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Collected Christmas Horror Shorts 2 (Collected Horror Shorts Book 4)

by Kevin J. Kennedy

Some people love Christmas for religious reasons, others prefer it for the food, drink and parties, but for some other people, it’s just another time of year to get up to mischief. This anthology is filled with tales of not-so-happy Christmases, tales that they don’t want to tell you about in the movies or songs.

It’s time to break out your new Christmas slippers, rip open a box of chocolates and pour yourself a drink. Lock your doors and get comfy. You’re in for one helluva ride.

Merry Christmas from all of us!

Contains stories by:
Amy Cross, Michael A. Arnzen, Christina Bergling, Andrew Lennon, J.C. Michael, Lisa Morton, Mike Duke, C.S. Anderson, Mark Cassell, Peter Oliver Wonder, Suzanne Fox, Matthew Brockmeyer, James Matthew Byers, Kevin J. Kennedy, Weston Kincade, Matt Hickman, P. Mattern, Mark Fleming, Veronica Smith, Steven Stacy, Chris Motz & Sara Tantlinger.

Edited by Brandy Yassa

Death’s Song (Luther Chronicles)

by Matthew Yard

Devin use to be a typical teenager. Him and his best friend James packed up all of their belongings and headed out west, in search of fulfilling a dream they both shared. They wanted to become Rock stars.
Everything was going as planned until Devin was thrown into the supernatural world. He witnessed the ritualistic sacrifice that was done so that a powerful deity that once portrayed itself as the Lut King to a powerful Vikings tribe. Haunted by the shifting red eyes of that creature, Devin has tried to live in hiding within the structured walls of the state’s biggest college. Hoping that somehow, he will just the Lut king would forget about him and move on.
Years later he is being tormented by nightmares and visions that would attack him even while he was awake. He can no longer separate between reality and nightmares, so now he lives in a world without bounds. Two constants have made up his world. One the physical world around will melt away in a flash, while Hell opens its gate for him, and two his life is now one of absolute solitude.
Victoria is the only one who can bring him out from living in shadows and nightmares, and into a world where light and love can once again be found. These two are now bound together to face this enemy. However, the Lut king is determined to destroy them both, so they cannot find what they needed to fight destroy him.
Somewhere beyond the shadows of the abyss an ancient creature more powerful than any deity, steps out from the shadows to collect the souls of both, human and god. This ancient creature, who became Death is a poet to the human soul, but to those that live within its realm Death is the tomb that imprisons them forever.

You’re dead

by L.A. W

“You’re dead.” The bright neon sign blinds Jonathan’s eyes for a moment. Bright red and blue buzz fills the room. The sign does not lie, Jonathan Nathan is indeed very dead. Jonathan finds out there is a way to stay longer though, and he grabs in it hopes of saying goodbye to his wife Jess. The afterlife agency hires Jonathan to collect lost spirits, but the job turns out to be far more dangerous than he thought. Jonathan finds out that there are for more worse things in this life than passing away and he is soon faced with pure evil. As he dives deep into the world of murder and turmoil, he also uncovers the truth about his own life – and death.

The Unbreakable Curse: A Dark Paranormal Reverse Harem Urban Fantasy (Accursed Archangels #1)

by Alexia Purdy

Banished from paradise, she’ll risk it all for one last chance to return.

Recruited by a corrupt archangel named Ereziel, Thalia Brennan must find a way back through the gates of Purgatory. Tasked with killing souls so vile, this solitary huntress collects their darkness as currency back into Heaven.

When one of these vile souls tells her she’ll never be able to buy her way back into Heaven, she doesn’t believe him, even when he gifts her a locket he claims is the key to her origins. Now, with a bounty on her head for killing him, she must dodge the clutches of those who want her treasure to stay alive. Finding out what the locket opens while facing the wrath of all the orders of demons and angels in the city isn’t easy. Luckily, there’s some handsome allies who are just as determined to solve the mystery and assist her with whatever means possible.

The Accursed Archangels series is a breakneck urban fantasy adventure which will appeal to readers of angels, demons, paranormal thrillers, reverse harems, and supernatural lore. 

Books in this series: 
The Unbreakable Curse Now Available
The Cursed Labyrinth Now Available
The Irredeemable Soul Coming Soon

Every Last Bone: An Apocalypse Crew Novel

by Shain Stodt

A gritty, funny, hip urban fantasy with a fantastic heroine. Liz Blackwell and her friends in Lawton have it rough these days: zombies, witches and ghouls are making life miserable, and that’s before it gets complicated; a Warrior Woman is summoned to face a mad Wendigo shaman, a young girl is forced to contend with the horror her brother has become, and a sentient zombie fights to retain his humanity as long as he can. “A rainbow diversity of suck-ass boogey’s” don’t eclipse the pitfalls of everyday life when a grim nightmare becomes reality.

General Red Horse has to take control of the cracked Diddler Administration (after all, The First Lady is rumored to have eaten the kitchen staff) while Liz petitions the powerful and contemptuous Eboni witches for help. Heartbreaking, terrifying, beautiful, and ridiculously funny, Every Last Bone is a genre bending, exhilarating ride.

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Origins (A Gathering Of Evil Book 1)

by Aline Riva

A bath with a tragic past and Mr Mint, the ghost of a man who committed suicide in it, are about to enter the lives of Jane and Toby, two people who are destined to be together – and destined to be overshadowed by evil. Mint is a lonely ghost, much like the lonely ghost of a woman who died by her own hand and still haunts her favourite sofa. Not all ghosts are evil. But the bed that belonged to a serial killer in the 1930s and a wartime mirror that witnessed a killing spree carry dark souls who despise the living. Lurking in an antique shop is a grandfather clock with a grisly secret and somewhere in a dusty attic is a Christmas tree and a box of decorations that were spattered with blood on a dark and silent night back in the ’70s. Each item is the hiding place of a darkly angry, bitter soul, waiting and lurking to bring torment to the living… Book 1 of a brand new trilogy by Aline Riva and Nathan Ward authors of bestselling zombie serial Deserted with the Dead. Nathan Ward is also the author of the ongoing scifi saga Foliage 1 &2, with Aline Riva contributing the Sanctuary books in the middle of the set, taking up the tale of the post war cyborgs. Aline Riva is also six times number 1 bestselling author, Nathan Ward has achieved two number 1 spots with Foliage 1 and Foliage 2 : Termination. Deserted with the Dead was a 2016 bestselling set that continues to be popular well into 2017. This new horror series, A Gathering of Evil, is their third fiction series created together as writing partners. Book 2 : Hauntings and Book 3: Ghosts will be coming soon.

We Are Terror

by Hugo Damas

The War is Ending.

For a decade, Humanity has been allied in a struggle for survival, engaged in a war that has spanned the entire world. They seek to defeat an alliance of mythical beings that surged out of secrecy with the intent to re-shape the world to fit their needs.

However, thanks to the introduction of a transformative elixir, Humanity gained the capacity to fight back — monster to monster — and are now on the verge of securing a decisive victory.

Joseph, King of the Vampires, personally leads an assault on the human capital of Moscow. At the heart of it lies the means to put an end to the mysterious concoction, the one true hope for the survival of their species.

Hunted or hunting, terrified or terrifying, their life has always just been about survival. But with this act, Joseph and his clan seek to establish a new world order.

A new way of life.


by Diana Hignutt

Diana Hignutt’s cult classic, gender-bending, fantasy thriller is finally available exclusively for Amazon Kindle in this all new revised edition. An ancient prophecy leads a warrior prince to take up his destiny as the Moon Goddess in a battle with a sinister Demon out to destroy the world. Druids, faeries, enchanted swords and a transsexual prince come together in this unforgettable tale of adventure and magic. Moonsword was nominated for the 2004 Spectrum Award, and earned praise of critics and readers worldwide.
Praise for Moonsword:

“Moonsword is a thrilling adventure that explores gender through a protagonist who’s at first horrified at his transformation, but eventually comes to accept herself as a woman, and even finds love with the woman he’d met before his change. Moonsword is a wonderful book.” -Erik Swallow, Lamda Rising

“Harry Potter for adults” -Louie Free – AM1360, Cleveland

“The new novel Moonsword is an action-packed saga of sorcery, secrets and surprises… a rollicking epic…” -Kevin Riordan – The Courier Post


by Jeff Wade

Have you ever gone days with no water? Weeks? Have you ever spent the night with a dead man?

A heinous nightmare. Frank bolts up in bed. Except he’s not in bed. His head slams into what feels like ten-million tons of solid rock. He rolls right, then left, only to be foiled by more rock. Like a stone coffin. What is this place? How did he get here? Maybe the dream was real, and this is the nightmare. His heart pounds with panic as he stares into the darkness.

Something has happened. Something terrifying. But the harder he strains to recall the event, the deeper it retreats into the labyrinth of his mind.

A stalker in his dreams. Horror when he wakes. A passage. A password. A vanishing snake. What does any of it mean, if anything?

No light. No water, no memory. And he’s out of time. He must remember. If he wants to live. His amnesia is fading, but so is his hope. And perhaps his sanity.

Supreme Ruler

by N. D.

Chaos/Order these are the principles of what all life is based on. They are the truth of this universe and the only path this planet has ever followed. It is the balance of our restraint and of our release. It is the aptitude of power and perilous, strength and struggle and life and death. The rules that are in place of this world are all a product of this design. Our lives, our beliefs, our land since the beginning of all-time are all the result of this concept. Everything we strive; everything we strive to hold all come from these principles. From the smallest seed to the tallest oak all manner of life is based on the rules of this philosophy. These two powers are the boundaries that all creatures in this world have lived since the genesis of time. Even as generations have come and gone, lives have ended, and others have just begun it is the cycle that has continued and it shall be so until that day comes that all manner of life leaves this earth…..

The Entity of Camp Devils Lake

by Anthony Gurule

The Entity of Camp Devils Lake is an action-packed fantasy novel set on a mysterious evil mountain in which, Rodger finds himself face to face with the supernatural. What started out as a simple investigation of the death of a little boy turned into a whirlwind of horror, gore, and destruction? The Entity of Camp Devils Lake follows Rodger, and a cast of both mortal and fantastically immortal supporting characters who seek closure, power, revenge, and survival. This story is essentially a good versus evil, versus evil conflict, which, contemplates some of the prevailing questions about religion, its role in society, and the clashes it sparks among the people of the world. The Entity of Camp Devils Lake will keep the reader turning the pages to find out what happens next. Goosebumps and hair will rise as you read it at night. Sleep tight, or not.

El color de su vestido (Spanish Edition)

by B. Menendez Vico

No se sabe si una persona mata trastornada por el horror de sus visiones o si los asesinatos son provocados por el gusto de matar. No se conoce si los muertos son víctimas inocentes escogidas al azar, o presuntos culpables condenados a morir de forma atroz. Las interrogantes son muchas. La niña de cabellos largos y rubios puede ser la clave que conduzca a la verdad

The Zee Brothers: Halloween Holocaust: Zombie Exterminators Vol.3

by Grivante

Jonah & Judas are back!
(JJ & Xanadu too!)

Spending an all too rare, quiet night at home, the brothers indulge themselves in beer and video games,
refusing to answer their endlessly ringing phone.

It’s Halloween, the one night a year they take off for fear of idiots playing pranks and pretending to be zombies.
That’s ended badly for them once before.

But when they receive a desperate call from an old co-worker, they venture out against their better judgment.

Arriving in an infested neighborhood, they soon discover these zombies are not like any they’ve encountered before.

Someone is controlling them,
someone the brothers believed long-dead!

Another Day At The Office

by James DeSantis

Stuart has a beautiful home, a wonderful wife, and a decent paying job. So why, on his day off, is he at the office seeking out his co-workers for questioning? You can’t be the best customer service representative without being able to “fix” the problems, right?

James DeSantis brings another horror-thriller to the table with his brand new short story “Another Day At The Office”. He continues to spread throughout different genres to give all readers something interesting to read through next.

The Passing of Boss Krenkel

by J. D. Belyi

The true story of Santa Claus is not for children.

For five hundred years, the man the world knows as Kris Kringle has ruled the northland with an iron will, forcing the native Alephs to labor in his Work Shop. But now this more than mortal being is dying, and it falls to the only other man who knows the northland’s history to tell the tale.

That tale is THE PASSING OF BOSS KRENKEL, a centuries-spanning saga of legend, longing, and loss. Narrated by the Aleph lore-keeper Aezhiil Engaart, it is a tale of the power of dreams: the sated dreams of children, the shattered dreams of a people. And it is the tale of one man’s struggle to preserve a stolen past, only to find that he must gather the courage to face an unknown future.

Featuring two richly imagined worlds, a cast of vivid characters, and a wholly original mythology, THE PASSING OF BOSS KRENKEL will delight readers not just on Christmas Eve but all year round.

Be Careful What You Dream For

by Greg Liles

Be Careful What You Dream For, is a humorous fantasy-fiction about a grade school boy who has an obsession with dreams and a strong desire to leave awake-world behind and become a permanent citizen of dream-world.

Irv and Sandra Walker each have a drinking problem. Irv works for the city’s waste collection service, stopping after work frequently with the guys for a quick one or two. While Sandra, a stay-at-home mom, has a special liking for Southern Comfort and a couch with a cushion that has a permanent indentation of her slightly less-than-average looking posterior. They also have two sons, Sid and Benny. Benny is a twelve-year-old-jerk and Sid, at ten, has no friends because the other kids consider him a little odd.

Sid becomes engrossed in wishes, hopes, and dreams; trying to find a correlation between wishing for something and actually what it is that makes some dreams come true while others seem to go unanswered. He goes to the library and checks out books on dreams and dream interpretation to learn what he can about this twilight state of wishful thinking. He wishes he could make some friends, that his family would get along better and that he could have a girlfriend. While dreaming, Sid makes friends with four boys from school he calls the “not-so’s” (short for not so friendly) and meets his dream-girl Sarah. It’s then that his dreams start to appeal more to him than real life does, so Sid is confronted with quite a quandary. Does he want to give up his life in the real world and remain in the dream-world forever? In response to his thoughts of constantly wishing to stay in dream-world with Sarah, a voice speaks to Sid.

We all hear a voice sometimes, a voice inside our head that tells us to do or not to do something. Most people call this their inner-voice or common sense; some refer to it as the voice of God. Sid calls the voice “Butch” and is given the opportunity to have his dreams come true by taking on a challenge that Butch has offered him. He must journey across barren, desolate terrain to the “Caves of Lost Souls” to confront the “Dream Taker” and retrieve the “Book of Dreams.” If he can complete this task, he will be awarded permanent citizenship to dream-world.

Sid takes Sarah (his dream-girl) and Hanna (a dreamy puppy that can talk and fly) along on his quest and is confronted by giant cats, flying assassins, and even his dead grandpa before he comes in contact with the one who crushes dreams for a living. Sid learns that he must be careful what he wishes for and that the decision he has to make will affect not only him but everyone he loves. Things happen pretty quickly and dreams do come true sometimes in this magical tale about a young boy on his search for happiness and what he wishes for himself and his family. A twisted mix of faith, love, and wishful thinking all make this a fun journey to travel.

This book is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and places portrayed in this book are products of the author’s imagination and are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

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