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Heroes of Ravenford Books 1 – 3: Ruins on Stone Hill, Serpent Cult, Dark Monolith

by F P Spirit

Mix magic and mystery with novice young heroesâ??what do you get? Danger, mayhem, and loads of sarcasm.

Ruins on Stone Hill

“Magic is easy.” That’s what Glolindir thought, until he came across his first real monster. Luckily, he survived, thanks to his new friends. Little did they know that things were about to go from bad to worse. After 150 years of relative peace, dark forces are rising around the little town of Ravenford. Only one thing stands in their wayâ??this band of young misfits.

Serpent Cult

Things just got a lot more dangerous for Glolindir and friends. After barely surviving encounters with monsters and black magic, they discovered the truth behind it all. A dark cult had set its sights on the little town of Ravenford. Can they save the town from an army of dark cultists, fierce monsters, and perhaps worst of all, diplomatic officials?

Dark Monolith

After an epic battle with a dark cult, things should have gone smooth for the young heroes. Right? Wrong. Seth crosses paths with a mysterious gypsy and together they make a gruesome discovery. Deadly magic from the time of the Thrall Wars still exists and the cult is after it. Can they find the Dark Monolith before the cultists?

Fans of the Heroes of Ravenford compare it to Harry Potter, Forgotten Realms, and the Lord of the Rings. If you like any of these, then you’ll love this series.


by Phillip W. Simpson

“Where shall I start?” asked Minotaur.Ovid made an expansive gesture with both hands. “Where else but the beginning of course.”Minotaur nodded his huge head. “Yes,” he said. “Yes,” his eyes already glazing over with the weight of thousand year old memories.And then he began.So begins the story of Asterion, later known as Minotaur, the supposed half bull creature of Greek legend. Recorded by the famous Roman poet, Ovid, Asterion tells of his boyhood in Crete under the cruel hand of his stepfather Minos, his adventures with his friend, Theseus, and his growing love for the beautiful Phaedra.And of course what really happened in the labyrinth.This is the true story of the Minotaur.

Concealed: The Taellaneth – Book 1

by Vanessa Nelson

A fragile peace, a suspicious death, and secrets that could destroy everyone.

Oath-bound to the arrogant Erith in exchange for her life, Arrow’s freedom is days away when they set her one last task; investigate the death of a high-ranking shape-changer, one of their old enemies.

The shape-changers suspect the Erith of murder and Arrow nearly becomes the first victim in a new war between races, her life spared so she can seek answers. Except someone does not want their secrets uncovered. Not only is her freedom at risk, but so is her life. It will take all of her training and skill with magic to live long enough to find the answers in time to avert a bloodbath.

Rise of The Witch (Circus of Shifters, The Phoenix’s Ashes Book 1)

by Rebecca Ethington

It all started when he found me, naked, in an alley, locked out of my hotel room.

There I was with my naked â??derrière’ waggling behind a dumpster, and in walks Mr. 1950s with his expensive suit, smooth voice, and long hair that I could just see myself tangling my fingers in.

Mr. 1950s was just the start, and now I’m stuck in a palpitating version of “It’s Raining Sexy Dragons”. You might think that that’s the beginning of some epicly sexy happy ever after, but that’s not quite my style.

You see, I’m a phoenix shifter and I am being hunted by the baddest Mother F-er around. A king who thinks I’m the key to eternal life, and wants to drink my blood to get there. Sick.
These dragons are sure putting a wrench in my plans for staying alive, and not just because it’s killing me having to keep my hands off them.

Because, I want my hands to be everywhere. Hair. Lips. Legsâ?¦ Ho-ly! No! I need to keep myself sane, alive, and clothed. Most definitely clothed.

Did you know a shifter has a “bristling mating instinct” when it comes to their mate.
Yeah, neither did I. And here I am with three. I thought you were only supposed to have one.
I am so screwed.

Rise of The Witch is a full length Shifter Paranormal Romance coming in at just over 105,000 words.
Not only will you piss yourself laughing, this book contains Reverse Harem elements, a fair bit of swears, lots of shirtless men, and fade-to-grey steam.
This book may or may not end in a cliffhanger.
You have been warned.

Quest of the Dreamwalker (Corthan Legacy Book 1)

by Stacy Bennett

Independent Author Network 2017 Outstanding Fantasy Book of the Year winner.

Cara’s father crippled her soul to steal her magic, but the key to what she lost still waits for her in her dreams. A chance encounter with the mercenary her father intends to kill opens her eyes to her father’s evil and she flees hoping to find a way to heal her soul. But death follows her every step from the frozen tundra through the Tanglewood to the mountain city of Iolair. Cara must discover her stolen birthright before her father sacrifices her to an even darker power.

The High Priestess (The Darkest Desires Series Book 1)

by N.M Brown

If you’re a fan of Laurell K Hamilton or Charlaine Harris, this is a must new read by N. M. Brown. Very dark and full of wickedness, the breakout novel â??The High Priestess’ is sure to stir your inner demons.
Her Father figure is Greed. Her Mother substitute is Lust. Her detestable cousin is Sloth. Her wayward Uncles are Envy and Glutton. Her absent Aunts are Wrath and Pride. Echo is deliciously sinful. Where’s the harm in that?
Detective McQueen, fresh from the Dublin Police Academy and Echo Headly, ward to the Seven Deadliest Sins are met with a grizzly murder. Found on the grounds of Cardinal House and Echo’s home, the two must somehow, despite their very, very different views on life, solve the case and return to normality. But, can they?
Discovering Echo’s wicked sins that are only growing by the minute, how can Catholic, devout McQueen turn his back on her? On the other hand, seeing the pedestal Saint McQueen has placed himself on, how can Echo not play with him; dragging him down to her level? Can the two of them put aside differences and find the killer, or will Echo and McQueen find themselves at someone else’s mercy?

Who Will Win? Saint or Sinner?

Grimm’s Fairy Tales: Complete and Illustrated

by Wilhelm Grimm

A to Z Classics is the reference in classical works. All our works are of good quality and contain an active table of contents (HTML), which will make it easier for you to read.

Once Upon a Time…

Go into the woods with Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Full of magic and trickery, these stories have delighted generations with such timeless classics as Cinderella, Red Riding Hood, Hansel and Gretel, Snow White, and Rapunzel.

The Complete Fairy Tales

Every fairy tales collected by the Brothers Grimm are includedâ??that’s over 200 tales. Popular favorites include:

– Cinderella
– Beauty and the Beast
– Little Red-Cap (Little Red Riding Hood)
– Briar Rose (Sleeping Beauty)
– Hansel and Grethel
– Snow White
– Rapunzel
– Rumpelstiltskin
– and hundreds more!

The Cursed Waters (The Ghost Ship Tales Book 3)

by Aline Riva

The Third and final book in The Ghost Ship Hotel Trilogy. When the spirit of a witch murdered centuries ago rises from the water and announces she has been given a task in order to earn eternal rest, Raymond Dust and the rest of the ghosts at the hotel mistrust her, suspecting she is hiding a sinister secret, as the witch named Malvina has the power to shift between the realms of the dead and the living, taking on human form. She claims her task is to reunite two lovers who died several years before, and explains that two hotel guests, Wes and Ruby, are their reincarnations.

But then tragedy strikes in the realm of the living, separating Jason from his closest friend as Vic is killed in a car accident. But thanks to a soul binding blade they had accidentally used without realising, Jason, still unable to reach the spirit world, at least has a link with Vic on the other side, and is still able to see and hear him. Then, as Malvina’s action turn sinister as Vic’s ghost mysteriously goes missing and Jason hears a single cry for help – it seems the living as well as the dead are under threat from the long dead witch – and this time it is Raymond Dust who must solve the mystery, and when he does, events will come about that will change everything forever, in ways Jason Blaze can not possibly imagine…

Bleacke’s Geek (Bleacke Shifters Book 1)

by Lesli Richardson

(Book 1 in the Bleacke Shifters series.)

[MF, paranormal, wolf shifters, Alpha heroine, geek hero, urban fantasy]

When girl meets geek, the fur’s gonna fly.

Dewi Bleacke is a no-nonsense Prime Alpha wolf. As head Enforcer of the Targhee pack, she’s in charge of Florida. Her assignment is to kill a dirtbag who sold his daughter. She doesn’t expect to find her handsome, albeit geeky, soulmate in the process.

Dr. Heathcliff McKenzie Ethelbert lives a quiet, boring life. A professor at USF, he has no girlfriend, no car, and is a devout vegetarian. So when a mysterious woman with mocha eyes literally drags him out of his booth and then proceeds to have her way with him, it’s not his average night out. When she follows their sexy interlude by abducting him after killing a man, he suspects life has just taken a drastically odd turn.

Now Dewi, her partner Beck, and her surrogate father Badger, have to educate her new “grazer” mate on the ways of the Targhee wolves. “Ken” does his best to fit in. But an old killer lurks in the shadows–the wolf who murdered Dewi’s parents. Can she keep Ken safe, or will her mate prove to everyone that he’s a lot more than just Dewi Bleacke’s geek?

Monster of Monsters: Death From Above- Realms Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction #10 (Realms Of Science Fiction Fantasy & Horror Flash Fiction)

by Kristie Lynn Higgins

Monster of Monsters: Realms Of Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction is a story highlighting a tiny scene from the Monster of Monsters series inspired by some of Universal Classic Monsters like Dracula, Frankenstein, Creature from the Black Lagoon, the Invisible Man, the Mummy, and the Wolf Man and other classic movies like the Spider Woman, Earth vs The Spider, Eight Legged Freaks, the Spider, Tarantula, Arachnid, and Arachnophobia. The Monster of Monsters series center around a demented game that has been going on for centuries. No one has ever won the game but that’s about to change as someone new enters the game and not by accident. Check out more about the series by going to Monster of Monsters #1 Part One: Mortem’s Opening.

This ebook has the following flash fiction story:
Monster of Monsters: Death From Above
Type: Flash Fiction and the word count is about 290 words
This short-short story in the Science Fiction, Fantasy, & Horror Flash Fiction series visits a Brown Deliveries person as they make their fifth and final delivery in a very interesting Basement Level where death hangs above.

New to Flash Fiction? Flash Fiction are very very short books to tickle your fancy. They are a great way to see a writer’s style and be introduced to the worlds they create and envision.

My novels, novellas, short stories, and flash fiction range from science fiction, fantasy, action-adventure, horror with elements of mystery, thriller, suspense, dark fantasy, gothic, a mix of fairy tales, legends, and epic fantasy. Explore my worlds of magic, tech, werewolf, sword and sorcery, killer robots, UFO, witches, dragon baby, undead, demented games, vampires, villains, flying saucers, post-apocalyptic, dungeons and dragons, werewolves, ghosts, mummies, assassins, monsters, androids, leviathan, dystopian adventure, aliens, curse of the mummy, mutants, warlocks, dragon riders, sorcerer, superheroes, dystopia society, zombies, mutant creatures, warriors, sorceress, apocalyptic adventures, pharaoh king, mad scientist, etc.

Return to Ang Katar

by Louis Frechette

This is a fantasy/ adventure tale of relationships between humans, dwarves and elves as well as between men and women. Here you will find war and hatred, love and laughter, tears and happiness. It’s the story of a volcanic crater that cools down and give birth to an idyllic paradise. Men live and prosper in this land till it is taken away by orcs. Only by an alliance of Elves, Men and Dwarves can the orcs be overthrown and the land returned to it’s rightful owners. Each has dreams of making it their own but they must put aside their differences to win it back and keep it. This is what I hope will be the first of a continuing story. Enjoy!

Shadows of Atlantis: Awakening

by Mara Powers

“…had me turning the pages obsessively from the very beginning.” Readers Favorite.

Enter the legacy of the legend…
Brigitte has been chosen to renew the treaty between Atlantis and the ancient bloodline of Lemuria. As an emissary of nature, her betrothal would ensure the continued function of the Crystal Grid, the life source of the ten kingdoms of Atlantis. But as Brigitte prepares to leave from her home in the magical Dreamvale, her people are attacked by a storm of shadows. Now she is running for her life.

Upon her arrival in the ruling city of Atlantis, she meets D’Vinid, a dejected musician who lives the quintessential Atlantean lifestyle of revelry, escapism and apathy. Under the eclipse of a sacred festival, they are swept into an attraction they cannot resist. Their union may protect humanity from its worst enemy – the shadows of Atlantis. But there is one problem, this man is not her betrothed.

Brigitte soon discovers that the corruption of the Grid could very well be the Grid itself. Citizens have neglected to attend the rituals required to charge the crystals with their psychic emanations. Some have fallen prey to an epidemic called “the madness”, caused by shadowy parasites that feed off human suffering. But as nature always strives toward balance, the crystals have activated a genetic upgrade among the people. The youth have begun to express supernatural powers. Could it be that D’Vinid and Brigitte are meant to be leaders among the awakened? And if so, why does it seem impossible for them to be together?

A mysterious tale of romance, seduction and betrayal that reaches just enough into the modern mind to ask – will we learn the lessons of Atlantis?

Pans Fountain

by Aline Riva

At the age of sixteen, Nina discovered a secret within the hedge maze of Orchard Row House – the statues within can move and speak. Many years later she meets Tyler Macbeth, member of a notorious crime family and occupant of Orchard Row House. They begin a relationship, sharing not only love for each other but also their love of master and servant role play. But Tyler does not share The Secret handed on to his brothers because he chose to ignore family tradition – he has no idea what is living beneath the maze at his family home. He is also unaware that he is not a true Macbeth, which only becomes clear after he is bitten and poisoned by a stone snake that comes alive at the heart of the maze.

As Tyler seeks out the truth Nina is by his side, and together they learn of the unearthly force that dwells below ground – idolised by his brothers – Tony believes it has given him power and Max fanatically worships and fantasises about the creature, thinking of it as a goddess as the creature was portrayed in medieval history.

When Tyler finds out the creature will rise from below ground upon the coming eclipse, he decides to kill it, knowing he may also have to stand up against the power of his own brothers to do so, as he and Nina unite to fight the creature, knowing it is not a demon of myth and legend, but an alien who fell to earth many centuries ago…

The Arcane Knights’ Academy (The Gods of Bel’Qamar Book 1)

by C. H. V. Ramos

What do you call something with so much power that it could literally live above the clouds and walk over the mere mortals of the world? And what do you call those who live under the shadow of such power?

These are questions that don’t plague the mind of the soldiers at the Arcane Knight’s Academy, for they are the absolute rulers of Bel’Qamar. In their mighty fortress among the clouds, young gods are trained from infancy to become the guardians of the world, protecting it against all threat, learning discipline and order, to use their divine powers in the service of peace.
But as they grow up, all gods inevitably start to question their purpose, their place in the world and their destiny.

For if all gods are guardians, they too are prisoners of fate.

After all, if not for their powers, what makes them different from other humans? And if not for the words, what makes guardians different from tyrants?
And more importantly, in a world where some individuals can summon death and destruction at the tip of their fingers, how is it possible to maintain order?

Riddled with philosophical thoughts, this is a journey not into the world, but into ourselves.

Tennen is a god taken from among humans. He doesn’t know the world, he doesn’t know his powers and he is at an age where these are only a few of the questions bombarding his mind. The transition between blissful ignorance of childhood into the world of responsibilities and self-conscience may not be that different from one of isolation to a world of mighty powers after all.
And to complicate the matters, he will befriend some of the most rebellious members of the Arcane Knights’ Academy, in a journey of discovery about the world of the gods, the exigences of life, the acceptance of fate, and of themselves.

Magic, mystery, philosophy, analogies. The Arcane Knight’s Academy invites you to participate in this journey, make discoveries with its characters and perhaps find something about yourself as well.
Behind the adventure and hidden secrets, this book seeks to provide not answers, but to raise questions that only you can answer.

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