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Citizen Survivor’s Handbook: A 1940s Prepping Guide

by Richard Denham

Includes a foreword by best-selling author Cody Lundin.

The prepper’s guide with a difference

During the 1940’s Britain suffered a national catastrophe that would become known as â??The Great Tribulation’ by its survivors. The remnant of His Majesty’s Government formed a department known as The Ministry of Survivors, the mandate of this office being to help, guide and inform the public through the anarchy around them. During the early years they produced and issued a handbook known as â??The Citizen Survivor’s Guidebook’.

However, as the situation became more desperate, the guidance within this book quickly became redundant. The Ministry deemed that the only remaining course of action was to produce a second edition; informing people to evacuate the chaos of the towns and cities and flee to the countryside, focusing on wilderness survival and how to be self-sufficient on the move.

This is a surviving copy of that handbook.

Terraâ??s of the Milky Way

by Dale DuFay

Attention! The Mandela Effect has revealed that all life on Earth, as we know it, live’s a parallel existence on a multitude of different, yet unusually similar Earths, all within the Milky Way Galaxy!
This book attempts to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Mandela Effect and what it’s trying to tell us about the sacred secrets of creation and life as we know it!
The prophecy in Revelation chapter 10 verse 6 and 7 prophecies the Mandela Effect, therefore revealing the Holy nature of this miraculous phenomenon! Also revealing that none of the religions and their organizations are not going to have anything to do with this spiritual Holy event! Therefore this book will make every effort to keep all religious aspects out of this discussion and focus on the spiritual and tangible reality it poses.

Discurso del método (Spanish Edition)

by René Descartes

El Discurso del método cuyo título completo es Discurso del método para conducir bien la propia razón y buscar la verdad en las ciencias es la principal obra escrita por René Descartes y una obra fundamental de la filosofía occidental.

Publicada anónimamente en Leiden Descartes la tituló “Discurso” y no “Tratado” para evitarse problemas por las ideas vertidas en esta obra.

Your Career does not Define You: It Merely Defines how You Support Yourself

by Shanna Star

On the way to my workman’s comp appointment, I had a deep conversation with my transporter. He was describing how unfortunate it was that so many people lose everything including their self worth after an injury at work. He has spoke to people that went from living in Beverly Hills to now living in a trailer park, people who have developed severe depression, even people who have contemplated suicide. This brought on the need for me to remind people that we do not have to allow our career to be our livelihood. Society has taught us this way and its a lie, a lie to keep you feeling small so that you never understand your purpose on this earth. You are not in this life to work a nine to five for a corporation that will drop you the moment you’re no longer needed, we are here to serve a purpose and an injury on the job is the blessing that allows you the down time to find that purpose. “In changing how you perceive obstacles, they are no longer obstacles but oppurtunities.” – Shanna Star

The Entertainment Industry: Part of a Larger Plan

by Shanna Star

If you read the first short publication released by Shanna Star, you understand her goal in her writing. It is to awaken the masses to the truths behind the things we deem “normal” in everyday life. There is a bigger plan at hand and we have all been blinded to these facts. Here is another short publication addressing the role that performers and influential people of the world play in aiding in the demise of humanity. Knowledge is power and the only way to change our world it is to first know the truth about the inner workings of it.

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