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The Houses of the Curious

by John Bowie

A young woman awakens to memories of another life scattered across time. An inventor in exile races to avert an apocalyptic destiny. An artificial intelligence weaves a web that will change the fate of humanity. Cataclysm gathers on the horizon of a world carved by the hands of time travelers . . . Memories of a stranger thrust Aurora into a war between powerful corporations, machine armies, and a pantheon of digital beings. Pursued by a ruthless mercenary, Aurora and her friends must flee their home and seek out an exiled war hero. As she descends into a wondrous new world of technological marvels, the motives of her allies and enemies prove to be more than they appear. To save herself and humanity she must realize her destiny and face a terrible question: Is she even real? The Houses of the Curious is an exuberant journey through a richly built science-fiction world painted in psychedelic visions and mythic fantasy.

Knight Training (The Steam Knight Book 1)

by Jon Del Arroz

The Special Forces of Steampunk!

Airships, Guns, and Gadgets! The Knights of the Crystal Spire are more than ordinary fantasy knights.

Life as an apprentice knight hasn’t been easy on James Gentry. As a commoner and an outsider, he’s been ridiculed, picked on, and shunned by the other boys. But he’s determined to become one of the finest knights Rislandia has ever seen.

During his training, James stumbles upon a master knight selling information on Rislandian troop movements to a Wyranth spy. To keep Rislandia safe, he must root out the traitor and put a stop to the enemy’s schemes. Does he have what it takes?

Read this action-packed steampunk novella and #1 Amazon bestseller today!

Sanctuary 2 (The Foliage Series Book 4)

by Aline Riva

Several years on, those who sought out cyborg scientist Blake Riley and fought for liberty in Sanctuary are settling down to life in Cyborg Valley – a life which would be perfect if not for the restrictions placed on the cyborg community by Freedom City, who keep the cyborgs within their own boundaries, still mistrusting the use of the enemy alien tech that enabled the development of life saving cyborg advancement. When General Felix Lynch, now a family man, is offered a deal on his former crime of stealing from the last factory five years before, with the liberty of the valley hanging in the balance, Lynch agrees to stand trial in Freedom City – and finds himself on the receiving end of a despicable trap that may see him sent to the gas chamber… While Lynch fights for his freedom, former stage magician and Valley Festival host Ashley Jekel is given devastating news by his close friend Professor Riley – the wiring Riley repaired after Jekel’s injuries in the battle for Sanctuary is failing, and he is facing a fight for life as his wife Joy fears one battle even Captain Murdock could not help her win – the fight to save her husband’s life. As the two men fight to survive for very different reasons, the political situation between the valley and the city explode as the anti cyborg movement End Cyborg Life begin a campaign of destruction.
Now it seems Joy and her former team of rebels will once again have to pick up weapons and fight to save those they love, as Lynch and Jekel both struggle to survive against the odds as the anti cyborg movement closes in and the city of Freedom and Cyborg Valley inch closer and closer towards an all out war…

Alpha Centauri: First Landing (T-Space: Alpha Centauri Book 1)

by Alastair Mayer

A robot probe using newly developed Alcubierre warp drive technology has returned from the Alpha Centauri system, revealing the existence of two Earthlike planets. A multinational expedition is launched to land on and explore these worlds, but political intrigue and natural disasters threaten the mission . . . and what they find may threaten Earth itself.

Sanctuary 1 (The Foliage Series Book 3)

by Aline Riva

The first of two books guest written by Aline Riva (The Body in the Wall, Deserted with the Dead Series), which tie in to the end of Foliage Termination and sees the story now switch to the rebuilt, post apocalypse world, a world that is now using alien tech left over from the android war to repair humanities sick and wounded – bringing about the age of the cyborg. But as paranoia and fear of another android war begin to spread, Freedom city makes the devastating decision to ban all cyborg treatments, leaving those who are now part machine without life giving cybernetic fluid. When General Lynch, a war hero and heavily modified cyborg, is branded a terrorist for stealing the fluid from the last factory , he goes on the run with his lover Elise – taking along Joy Thorn, who firmly supports the cyborg cause. Along the way they pick up Ashley Jekel, the former stage magician with a big secret – he too is a cyborg and has been since before the war, designed by Blake Riley, the scientist the cyborgs call King Steel. When Joy recalls him as the man she met in wartime, love begins to grow between the former resistance fighter and Jekel, who can not hide his secret forever, because his cyborg wiring is damaged and can only be repaired by Riley. As they travel across the ravaged land in search of the legendary cyborg’s territory known simply as Sanctuary, along the way the group on the run in a battered old motor home will encounter terrors of the new age – howlers still stalking the land, insane gangs lurking below ground – but most terrifying of all their biggest enemy is humanity, because they have come to fear the cyborg race. When the travellers do reach Sanctuary, they will not find a safe place, instead, a war zone – and as they battle to take back the valley from a ruthless dictator, relations between Freedom City and Cyborg valley remain in the balance as the city regard the cyborgs with mistrust, and the threat of another world war hangs as a silent threat in the air…
This is the first of two books that tell the tale of the cyborg empire in post apocalyptic Britain.

Grid Wars

by KC Martin

It is the year 2061 and Grid World is now a thriving world with over two hundred thousand people. Paul Wilson was the first visitor to this digital paradise and he has now lived there for thirty years.

With the help of those that had followed him Paul has now created a beautiful paradise world with no crime, disease or famine. Everyone does their part for the good of Grid World and everyone is treated on equal terms no matter their gender, colour or sexual preference.

Sadly life is very different back in what is termed â??the real world’. Continual global wars, devastation and starvation has now ravaged the population and those few that survive and now nothing more than slaves working for Supreme Commander Chang and his murderous armies.

Chang meanwhile is very aware of the existence of Grid World and when he gains total global dominance he begins to cast his envious attention towards the digital utopia that exists below his feet. If he is unable to conquer Grid World then he will destroy it and everyone that is living there.

Can Grid World survive against an army that has over one million drug crazed soldiers and a genocidal leader? Will they fall the way of the nations on the planet’s surface or will Paul lead them to victory.

Who, if any, will survive?

Destination Mars

by Ian Hideki

Ian Hideki’s fascinating short story is set fifty years after the creation of the Mars colony. The archives have been opened up and the public get a detailed look into the key players who got us there.
The fascinating logs create a wonderful insight into the personal and professional relationships as well as all the tension amongst the various nations involved, all fighting for their national interest as they set about establishing the colony. However like all good plansâ?¦ it’s never straightforward.
In any space venture there will inevitably be catastrophes, space is an unforgiving environnt but what sets the crew apart is how they deal with the inescapable challenges.
This is an exciting read and a must for any space sci-fi fan.

Una vida en la Atlántida (Spanish Edition)

by Esther Francia

La civilización perdida. Dicen que la Atlántida fue un gran continente cuyo periodo abarcó desde el 150.000 a.C. hasta el 10.000 a.C., y que fue destruido víctima de un cataclismo originado por el propio hombre.

Son muchas las leyendas que corren sobre las grandezas de la Atlántida. Los atlantes fueron un pueblo pacífico, civilizado y culto, que vivía en armonía y amor. Unían la amabilidad con la sabiduría, y no daban importancia a la posesión de riquezas materiales.

Una vida en la Atlántida es un relato basado en las experiencias propias de la autora en estado de regresión y en vivencias en sueños y en canalización.

Esther Francia es Doctora PhD y Máster de Psicoterapia por la University of Advanced Sciences de Florida en Estados Unidos. Cursó estudios de psicología, especializándose en psicopatología de adultos y de niños. Posee formación en terapia regresiva y es Máster de análisis del inconsciente a través de los sueños.


by Samie Sands

Doomsday…the end of the world is here, but how will the apocalypse happen? Will it be viral, an explosion, or simply human nature that destroys us? Read on, you might be surprised…

Home, Sweet Post-Apocalyptic Home by Alex Winck
Antidote by Samie Sands
From Strange to Indifferent by Katie Jaarsveld
Interim by Stefan Vucak
A Forever Kind of Love by Andrew Darlington
Talking Bodies by M. Earl Smith
Where the Water Is by Sheri Velarde
But a Whimper by Rick Eddy
The Countess Consuela by Michael Peirce
On Trial by Samie Sands
Thoughts of Memory by Andrew J Lucas and Natalie A. Lucas
Praying To Die by Fernanda Oz
Nightmare Rising by McKenzie Richardson
The Last of the Regulars by Andy Lockwood

Galactic Damnation : Galactic Bride

by Ivie Jo Canaris

Ariel was a lot more than a regular human, but she didn’t know that. She had no idea about the existence of the Galactic Empire, Anunnaki that created the human race, and most importantly – her origin.

Emperor Anu did not know that there is another person in this universe that has the same powers as he does, if not even higher.

Enki, the leading geneticist in the empire, did not know who the main suspect was for the crime he was accused of committing.

Seth, half human and half Anunnaki, was not aware that genes are more important than the free will.

And prince Daimon didn’t know how to become the new Emperor.

But, the ignorance wasn’t meant for them.

Everything that had to happen started to happen, because no one can be saved from Galactic Damnation â?¦

Haven: A Steel Falcon Novella (The Steel Falcon)

by N.K. Quinn

A girl on the run. A vicious gang tearing itself apart. Throw a fledgling vigilante into the mix and not everyone will get out alive.

Izzy Ferguson lives in a world run by Corporations. On the surface those â??chosen’ to be part of a Corporation have everything, everything apart from their freedom. When her family falls apart, she finds that a forbidden love from the other side of society is the only thing that can save her. Izzy and Damian have no choice but to escape to the only place where they can live in peace – the Haven.

Their plan unravels faster than they can imagine and they are hurled into a world of high tech drugs, gang warfare and betrayal. Will the involvement of the vigilante known as the Steel Falcon be their saving grace or will death come between them?

Haven is a fast-paced novella in the Steel Falcon YA sci-fi superhero series.

Buy Haven to dive into the world of the Steel Falcon today!

Preorder price will increase to $4.99 on 15th December 2018

No One Left Behind: Al-Unidos Liberation Chronicles Book 1

by David Perry

What would happen if ordinary, everyday people got caught up in extraordinary events?

CALEXIT is no longer a threat to the nation. It is no longer a promise to those who yearn for it. It is now the state of reality.

Is this fiction or prophecy?

“No One Left Behind” is truly the just-in-time TEOTWAWKI political adventure for today. Fed up with intrusive meddling in their enlightened progressive society by a reactionary and regressive federal government, the three west coast states decide enough is enough. For a century they have made steady progress toward an inclusive and judgment-free culture. Now it could all be dismantled an unpredictable, conservative president and his cronies in Congress.

The West Coast must secede to protect their residents from tyranny.

Chief Carson is compelled out of retirement into a harrowing rescue mission behind the lines of this new nation. To rescue his daughter, he must navigate danger, ill-defined political boundaries, and violent factions that span the spectrum of politics and self-interest.

David C. Perry breaks into this genre with the same detailed and intricately researched backdrop details that he brought to American Naval History. Now he places you in the center of history as it is being made.


by Aline Riva

In the middle of a busy shopping centre stands a large, fibreglass lobster – a strange statue that children are mysteriously drawn to, and enjoy using as a climbing frame. But there is something strange about the unusual statue that stands on the ground floor with its wide mouth gaping open and its dark eyes staring into nothing – the lobster is not a lobster, and comes to life at night and runs up the walls of the plaza. When Coral, a woman who has fond childhood memories of the statue she called Lobbie, realizes the lobster’s secret, she enlists the help of Nick, a sceptical security guard, who at first thinks she is crazy – until he is given proof beyond all doubt that the creature is indeed alive – and possesses miraculous powers. As they uncover the truth, they also learn the lobster is not a lobster but an alien being who is far from home, and has been for many centuries – and then they must find a way to send him back, and quickly – because it seems an evil sorceress is in pursuit, and determined to steal the creature and use it for evil purposes…

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