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Journey: One Hundred Poems of Life, Love, and Passion

by Renato Castro Pasion Jr.

Life is the ultimate journey. This book of poetry is a compilation of 100 poems together with links of their respective video versions (Video Poems for short). It’s a poignant chronicle of the author’s life journey as he traverses the intricacies of human existence bubbling with love and passion intermixed with unexpected but inevitable loss and pain. It is a story of friendship, true love, personal reflections, and growing faith. Join him in this adventure, savor the rich, multi-dimensional experience of written word, visual-aural feast, and find comfort, encouragement, and inspiration in your own journey.

Noctambulario (Spanish Edition)

by Mercedes Mayol

Un poeta me dijo alguna una vez: “Se necesita valor para escribir poesía, para escribir cualquier cosa, la cobardía limita”. Hoy creo, que eso que él llama valor, es en verdad honestidad, una honestidad desnuda y a veces brutal que nos deja ver la soledad como es. Nacemos solos y morimos solos, y en medio vivimos la ilusión de estar acompañados y esa inocencia, esa ilusión que se pierde cuando nace la necesidad y la desesperación de escribir-nos, de explicar-nos, de desnudar-nos, muere y pare dentro de nosotros miles de estrellas que agonizan. Salimos y entramos de este no-mundo, o demasiado mundo, no lo sé.Quizás, aquellos poetas suicidas quedaron atrapados en ese lado oscuro de la luna-musa que enamora y arrastra sin preguntar.Y sólo por las dudas, cruzo los dedos, toco madera y sentencio (y profetizo): “Yo soy poeta, y una sobreviviente”. Estos son los poemas de mis noches de insomnio, de la búsqueda, de la pérdida y el reencuentro.

The whispers of a slowly dying heart

by William Hall

A collection of poems by William G. Hall inspired by the emotions felt my many hearts of love, death, pain and more. The whispers of a slowly dying heart is just that. True emotions that can be felt with each line you read. walk down a path with the beautiful mind of imagination and feel the power of words.

Paranoias de un PAIASO (Spanish Edition)

by Lil Clawn

Poemario en formato electrónico donde plasmo a lo largo de 40 fragmentos con verso libre (sin ataduras a una métrica medida) mis ideas, pensamientos, experiencias o simples paranoias que rondan mi cabeza.

Pretendo dar total imaginación al lector, por lo que es posible sacar prismas diferentes de un mismo fragmento por la ambigüedad de algunas palabras, contextos o ideas que quiero reflejar de forma intencionada.

I hope this reaches her in time too

by penric gamhra

I hope this reaches her time too
This book is the continuing of the popular poetry book I hope this reaches her in time by r.h sin these are the pieces that was let off from the popular Internet selling slave. People say this was a challenge but no you can’t be the opponent of your partner we are on the same page so we are joint forces.

Don’t You Dare Teach My Daughter To Fear The Forest : & Other Poems Of Remembrance For Women

by T.Y. Chambers

‘Don’t you dare teach my daughter to fear the forest’ is a call to all women everywhere to reconnect with their divine feminine power.
This collection of poems focuses on:
– The archetypal energies of Maiden, Mother, Enchantress, Crone
– Healing ancestral wounds
– The woman and nature relationship
– Recovering the right to express honest emotions
– Accepting the light as well as the dark within us all.

Each poem stirs ancient memory, the truth of what it means to be a woman, and each is offered with an affirmation to pray or meditate upon.

It is our heritage, our birthright, our responsibility as women, to stand in our own power. ‘Don’t you dare teach my daughter to fear the forest’ takes readers on a healing journey to reclaim their power from a society that works so hard to make us all fear and forget it.

Merry Christmas Stories, Poems and Carols

by Brian Humek

The title Merry Christmas Stories, Poems & Carols pretty much sums up this book. You will find a wealth of Christmas related writings within these pages, including favorites from O. Henry, Dickens, Longfellow and Alcott and many others, original and classics. You will know many of the stories, poems and carols included in this anthology of Christmas cheer, but you will also discover new gems that will help that forever Christmas spirit deep inside you come alive.

You can use this book as a nightly dose of Christmas cheer before bed, or read it at your favorite coffee shop while you sip something that soothes away your winter chill. Wherever you choose to read Merry Christmas Stories, Poems and Carols, you will most likely be a more thankful, hopeful and cheerful person after doing so.

A Right Royal Farce of Poems and Poetry

by Annie Allways

This is a beautiful and moving eclectic mix of poems and poetry.
Totally original and thought producing.
Some are deep and dark, while others are light and frivolous, but all are fun to read.
Trying to get into the head of the author is as much fun as reading the text.

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