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Keto: A Beginnerâ??s Guide to Lose Fat and Get Healthy with High-Fat Foods (Fast, Easy, Meals, Complete Guide)

by Lloyd Lyons

Change your diet and change your life!

You’ve tried it all, but still can’t seem to lose weight. You might have been able to lose weight, but in no time you gain it all back. Dieting is just too hard. I get it, you love your bacon! You love your steaks!

Forget traditional dieting advice and discover a diet that promotes healthy fats and tasty dairy products. The keto diet is low carb and high fat and can promote amazing health benefits, both physically and mentally.

In this simple, easy to follow book, you’ll learn…

  • What are the benefits you can hope to gain from a keto diet?
  • What are potential risks?
  • Keto friendly foods
  • Sample meal plans

This book contains all the information you need to make an informed choice in a short, easy to read format.

Discover easy to follow menus and family friendly food that can help you embrace the keto lifestyle and join the well-informed exponents of this life changing eating regime.

With the a Keto Diet, you don’t have to deprive yourself of the foods you love. Eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. Enjoy that steak dinner. You’ll eat the foods you love and not feel guilty.

Get this Kindle book today. Take action now and change your life.

Paleo Instant Pot Cookbook: 55 Everyday Budget-Friendly Recipes for Weight Loss. (paleo instant pot cookbook, instant pot paleo, paleo instantpot cookbook, paleo instant pot recipes, paleo instant)

by Adele Baker

Are you trying the Paleo Diet or Low Carb Diet?

Do you have an Instant Pot or want to have one?

This guide is filled with nutritious and delicious recipes.

The book ” Paleo Diet Instant Pot Cookbook” is a selection of proper paleo friendly meals â?? not even deprived of desserts. You will find here diversity of flavors and combinations: chicken and turkey, beef and pork, fruit and vegetables dishes, and soups.

By following a low-carb high fat diet, you will get too many benefits, below are the some of them:

  • Lose your weight naturally
  • Have a stable energy level
  • Feel increased endurance
  • Reduce diabetic medications
  • No starvation

For your satisfaction, this Paleo guide offers:

  • Everything you need to know about paleo lifestyle, including differences from other diets
  • Helpful tips on paleo shopping on a budget
  • How to follow the paleo diet
  • 55+ meals that are big on flavor, imaginative in their variety, and easy to make, featuring lots of fresh, natural, and nutritious ingredients
  • Instant-Pot A-Z guide, with handy tips, which’ll help you utilize your kitchen appliance like a PRO
  • Tasty options for breakfasts, soups, stews, and even souses – fantastic meals everyone will love and desire with a minimum of cleanup.

Please note! Two options of the Paperback are available:

  • Full-color edition – Simply press See all formats and versions above the price. Press left from the “paperback” button
  • Black and white version

As a GIFT, I’ll give you a BONUS!

  • TOP recipes for any occasion from the best-seller author Adele Baker

Let’s start cooking!

Use these healthy and easy recipes and start cooking today!

Keto Diet Cookbook For Beginners: 550 Recipes For Busy People on Keto Diet (Keto Recipes for Beginners 1)

by Elizabeth Cunningham

550 Effortless Keto Recipes for Quick Weight Loss in 2019! 

I bet you crave quick & effortless keto recipes! And I know you had tasty dinners with the loved ones and there a few or more extra pounds ”on board”! That’s why I focused on creating the one and only Keto recipe book with 550 Delicious meals, that you’ll ever need to cook to stay on Keto! Shoot for it!

This simple, yet powerful keto cookbook has plenty of content in the following categories:

  • My Top 10 Keto Recipes
  • No-fuss Brunch and Dinner recipes to keep ”cheating”
  • Energizing Smoothies and Breakfasts
  • Great Meatless and Vegetarian recipes
  • Great variety of Soups, Stews and Salads
  • Fascinating Keto Desserts & Drinks
  • Lots of protein recipes – Poultry, Meat, Fish & Seafood
  • Craveable Side Dishes & Snacks

This complete Keto diet book will take care of your scarce cooking time and will show you the easiest & tastiest way towards a PERMANENT WEIGHT-LOSS & New Life on the keto.

Get it now and give yourself the best present!

Australian Cuisine: A Cookbook with Recipes from Down Under and the Outback

by J.R. Stevens

Experience the uniqueness of Australian Cuisine. With over 50 recipes, you’ll be able to discover a new world of foods that represents the country of Australia. Given its history, you’ll see influences from British and other cultures in these recipes. Find dishes using chicken, shrimp, lamb and even kangaroo. And, find something to prepare for breakfast, dinner, and dessert.

Grab your copy of Australian Cuisine: A Cookbook with Recipes from Down Under and the Outback today!/b>

Keto Diet & Intermittent Fasting For Beginners: A Ketogenic Low-Carb Meal Prep Guide, Heal Your Body & Regain Confidence

by Kindra Mccaine


  • the origins of the ketogenic diet
  • all the benefits of the keto diet
  • Easy recipes to start your keto lifestyle
  • All the foods you can and cannot eat
  • The basics of the Intermittent Fasting
  • how you can regain confidence combining keto diet and intermitten fasting
  • how to build habits that actually last
  • how to achieve major fat loss with fasting 

BONUS: shopping list for a 7 days keto meals

Fermentation and Canning: Amazing Collection Of Delicious Recipes For Fermentation and Canning All in 1 Book

by Jeniffer Crystall

Fermentation and Canning:

Amazing Collection Of Delicious Recipes For Fermentation and Canning All in 1 Book


Fermented Food:

Easy-to-Make Fermented Recipes to Keep You Healthy and Full of Energy

Including an every day portion of fermented foods to your eating regimen can extraordinarily affect your wellbeing. Propelled by an unshakeable conviction that nourishment is prescription and that what we eat can advance extraordinary recovery, that’s why this book will demonstrate you proper methodologies to transform basic ingredients into super-foods utilizing one of the world’s most established strategies for sustenance protection.

This book will tackle some fundamentals about food fermentation. But ultimately the book’s goal is to provide its readers some great quality recipe that you can make at the comfort of your home.

Stay tune, and read all the way to get some fun! You can also try doing one recipe at a time. What’s important here is you learn some new recipe and be better at it. Of course you can also implement your own style on a particular recipe on this book according to what you desire.


Canning and Preserving

Simple Guide to Having Fresh and Delicious Food All Year Round

Preserving sustenance to last through the cool months or bundling or packaging it to movement long separations has for some time been a worry. Napoleon expressed, “An armed force goes on its stomach.” He was alluding to the issues required with transporting adequate sustenance to keep his men bolstered. The Napoleonic officers were frequently eager, because of the trouble of transporting crisp nourishment. Just to demonstrate that he was not kidding about tackling this issue, he offered a reward of 12,000 francs to any individual who could think of an answer.

The honor was given to Nicholas Appert in 1810. In the wake of attempting an assortment of techniques – including endeavoring to expel air from his glass jugs – he formulated a strategy that worked. The nourishment was put in a glass bottle, at that point plugged and fixed with wax. The glass bottles were then enveloped by canvas, and bubbled in water. The outcome was packaged foodstuffs that could be transported, despite the fact that the jugs were weak. Appert distributed a book titled, The Specialty of Preserving Creature and Vegetable Substances.

With current innovation, individuals canning and preserving their own sustenance to a great extent fell by the wayside. Once utilized as a way to preserve nourishment that you could later appreciate consistently, present day transportation has made it conceivable to stroll into a supermarket pretty much anyplace in the nation and get pretty much any kind of create amidst January! This was basically incredible decades back.

Culinary Delights: & Words of Wisdom

by Terrie Biggs

This beautiful cookbook in glorious color is filled with our family recipes that are delightfully delicious and most of them easy to prepare. The Table of Contents is inter-active so just tap and go the recipe. Some examples of our favorite recipes from each section are: Chicken Marsala, Ham Sliders, Terrie’s Teriyaki Marinade, Dan’s Easy Mint Julip, Cornbread “Cake”, Biggs Saturday Market Breakfast, Hot Italian Sandwiches, Sue’s Mexican Soup, Prosperity & Good Luck Salad, Crispy Kale Chips, Laab Salad, Bavarian Pot Roast, and Banana Split Cake.

Our boys would thank us at our sit-down dinners each night. “Well,” I told them, “I’d hate to spend all this time making dishes that tasted awful.” When our boys left home, I made a binder of our family recipes and included “Words of Wisdom” for them to have tools of ethics and behavior.

Friends and family members asked constantly for a copy and I decided to take photos of the dishes as we prepared them so there are many pictures of our dishes. Originally this cookbook was intended for a gift to family and friends. However, as a delightful surprise to us, it has generated a huge interest as I shared the progress on my Novels by Terrie Facebook page.

My husband Dan and I wish you the best and know you will enjoy our favorite culinary delights and words of wisdom.

Simply Delicious : In Only 3 Ingredients

by Adena Singleton

Want quick and easy meals that will have your family’s mouth watering? Try these 25 recipes that are SIMPLY DELICIOUS! 25 straightforward, simple recipes that feature only 3 Ingredients!

Recipes such as:
-BBQ Stuffed Sweet Potatoes
-Chili Glazed Salmon
-Egg Roll Mozzarella Sticks
-Cloud Bread
-Mini Apple Crisp Skillets

And many more! All quick, easy, and sure to please.

When I originally begun cooking, I was in grade school and had significantly more time to give to cooking and testing recipes. Be that as it may, the busier I’ve gotten throughout the years, the more I value simple recipes made with only a few fixings. Now I am sharing what I have learned about simple cooking with you.

Keto Fat Bombs: 40 Savory Keto Fat Bombs Recipes to Lose Weight by Eating Keto Snacks

by Brendan Fawn

Explode Your Energy with Keto Fat Bombs

If you want to regain your health without starving yourself… then you need to start eating fat bombs as part of your keto meal plan. Every fat bomb is a good source of energy. What is more the keto fat bomb recipes will provide you with a consistent energy flow while staying on a low-carb keto diet and consuming healthy fats!

Keto Fat Bombs Cookbook includes:

  • 40 tasty savory keto fat bombs snacks
  • Lots of fat bomb recipes and ideas about how to prepare keto fat bomb
  • Keto fat bombs for beginners guide with simple ingredients
  • Fat bombs savory recipes that are perfect for Paleo, Ketogenic, Low-Carb and High-Fat Diets
  • Colorful images and much more

A Beginners Guide to Home Canning & Food Preserving: Recipes, Jams, Marmalades, Jellies, Chutneys, Relishes Plus More… (Simple Living)

by Mel Jeffreys

It is an undeniable pleasure for the modern individual to look at the work accomplished by his or her own hands with a sense of pride and ownership. While humans will no longer generally starve to death if we don’t preserve food at home (as we once would have done) we still enjoy the self-reliance that doing so brings.

A Beginners Guide to Home Canning & Food Preserving is for anyone wanting to learn the art of Home Canning. The book cover such topics as:

  • History of Food Preservation
  • Definitions of Various Food Preservation Methods
  • Food Safety and Safety Precautions
  • Sourcing Tools, Equipment and Food
  • Altitude Adjustments
  • Water Bath Canning Details & Pressure Canning Details 
  • Recipes Including Jams, Jellies, Butters, Chutneys, Relishes, Pickles and Meat Fish and Poultry

If you are an old hand at food preserving and canning you may even find a new recipe included in book.

Although the canning process is the most labor intensive procedure, all methods promote a sense of pride, accomplishment, and self-reliance. There’s nothing like opening the pantry or freezer door on a frigid winter’s day, where the snow – already up to the window sills – is coming down so hard you can’t see your mailbox, and finding row upon row of neatly labeled produce and meats and remembering once again that if the world ended outside your door, your family would still eat well.

Keto Diet Cooking For Beginners: 3 manuscripts: A complete Guide for Ketogenic Diet Cooking Bread, Baking, Fat Bombs & Pressure Cooker Recipes: 108 Low-Carbs … Cooker, Ketogenic Bread, Fat Bombs)

by Anas Malla

This Book Set Includes 3 Books 108 Recipes:

  • Ketogenic Bread: 25 Low Carb Cookbook Recipes for Keto, Gluten Free Easy Recipes for Ketogenic & Paleo Diets Vol.1
  • Fat Bombs Recipes: 45 Fat Bombs Recipes for Ketogenic Diet, Sweet & Savory Snacks, Step by Step Low-Carbs & Gluten-Free Cookbook Vol.1
  • Instant Pot Ketogenic Recipes: Complete Guide for Ketogenic Diet & Paleo Diet Recipes: 60 Low-Carbs & Gluten Free Recipes Vol.1

2 Great Gifts:

  • 30 Days Ketogenic Plan
  • 11 Ketogenic Food Lists

What To Expect?

  • Ketogenic Bread Recipes
  • Ketogenic Muffin Recipes
  • Ketogenic Waffle Recipes
  • Ketogenic Breadsticks Recipes
  • Ketogenic Pizza Crust Recipes
  • Ketogenic fat bombs – sweet and salty recipes perfect for everyone
  • Ketogenic sweets – dessert recipes ideal for indulging your sweet tooth
  • Ketogenic snacks – if you are looking for a boost of energy of you don’t feel quite full after a meal
  • Delicious Breakfast
  • Healthy Lunch
  • Pleasant Dinner
  • Yes, You name it!! Your Tasty Snacks & Sweets

And much more!!

All the recipes are both Ketogenic & Paleo Diet friendly.

Buy It Now & Get ready to take your Health & Cooking Skills to the Next Level..

Quick, Elegant, or Romantic Recipes for Two: Fast & Easy Meals for the Two of You

by D.B. Andrews

Valentines Day? Anniversary? Home-cooked date night?
These needn’t be filled with heavy traffic, long waiting times, and an expensive bill.
Create a romantic dinner for your long-time love or impress a new flame with your amazing culinary skills! Creating an elegant meal can be quick and easy to prepare, using simple ingredients found in your pantry or any local grocery, yet look and taste as delicious as your favorite high-end restaurant, all while staying within your budget.
This ebook is easy to navigate and use – simply click a recipe in the table of contents, and you’ll be taken straight there.
More than two people? That’s okay – just double the recipe amounts for four, or easily convert for the amount of guests!
So leave the stress behind, get a sitter for the kids, and create an elegant, intimate, restaurant-quality dinner for two, any time of the year!
The Easy Way
Nutritional values follow each recipe and are listed per serving.

Osyaberi resipi totteokino12sara: Christmas dishes (recipe book) (Japanese Edition)

by Gotoh yusuke

â? éª¨ä»?きã??ã??のã?­ã?¼ã?¹ã??ã?ã?­
â? ã?­ã?¼ã?¹ã??ã??ã?¼ã??
â? ã??ã??ã?»ã??ã?»ã?«ã?³ã??ã?¼ã??ã?¥(ç?°è??風ã??ã?ªã?¼ã??)
â? ã??ã?°ã?­ã®ã?¿ã?«ã?¿ã?«
â? ã?µã?¼ã?¢ã?³ã®ã??ã??
â? ã?µã?¼ã?¢ã?³â??ã?¹ã??ã?¼ã?­
â? ã?ぼちã??のã?¹ã?¼ã??
â? ã?¯ã?ªã?¹ã??ã?¹ã??ã?ªã?¼ã®ã?ã??ã??ã?µã?©ã??
â? ã?·ã?¥ã??ã?¼ã?¬ã?³

The Ultimate Guide to Pumpkin Recipes!! : Find the Quickest and Easiest Ways to Making Pumpkin Recipes in This Book!

by Carla Hale

Are you a pumpkin fan? Are you looking for pumpkin recipes? There are numerous benefits of pumpkin. It is a healthy vegetable. To take care of your health is not a tough task and there is one ingredient that you can add in your diet and see its wonders in your health’s improvement.

There are 30 pumpkin recipes in this book. All 30 pumpkin recipes produce wonderful results. Follow these yummy as well as healthy pumpkin recipes and become a pumpkin recipe chef in your home.

60 RECETAS NAVIDEÃ?AS – CUPCAKES, GALLETAS Y BUDINES (Colección Santa Chef) (Spanish Edition)

by Mariano Orzola

Este práctico recetario navideño te presenta 60 opciones diferentes para preparar cupcakes, galletas y budines. Las recetas incluidas pueden presentarse en un menú navideño, festivo o de ocasión, como postres o delicatesen de la mesa dulce. La combinación de ingredientes de cada receta le da el “toque gourmet” necesario para sorprender al paladar de los comensales.
No es necesario poseer conocimientos previos sobre cocina para preparar las recetas, ya que pertenecen a la categoría de “cocina práctica”. ¡Es hora de disfrutar las sugerencias de Santa Chef!

The Cutie Pie Cookbook: Over 50 Sweet and Savory Recipes For You And Your Family (Delicious Recipes Book 25)

by Teresa Moore

Discover The Ultimate Pie Cookbook: More Then 50 Pie Recipes Than You Could Ever Imagine

Here You Will Find The Ideal Recipes That Make Your Evenings So Much Easier!
Today only, get this Kindle book.
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This Recipe Book Is The #1 Things You Need To Make Healthy, Easy and Delicious Meals!

A warm, fragrant cake is a symbol of home comfort and hospitality. And it seems that it’s only possible for our moms and grandmothers to bake the perfect cake, but it’s not! Cooking pies, a fascinating and very simple occupation. Fruit and vegetable, with meat and fish, on yeast, kefir or curd pastry. Everything depends on your desire and availability of food in the refrigerator.

Learn How To Make These Easy Recipes

  • Clafoutis with the fruit compote
  • Swedish Apple pie
  • Delicious plum cake
  • Apple pie with filling
  • Cake Paradise
  • Quince cake

Do You Want To?
Make Delicious Meals?
Save your time?

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The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook: 90+ Anti-inflammatory Recipes for The Soul

by Martha Stone

Are you looking for a clear and simple guide that will help you get started with the anti-inflammatory diet?

You don’t need to search anymore! The perfect guide is finally here! It’s the best anti-inflammatory cooking guide ever developed!

You just have to get your hands on it as soon as possible!

“The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook. 90+ Anti-inflammatory Recipes for The Soul” is the most amazing anti-inflammatory recipes collection! It’s simply what you need if you are on an anti-inflammatory diet!

It’s extremely well written and it suits everyone’s needs! It’s so easy to understand and it contains some of the most delicious anti-inflammatory recipes! All the dishes you are about to discover are easy to make, they contain simple and accessible ingredients and they all taste divine!

What more can you want?

“The Ultimate Anti-Inflammatory Cookbook. 90+ Anti-inflammatory Recipes for The Soul” is exactly what you need!

So, get a copy right away and get started with the anti-inflammatory diet!

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Lebanese Recipes Cookbook: Only the BEST Old World Lebanese Recipes (Essential Kitchen Series Book 124)

by Sarah Sophia

Only the BEST Old World Lebanese Recipes
The cooking secrets of the Middle East are unearthed in the pages of this remarkable collection of Lebanese Recipes. Each recipe embraces lean cuts of meat, fish, seafood and poultry, as well as whole grains. Today, our bodies are bombarded with high-calorie, processed foods that lose their flavor on the way to your table. Eliminate that by cooking natural ingredients that are blended and seasoned to perfection as described in the Lebanese Recipes Cookbook.

Eat for Life and Expand Your Culinary Horizons

We’ve rounded up on the very best, most delicious Lebanese recipes from the hundreds we had to choose from, and came up with a fantastic collection of flavorful meals. The recipes are easy to follow and straightforward to satisfy any homemade chef’s skill level. Simply follow the instructions, using fresh ingredients, and serve a wonderful meal that is sure to please.

Here’s just a sample of the recipes you’ll enjoy:
Lebanese Samosas
Lebanese Fattoush
Spring Green Fattoush

Something for Everyone

Each recipe caters to all skill levels and tastes, and will add the extra nutritional value every meal should have. The recipes are balanced and mouth-wateringly delicious. Bring the flavor of â??restaurant’ styled food into your kitchen at a fraction of the cost and treat your family to the exquisite tastes of an exotic land.

Try Something New and Flavorful Today

It’s your body; you’ll need it for a lifetime – treat it to something uniquely delicious and flavorful.

Open your mind, and your mouth and buy this cookbook today!

You’ll have absolutely no regrets, but will be thrilled with the results you achieve. When you purchase today, you will also get access to a special free gift from The Essential Kitchen Series ($97 Value).

GF DF SF Cookbook: The Gluten-free, Dairy-free, Soy-free Cookbook. Food can still be enjoyable and taste good!

by Jeannette Wisniewski

GF SF DF Cookbook makes life a little more enjoyable! It’s hard to be gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free but cooking and baking doesn’t have to be so challenging! Try these delicious recipes from zucchini bread to chicken fingers to pineapple bread pudding and find comfort in food again. Whether you suffer from Hashimoto’s Disease and Fibromyalgia as I do, or whether you have celiac disease, a lactose intolerance or dairy allergy or you just want to eat a more natural, healthy diet, the Gluten-free, Soy-free, Dairy-free Cookbook will help you enjoy food again with no regrets!

Amazing Mexican Mole: Best Mole Sauce Recipes for Every Occasion

by Martha Stone

Mexican families enjoy mole sauce in one form or another for centuries, passing down unique family recipes from generation to generation.

In certain parts of Mexico where different ingredients are abundant, you will find the type of mole sauce rich in certain herbs and spices that may not exist in another part of the country.

Whatever is in this sauce, though, one thing is for sure; it is a family favourite that is tasty, rich and versatile.

The recipes in this book are versions of the mole sauce that need serious effort and dedication.

Fortunately, ground versions of most spices and herbs are found in the local supermarket, while in parts of Mexico, these spices are ground by hand using a mortar and pestle.

The preparation times in this cookbook are all under 1 hour, while an authentic, homemade mole sauce cooked from scratch can take preparation to get the right thickness and flavor.

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Pleasant and Healthy Soup Recipes: Sophisticated Delicacies for All Occasions!

by Carla Hale

The history of preparing soups is probably old as much as cooking.

Since ancient times, soups have been a crucial part of healthy meals, mostly in the diet of health conscious people or people managing their health due to diseases they suffer.

Healthy soups are known to be easily digestible and refreshing.

It is interesting that a soup like this was first found in a restaurant in Paris, in the 18th century. In this country of romance and fashion, first soups were made, and they are still enjoyed today in many restaurants around the world. Mostly, French restaurants make numerous sophisticated soups and recipes.

They are usually consumed warm, before the main meal but do not be surprised if you find cold soup on the restaurant’s menu, especially during the summer months. Perhaps, they might not be the most common choice for our climate, but they certainly represent a real boost.

7 day Vegan Breakfast: – Easy Japanese Cooking for Beginner- (7 day Vegan Breakfast – Easy Japanese Cooking for Beginner- Book 1)

by Libardo Enrique Lozano Akiyama

These recipes are 7 days vegan breakfast in Japanese cuisine for beginner.
I carefully chosed delicious recipes those are able to be cooked easily and quickly for your rush morning.

In Japan, there is a concept of “Ichijyu Issai” for a long time, this is the idea that the contents of breakfast is enough if there is one dish of soup, one dish of side dish, and rice and pickles.
This 7-day breakfast recipe is based on the concept of “Ichijyu Issai”.

Meat, fish, eggs, dairy products are not contained in this cookbook.
I propose these recipes as a healthy breakfast not only for vegan people, but also for non-vegan people.

Regarding the food ingredients in these recipes, they are composed of easy-to-obtain ingredients also outside of Japan.

Please enjoy delicious Japanese cuisines at this opportunity.

Dash Diet Cookbook: 500 Easy Instant Pot Recipes for Weight Loss Solution

by Debbie Chandler

You’ve got to give the Dash diet a chance! This amazing lifestyle will change your life forever and it will transform you into a happier and healthier person in no time!

All you have to do is to respect this diet’s principles and you will soon see its wonderful benefits!

The Dash diet is actually pretty easy to follow once you understand it!

That’s why we are here today! If you have decided to opt for this great diet, this cookbook will come in hand for sure!
We’ve gathered the best 500 Dash diet recipes just for you! You can try something new each day!

You can enjoy a textured and rich Dash diet recipe at any time! All you have to do is to get your hands on a copy and start your new Dash lifestyle right away!

Popping Popsicle Recipes: Create Refreshing Popsicles in No Time!

by Gordon Rock

Popsicles are the perfect treat for a warm day or just when you want a sweet cool treat. They are easy to make and can be packed with lots of flavour. Store bought popsicles are good, but nothing beats a homemade popsicle made of your favourite fruits and flavour combos.

You can enjoy a creamy fudgesicle, refreshing watermelon popsicle or whatever you want, whenever you want. You can tailor your popsicle needs depending on what fruits are in season, what you’re craving or your favourite ingredients. A batch of homemade popsicles can last for several days – but why would you want them to last that long anyways!


Ð?Ñ?емя есÑ?Ñ?: РеÑ?епÑ?Ñ? семейнÑ?е и не Ñ?олÑ?ко (Russian Edition)

by Ð?адас Юлия

Ð? книге собÑ?анÑ? Ñ?еÑ?епÑ?Ñ?, коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?е мÑ? попÑ?обовали и полÑ?били, а Ñ?акже некоÑ?оÑ?Ñ?е кÑ?линаÑ?нÑ?е Ñ?иÑ?Ñ?осÑ?и, коÑ?оÑ?Ñ?е бÑ?дÑ?Ñ? полезнÑ? и поняÑ?нÑ? даже деÑ?ям. Ð?Ñ?оÑ?ое издание.

Easy Fruit Cookbook: Amazingly Creative Meals Made with Fruit

by Gordon Rock

There is nothing better than having sun-kissed, fresh strawberries in June or having a fresh crunchy fall apple.

Most people are just used to having these delicious fruits raw however, these fruits can really take on a whole new world when cooked.

Cooked fruits can carry intensified flavors and create textures that are appealing to the pallet, especially if it’s an unripe fruit. Cooked fruits can be used as desserts, side dishes, main dishes, sauces and even compotes.

Never cooked fruit before? That’s not a problem! With this Easy Fruit Cookbook, you can enjoy 30 amazingly creative meals made from, you guessed it, fruit!

So, grab your copy today and let’s get fruity with it!


MALTA: El mundo de la cerveza artesanal: Recetas, curiosidades e historias de cerveceros (Spanish Edition)

by Eliana Abraham

Historias de emprendedores, recetas y curiosidades. Un recorrido por un mundo de creadores cerveceros.
Ser homebrewer es mucho más que producir una buena cerveza.
Se trata de innovación, creatividad, poner un pie fuera de la caja del marketing de la cerveza tradicional. La esencia de la producción es “alma y corazón”

En esta entrega:
Del mundo: cerveceo yo, cerveceas vos
Acrobacias culinarias: Pollo a la cerveza
Cerveza Arte: entrevista a cerveceros
Maridajes: Ale ahumada para acompañar un plato alemán
Beer Bartending: Cerveza Nicola
Qué es la cerveza artesanal?
Mitos sobre la cerveza

150 recettes végétariennes du monde entier: avec de la cuisine indienne, libanaise, africaine , chinoise , thaïlandaise, mexicaine, brésilienne et algérienne (French Edition)

by Clément Moussié

Des plats pleins de gouts et de saveurs à savourer tous les jours.
De la délicieuse cuisine végétarienne du monde à découvrir, avec des recettes indiennes, libanaises, africaines , chinoises, thaïlandaises, mexicaines, brésiliennes et algériennes.
Bon appétit…
PS: il y a un sommaire, un index, c’est la table des matières dans le logiciel kindle

tags: livre, ebook, plat, plats, recette, recettes, du monde, végé, végétariens, végétarien, végétariennes , végétarienne

Heissluftfritteuse Rezeptbuch + Heissluftfritteuse Rezepte: Das Kochbuch mit 375 Rezepte für die Heissluftfritteuse für Anfänger und Berufstätige (German Edition)

by Health Experts

Heissluftfritteuse Rezeptbuch und Heissluftfritteuse REZEPTE 

Die leckeren Rezepte jetzt zum vergünstigten Preis!!

Welche Vorteile sprechen eigentlich für eine Heissluftfritteuse�?

  • Ganz klar kalorienarm
  • vitaminreiche Zubereitung von Speisen
  • Arbeiten ohne lästigen Geruch
  • Ideal für Leute die wenig Zeit haben
  • Absolut Beginner freundlich und Anfänger tauglich 
  • In diesem Bundle inbegriffen Einkaufsführer was man VOR der Anschaffung beachten muss 

Dann ist diese Büchersammlung von Health Experts genau das Richtige für Sie!

Health Experts sind Köche die eine Leidenschaft für gutes Essen teilen  zusammen haben sie Jahre lange Erfahrung in der Gastronomie und möchten nun ihre Erfahrung weiter geben. Die Weichen wurden dann 2017  gelegt, als diese den Bestseller  Heissluftfritteuse Rezeptbuch heraus gebracht haben. Im laufe der Zeit haben sich viele Rezepte angesammelt und werden ständig weiter entwickelt.

Gerichte aus der Heissluftfritteuse werden mit zirkulierender, hei�er  Luft gegart und das ganze fast fett und geruchsneutral. Jetzt kann man leckere Gerichte mit dem multifunktionalen Küchenhelfer geniessen ohne schlechtes Gewissen zu haben.

Diese Sammlung beinhaltet

  • Heissluftfritteuse REZEPTE: Die neuesten Rezepte für Leute die wenig Zeit haben, Berufstätig oder Anfänger auf diesem Gebiet sind 
  • Heissluftfritteuse Rezeptbuch : Die beliebtesten Rezepte für Die Heissluftfritteuse auch für Anfänger ist der Umgang geeignet. In diesem Buch bekommen Sie eine genaue Anleitung was man Wissen muss VOR dem Kauf eine Heissluftfritteuse. 

Alle Rezepte sind leicht verständlich aufgebaut und enthalten Nährwertangaben, Zubereitungszeit und Kalorienangaben zu den einzelnen Speisen.

Klicke auf “Jetzt Kaufen” um das Buch noch heute zu einem günstigen Preis zu kaufen. 

A gscheits bayrisches Kochbuch (German Edition)

by SiMone Jordan

Blauer Himmel, weite Wiese, beeindruckende Berge – das ist es, woran man zuerst denkt, wenn man sich Bayern ins Gedächtnis ruft. Und dann ist da noch das gute Essen!

Bayrisches, originales Essen ist eine Köstlichkeit, die es so auf der Welt kein zweites Mal gibt.
Doch Hand aufs Herz: Wer weiÃ? noch, was echte bayrische Rezepte sind?
Es gibt inzwischen so viele Kochbücher über die bayrische Küche, in der die originalen bayrischen Rezepte verändert worden sind.

Unsere Autorin SiMone Jordan hat ganz tief in ihre Familienrezepte gegriffen und in diesem Buch die besten Klassiker ausgewählt.
Angefangen bei fleischigen Hauptgerichten bis hin zu sü�en Nachspeisen.

Holen auch Sie sich ein Stück echte bayrische Küche in Ihren Haushalt und kochen Sie die leckeren originalen Rezepte selbst einmal nach!


Wenn Sie jetzt denken, Sie kennen alle bayrischen Gerichte, dann werden Sie sehr schnell draufkommen, daÃ? dem nicht so ist. AuÃ?er WeiÃ?würscht und Schweinshaxn gibt es sehr wohl gute, aber zum GroÃ?teil auch sehr deftige Gerichte. SchlieÃ?lich stammen die meisten Gerichte aus der Zeit, wo noch körperlich schwer geschuftet wurde – und da hats halt was “Gscheits zum Essen” gebraucht.
Aber keine Angst, auch in der heutigen Zeit schmecken diese vorzüglich und machen – muÃ? ich selbst zugeben – auch teilweise süchtig.
Da wir ja in der modernen Zeit auch einige Helferlein im Fertigbereich haben – Gott bewahre, ich gebe keine Tipps wie man Fertiggerichte aufpeppen kann – sondern nur, daÃ? es eben teilweise eine Erleichterung darstellt, wenn man z.B. eine Fleischbrühe eher aus dem Glas nimmt, als sie stundenlang vorher aus Fleisch, Knochen und Gemüse zu kochen.
Aber ich denke, Sie verstehen was ich meine und so kommen wir doch jetzt zum eigentlich wichtigen Teil dieses Buches – dem Essen.
Ich wünsche Ihnen viel Spa� beim Kochen und Essen genie�en.
SiMone Jordan

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