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Nicole’s Christmas Crush

by Melanie Marks

To twelve-year-old Nicole’s horror she discovers what she would like most for Christmas is Matt. But Matt is her best friend. So â?¦ um? Yikes!
Meanwhile, to Matt’s horror he notices the new boy at school would like NICOLE for Christmas. So Matt would sort of like to punch that new boy in the nose.
Can Matt and Nicole stay best friends (orâ??gulp!â??maybe even more) and have a merry Christmas? Find out in this funny middle school book for girls ages 9 to 13.
By Melanie Marks, author of Slumber Party Wars; and The Boyfriend Contract.
No book needs to be read before or after this book.
Newest books by Melanie Marks:
The Nicole Wars
The Love Contest
Your Secret Crush (aka: Me)
My Boyfriend, Justin
Princess Wars
They are all standalone books, each only a buck right now (or you can read them in unlimited, if you have that)


by Deanna Hessedal Tiddle

This insightful middle grade novel is an honest portrayal of a child struggling to survive life in an alcoholic family, but it also offers realistic hope as the child makes important discoveries

Rapunzel, The Princess With No Hair (Color Your Story Book 2)

by Alice Bleu

One night, Rapunzel gets lost in the woods. She’s rescued by a lonely witch who takes her back to her tower instead of to her family. Upon learning of her abduction, the royal parents send a prince to find her. The prince tracks down Rapunzel and discovers she’s fallen ill and all her hair has fallen out. He’s even more surprised at the kindness of the witch when he sees that she’s cared for the princess the whole time.

Rapunzel, The Princess With No Hair is a heartwarming retelling of a classic fairytale about kindness and learning to love yourself.

1000 Facts About Video Games Vol. 3

by James Egan

Sega thought Sonic the Hedgehog wouldn’t sell because they assumed Americans didn’t know what a hedgehog was.
Some of the dialogue in Halo is identical to Aliens.
Angry Birds was meant to be called Catapult.
Nintendo used to sell the board game, Twister.
There is a single spot in Pac-Man where Ghosts can’t touch you.
The Transformer, Optimus Prime, is hidden in Assassin’s Creed.
GoldeneEye 007 was only made by nine people. Eight of them had never worked on a game before.
The Street Fighter character, Dhalsim, was meant to be an eight-armed elephant.
The Moon will change size in Grand Theft Auto III if you shoot it with a sniper rifle.
Nemesis cameos in Resident Evil 2.
“SEGA” stands for “Service Games.”
There is no technique to win Tetris.
The Half-Life character, Gordon Freeman, was originally called Ivan the Space Biker.
The manual for Hitman has a phone number you can ring if you think Agent 47 is hunting you.
Princess Peach gets naked in Paper Mario: The-Thousand-Year Door.

1000 Facts About Video Games Vol. 2

by James Egan

Super Mario was a villain in his first game.
The Game Boy was created by a janitor.
Eminem used to have one of the world’s highest scores in Donkey Kong.
In Street Fighter, Cammy is a clone of M. Bison.
NASA helped make Angry Bird Space and Call of Duty.
Minecraft was created in six days.
Only one character in Mortal Kombat was meant to commit a fatality.
The Mega Drive was made from parts of a Game Boy and an Apple Macintosh.
When the Nintendo console, the NES, came out, some people didn’t know how to hold the controller because it didn’t have a controller.
Pac-Man is the most recognized video game character in the world.
The PlayStation was supposed to be made by Nintendo.
In Pokemon, Gengar is the ghost of Clefable.
Sonic’s original name was Mr. Needle Mouse.
Final Fantasy meant to be the company’s last game.
Someone won The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in less than 18 minutes.
The creator of Tetris was a murderer.

Dot to dot for kids: Connect, color and learn activity book ages 3-6


DISCLAIMER: A Paperback/physical book version of this activity book also exist. This ebook version is for ILLUSTRATION purposes only for electronic devices

In a world where technology is dominating all aspect of human life, its nice to still see little kids enjoying some activities using pencil and paper, colors and shapes, interacting with fellow kids like the older generation did

Lets admit it lovely parents, technology makes our life undeniably easier and faster, but when it comes to our kids development and learning, still, nothing beats the old school way of teaching

Giving our kids some activities using pen, pencils, papers, crayons etc. have a lot more benefits in the long run in terms of our kids mental capacity

What are the benefits of giving our kids activity books?

  • Kids become more creative
  • Their imagination develops strongly
  • They become more patient
  • they become more resourceful
  • They value freedom more and can help them express their thoughts through arts
  • Above all they can enjoy the time with YOU! you can guide them while doing these activities and enjoy the moment together. Their intellectual aspect will grow but the time spent with YOU will definitely be more significant for their development.

    This book dot to dot for kids is only one of the vast choices of activities your child and you can enjoy together

  • This book has 60 animals with connect the dots
  • Has some interesting and intriguing fun facts about each animal
  • Your kids can learn to count little by little and color the animals after We are also giving you a free bonus that you might be interested inside the book.


    Best Regards

    Funtown Creations Team

    Dimwater’s Demons (The Sorceress of Aspenwood Book 2)

    by Sam Ferguson

    Kyra Dimwater has made quite a name for herself in Kuldiga Academy. Under Cyrus’ tutelage, she is mastering her magic and making great strides with her abilities. As they work to hone her skills, Kyra and Cyrus search for clues that might lead them to what they seek.

    Kyra wants justice for her mother, and soon finds that she must push further into the world of dark magic if she is to find the puppet master that sent the assassin.

    Unbeknownst to Kyra, Cyrus searches for a magic dagger imbued with a dark power that will advance his own schemes.

    Caught in the middle is Leatherback, Kyra’s fledgling dragon who himself must fight off the advancing tendrils of Nagar’s Blight.

    The Christmas Wreath

    by Sarah Stary

    A heartwarming family read for the cold winter months full of Christmas magic!

    This adorable Christmas children’s book contains four charming and cozy Christmas tales set in the 20th century. Delightfully illustrated, each story offers its unique Christmas characters and its own magnificent storyline.
    Readers, young and old, will instantly be enamored with delightful illustrations of winter landscapes, snowy huts, witches and fire places. Capturing the spirit of Christmas, each tale demonstrates the importance of kindness and generosity and that all of us can make a difference.

    Saving Aliens and the Molemen (Ross Justice Fantastic Adventures, Book 2) Ages 7-12

    by J.W. Patterson

    Do your children love fantasy and adventure stories? “Saving Aliens and the Molemen” is a heroic journey that your kids will love!

    Young Ross Justice saves an alien’s sister, a distant planet and a people called the molemen in 3 fast paced, entertaining stories.

    Would you like to talk to others with your thoughts? How about hearing others thoughts? What about becoming invisible for a while?

    Ross Justice uses all of these powers to travel to distant places and become a hero also. Amazingly he still makes it home for dinner.

    In story 1, Ross becomes friends with an alien and travels in his new friend’s saucer to a secret desert location. He is there to save the alien’s sister. Can a boy overcome an army?

    In story 2, Ross travels to the planet of Blackrock. He meets Wyatt Burp and Wild Bob. These two men need a lot of help saving their planet from invaders coming from a distant planet.

    In the last story, Ross Justice must help the Molepeople. These underground folk have more trouble than they realize. Can Ross save them from destruction?

    Readers Love Ross Justice Fantastic Adventures

    Big Hit!
    This is a great book for the 7-11 year old category. The story is engaging and the illustrations complete the picture. I will recommend it for boys and girls.

    Love This Book To Pieces
    My son is actually pretty young (almost 5 ) but he enjoyed this story as much as I did. It’s fast paced and a quick read. The art within the book allowed me to let me son see the images and use them to connect with the story. I hope this book continues my son loved the main character as did I. Highly recommended.

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    Vinny & Violet, The Unwanted Kittens

    by Maranda Russell

    Based on a true story, this sweet, inspirational short story is about a couple of kittens who were cruelly abandoned and left for dead by their owners. One of the kittens is extremely ill, so when the kittens are found by a little girl named Ashley, it soon becomes a life or death situation.

    This short story is perfect for animal lovers ages 7-11. Not only will the story warm your heart, but it also teaches an important lesson about empathy and proper animal care. This story can be read aloud or enjoyed by independent readers.

    Santa’s Guide for a Really Great Christmas

    by Erick Hoffman

    Santa’s made his own list and checked it twice to make this Christmas extra nice. But first Santa must help an elf out of a pickle.

    Oreo and Erin

    by Verne Wheelwright

    Oreo is an abandoned black and white kitten.
    Erin is a five year old girl.
    Each has just found a best friend!

    Cuentos berlineses y otros cuentos (Spanish Edition)

    by Jaime Despree

    Este pequeño volumen de cuentos berlineses es, sin embargo, uno de los más entrañables para mí, porque fue la manera en que quise expresar mi agradecimiento a la ciudad que tan amablemente me ha acogido. Además contiene otros divertidos cuentos increibles y contra-populares

    The Zombies Files (The Adventures of Herman a Minecraft Zombie Book 1)

    by Ash Schmitt

    I am Zombie Agent Herman 007 and these are my crazy and silly spy adventures.

    This is my story and an account of my Top Secret missions as a super spy in the world of Minecraft. In Case File 001, my mission is to infiltrate a cave full of zombies and retrieve an enchanted chest. Can I do it? Download The Zombie Files: Episode 1 to find out.

    1000 Facts about Countries Vol. 3

    by James Egan

    It used to be mandatory in North Korea for teachers to play the accordion.
    Dueling is legal in Paraguay.
    In Russia, teachers used to be paid in vodka.
    Mozambique is the only country with a gun on its flag.
    The mobile games, Minecraft and Candy Crush, come from Sweden.
    There are more camels in Australia than any other country.
    80% of billiard balls come from Belgium.
    People from Monaco live longer than anyone else in the world.
    Canada is the most educated country in the world.
    Coca Cola is banned in Cuba.
    Some beaches in Hawaii have green sand.
    A pyramid was nearly built in England in 1815.
    Nobody in Ireland spoke England until the 12th century.
    There’s a village in the Netherlands with no roads.
    When you earn a PhD in Finland, you receive a top hat and a sword.

    The Story of Santa Claus

    by Leslie Graham

    Story is about a young saint nick in a small village in the north pole, his father taught him how to make beautiful toys for children. Nick unexpected journey that most kids could only dream about.

    Big Sam: Will he come back for Christmas?

    by Elizabeth Fork

    Wonderful adventures of Sam’s truck which drives on the most dangerous road in the USA. Will he be able to carry all the loads through hundreds of miles of icy road?

    Will he fulfill the promises given to his mother and manage to return home for the holidays? It’s a perfect book for long winter evenings. Now for sure you will feel the magic of Christmas!

    Children will love it!

    One Princess and One Pea

    by by Jennifer Waddle

    ONE little princess has to eat ONE little pea…but will she?
    HINT: (the pea doesn’t make it!)
    Author of the children’s book SERIES “a day in the life of a little kid,” Jennifer Waddle writes laugh-out-loud stories for the whole family.

    *Includes a FREE Tip Sheet: How to Get Kids to Eat Their Vegetables!

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