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Casting Out

by Adrian R. Magnuson

If you grew up in the 1960s, you will remember how heavily the War in Viet Nam weighed on our country’s conscience. You may have known menâ??boys reallyâ??who came home changed in ways that left them unable to return to the life they once had. This is Arthur’s coming of age story, a tale of youthful loves and loss, of failure, and the search for redemption that seems forever beyond reach. His words tell it bestâ?¦

“How does a man recover from so much loss? How does he banish the ghosts he has carried with him for so many years? I have yet to find an answer. I came first to my small island that summer. I sought a peace that was beyond my grasp and knew instinctively I could only hope to find it in a wild place. I began writing, making more false starts than I can count, but if there is a way out, a way forward, I know it must be on the written page.

This writing I do is not voluntary. I am drawn to it. In writing, I offer contrition and seek forgiveness that will not come. Faith would help, if I had any, but I left it in Viet Nam with my innocence. As I tell my story, I return, hoping to find it.”

Arthur Mac MacNeil

The Futurist Manifesto # 10: Into The Valley

by John Paul Catton

East England, May, 1943: the turning of the tide of World War II. The seven crewmembers of the Avro Lancaster bomber “Resurgam” board their plane, ready for their final bombing mission.
Their journey will take them beyond life … beyond death … and beyond the edge of reality itself …
This is the tenth novelette in the Futurist Manifesto series, and is included in Volume Two of the alternative-history collection “Tales From Beyond Tomorrow.”

Le jour tarde à poindre: Petit recueil de poèmes (French Edition)

by Ed Nouce


Ed Nouce n’est pas poète, mais romancière.
C’est ce qu’elle prétendâ?¦

En écrivant « L’ennemi qui m’aimait », son premier roman, elle y a pourtant joint, parfois infiltrés au cÅ?ur du récit, parfois en marge, alors dans des notes inutilisées â?? qu’elle était prête à supprimer â??, des vers ardents et musicaux.
Il est vrai qu’ils sont censés être l’Å?uvre de l’un de ses personnages principaux : Hélène le Vaneau.
Est-ce un masque commode, que notre auteur récuse ?
Elle vous dira que ses personnages sont tous également ses créatures. Elle ne se cache pas plus derrière Hélène le Vaneau que derrière Manfred Kuhn ou Horace Smoke-Finch. Aucun d’eux n’est une simple émanation de l’écrivain qui joue au démiurge. Créatures de la romancière, libres, elles lui échappent et l’entraînent souvent là où elle ne voulait pas ou ne pouvait pas aller.
Dont acte.

On lira donc ces trente-deux poèmes comme ceux de la jeune héroïne de « L’ennemi qui m’aimait ».

Ils chantent d’abord l’amour entre ennemis sur fond de Seconde guerre mondiale. On y trouve aussi un vif sentiment de la nature. Certains lecteurs noteront peut-être les influences combinées (de manière improbable) de Jean Cocteau et de Charles Péguy, mais ces vers sont assurément d’un style très personnel.

Atlantis Found (Alter World Book 1)

by Robert Larrison

Begin the journey to another world.

The end of World War II brought the allies a treasure trove of advanced technology that sparked a frenzy of weapons development unseen for ages. Today, we soar into the sky atop rockets created by captured Nazi scientists and American engineers. Too bad we lost track of the anti-gravity UFO technology they were developing… or did we?

Lt. Joel Carpenter has learned that the Bavarian resistance fighters he’s working with to destroy a Nazi super weapon are beings from an alternate world on Earth. Join him as he flies off on the back of a fire breathing dragon to fight the remains of Hitler’s army who seek a refuge in a land of myth and legend lost to history for all time.

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