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The Horses of Winter: A Short Christmas Novella

by Genevieve Mckay

Sarah Lawson has given up making Christmas wishes for herself. When her parents died in an accident she had to push all her dreams of a family and horses aside. Her only goal this holiday season is to find a permanent place for her baby sister Amy. Their latest foster home has everything Sarah could hope for; a farm in the country, a nice foster-mom, and the kind of stability that creative, scatter-brained Amy needs. The only problem; it’s temporary.

When imaginative Amy finds a lost horse she’s convinced is a unicorn, Sarah is dragged on an adventure she’ll never forget.

This could be the Christmas that changes everything. But is Sarah ready to take a leap of faith?

Global Fishing History: we all share in this Garden-of-Eden Illustrated is a Cyber Visual Index has 273 pages, 52 text & 218 full colour pages, over 600 original prints

by Michael Mumford

Global Fishing History Kindle version

Global “Fishing” History, we all share in this Garden-of-Eden. (Originally designed as an eBook, download or paperback). This Cyber Visual Index is my way of combining the sport of fishing with my computer as the hunter-gatherer: the need to preserve fish stocks globally, to protection from over-fishing and polluting the environment. We now have the satisfaction of farming the oceans, seas, rivers and lakes in a sustainable way. Each fish image is a new catch to marvel upon. A David Attenborough moment. Cyber Fishing is here on your screen, your mouse is your rod, fish with each move, not knowing what comes next. For the first-time cyber fishing gives pleasure, let nature’s images do their magic. This visual story shows what a wonderful Garden-of-Eden we can all share in. We can have aquariums of coral flower gardens with tropical fish in our homes. I have never lost interest in fishing ever since catching my first fish. Fresh water never gave me the buzz of excitement here in the UK, compared with the endless variety that sea fishing can give you. Not knowing what you might catch from a Goby to a Dogfish or even a starfish. I should explain what my eBook title means to me, so you will understand its logic, layout and background. Cyber Fishing is my use of digital material from many sources, putting together many antiquarian prints, paintings and photographs, showing how humankind has fed and sustained itself over 1000’s of years. From spear, net and trap, to farm and factory ship. All these wonderful shapes and colours on infinite numbers of fish. In my opinion, the sheer variety of land creatures has been over-taken by sea creatures 2-1, or more. Life began in the ocean and then evolved to colonize the land, living fossils are still alive today. We must appreciate and protect our world from mankind’s greed and let us share in a green-peace forever and ever. We have always hunted wild animals for food. We quickly found farming nature provided us with more and by developing conservation areas, these are new ways to achieve sustainability globally. Our ancestors bred Carp in fishponds or fish traps easily made of willow. Larger traps were made of stone dam like structures open to the sea. When the sea went out, anything left in these shallow pools was caught. As the decline in fish stocks increases today with over-fishing, fishermen found more jellyfish in their nets than fish. With the oceans getting warmer and more polluted, this provides the ideal conditions for jellyfish to breed. We can help to stop it by reducing the use of drift nets and protecting our Turtles, as they have evolved over millions of years to eat jellyfish. Many illustrations are of rare fish prints to giant sport fishing photographs in global rivers, lakes, sea and oceans. All large fish are the breeding fish-stock, and where possible must be put back. It makes sense to catch-and-put-back all female fish with eggs so they can go on breeding. We have to protect and conserve our fish stocks by regulating commercial fishing, and increase fish farming for the long term. Author: Michael Robert Mumford, 27th September 2015.

The Legacy – Book 1 (The Monk Billiard Academy Master Training Legacy S)

by Tim Miller

The first book in the Monk Billiard Academy Master Training Programme developed by Tim ‘The Monk’ Miller as the Legacy Series, taking you through Lessons 1 to 35 of the Lesson Book to help you master the cue sports game of 8-ball pool.

Gridiron Cup, 1982

by Keegan Dresow

The year is 1982. American Football is the world’s most popular sport. The Soviet national gridiron team, formed at the pounding of Joseph Stalin’s iron fist, has not lost a game since 1970. A team of American legends is assembled to travel to Moscow for the world’s biggest sporting event, the Gridiron Cup.

Strength To The Max And Beyond: The Next Step After Strength To The Max

by Mark Sherwood

Strength To The Max and Beyond is for intermediate and advanced lifters who already understand how to perform basic weight training exercises. It is based on the concept that your strength training efforts will be amplified when a full spectrum of training qualities are used in your workouts. These training qualities include:
Sufficient training volume
Explosive lifting
Heavy lifting
You will find all of these training qualities in the workouts provided in Strength To The Max And Beyond.
The foundation of Strength To The Max And Beyond begins with four workouts. What makes the workouts unique is that they each include a portion in which training volume, speed work, and heavy lifting are addressed, however, the focus of each workout will vary so that some workouts will emphasize more training volume, while other workouts will place a heavier emphasis on either speed or heavy lifting. By carrying out this training plan, you will be able to emphasize various training qualities without ever ignoring the others.
As you proceed through a series of four workouts, you will complete a training block. Each successive training block is progressive as the weight will be increased from block to block until you reach a peak at the end of the third training block. The goal of this is very simple; lift more weight every time you complete three training blocks.
Strength To The Max And Beyond will supply you with information on how to how to properly construct a series of workouts, but you will also learn how to individualize the workouts according to your:
Individual workload capacity
Recovery ability
Preferred exercise selection
Rate of progress
Whether your main pursuit is powerlifting, or general strength training, if you want clear, concise instructions on how to get as strong as possible, Strength To The Max And Beyond will provide a resource to help you achieve your goal.

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