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Waiting Season: a novel (Book 4)

by Melanie Lageschulte

A new year brings new challenges â?¦ and the chance to make a dream come true.

Melinda expected to spend January relaxing by the fireplace while paging through the seed catalogs’ promises of spring. After all, the slower pace of the country was one of the reasons she’d let go of her bustling life in the city.

Instead, she finds herself struggling to keep the worst of winter’s threats from her door. Shoveling snow, thawing her acreage’s water lines, and anxiously watching over the pregnant sheep in her barn fill Melinda’s shorter days and longer nights. She pushes on because Horace’s offer still stands: He’ll sell her the farm in the spring if she truly wants to stay.

But as winter tightens its grip, Melinda’s biggest trials are still to come. When a series of events threatens to break her heart and shatter her hopes, can she find the strength to see the season through?

Chad Kennedy

by Sean Everington

Chad Kennedy is an aspiring writer. He has given up everything for the craft, but it is not enough. The words will not come. The work he has sent out to magazines and publishers will not get published. Booze, drugs, and isolation in the suburbs of Atlanta don’t seem to get him writing. He wants so badly to write so he can be a literary great, and so he can make money to support his mother, who has to deal with his drunk father. He believes he is alone. That there are no other lovers of literature around him. No one who loves John Fante, Jack Kerouac, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Mark Twain, James Joyce, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and his idol Ernest Hemingway. Then he meets Prudence ( Rachel Burt).

Prudence is a stripper at a local club and a writer herself. She has two books published already. Chad Kennedy begins to fall in love, but he believes he cannot love Prudence until he has written about all his past loves. The only way to write of his previous relationships is to visit his past (or so Chad Kennedy convinces himself). He returns to his past, physically to his hometown, Roswell, Georgia, and mentally as he journey’s through his memories while re-visiting the spots where he had loved and was loved.

His reveries lead to a disillusioned epiphany, a violent scene with his ex-girlfriend’s new boyfriend, and ultimately it leads to his first novel and Prudence. Yet, Chad Kennedy is torn between his dream of becoming a great writer to support his family and his love for Prudence. The two start to mix. He speaks with God, with Ernest Hemingway, and with himself to find the correct path. He struggles to find what is right: To love or to write. His decision is made all the more challenging when Prudence reveals her secrets and Chad Kennedy’s old friend shows up for a crazy night.

Perfect for fans of Charles Bukowski, John Fante ( “Ask the Dust”), and Ernest Hemingway. Chad Kennedy is a journey of self-discovery, a passionate romance for literature and love, but it is a battle with the madness of our desires, our ambition, and our place in history and society. Chad Kennedy shows us the struggle we must all face. That is how to grapple with our goals whilst we engage with our emotions and the world around us.

My Best Friend’s Brother (Hometown Heroes Book 3)

by G.L. Snodgrass

***Young Adult Romance***

When Luke Prescott rescued Amy Jensen from a night of terror. Neither of them knew where it would lead. He was her best friend’s brother. A bad boy with a ton of baggage. But he had become her Dark Knight. Her hero.

Amy knew that submitting to her true feelings would be a betrayal of her best friend. But denying the truth would lead to pain and misery.

Two young people must maneuver through the trials and tribulations of young love without hurting those around them. All while discovering the truth about each other and the truth about what it means to really be in love.

The Elephant Gate

by Barbara Kumari

Through a friendship with a young woman calling herself Jane, you embark on the adventures both clarifying and riddling your past-discovering the secrets of your lost love, Payal, and the bombing of the Elephant Gate.


by Irma Fritz

“Big J” Jim Jackson is the star quarterback of the Colorado State University Rams, holding the school record for single-game total offense. When he can’t get to first down with the hot new cheerleader, Valerie “Legs” Foster, he buys her an engagement ring. With expectations of playing pro ball and his wedding date to the prettiest co-ed set, Jim’s future is bright.
Then he meets Betty. She’s not much to look atâ??skinny, frizzy hair, glassesâ??the sort of girl you ask to type your paper, not on a date. When Jim asks her the kind of question that gets a guy a slap in the face nine times out of ten, she doesn’t bat an eye. Jim can’t believe his luck. Engaged to the woman of his dreams and a sizzling-hot lover on the sideâ??he can have his cake and eat it too.
Jim learns that nothing in life is free, and he runs as far away from Betty as he can. But she’s right there to intercept every one of his passes. When she brings on her final play, he can only win by losing.

Darkest Kiss

by Jonathan Finch

Set in the London of the 1970’s “Darkest Kiss” tells the story of troubled love and poses the question : “How far is it possible for the reader to believe in the narrator and his narrative”? Tracing events a man tries to make sense of his lost love, but descends into the depths of paranoiaâ?¦Or does he? Is the story, his story, very different? Is the heroine Katharine really out to destroy her lover? “Darkest Kiss” poses questions which seem to have no answers.
Using innovative language, “Darkest Kiss” takes its reader on a journey from work in a block of London flats through to a heart of darkness or hearts of darkness where kisses are not what they seem and where the simplest of “facts” becomes incomprehensible, memory complicating the narrator’s search for truth.
Jonathan Finch has written a number of books. For two years he has been using the self-publishing platform to advertise his literary talents. Reviewers have said his style is apparently light and liquid, and he has been praised for his “aerobic” language.

The Reality of Being Lovers

by Gail L. Winfree

Miriam, a 35-year-old professional IT manager, leads a life consumed by books. When she’s not working, she’s reading. She has a handful of friends and a questionable social life. Though attractive and well-kept, Miriam chooses to hide herself from men and has led a life of celibacy since her first and only lover ditched her after a two-year romance in college. Then one day, she discovers an obscure book by an obscure author in a used book shop. The book is called “The Reality of Being Lovers” and its main character Josh is “a man who gets what he wants and sometimes more than he bargains for,” according to the book jacket description.

Josh is a sexual powerhouse who has his way with women. Josh is also a lonely man looking for real love, eternal loveâ??a love he cannot find in his book characterâ??a man whose true character is revealed only to Miriam after she begins to read it.

Miriam soon realizes that her life is changing. Something strange, something good is happening to her and she looks to the book and Josh for the answer to why.

“The Reality of Being Lovers” is an erotic love story for book lovers. It’s a book for people who believe in the magic of books and the magic of love. It breaks down the barrier between reader and book character. It’s a love story between Miriam and Josh. It’s a book that will let you dream.

Finding What’s Lost

by Gail L. Winfree

It’s 1972 and 24-year-old Adrian Berger’s life is about to change. An only child with well-to-do parents, Adrian has everything, everything except friends, and his sheltered childhood has crippled him emotionally and sexually and has made him a selfish, arrogant loner. And he has no regrets about it until he is faced with a tragedy that sends him on a journey to unlock a family secret and reveal the lies of his life. Along the way, Adrian discovers love, explores loss, finds a hidden identity, and faces difficulties he?s not prepared to meet. He experiences the joys of Zen, naked women, and BBK beer. He finds God the hard way. He learns about love and sex the hard way. He learns to make friends the hard way. He learns life the hard way, finding reality a difficult concept to grasp at times. This journey takes Adrian to Kaiserslautern, Germany, where he must find the two people who can help him put the pieces of his puzzled life together and unravel the lies he has lived. And all he has are names: Joseph and Katherina Iwanovitz.

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