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Window Kitties: The other Neighborhood Watch

by Alan Gilbert

Window Kitties is a bright and light-hearted look into a favorite feline gathering place: the window. It is a crisply illustrated showcase for the fat cat, the kitten, the bobtail, and on occasion a lion, a teddy bear or even a patriotically attired tom. Window Kitties is your chance to peer into the secret life of your friendly neighborhood cat and depart with a smile, a chuckle, and a bit of feline insight.

Lessons from the Set: A DIY Guide to Your First Feature Film, from Script to Theaters

by Usher Morgan

Lessons from the Set is a comprehensive filmmaking guide that takes a cinephile’s “Do It Yourself” approach to low-budget indie film production and distribution. The book is peppered with filmmaking tips and tricks, as well as valuable, practical insight into the process of writing, directing, producing, and distributing commercial feature films on a low budget – whether you’re working with $1,000 or $1m. You’ll learn how to write, direct, produce, and release your film to theaters, tackle festivals and handle press, create a marketing plan, get reviews, and approach the filmmaking process with both an artistic soul and an entrepreneurial mindset.

After releasing his debut feature film to wide acclaim, filmmaker Usher Morgan (Prego, Windblown, Pickings) decided to write a filmmaking book which detailed his approach to writing, directing, and producing his own work, as well as the steps he took to distribute and market his film, Pickings, and release it to theaters across the nation.

Lessons from the Set: A DIY Guide to Your First Feature Film, from Script to Theaters is the perfect gift to any aspiring filmmaker, it’s an essential guide for anyone who wants to tell stories and make movies for a living.



Throughout the ages, mysteries have been solved, discoveries have been made, and impossible feats have been achieved, in no small part, due to financial incentive, not the least, being Charles Augustus Lindbergh’s 1927 historic flight.

The $250,000 SOLVE-A-MYSTERY CHALLENGE! is an humble effort to carry on this tradition.

The Book of Mice:Book 3: The Punk rats!

by Jonathan Brandstater

The Book of Mice Book 3 includes original cartoon characters. The format of this book includes an introduction, a history of these characters, three sample songs and a series of humorous illustrations.

The Book of Mice Book 2: More Mice

by Jonathan Brandstater

The Book of Mice Book 2 consists of a series of humorous illustrations depicting mice engaging in various activities or assuming numerous roles. Word play, especially puns, is frequent.

Stella, Kenny, and Bud: The Complete Story

by Greg Liles

Stella, Kenny, and Bud: The Complete Story, is a tale of love and the love of baseball shared amongst a trio of eleven-year-olds who grow up in a small, rural mining community in the mid-sixties. Hooper’s Landing is snuggled amongst the woodlands and hills of southeastern Kentucky and is home to a small populace of impoverished, hard-working people. Kids here do the same things as kids in other places do: they go fishing, and swimming, and they play baseball.

Stella, a cute tomboy with an impish vein and an outstanding pitching arm, wrinkles her nose in times of angst to signal those around her that she is about to go into action. At these times, she is as likely to deliver a sizzling fastball, as she is to land a jolting blow to someone’s midsection.

Kenny plays second base and sometimes recognizes the signs that Stella gives and sometimes he does not. To Kenny, bruised ribs are a fair price to pay just to be in Stella’s company and he most generally goes along with whatever she says with just a shrug because she is most generally right.

Physically large for his age, Bud, who some refer to as slow, stands around in right field awaiting balls that seldom come his way due to the pitching expertise of Stella. Seldom seen without the accompaniment of Stella, Kenny, and his dog Rascal, Bud is the secret bond that holds them all together.

This story of friendship and the baseball game that began their short-lived careers as Stella and the Stars becomes entangled when puberty strikes and Kenny becomes confused interpreting the signals Stella is starting to deliver off the playing field. Their secret journey from being friends to becoming boyfriend and girlfriend, and their fear of detection, causes Stella and Kenny to react selfishly when Bud has a tragic accident, and the cement that once held them all together threatens to tear them apart.

This book is a work of fiction. The characters, events, and places portrayed in this book are products of the author’s imagination and are fictitious or are used fictitiously. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is purely coincidental and not intended by the author.

Bobby Undead: Season Two

by Danial Hooper

As a new vampire, Bobby is about to run into a lot of trouble. Aardvark-style trouble. This hilarious television show (that’s actually a book) is bound to go down in the annals of history as the greatest second season of any show… ever. Join Bobby in his quest to understand what it means to be Undead. Because, that’s the title of this book.

Clay Mice

by Jonathan Brandstater

Clay mice is a comic book featuring pictures of rodents made from clay and/or similar modeling material. The theme is word play, especially puns and alliteration. In addition, I have added some parody and social satire. The clay mice are based on hand drawn characters of my own design. The book is twenty six pages long. Each photograph is accompanied by an explanatory caption, along with thought or speech bubbles.

Squirrel Chatter: Squirrels Just Want to Have Fun

by Jonathan Brandstater

Squirrel Chatter: Squirrels Just want to have fun includes drawings by the author. The drawings show a number of cartoon squirrels engaged in various activities such as golf, skiing and skating. This book is designed as a humorous cartoon book. It is possible children would enjoy it, as well as adults.

Clay Critters

by Jonathan Brandstater

Clay critters features a series of photographs. The book is in a comic book format. The photographs themselves depict animal and fantasy characters made mostly from Play doh (TM), as well as clay and other modeling materials. Each photograph is accompanied by a brief caption. At the end of book, there is a description of how the reader can make his or her own modeling material from commonly found materials, specifically, salt, flour, water, cooking oil, creme of tartar and food coloring. The tone of the book is humorous, in keeping with many comic books of this nature.

HOW TO BUILD SHIPS: Rule The Seven Seas Now !!! Arrrrggggghhhhh !!!!!!! (with step-by-step instructions)

by Geniuz Gamer

One of the Hottest Constructing Ship Guides of the year!!!

HOW TO BUILD SHIPS: Rule The Seven Seas Now !!! Arrrrggggghhhhh !!!!!!! (with step-by-step instructions)

Hello there dear reader! First of all let me thank you for picking-up this eBook and deciding to give it a shot! If this is your first time reading one of my eBooks then this section will tell just what you can expect to learn here and how the information will be presented. To put it as simply as possible, this eBook will show you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to create amazing, massive ships. Since this aims to be a definitive guide, we’ve included everything: Screenshots, crafting recipes, survival tips, as well as a little bit of fun trivia.

For many people the coolest thing about whole gaming experience is that it gives you a feeling of ownership. You make your own stuff – your own ships, decks, fleet – heck, you can even build your own Empire! And, of course, you want your stuff to be better than your mate’s stuff. That’s probably why you’ve clicked onto this e-book.

By the end of this eBook you’ll learn how to create your own (pirate) ship as well as learn quite a bit about ships in the form of trivia and fun facts. Your friends will be blown away by the sheer brilliance of your mind – a mind that is able to conjure up and develop the coolest, most unique and totally brilliant mind-blowing ships. So, what are you waiting for?

GRAB your copy NOW!!!

Clever Block Game Traps 2

by Leonard Treman

Do you want to kill people on minecraft while you are at school or work? Well now you can. With this book of clever traps and it’s prequel you can learn a multitude of traps to keep the people on your server on their toes even when you aren’t on the server.

This is an extension to the first version to show you some awesome traps. This one has 6 more traps that were not included in the first version.
The included traps are.

1. The Big Land Mine
2. The Fly Catcher Mine
3. The Drain.
4. The Dark Pit
5. The False House
6. The House Bomb

Check out volume 3 at

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