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Committed: A Novella

by Jeana E. Mann

The continuation of the award-winning Intoxicated, Book 1 of the Felony Romance Series.

Jack and Ally have endured a lot to be together. Their relationship has survived the test of his ex-wife, her ex-boyfriend, and the trials of running Felony Bar. Jack’s ready to tie the knot, but Ally’s got cold feet. With her bipolar mother back in the picture, Ally has to find a way to get past her commitment issues.

This is a novella and the final installment of the Felony Romance Series.

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Hanna And The Hot Hockey Gods: A Reverse Harem Romance

by Dizzy Hooper

Three bad boy hockey players. One figure skater in need of some stress relief. Let the games beginâ?¦

As a last minute addition to the figure skating team, I knew I was in for some hazing, but this is ridiculous. I walk in on my roommate doing the deed on my bed.

With nowhere to go, I end up wandering the halls, only to run into three super hot members of the men’s ice hockey team. There’s the team captain, Zeke, who gives me the chills. Sensitive Aaron. And filthy-mouthed, uber-competitive Brent.

These bad boy forwards have a reputationâ??and a goal. They want a girl to celebrate their win with.

Who am I to say no?

It’s just a night of no-strings fun. They bring my body to heights I never knew were possible, and I’m pretty sure I rock their world.

Turns out, hockey players are a superstitious bunch. If they win again, they want me back.

Before I know it, we’re celebrating together after every game. I’m not sure if it’s the stress relief or the new confidence they’ve given me, but I’m skating better than I ever have before. We all have gold in our sights.

But the games are coming to a close. There’s no future for an underdog figure skater and three hot hockey gods out there in the real world.

Or is thereâ?¦?

Hanna And The Hot Hockey Gods is a complete, STANDALONE reverse harem romance, featuring dirty talking alpha males and a guaranteed HEA. No cheating, no cliffhangers!

Understanding Alice Du-Kane

by Riley Walker

My name is Alice Du-Kane. I am your typical Daddy’s girl, and I’ve never wanted for anything my entire life. Well, except for love, understanding, and some freaking peace. You see, Daddy is, or was, the owner of the largest Grow-Op in the country. That’s a marijuana farm if you aren’t hip to the lingo. This business has been in my family for generations, and now that Daddy is gone, it’s up to me to keep it going.

You would think that the legalization of pot would make my life easier, but hell no. Now I’m dealing with corporate bull crap, espionage, and never ending drama. On top of all this, I’ve got competition snapping at my heels. The CronCorp is trying to take everything I have, and the four brothers that run it? They are nothing but ruthless pricks.

Or so I thought.

What am I supposed to do when the going gets tough? I’ll tell you what I’m going to do: Put on my big girl panties and fight like a girl.

*This is a Contemporary RH with the MC ends up with multiple partners #whychoose*

Into the Night: A Bad Boy Billionaire Romance (Night Games Book 1)

by Peter Presley

Jill Monroe leads a seemingly ordinary life. No controversy. No drama. And definitely nothing kinky. But while out with her girlfriends at a local bar, no one is more surprised than she when Brian Thomas, a devastatingly handsome and uber confident tech billionaire, sets his sight on her.

What begins as an unusual proposition soon turns into a whirlwind romantic adventure that leaves Jill questioning how she wants to proceed. If she makes her demands known, she could lose the man she’s fallen for. If she remains quiet, she will undoubtedly compromise her vision of love and romance.

Will the once innocent customer service representative let go of her inhibitions and embrace the billionaire’s inclinations or will she find another way to satisfy his desires?

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