forecasts, it is now possible to accurately and safely access the Welsh mountains like never before. Enjoy the beauty, but don’t forget the countryside code .

Use our unique and free Interactive Route Planner to plan your walk before setting out. Click on the â??walker button’ and you will link to, where you can construct an â??easy-draw’
walking route. A â??YouTube’ video will guide you through the simple process of making your own walk on a Google map or satellite view. You will be able to add markers/symbols to the map to remind you of things to look for, such as, start point, Wainwright viewpoint, etc. You can look on the Internet for other features, like hotels or campsite

Mysteries of Mithras

by L. A. Braun

This book explores the rebus pictograms of the duo Sun Gods of the Mysteries of Mithras in regard to their symbolism as binary stars.

My Movie Scripts

by Ryker Kace

A compilation of the final drafts of my screenplays. Please be aware that they are watermarked as preliminary as they are not finalized.

Step-by-Step Guide to Painting a Sunflower Wall Mural: A Simple Guide in Words and Pictures (The Joy of Sunflowers Book 1)

by Karen Szklany Gault

Did you ever wonder what the first step would be in creating a beautiful wall mural in your home? This guide will communicate and illustrate the steps taken by the author to create a sunflower mural on a wall of her home using a sunflower stencil.

Sex M.D.

by Tara Barry

IN- CALL-ROOM sex between Doctors.

The Golden Pass route 3

by Jasmine Dawes

The Golden Pass route 3

beautiful girl in swimsuit costume (Japanese Edition)

by Atsushi Nakamura


Cannon and Explosives KINDLE: Links to eHistory from around the World

by Michael Mumford

Cannon & Explosives KINDLE Version
Links to History from around the World
Over 400 thumbnail images and 104 full pages
hyperlinked interactive PDF Educational
Visual Index 1.1 eHistory GB Series

1.3 Cannon & Explosives Introduction
2.8 Gun and Cannon Design C14th to C19th
3.7 Early Training Ships & Royal Navy Schools
4.13 Manufacturing Bronze & Iron Techniques from both North and South Wales, Iron Bridge Telford and Carron Iron Works Stirlingshire, Scotland 5.17 Old and New World Wars, Countries and States still using old horse-power, early samples of new technologies being used for the first time like: Photography, Telegraph, Newspaper and Medical treatments and Ambulances 6.4 Land and Naval Cannon, Fortifications of Forts, many finds Worldwide in Europe and America. 7.10 La Belle the Restoration and Preservation, Ship Wrecks Navigation and Time calibration using Noonday Guns 8.18 Gun & Cannon used in the American Civil War 9.9 Safe Manufacture and Testing of Explosives for Industry. Personal Safety, it is illegal to manufacture explosives without a license
10.10 Additional Information, Web Links, Adverts & Downloads
Over 400 thumbnail images, 104 pages fully interactive
Visual Index 1.1 eHistory GB Series PDF Educational Pages
Published by

GB Carron Iron Works Stirlingshire, from Cannons to Post Office Pillar Boxes
Hand Cannon and grenade from the 10th Century Dunhuang. This is the earliest depiction of an explosive fire in China. Right, C14th Casting of Cannon, Bombarda Mortar.
The Loshult cannon was found in Loshult, Skåne, Sweden, and is now in the Statens Historiska Museum. This is cast from bronze and weighs 9.07 kg and has a muzzle calibre of 36 mm and an overall length of 300 mm.
Early cannons are cast from a variety of metals and were probably made in bell foundries. From the mid 14th Century cannon were made up of a cylindrical wooden core, alongside which longitudinal wrought iron strips were placed, and hammered over this were heated metal hoops. The whole cannon was then heated to burn out the core and fuse the wrought iron together. The performance of the Tannenberg Gun with 4.5 g of 4 of 8 powder behind a patched 16.8 mm round ball, and the performance of the Danziger gun with 3.0 g powder and a patched 11.8 mm round ball. The bullets were fired from a distance of two meters. The dents in the steel plates are witnessing tests with more moderate loads. Certainly, medieval personal armour was made from hardened steel. But due to its weight, it was hardly possible to wear two-millimetre armour. As I could prove, it is easily possible to pierce steel of considerable thickness with my primitive, homemade black powder. The Tannenberg gun with fully loaded chamber (4.5 g powder) = 2.0 mm steel. The little Danziger gun with fully loaded chamber (3.0 g powder)….. = 1.5 mm steel. The advance of firearms, beginning with the hand gun, changed warfare at the end of the 14th century entirely.
The iron guns were loaded in a different way to the bronze guns.
They had a breech chamber that was taken out to be filled with gunpowder. The picture below shows the chamber and the wedge used to hold it in place lying next to the gun.
The ship was equipped with two different types of light guns. The majority of these were swivel guns, mounted on stirrups cut into the rails on the castle and upper decks. They had a tail-like tiller which enabled them to be trained and elevated by the gunner. They were of wrought iron construction and had a bore of between 46 and 65mm. C16th Naval and Land Forts using composite Iron, Steel Cannon and Bronze Muzzle-loading Lantaka.

Death Valley: Photographing the most amazing desert diversity in the country.

by Marty Straub

One stunning trip to Death Valley National Park and its surrounds with the guidance of photographer Charles Riter. Also on hand were photographers Jim Cook, Steve Broido, Albert D. Horner of Pinelands fame, and Don Rosenberger of Road Runner Photography Tours. The book has some information about what to do, where to go and how to get there, but it is mainly about photographing amazingly diverse scenery with inspiring friends.

21 (S)-Consigli: Ovvero, cosa fare, ma soprattutto cosa NON fare, per crescere come fotografo (Italian Edition)

by Reflex-Mania AA.VV

Quando nel dicembre 2016, insieme a un gruppo di amici appassionati di fotografia, prendemmo in mano il blog di Reflex-Mania, non avevamo la più pallida idea di quello che ne avremmo fatto.
E certamente non ci immaginavamo che saremmo mai arrivati qui dove siamo ora, con quasi 400 articoli pubblicati e più di un milione di lettori all’anno.
Credo che una grossa fetta di questo successo si debba al dialogo sempre aperto che manteniamo con chi ci segue.
Riceviamo infatti centinaia di mail e tutte vengono lette e a tutte rispondiamo. E periodicamente, a chi lo desidera, inviamo la nostra newsletter di aggiornamento.
Uno dei contenuti più seguiti sulla newsletter è certamente quello degli (s)-consigli: non sono niente di fantasmagorico o esotico, anzi, parlano spesso di aspetti della fotografia davvero basici, dei “fondamentali” direi.
Cercano però di farlo in maniera diversa dagli altri, per darti un punto di vista in più e per rimanerti meglio impressi nella memoria.
Cosa è il “Fattore P”? Come si usano davvero gli ISO? Perché è importante fare foto banali? Sei sicuro di impugnare correttamente la macchina fotografica?
A queste ed altre domande troverai risposta nei nostri S-Consigli.
Buona lettura!
Erik e la Redazione di Reflex-Mania

Instagram Marketing für Unternehmer: Wie Sie Ihre Marke profitorientiert auf Instagram etablieren, Follower aufbauen, Reichweite in Social Media generieren; … Hashtag-Planung (German Edition)

by R.F. B.

  • Instagram für Unternehmer

  • Lernen Sie die Welt von Instagram kennen und erfahren Sie, wie Sie sich Ihre eigene Präsenz auf dieser Seite aufbauen und erfolgreich organisieren. Kreieren Sie eigene Beiträge, welche Follower generieren und Ihr Marketing verbessern.

  • Für wen ist dieses Buch?
  • Dieses Buch richtet sich an jedes Unternehmen, welches die Absicht hat den eigenen Vertrieb mithilfe einer Instagramseite zu maximieren. Für alle Influencer und die, die es werden wollen, werden mehrere bewährte Strategien zum Erfolg beschrieben.

  • Was erfahren Sie?

  • Wenn Sie dieses Buch gelesen haben wissen Sie wie man die Social-Media-Seite erfolgreich benutzt und eine eigene geeignete Strategie entwickeln und umsetzen kann. AuÃ?erdem erfahren Sie, wie interessenweckende Inhalte erstellt und diese der geeigneten Zielgruppe nahegebracht werden. Lernen Sie, was Hashtags sind und wie Sie sie bewusst und korrekt einsetzen, wie Werbung schalten und Gewinnspiele veranstalten um Ihre Community zu stärken.
    Die Onlinepräsenz Ihrer Firma erstrahlt, nachdem Sie dieses Buch gelesen haben, in einem völlig neuen Glanz.

    Starting a Photography Business with Your Nikon D3200 : How to Start a Freelance Photography Photo Business with the Nikon D3200 Camera

    by Brian Mahoney

    Starting a Photography Business with Your Nikon D3200
    How to Start a Freelance Photography Photo Business with the Nikon D3200 Camera

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    Nikon D3200 Camera Overview

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