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My F***ing Mother

by Serena Robinett

Growing up, my mother was insane. This memoir is a collection of anecdotes from my childhood to prove just that. I share what it was like living and dealing with my “unique” Persian mother, from our cultural differences to her friendship with David Lee Roth pre-Van Halen. This book probably won’t add any value to your life, but it is short and sweet and semi-humorous. So read it!

JOAN OF ARC: THE MAID OF ORLÃ?ANS. The Entire Life Story (Great Biographies Book 1)

by The History Hour

Joan of Arc

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Was Joan of Arc accused because she was a woman? Then why did so many fierce and battle-hardened male warriors line up their troops behind her? Yet, not even one of her soldiers, be they longbow men, cavalry riders, knights, artillery men, and nobles ran from the command of a woman. Instead, they marveled at her as she mounted the ladders to a heavily defended castle, right along with the men, shot arrows, thrust spears and galloped on her great white steed along with the best of them. She was wounded twice and yet did not shirk from battle.

Inside you’ll read about

  • France to be Restored to its Glory
  • Joan of Arc – The French Victory 1429-1453
  • Joan of Arc – The Loire Valley Battles
  • The Coronation of Charles and its Aftermath
  • The Brutal Trial
  • The Exoneration of Joan of Arc

And much more!
This is the story of Joan of Arc; her personal fears, her courage despite the odds and an unshakeable faith in forces that lie above and beyond what mortals don’t understand. It should never be overlooked that this woman was more than a woman; she was an extraordinary event in the history of humanity. The story about Joan of Arc’s life is a factual one, not an imaginary one, and not a questionable myth nor a fanciful legend. It happened.

Glamorous student (Japanese Edition)

by Atsushi Nakamura


�ருண்� வாழ்�்��

by karthikeyan k

�ல�ம் முழுவதும் 40 மில்லியன் பாலியல் த�ழிலாளர்�ள் �ள்ளனர்

ம�லும் மனிதர்�ள் �னால் நாம் ���்ஸ் ப�ம்ம��ள� பார்த்து வரு�ிற�ம்

வ�்�ி வர �ந்த ந�வ�ி�்�� ��ு�்�ும்

நாம் �ருண்� வாழ்�்��யின் �ண்ம�யான �ண்ம��ள��் �ாண்�ிற�ம்

விப�்�ாரம் ��்�விர�தமானது �னால் �ில நா�ு�ளில் �ள்ளது

�ில ந�ர�்�ள் விப�்�ாரத்த� ��்���ரி�்�ின்றன. �ல�ம் முழுவதும்

�ன�த்து 40 மில்லியன் ம�்�ள் invole விப�்�ாரம். ��்�ும�த்த

40 மில்லியனு�்�ும் �தி�மான ம�்�ள் வயது 13 முதல் 18 வர� �ள்ளனர்

�தவ�த ப�ண்�ள். �ந்த �ரு ��ர வ�்�ி வந்து

விப�்�ாரம். �ு�ும்ப ��ழ்நில� மற்றும் தவறான வழிந�த்துதல் ��ியவற்றில்

On Corruption: Tales from Latin America

by Ryan Butta

Corruption scandals continue to shake the political and business elite of Latin America. Across the continent there are daily revelations of misdeeds and crimes committed by those in places of power and privilege. These collected articles focus on the experience in Colombia where an economic boom attracted companies that were only too willing to buy favour to advance their business prospects and found a local business and political culture that was happy to accept their money. The fallout of corruption scandals in Colombia has impacted the country’s ambitious development plans and the lives of every citizen in some way. Now as the fight against corruption becomes a catchword for the political elite, a new kind of ‘lawfare’ has evolved where even the honest can be targeted by their enemies under the guise of fighting corruption. These articles ask, ‘What can be done when all is corrupted?’.

Gimnasia Rítmica como estilo de vida: Memorias para recordar (Spanish Edition)

by Sara Marijuan

Sara Marijuan narra cómo cumplió sus sueños en un deporte minoritario como es la gimnasia rítmica, desde que empezó con siete años como un hobbie hasta su retirada tras acabar la universidad.

Su pasión por este deporte nos enseña cómo los sueños no tienen límite. Es una historia de superación y sacrificio, una lección de vida. Esta historia trata de los duros entrenamientos que le proporcionaron una cierta disciplina que, aplicada a otros aspectos de su vida, la han hecho crecer también como persona. Sara narra cada temporada con detalle y entusiasmo y muestra al lector como cada persona tiene unos valores basados en sus propias experiencias en la vida.

Porque al fin y al cabo la gimnasia rítmica no es sólo un deporte, es un arte.

My Dreams and the Road to Self-Awakening: 155 True Dreams and Nightmares

by Therese Kairouze

Caught in an oppressive marriage, and struggling to adjust to life in a new country, Therese Kairouze goes deep within her psyche in search for answers. As the intense emotional turmoil manifests in the most vivid and sometimes terrifying dreams, her journaling journey begins. She discovers that traversing the paths to the darkest recesses of her own memory, experience, and perception will bring her ultimate healing.
Drawing on the meticulously kept diaries of her dreams, Therese Kairouze takes us on a very personal journey through the most turbulent and traumatic years of her life – and her long road to self-fulfillment. How far does the road go?
“My dreams took on a sudden urgency, and with my new found ability to recall them, I was given the key to self-awakening. I needed to remember my dreams. They served me messages and warnings.”

Therese Kairouze

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