Free fantasy Kindle books for 25 Dec 18

Succubus Christmas Special: A LitRPG Short Story

by A.J. Markam

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Especially if your girlfriend is a succubus.

In this irreverent take on the holidays, Ian gets a new quest in a virtual reality videogame: kill a monstrous villain named Sinter Klaws. (And no, he is NOT a jolly old elf.)

Join Ian, his succubus Alaria, and his imp Stig as they journey through a winter wonderland full of killer reindeerâ?¦ lecherous elvesâ?¦ and the worst mall Santa in the history of the world.

WARNING: Do not buy this short story if you are a Bible thumper or an old church lady! This book is on Santa’s Naughty List!

For everyone else, it is an introduction to the SUCCUBUS series. No need to read any previous books!

SECOND WARNING: This is a short story featuring naked women, threesomes, demons, warlocks, violence, profanity, and religious parodies. If you’re an old granny lady who’s going to clutch your pearls every time somebody gets naked – or if you’re a Bible thumper who gets irate over irreverent treatment of the New Testament – this book is not for you.

The Mythology of the Norsemen (Illustrated)

by Hélène Adeline Guerber

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. “The prime importance of the rude fragments of poetry preserved in early Icelandic literature will now be disputed by none.””Myths of the Norsemen” is a collection of Northern myths and legends as preserved in the Eddas and Sagas of Iceland. These stories presented here are probably the purest versions of the original myths.Contents:The BeginningOdinFriggaThorTyrBragiIdunNiördFreyFreyaUllerForsetiHeimdallHermodVidarValiThe Norns The ValkyrsHelÃ?gir Balder Loki The Giants The Dwarfs The Elves The Sigurd Saga The Frithiof Saga The Twilight of the Gods Greek and Northern Mythologiesâ??A Comparison

The Scarlett Smith Chronicles (Southern Vampire Detective Boxed Set Book 1)

by Selene Charles

Completed Boxed Set!

Book 1

Meet Scarlett Smith, Southern Vampire Detectiveâ?¦

Well, at least that’s what she is today. Not too long ago she was just a regular Southern Belle in love with her soldier, dreaming of a life full of babies and white picket fences.

Then she died.

Now she’s a vampire in a shifter’s world trying to make sense of her sudden thirst for blood and her strange ability to read the emotions off of others. Especially as it pertains to deathâ??she and death have a strange affinity for one another now, but best not to dwell on that subject too long. She’s still totally just a normal girl, except now she solves murders and drinks a little type-O on the side. No big deal, she’s certainly nothing special or amazing…right? Except every once in a while she senses something stirring inside of her. Something dark. Something ancient. And something very, very powerful. But for now it’s just easier to pretend she’s nothing more than a vampire with a badge and a gun who just so happens to have the hots for not one, but two different shifters one of whom is her step-brother.

No one ever said being dead would be easy.

Book 2

My name is Scarlett Smith. And I’m a vampire who was raised by a pack of wolves. Little crazy, I know. But let’s not get hung up on semantics here. Because I’ve got a story to tell.

There’s something inside of me. A darkness. And she’s really starting to make herself known, think Harley Quinn on ‘roids and you might get the picture. She’s powerful and definitely unhinged, but I don’t have time to focus on that right now because I’ve got bigger fish to fry.

From the Alpha shifter on trial for breaking the unbreakable oath to a local vampire clan wanting me to party like it’s 1699, I’m in neck deepâ??pun intended. Have no fear though. I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeves and some unexpected allies in my corner. Sure, there are bound to be a few surprises along the way, and I’m guessing they aren’t all good. But, no one ever said being dead would be easyâ?¦

Book 3,

Scarlett Smith is back, but this time the stakes couldn’t get any higherâ?¦

Mercer and I we shouldn’t have done what we did at the Infantes Castle, not killing the vampires, cuzâ?¦let’s face it, they totally deserved to die. No, the other thing. Binding ourselves to each other. Mating. The cost was too high. And now, our love might make us lose everything we hold dear.

Now we’ve been summoned to Georgia to meet with the Alpha Council. Clarence is guilty of conspiracy to commit murder against his pack, but somehow he’s only gotten a slap on the wrist for it. Something’s just not right. I know it and so does Merc, but we’re helpless. We have to go to Georgia, we have to fight to save Silver Creek. But when we get there and I find out what the council really wants me to give up, I’m not sure I can. I’m not sure I will.

But a betrayal is coming for me. A big one, one that will shatter all the things I’ve ever believed in or held sacred. And before three days are up, the world as I know it will never be the same again.

Join me on the explosive finale that you are sure to never forgetâ?¦

(Included bonus short story content set in the Southern Detective universe!)


Basic Witch: Witches of Salem (Gemma Bradbury Magical Cozy Mysteries Book 1)

by Harmony Hart

Welcome to Salem, where paranormals of all kinds live in harmony. Mostly.

Gemma Bradbury used to be the epitome of a basic thirty-something womanâ??obsessed with social media, Netflix, and Starbucks pumpkin spice lattes.

But when she stumbles into a new life in Magickal Salem, everything changes. Gemma finds herself tangled up in the suspicious death of an elderly shop owner, realizes her cat can talk, and discovers she’s an actual witch.

She also finds out that she’s stuck in Salem. Forever.

But once the Coven assigns her a magical tutorâ??the drop-dead gorgeous Professor Beauregard Bacchusâ??and she makes friends with a real fairy princess, things start to look up.

All she has to do now is learn to navigate a new town full of witches, vampires and shifters, manage a magic shop, pass her first wand exam, and maybe flirt a bit with the handsome paranormal bachelors in her new town.

Oh, and find the shop owner’s real killer before Salem’s bumbling moose-shifter deputy tosses her in jail for murder.

Suddenly, this witch’s life isn’t so basic anymore.


Fans of witty cozy mysteries will love this magickal tale featuring a reluctant female sleuth, an opinionated feline familiar and a touch of romance set in a quaint (and gossipy) supernatural village.

Note: This book contains lighthearted and sarcastic humor, mild swearing, and sexual innuendos. Bonus recipes included.

Succubus: A LitRPG Series

by A.J. Markam

Ian just wanted a job as a Quality Control tech for the biggest virtual reality game online. Instead, he met the woman of his dreamsâ?¦ who just happens to be a demoness from hell.

Ian starts off as a Level 1 Warlock, and after summoning a mischievous imp named Stig as his first servant, goes on a series of quests to win the ultimate prize: a sexy, smoldering succubus who will fulfill his every wish.

But Alaria has a mind of her own. When she’s not playfully seducing Ian and then driving him crazy, she’s plotting revenge against shadowy figures from her past.

Ian gets drawn into her plot, and the three of them – Warlock, succubus, and imp – go off on an adventure full of bloodlust, blood, and – well, lust.

WARNING: This is a story featuring naked women, lots of foreplay, hot sex, demons, warlocks, violence, revenge, and moral quandaries. If you’re an old granny lady who’s going to clutch your pearls every time a woman’s breasts are described or somebody gets naked, this book is not for you.

Lost Legio IX: The Karus Saga

by Marc Alan Edelheit

Bestselling, award-winning author of STIGERS TIGERS, Marc Alan Edelheit, delivers a new action-packed fantasy epic filled with gods and magic.

One of history’s greatest mysteries, the Ninth Imperial Legion guarding Rome’s northernmost frontier in Britannia disappeared around the year 122 AD. This is their story.

Badly outnumbered, facing certain destruction, and cut off from supply, the Imperial Roman Ninth Legion Hispana is in a desperate position. Surrounded by the hostile Celtic army, Senior Centurion Lucious Grackus Lisidus Karus must lead his men to safety after unexpectedly finding himself thrust into command of the legion.

Then the unthinkable happens.

Karus and the Ninth are transported to a strange place, far away from the Britannia they knew. The legion’s deliverance from danger at first appears to be a blessing from the gods, but slowly they begin to uncover the secrets of this new land, a world that is slowly being overrun by a terrible evil.

A young woman is discovered in a dungeon, where she has been abandoned and left to starve. Inextricably linked with Karus’ own destiny, she may be the key to salvation, or worse, the instrument of destruction for the Ninth.

Cast adrift in a terrible war, Karus must find his way through the mysteries of this unfamiliar world, one that is filled with true magic, strange alien races, evil gods, and dragons. More importantly, Karus must discover his destiny, and complete a desperate task set for him by a god of Rome. Should he fail, it will mean certain destruction for the Ninth, the triumph of evil, and the rise of a new order.

Lost Legio IX is the first book in this exciting series.

â??For these I set no bounds in space or time; but have given empire without end.’
â??Jupiter, Virgil’s Aeneid.

Dissension: New Edition of Book 1, Vampire Trilogy (Blood Inheritance Trilogy)

by Adrienne Monson

“Monson has proven that she has the experience to take a relentlessly beaten horse and make it her own kind of dead.”
~ Deseret News

“It’s so good that I caught myself saying that famous phrase ‘just one more chapter’.”
~ Aline Mattos Reviews

Reluctant vampire Leisha is caught in the middle of an ongoing bloody war between her people and immortals, an undying race sworn to destroy all vampires. It’s a different life from the one she had 2,000 years ago when she led a quiet life as a devoted mother.
Leisha soon finds herself captured by the government, only to be saved by a mysterious human girl. Leisha and her newfound friend run for their lives while searching for the one thing that can bring an end to this escalating conflict — the prophecy child.

Seasons: Carol of the Bells

by Kahner Calloway

For many, the North Pole is a place where hopeful children send letters each year to a wishful, imaginary being who brings them gifts. For Kol, the North Pole is home. His father, Saint Nicholas, leads the North Pole, but they do far more than simply provide toys for all the good boys and girls. At least, they usually do. They provide a safe haven for the weary souls of humans and elves.This Christmas, tragedy has struck the North Pole. St. Nick has been cursed, and Kol is desperate to find the culprit and save his father before the city crumbles into a state of chaos. But he has never left the North Pole, nor does he know exactly where he is going–or what he’ll do when he gets there. Armed merely with his trusty List, Kol sets off into the wide world to find something to save his father. The clock is ticking, and Kol finds himself stumbling into a deeper plot than he could have imagined. Chance meetings and new friends threaten to derail his mission, but Kol is determined. Is his determination enough?

Twice Marked Witches and Wolves: Deadly Secrets Novella

by Ebony Bowser

This Novella is a part of the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series. This story picks up where LaToya and Quinn went to find answers for themselves. Do you want to know what happened from the time they left until they were found again? This is a story for you. You should start from Book 1 in the Deadly Secrets Brothers That Bite Series before you read this!
LaToya Grey has been dealing with the fact that she is a 20 something pregnant college student. Not only being pregnant but by her werewolf mate. She and her best friend took a quick trip to Florida, and that’s when their world changed from college work, clubs and parties to werewolves, vampires and who knows what else. Now she was pregnant by a werewolf, then she was kidnapped by a serial killer vampire, and her best friend died but came back as something else. On top of that, she has strange markings showing up on her arm.
Quinn is a werewolf shifter that found his mate and almost lost her not long after. He has a twin brother who wants to kill him and his ex-girlfriend that is hell-bent on messing things up with what he has with his mate LaToya. Finding out from Michael, his friend who was more of a brother that he needs to find out more about his family and what he will be capable of doing. He also needs to find out why his twin wants to kill him. He was told to find out in New Orleans, but first, he just needed to make a stop back in Florida.

Sea of Crystal, Sea of Glass

by Benita J. Prins

Originally published as Seascape

When faced with the impossible and the unthinkable, choose the impossible.

All that fifteen-year-old Einur Landman has left in the world are his flock of sheep and his beloved little sister. The entire purpose of his life is to keep Lody safe from the Illyrië. But what he never expected was that it would be his own name that was drawn for the child sacrifice. Leaving Lody with his promise to return, Einur escapes into the wild where he meets a stranger who outlines a way to bring down the Illyrië. Forced to choose between the unthinkable – Lody’s probable death – and the seemingly impossible, Einur takes the latter.

In his quest from his mountain village, through countless dangers, to the sea itself, everything Einur believes will be tested. For Lody’s sake, can he make a final crucial choice and stand firm to the end?

Seal of Fate: Rain Historical Archives

by Fleur Smith

Case: Seal of Fate
Date: April 1912
Location: Queenstown, Ireland.

Case Summary:
Secrets hide aboard the maiden voyage of the RMS Titanic. A selkie, a seer, and two Rain agents clash during the ill-fated journey.

The Rain Historical Archives are a series of historical stories based in the same world as the Daughter of Fire, Son of Rain, and Tales from Motor City series. The stories can be read as stand-alones.

The Zero Blessing (The Zero Enigma Book 1)

by Christopher Nuttall

Caitlyn Aguirre should have been a magician. Her family certainly expected her to be a magician. But by the time she reached her twelfth birthday, Caitlyn hadn’t even managed to cast a single spell! In desperation, her parents send her – and her magical sisters – to Jude’s Sorcerous Academy, her last best chance to discover her powers.

But as she struggles to survive her classes without a single spell to her name, Caitlyn starts to uncover an ancient mystery that may prove the key to her true powers …

… If she lives long enough to find it.

The Imp 2: Rise of the Banshee (The D.E.W Files Book 4)

by Jonathan Tate

The Imp 2: Rise of the Banshee
Nearly six months have passed since Tim White/The Imp brought down the crime lord that ruled London and the city is in a period of relative stability. Crime figures are down and the popularity of the Imp is up. Despite everything, one thing still bothers Tim, Donald Sweeney’s final warning that he is not alone.
When a new threat emerges to terrorise the city in the form of the maniacal Scare Bear, the Imp finds himself against an enemy the likes of which he has never faced before. Adding to his trouble is the fact that a new masked figure known as the Banshee stalks the streets hunting the Imp down for his crimes. Caught between two powerful individuals Tim’s life is about to be turned upside down especially when his darkest secret is revealedâ?¦
The D.E.W Files
Journey into a world where enhanced individuals walk amongst regular people. Some are born with these incredible abilities whilst others seemingly stumble into them. One thing remains constant however, there will always be people willing to fall on the opposite side of the law and for every person who tries to become a hero, plenty of others turn to a darker path.
With stories set across the globe, The Department of Enhanced Warfare Files cover the lives of these people, both individually and collectively, as they attempt to do what’s right whilst dealing with what it means to be a hero.

The Man In The White Suit

by Perry Martin

You are given the power to return to the past and re-experience any three 24-hour periods of your life.
You can simply re-experience the moments that gave you the most pleasure.
Or you can change the outcome of those things you most regret.
Where would you go? What would you change?
A mysterious man in a white suit has just given CARL BECKER that opportunity.
Where will he go? What will he change?
And what does the Man in the White Suit want in return?

Scales: A Fresh Telling of Beauty and the Beast

by Alydia Rackham

Princess Eleanora is very different from her younger sister, Oralia. While Oralia is golden-haired, sprightly and adored by all the men of the kingdom, Eleanora is ebony-haired and dark-eyed, and even-keeled. Wandering musician Amber of the Lute glimpses that difference right awayâ??and his laughter and color bring out a sparkle in Eleanora. But this arouses vicious jealousy in Oralia, who acquires and casts a terrible spell on her sisterâ??one that twists both the body and the mind. A spell that can only be broken by one who can see into Eleanora’s heart, and love her enough to set her free.

Excerpt from Chapter Nine:
“All the way across the roof, near the foot of the opposite tower, stood a person. Full in the waning white moonlight. Her face tilted toward the shrouded sky.
The light shimmered against her smooth, fine scales, making them look like liquid silver, and it softened the slender curves of her body. The fans near her face had calmed, and rested against the sides of her neck. Her large eyes reflected a luminous shine as she gazed, unblinking, at the moon. Watching it withdraw behind the clouds. The black shadow of the tower fell across her long, sweeping tail. Thus, from where Amber stood, he could have mistaken her for a pale young woman dressed in blues and whites.
Except for the bearing of her features.
Her gazeâ??vacant. Barren as a waterless sea. Her mouthâ??incapable of speech, of smiling or frowning. Her expression blank, and immovable. She stared, without pondering. No thought lived behind those eyes, or flickered at the corners of those lips.
A silver serpent. Still and silent as ice. Inhuman as stone.”

Reader Review from Patreon:
“The subtlety here is wonderful – nothing seems overdone and like any good fairytale, the familiar elements allow us to take a shortcut to the core of the story. We’re all familiar with jealous suitors and jealous siblings and handsome men with flashing blue eyes, but from poor Ailse to Amber (who listens better than he claims to), you can feel a sort of presence underneath their actions… something that is thinking very fast to reconcile the past and the future and move the people around them to the right places. Of course Oralia is the shining example here, pushing off her suitors on her sister when she doesn’t want them and picking them up again when she needs to make someone jealous, but what is she really after? She surely knows the obstacles to marrying a minstrel, and she of all people seems likely to go after power, not talent. Sir Roderick thinks he knows how to drive Amber away from Oralia and have her to himself, but does he understand how Oralia works at all? And then there’s Ele, and somehow by being her quiet, reserved self she manages to have a good old time in her simple dress with her enchanting minstrel friend. I was expecting her to be at the center of some sort of disaster at the feast, but she knows herself and her sister too well for that. I’m also impressed by her mother’s choice to let her have her independence and not force her to play to her sister’s whims. This whole cast looks to be a shade quicker on the uptake than your average fantasy court – another thing I always liked about the old fairytales. I can’t wait to meet the witches and see these clever people put to the test!” -Melissa

Norse Legends

by Snorri Sturluson

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Sagas are stories mostly about ancient Nordic and Germanic history, early Viking voyages, the battles that took place during the voyages and migration to Iceland and of feuds between Icelandic families. They were written in the Old Norse language, mainly in Iceland. Kings’ sagas are of the lives of Scandinavian kings. They were composed in the 12th to 14th centuries. The Icelanders’ sagas, a.k.a. Family Sagas, are stories of real events, passed in oral form till they eventually were recorded, mostly in the 13th century. These are the highest form of the classical Icelandic saga writing.  Legendary Sagas blend remote history with myth or legend. The aim is on a lively narrative and entertainment.Contents:Kings’ SagasYnglinga SagaHalfdan the Black SagaHarald Harfager’s SagaHakon the Good’s SagaSaga of King Harald Grafeld and of Earl Hakon Son of SigurdKing Olaf Trygvason’s SagaSaga of Olaf Haraldson (St. Olaf)Saga of Magnus the GoodSaga of Harald HardradeSaga of Olaf KyrreMagnus Barefoot’s SagaSaga of Sigurd the Crusader and His Brothers Eystein and OlafSaga of Magnus the Blind and of Harald GilleSaga of Sigurd, Inge, and Eystein, the Sons of HaraldSaga of Hakon HerdebreidMagnus Erlingson’s SagaSagas of IcelandersEgil’s Saga (The Story of Egil Skallagrimsson)Laxdæla Saga The Saga of Hrafnkell, Frey’s Priest The Story of the Confederates (Bandamanna saga) The Saga of Gisli the Outlaw The Saga of Gunnlaug the Worm-Tongue and Raven the SkaldSaga of the GreenlandersErik the Red’s SagaGrettir’s Saga (The Story of Grettir the Strong)Njal’s Saga (The story of Burnt Njal)The Saga of Cormac the SkaldThe Saga of Howard the HaltThe Saga of the Ere-DwellersThe Saga of Thrond of GateThe Saga of Viga-GlumThe Saga of Viglund the FairThe Saga of Hen-Thorir Legendary SagasVolsunga SagaFrithiof’s Saga

War-Born: The Warring Realm (The Warring Realm Series Book 1)

by Aaron D. Schneider

Two-thousand years of war just met its match.

For Lieutenant Lucius “Luce” Bollham, things have been going from bad to worse since the caves of Afghanistan. First, ostracized by his brothers in arms, now the possibility of being tried as a war criminal. You’d think getting away from it all would be a relief, but where you escape to matters.

Luce’s “escape” takes him to the magical Twilit Kingdom of Other-Realm where he finds himself thrust into the midst of a war nearly two thousand years old.

And he thought Afghanistan was tough…

Caught between mind-bending sorcery, ancient grudges, and intrigues among aeon-old beings, Luce must gather the forces of the kingdom and revolutionize their idea of combat before enemy legions march across the land. Witchery and swordplay pair with assault rifles and asymmetrical warfare to stop an adversary who seeks nothing less than utter conquest.

Oh, and there is a woman–when is there not? Except she’s a centuries-old warrior-sorceress with blood under her nails and fire on her lips. Bryth is just the kind of gal you want around in a world where curses can kill and dark things stir.

In the midst of all the madness, Luce has to decide what it is he is actually fighting for.

Out of the frying pan and into the inferno, as they say.

“Aaron’s writing reminds us that we read for the journey, not the destination. Shades of Tolkien can be glimpsed in this beautifully written, beautifully imagined epic war-story. It’s Call of Duty meets Lord of the Rings. If you love military fantasy, don’t miss this trilogy.” -USA Today Bestselling Author, AL Knorr.

The Warring Realm Series contains some language and disturbing scenes. It was written for mature audiences.

Demon Zero: An Urban Fantasy Adventure (Dark Matter Book 1)

by Randall Pine

“The best new urban fantasy series in years!”

The city of Templar has always been a little strange. Monsters slither out of the lakes, a zombie rises up every few years, and from time to time, some of the people go missing for no reason. But the supernatural occurrences have been happening more and more frequently lately, and it may have something to do with the all-powerful demon that’s living in Mrs. Grunberg’s basement.

When local slackers Simon Dark and Virgil Matter decide to investigate the mysterious presence in the cellar, they set off a chain of events that will change Templarâ??and themselvesâ??forever. They don’t know anything about demons. They don’t know anything about magic. But they know that Templar needs some heroes to fight against the growing supernatural darkness, and with the help of a sharp, attractive empath and an old, cantankerous wizard, they just might be able to send the evil demon back to hell.

Or they’ll be blinked out of existence trying.

In Demon Zero, author Randall Pine tells an action-packed story of sorcery and adventure that sets the stage for a fun, funny, and thrilling new series that “fits perfectly in the classic canon of the world’s best urban fantasy.”

Seer in the Dark (The Shadows in Light Book 1)

by J.P. Carver

When zombie dogs show up and a white haired woman kills them, Ben has to rethink some life choices.

For Ben, an out-of-work computer technician, creatures and monsters of myth were only in horror movies. That opinion changes when a friend sends him data from a big hack and soon after a pack of zombie dogs show up in his apartment and try to kill him.

Now, he’s on the run from a powerful being that wants what Ben has. His only salvation is in a white haired woman with a shotgun who seems to be from a different world. 

A perfect blend for lovers of Supernatural and Silent Hill, this book will make you reconsider walking around in the dark. 

Pick up Seer in the Dark today!

Magi’s Christmas: 33 Years to Easter

by Noel Thornley

You have no idea who the Wisemen were. . .until now!

Step with me into the realms of truth and imagination to see the Christ Child in an exquisite new light and discover the story of the Saviour’s childhood through the eyes of Nike and Chaz as you find your way to Christmas.

This story will kindle a genuine Spirit of Christmas in your heart and home. You will see the Magi in a vivid new light, and that light, like the star that guided them, will shine on your celebration of Christmas. . .and Easter if you are wise enough.

“Jesus, you have visitors.” Mary coaxed him out from his shyness as she leaned down, playing with his curly chestnut hair. Jesus grasped two fingers of her graceful hand as she guided him out from behind the skirts of her robe.

Jesus had his mother’s nose and mouth, but his eyesâ?¦Nike had never seen such eyes.

The clock is ticking as the Roman Empire faces the great imperium Parthia in an unexpected confrontation.

Parthia has sent their kingmakers, the Magi, to find the King of Kings and the wary Romans and murderous tetrarch Herod are watching closely.

And at the nexus of these two great superpowers is a child who will change the world.

Made of Shadows

by Archi Ofmn

What should you do when you accidentally incite a war between a ruthless terrorist organization and a group of maniacal cultists?
According to Audrey, brimming with both hope and power, you should try to take both groups down to impress your heroes. Of course, the best laid plans often fall apart, and when she crosses paths with Beta, a silver haired and merciful lieutenant in the League, their lives come crashing down around them as they realize their idols aren’t so perfect after all.
As the war in Miami forces their lives onto darker and darker paths, Audrey must face the grim reality of her heritage and the duty that comes with it, while Beta must come to terms with the ramifications of his bloody crusade.
With opposing forces converging on Miami, all hellbent on total control of the city, the pair must decide what they truly stand for, and no one path seems to offer either of them a happy ending.

Made of Shadows is the first book in the Wisp series, following Audrey Umbra and her struggle against villains that seem to lurk in every corner.

Shadow Play (The Fae Games Book 1)

by Jill Ramsower

After two years at a dead-end job, Rebecca Peterson finally walks away from everything she knows to follow her dreams in Ireland. Instead of dreams, the dreary streets of Belfast rekindle her terrifying nightmares, and this time they aren’t confined to her imagination. Twisted and vicious, Faeries are being unleashed on Earth to prey upon humans, who are unaware of the vile creatures walking among them. Becca must stay alive long enough to learn why she can see what others can’t, and even more importantly, discover how to keep the Fae from destroying life on Earth.

Delving into the underbelly of the city, Becca discovers that she is not entirely alone in her abilities; however, centuries of secrecy makes gathering information a challenge. When Becca crosses paths with two mysterious strangers, her life is only complicated further. The gorgeous but brooding Lochlan demands complete honesty but refuses to provide any answers of his own. On the other hand, Ronan is enigmatic and charming, and with his sights set on making Becca his, he offers more help than most. But Becca quickly learns that trusting others is difficult when you have secrets of your own. Sometimes, the enemy is within….

Warning: This is NOT a Young Adult novel! It contains graphic violence and scenes with adult sexual content.

The Lost & Cursed (The Dark One Book 1)

by Rina S. Mamoon

Mara had her fill of misfortunes. However, she never expected to lose her memories and become cursedâ??every death brings her back as an undead creature. Entering a world she has no memory of, Mara is pulled along on a series of events to face the unavoidable, encountering monsters she never knew existed. While searching for her memories and a way to lift her curse, she learns about an omen of the world’s end. A prophecy begins to loom over the land of Ardana, foretelling the return of a great and terrible beast. And one by one, the seven seals that kept the Dark One imprisoned shall fail.

Apprentice (Talents of Terra Book 1)

by Kath Farr

The joys of life outweigh all the sorrows it delivers… only sometimes the scales are tipped.

Amelika, Terra’s Prime Multipath Talent, is ageing. After a lifetime of unparalleled achievements, she should be enjoying a satisfied retirement. To do so, she must nominate a successor. Supervisor Maclaren, her lifelong nemesis, believes the role is rightfully his, but she knows he would only abuse the position of power. The ache of every bone in her body tells her time is running out to find someone more worthy.

Laelika doesn’t fit in. She avoids everyone, but trouble still finds her. The other chargelings at the Orphanage treat her as an outcast. With no sign of any Talent, it seems unlikely that she will ever find a place among the Clans. Something is consuming her; something she refuses to remember or acknowledge.

On the surface, it would appear the two have nothing in common. Yet there is a force which binds their fates together; both are damaged and without each other, neither will survive. Will Amelika’s Talent be enough to save them both?

And so begins the journey of Apprentice, the first book in the fantasy series Talents of Terra, tracing four generations of powerful women in a world where human intelligence has evolved beyond any predictions but in other ways, the worst parts of human nature remain the same.

Grab Apprentice today and discover a world of intriguing characters in which corruption threatens integrity in a timeless battle of power.

The Myth of the Greenlanders & Erik the Red

by Arthur Middleton Reeves

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Saga of the Greenlanders and Erik the Red’s Saga are the main literary sources of information for the Norse exploration of North America. These sagas relate the colonization of Greenland by Erik the Red and his followers and they describe several expeditions further west led by Erik’s children and Ã?orfinnr “Karlsefni” Ã?órðarson. 

The Seeker (Shadow Wars Book 1)

by Frederikke Byron

Demons, fireballs, the occasional visit to jail and lots and lots of detention – these are all things I can handle. A demonic stalker, however, who not only stalks me during the waking hours, but also gives me vivid nightmares, and has a paralyzing fear power, is not something I signed up for.
Not that I had a choice. I didn’t choose to have magical powers, and I certainly didn’t want to be the only one keeping the not-so-friendly neighborhood demons off the streets.
No, my power chose me, and I can’t give it back. No matter how much I want to.
I need answers, though. Need to find out who I am, why my family fled to America, and why my mother was killed. So, when a stranger shows up and offers me a place at a university for â??Magi’, gifted people like me, I jump at the opportunity, not reading the fine print.
The school is for boys only, and I’m the first girl ever to attend.

Trapped: The Dr. van Wolfe Saga

by Amanda Byrd

I’m a monster. A literal monster. But I’m a “good” kind of monster. You know, like the serial killers who kill the drug dealers, rapists, and general scum of the earth.

The difference between those serial killers and me? I’m only part human; two-thirds of me is werepire. That’s right, werewolf and vampire. It’s not fun, but I make due. I’m also a therapist; the one these scum pay to… talk to. I listen, sure. But then I have my own personal brand of justice. It gets messy, so if you plan to stick around, might I suggest you wear a rubber suit?

Untethered (Shifter Night Book 1)

by Charlene Hartnady

A shifter novel set in the same world as, the bestselling, Chosen and Program series

Saturday night is shifter nightâ?¦
It’s that one night of the week when the shifters head into Sweetwater to blow off a little steam. Sometimes, when they’re lucky enough, it’s to find a mate â?¦ a sweet, human mate â?¦ since shifter females are in such short supply.

Winston wishes it was his turn to find a partner because he’s done with all the screwing around. Done with all the meaningless one-night-stands. He might head into town when it’s his turn, but he’s staying far away from temptation. He’ll wait until his name comes up on the mating list and then he’ll settle down.
His good intentions are blown to hell when he meets Ana, a timid female struggling with an event from her past. Who is this beautiful creature? This broken, sad shadow of herself. Winston promises to help her. Hell, they’ll help each other. He might have vowed celibacy but he’s not dead. Not by a long damn shot. This way, he can spend time with a beautiful female without any expectations and in return, he’ll help her get over her fears.
Problem is though, friends should not be this attracted to one another. They definitely shouldn’t be this intrigued by each other. Keeping his hands off of her is becoming an impossibility. Will he be able to let her go when the time comes? Thing is, he’s not so sure anymore.

No cheating and a guaranteed HEA. Mini-cliffhanger ending.
Contains hot alpha males and therefore strong sexual themes/language
*Beware of spoilers in the reviews below*

A Goose Girl: A Retelling of The Goose Girl (Entwined Tales Book 1)

by K. M. Shea

As a royal lady’s maid, Rynn has one task: Escort the princess of Astoria to her intended’s kingdom and return home. Unfortunately for the former goose girl, the princess has other plans.

When her charge flees, Rynn’s not only forced to take the princess’s place, but she must also contend with a spiteful fairy horse, a good dose of political intrigue, and Conrad…the mysterious and all-too observant lord who consumes more of her thoughts than he should.

But with war looming on the horizon, Rynn stands to lose more than her heart. Can she convince the princess to return, end the charade, and make peace between the kingdoms?

More importantly, can she possibly avoid a death sentence when the truth is revealed?

A Goose Girl is a romantic fairy tale novella. It can be read on its own but is more fun when read as a part of the Entwined Tales, a series of interconnected fairy tales by six different authors. Each story follows the adventures of one of seven children from the same family as they seek out their own happily ever afters in spite of their reluctant fairy-godfather.

The Chronicles of Luxaar Part 1: Luxaar & The Stolen Princess

by Prometheus Silver

Luxaar, a foreigner to the desert Provence of Zariban, and his troublesome partner The Rat plan what is to be a simple heist. Nothing goes as planned as soon as they enter the mansion of Rez-Hilkta. Eccentric, never seen and collector of rare items. Once inside they are introduced to a world of magic, strange and bizarre creatures and the stolen princess. Luxaar is forced to adapt to a world he knows nothing about or die. They barely escape the mansion with their lives and the Scrolls of Nida-Darth what they were there for in the first place.
On the way to the city of Hesin where they will meet The Merchant to whom they are going to sell the scrolls. They are forced underground due to a violent sandstorm. Luxaar, The Rat and the Princess’s lives are forever changed as the past comes back to haunt them and Luxaar has his first encounter with Tatharina, the beautiful Blood Goddess.
In Hesin everything goes astray as the scrolls are stolen the day before the sale and Luxaar must find them and get them to The Merchant before time runs out.

The Complete Novels

by Mary Shelley

Musaicum Books presents to you this unique collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Frankenstein (Original Edition, 1818)
Frankenstein (Revised Edition, 1831)
The Last Man
The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck
The Life & Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley by Florence Ashton Marshall

The Essential Works of Mary Shelley

by Mary Shelley

Musaicum Books presents to you this unique collection, designed and formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices.
Frankenstein (Original Edition, 1818)
Frankenstein (Revised Edition, 1831)
The Last Man
The Fortunes of Perkin Warbeck
Short Stories:
The Sisters of Albano
Ferdinando Eboli
The Evil Eye
The Dream
The Mourner
The False Rhyme
A Tale of the Passions; or, The Death of Despina
The Mortal Immortal
The Swiss Peasant
The Invisible Girl
The Brother and Sister
The Parvenue
The Pole
The Elder Son
The Pilgrims
On Ghosts
The Hair of Mondolfo
Travel Narratives:
History of a Six Weeks’ Tour
Rambles in Germany and Italy in 1840, 1842, and 1843
Notes to the Complete Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley
The Life & Letters of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley by Florence Ashton Marshall

The Pathetic Life of Dilbert Brown (The Book of Dilbert 1)

by B.W. Saturday

His parents died. His uber religious aunt raised him. His cat will teach him how to live life.

Dilbert Brown thinks that his life is just fine. It’s routine, it’s bland, it’s nothing special, but his cat Benny thinks otherwise. He convinces Dilbert that a night out with his coworkers is what he needs to try and introduce a little fun in his life. The night quickly takes a left turn and Dilbert finds himself running for his life. Benny and his feline squad must try and find Dilbert before it’s too late. Dilbert’s coworkers and family join in the search, but past faces, present enemies, and future uncertainties send the group through different emotional and physical twist and turns. As events unfold in the world of Dilbert Brown, Benny learns that there are more eyes on him that he would like.

The Pathetic Life of Dilbert Brown contains mystery, romance, adult/dark/silly humor, secret secrets, some other worldly stuff thrown in ,a pinch of fantasy and a talking cat that doesn’t play by human rules.

Note from the author: The style of this book is unorthodox…to be honest i didn’t know how i wanted to write it. The one thing i knew is that i want the reader to become each and every character and hear them in the voice of their choosing. I wanted to build a world that everyone felt a part of. Not just by reading the words, but by becoming a part of the universe itself.

The Ghost Pirates (Horror Classic)

by William Hope Hodgson

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Jessop is the only survivor of the final voyage of the Mortzestus, rescued from drowning by the crew of the passing Sangier. He begins to recount how he came to be aboard the ill-fated Mortzestus, the rumors surrounding the vessel and the unusual events that rapidly increase in both frequency and severity. He describes his confusion and uncertainty about what he believes he has seen, at times fearing for his own sanity.

The â??Moonâ? Over Shengzou: One Chinese Experiment Gone Wrong

by Eugene G. Moore

“Night fell, but the night was never dark over Shengzou”. It all changed in this southern Chinese city when a billionaire decided to put a giant Moon in the sky above it. The scientists called it “artificial lightning satellite” and by their calculations it should replace all the street lighting in the city, and save the city council millions of yuan’s every year. Only it didn’t turn out that way.

Enchanting story about the endeavor of one man against far stronger enemy and public opinion. Retelling the myth of David and Goliath, this time set in the far East in the present day. Written by an award wining European author.

LOST GIRL (Oracles Book 1)

by Dax Varley

Juniper Lynch has a flair for all things psychic – a gift she inherited from her dearly departed granny.

When her best friend, Gena needs help finding her missing retainer, Juniper is quick to try scrying, aka crystal-gazing. With no crystal ball handy, she goes the easy route and gazes into a glass of water. But the image that appears is not what she expected. The shriveled face of a missing girl floats to the surface. Juniper is seized by a mystical connection and the countdown clock begins.

Can she find the lost girl before they both wither away?

Nor The Battle To The Strong (Intertwined Souls Series: Eva and Zoe Book 6)

by Mary D. Brooks

Eva Lambros lives a fulfilling life with her partner, Zoe — but her past hides painful experiences she longs to forget. As the couple journeys to the wartime research facility at the center of Eva’s horror, they’ll need to rely on each other to face a series of shocking revelations.

On the night of November 9, 1938 in Berlin, Germany a teenager’s life was forever changed. Sent to the village of Aiden at the foothills of the Bavarian Alps, body and mind were shattered in the brutal Aiden Research Facility. Eighteen years later, Eva Lambros is no longer a teenager but a wealthy heiress. She is poised and confident with the family she has always wanted but there is one last obstacle she must overcome. Together with her partner, the formidable Zoe Lambros, they travel to Aiden to open a memorial to the hundreds of souls that lost their lives. Aiden left Eva with debilitating mental constraints that have taken years to overcome but is she ready to confront and overcome her greatest fear?

Zoe not only has to contend with Eva’s state of mind, but she is also pulled into a mystery that involves a woman’s search for justice amidst shocking revelations that reaches into the upper echelons of Aiden society.

The race is not always to the swift, nor the battle to the strong in the sixth novel of the award-winning historical lesbian romance series imbued with urban fantasy and mystery.

The Crusade of Eralina (The Redoak Saga: Ancient Roots Book 3)

by L Jay Goodson

She fights her brother during the Crusades

Eralina awakens to her destiny when a battle is brought to her shores. She has no choice but to continue the fight. Will she rise above the patriarchal society plaguing humanity? Will she face her brother across the battlefield? Two unknown entities return an important gift. Who are they really? Did they create the magic of Avalon? Do their secrets exist within the Mind Breaker Amulet? Find out in the third part of The Redoak Saga Ancient Roots Anthology.

The Abyss Trilogy: The Boats of the Glen Carrig, The House on the Borderland & The Ghost Pirates: Horror Classics

by William Hope Hodgson

This eBook edition of “The Abyss Trilogy: The Boats of the Glen Carrig, The House on the Borderland & The Ghost Pirates” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. “The Boats of the Glen Carrig” – The ship “Glen Carrig” gets lost at sea when it strikes “a hidden rock” and several survivors escape the wreck in two lifeboats. But that is when their agony actually begins, as they become exposed to the Sargasso Sea, also known as “cemetery of the oceans”.”The House on the Borderland” – On the third day of their fishing holiday to the remote Irish village, two friends stumble upon the ruins of a strangely shaped house on a large lake. They discover the mouldering journal of the Recluse, an unidentified man who recorded his last days in the house before its destruction. He started the diary to record the strange experiences and horrors occurring in and around the house.”The Ghost Pirates” – Jessop is the only survivor of the final voyage of the Mortzestus, rescued from drowning by the crew of the passing Sangier. He begins to recount how he came to be aboard the ill-fated Mortzestus, the rumors surrounding the vessel and the unusual events that rapidly increase in both frequency and severity. He describes his confusion and uncertainty about what he believes he has seen, at times fearing for his own sanity.

Perfect Trust (Gwydion Abarta Novel Book 2)

by Amelia Ravenbrook

Just as Gwydion thinks he’s adjusted to his surroundings, he’s given more responsibilities. And one of his estranged brothers makes a surprising reappearance.
His roommate at The Academy of Magickal Arts is his fencing partner. Unfortunately for Gwydion, Giacomo is determined to win Pansy’s heart.
His new fiancée is too sweetâ??and possibly naïveâ??for her own good. Leading him to want to protect her. Somehow he must free himself of her and not break her spirit in the process.
And to top it all off, his sister is sending Pandora’s Box to his best friend.
It’s just a typical year in the life of Gwydion Abartaâ?¦

The Land Before Life

by Jamie Brindle

Quince is a salesman, though he never goes door-to-door. He never has the need. What he sells is life itself.
Sat at his desk at the very beginning, in the Land Before Life, Quince knows so much more than the empty Poor Souls who come to him. Compared to them, he is a big deal.
But what will Quince do when he finds Life has something to offer him, too? And what’s so intriguing about this Life business, anyway?
Read on, and you might find these and other answers, here in the first three stories of the Land Before Life: The Big Deal, The Other Options, and Handle With Care.

Heimskringla: The Chronicle of the Kings of Norway

by Snorri Sturluson

This eBook has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Heimskringla is a collection of sagas about the Norwegian kings, beginning with the saga of the legendary Swedish dynasty of the Ynglings, followed by accounts of historical Norwegian rulers from Harald Fairhair of the 9th century up to the death of the pretender Eystein Meyla in 1177.Contents:Kings’ SagasYnglinga SagaHalfdan the Black SagaHarald Harfager’s SagaHakon the Good’s SagaSaga of King Harald Grafeld and of Earl Hakon Son of SigurdKing Olaf Trygvason’s SagaSaga of Olaf Haraldson (St. Olaf)Saga of Magnus the GoodSaga of Harald HardradeSaga of Olaf KyrreMagnus Barefoot’s SagaSaga of Sigurd the Crusader and His Brothers Eystein and OlafSaga of Magnus the Blind and of Harald GilleSaga of Sigurd, Inge, and Eystein, the Sons of HaraldSaga of Hakon HerdebreidMagnus Erlingson’s Saga

Spear of Destiny (Misadventures of Dame Galahad Book 1)

by Ines Johnson

Chivalrous? Nah.

Virtuous? Not sinceâ?¦well, none of your business.

The difference between me and the Knights of the Round Table? I make medieval look good.

Loren Van Alst is an independent, twenty-first-century woman, an accused forger, a suspected thief, and the last descendant of Sir Galahad of the Arthurian court. To claim her seat at the Round Table and protect her newly found family of modern-day witches, she’ll need to convince the current Arthur and his knights to let a woman take the knights’ trials. But things go sideways when a crazed wizard goes on the loose with a magical spear that can strip a witch of her powers. As if that weren’t enough, the clique of mean girls from middle school arrives in Camelot and turn out to be witch hunters.

To safeguard a future she never knew she wanted, Loren will have to evade the hunters, defeat the wizard, capture the spear, and pass her trials. No one ever said becoming a kick-ass heroine would be easy!

Urban fantasy goes medieval in this modern day, action-packed, calamitous series of misadventures. 1-Click now to be apart of the journey.

Lord of Winter (Gwydion Abarta Novel Book 3)

by Amelia Ravenbrook

Uther Abarta has landed in the hospital and the outcome doesn’t look good. Of course, that doesn’t stop him from attempting to keep Gwydion under his thumb. Only this time, there’s a difference. This time around, Gwydion’s betrothed has requested the match. Perhaps things will go more smoothly since she knows about his past relationship failures.
To make matters more complicated, Pansy’s new boyfriend is having some issues that not only affect their relationshipâ??they affect Gwydion’s as well.
All in all, it’s just another year at Isis’ Academy of Magickal Arts as Gwydion and his friends arrive for their third year.

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