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The Orange Lilies: A Morton Farrier novella (The Forensic Genealogist series Book 3)

by Nathan Dylan Goodwin

Morton Farrier has spent his entire career as a forensic genealogist solving other people’s family history secrets, all the while knowing so little of his very own family’s mysterious past. However, this poignant Christmastime novella sees Morton’s skills put to use much closer to home, as he must confront his own past, present and future through events both present-day and one hundred years ago. It seems that not every soldier saw a truce on the Western Front that 1914 Christmasâ?¦

This is the third book in the Morton Farrier genealogical crime mystery series, although it can be enjoyed as a stand-alone story.

Her Highland Secret: Scottish Medieval Highlander Romance Novel

by Fiona Faris

Only she can save him… Only he can protect her…

Running from a fate that was thrust upon them, Ella Pearson and Lucas MacGille find their lives intertwined.

Ella finds her self fleeing from an arranged marriage when she stumbles upon a Scottish couple’s farm.

She quickly learns that they are protecting a secret; a heavily wounded Highlander warrior. Can she save him?

Lucas MacGille, heir of Clan MacGille, barely survived the brutal battle against the English.

Finding himself in the healing hands of a Sassenach Lady, he must now protect her even if it means going to war all over again, this time for his heart

Can sworn enemies learn to trust and protect each other?

*If you like brawny Highland warriors with a soft heart, and romantic stories depicting the majestic and mysterious Scottish Highlands, then Her Highland Secret is the perfect novel for you.

* “Her Highland Secret” is a Steamy Historical Scottish romance novel of more than 80,000 words (around 440 pages). No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a guaranteed happily ever after.

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Christmas Kisses

by Cynthia Clement

Can Christmas bring forgiveness and love to a man haunted by war?

Charles, the Earl of Stratton, has lived for eleven years with guilt and battle fatigue. The horror of war is a constant in his life. He has tried to silence his demons, but nothing works until he returns home for the holidays. There he finds peace, and the love he thought he’d destroyed, waiting for him.

Helen lost both of the men she loved to the war. Her brother, Jack, who died on the battlefield, and Charles, who avoids her. Her love for Charles has never died, but when he finally comes home, it’s to introduce his fiancée to his family.

Will the Christmas season give them a second chance at happiness? Or will honor demand they separate forever?

Christmas Kisses is a Sensual Regency Novella of 20,000 words.

2015 International Digital Award Finalist

Father Goriot (World’s Classics Series)

by Honoré de Balzac

This eBook edition of “Father Goriot (World’s Classics Series)” has been formatted to the highest digital standards and adjusted for readability on all devices. Father Goriot takes place during the Bourbon Restoration, which brought profound changes to French society; the struggle by individuals to secure a higher social status. Set in Paris in 1819, it follows the intertwined lives of three tenants of the Maison Vauquer boarding house: the elderly doting Goriot; a mysterious criminal-in-hiding named Vautrin; and a naive law student named Eugène de Rastignac. Goriot is an elderly retired vermicelli-maker who has bankrupted himself to support his two well-married daughters. Vautrin wants to get his hands on the fortune of an unmarried woman, trying to implicate Rastignac in the murdering of her brother. Rastignac, who moved to Paris from the south of France, becomes attracted to the upper class and he is willing to use any means to better his situation.

Un legado para la posteridad (Spanish Edition)

by Cayetano Martín

Relato corto. Apolonio es un prestigioso artesano en la ciudad romana de Astigi en siglo II d.C., Durante las noches, en la soledad de su taller, creará en secreto una de las esculturas más importantes que han llegado hasta nuestro días. En este relato, se narra de forma ficticia la historia de la “Amazona herida”, su nacimiento y las motivaciones que llevaron a su autor ha esculpirla con tanta maestría y a esconderla del mundo hasta su descubrimiento dieciséis siglos después. Actualmente se puede visitar en el museo histórico de Ã?cija, Sevilla.

Rituals of the Dead: An Artifact Mystery (Adventures of Zelda Richardson Book 3)

by Jennifer S. Alderson

Stolen artifacts, a missing anthropologist and a tenacious amateur sleuth.

American art history student Zelda Richardson is back and embroiled in another exciting art-related mystery! This time she’s working at an anthropology museum in Amsterdam on an exhibition of artifacts from the Asmat region of Papua – the same area where a famous American anthropologist disappeared in 1961. When the anthropologist’s journal is found inside an artifact’s crate, Zelda is tasked with finding out more about the man’s last days and his connection to these ritual objects.

Trouble is, she soon discovers disturbing links between his vanishing, the Dutch government and the Catholic Church. When her co-worker and housemate are murdered shortly after, Zelda finds herself pulled into a world of shady anthropologists, colonial officials, missionaries and smugglers – where the line between good and evil is blurry at best, and the only certainty is that sins of the past are never fully erased.

Join Zelda on her next quest as she grapples with the anthropologist’s mysterious disappearance fifty years earlier, and a present-day murderer who will do everything to prevent her from uncovering the truth.

  • Awarded a B.R.A.G. Medallion by indieBRAG’s readers in December 2018
  • Winner of a Chill with a Book Readers’ Award, June 2018
  • A Women Writers, Women’s Books magazine’s Recommended Reads for March 2018
  • New Apple’s 2018 Summer Book Awards, Official Selection Mystery/Thriller category
  • BookLife Prize for Fiction 2018, Mystery/Thriller category, rating 8.50

Art, religion, and anthropology collide in this edge-of-your-seat museum thriller, Book Three of the Adventures of Zelda Richardson mystery series. The novels in this series can be read in any order.

A Stake of Holly: Or: The Strange Christmas of Dr. Buchmann

by Madelief Steinway

A Christmas short story. Dr. Buchmann (not his real name), a Swiss exile living in Victorian England, has one job — inventory the lab of the recently deceased Dr. Jekyll. “But a cursory glance at the notes of the late Dr. Jekyll was enough to rekindle an old fire within me. He had dabbled, as had I, with the very essence of existence. True, his experiments had escaped his control, as had mine, and unlike me he had lost his life to them. But that need not mean they had ended in failure — that they had ended at all.” All he needs is a subject for his experiment — someone who will not be missed, even at Christmas. He finds the ideal individual in the offices of Scrooge and Marley. But the results of the experiment test the doctor’s limits in a way he never expected.

My Father’s World (The Journals of Corrie Belle Hollister Book #1)

by Michael Phillips

When her mother dies, Corrie Bell Hollister is left with four younger siblings to care for. Hoping to find her uncle, she arrives in Gold Rush territory determined to be strong and make her own way. But her long-lost father’s so-called land of promise is a dangerous place, and she has never felt so alone.

The Coffin Lane Murders. Inspector Faro Mystery No.8

by Alanna Knight

A trail of blood leads Inspector Faro through the snow to the body of a maid sent out to post a letter. Had she a secret lover, was she the victim of a crime of passion? Or does another murder two days later indicate a serial killer at large and a reign of terror to be unleashed in Victorian Edinburgh’s wealthy suburbs?

La historia contada a saltos (Spanish Edition)

by Enrique Gallud Jardiel

ÍNDICE: La batalla de Waterloo – ¡Hay que tomar la Bastilla! – Un lío gordiano – La doncella y el metrosexual – El drama de Varennes – Leonardo talla un caballo – La fundación de Roma – El desembarco en Normandía – El código de Hammurabi – La Guerra de la Independencia – Monoteísmo en el antiguo Egipto – La puerta de atrás de un imperio – Historia de «la Cava» – La tonta muerte de Claudio – La sana y cómoda herejía de los gundulinos – Cómo surgió la fuente de la Cella – ¿Quién fue el Cid? – El descubrimiento del café con leche – Eurípides, Cacharet y Zumalacárregui – Patos contra cisnes – La historia del Koh-i-nur – El asunto del collar – Los huevos del Zar – Monigotes de terracota – La construcción del Partenón – La Revolución Francesa con pelos y señales

The Guardian of Freedom

by Dakota Love

December, 1799. As hidden forces seek to destroy the fledgling United States, George Washington and his sister, Betty, find themselves in a race against time to preserve all they hold dear. But as ancient legends and twists of fate converge, can the heroes find the courage they need to stand against the unending tide of darkness that threatens to consume the land? Only through faith, and with the special bond that a family shares, can they hope to win the day, and preserve the freedom we all hold so dear.

Wilderness Trail: A Pantera Adventure

by Robert Larrison

Exiled from Palestine for the murder of his step-father, Yeshu Pantera joins a band of Roman soldiers as they venture into the Sinai Desert, headed for Alexandria in ancient Egypt. Beset with misfortune, they find their real assignment is a little to the south, a lot more south to be exact.

This short story of approximately 4900 words is an excerpt from the first part of the epic Alt-History novel “Pantera.” Follow Yeshu and his companions as they learn to live and fight in a region of the world where survival depends on cunning and ingenuity.

A Regrettable Reputation: Book One in the Light Division Romances

by Lynn Bryant

It is 1816, war is over, Napoleon in exile and Regency England is at peace.

Mr Nicholas Witham, land agent at the Yorkshire estate of Lord Ashberry has found a haven of quiet, far from the bloodshed of war and the horror of Waterloo. With poachers and lost sheep his most pressing concerns, Nicholas is not seeking anything more exciting than the occasional trip to York and a game of cards with friends.

The tranquillity of Ashberry is about to be disrupted by the arrival of Miss Camilla Dorne, a young woman of doubtful reputation, sent away from London by her guardian to avoid the consequences of a disastrous and very public love affair with a disreputable officer which has broken her heart.

An officer of the army, past or present, is the last man Camilla wishes to spend time with. But she discovers that a lost reputation can bring unexpected freedom and possibly a second chance at happiness.

With the shadow of war firmly behind him, Nicholas is ready to move on, but poverty and rising prices bring rumblings of discontent and rumours of Luddite activity in the industrial towns, and as violence erupts, the land agent of Ashberry finds himself swept up in a new conflict where the enemy is hard to identify. Faced with a stark choice between love and duty, Nicholas is beginning to realise that he may not have left the regiment behind at allâ?¦

Mad Jones, Hero (The Accidental Prophet Book 2)

by Quin Hillyer

A hero arises to battle for truth and faith amidst the scandal-ridden politics of the 90sâ?¦

In Mad Jones, Heretic, an angry and grief-stricken high school history teacher named Madison Lee Jones pens 59 religious theses and pins them to church doors in Mobile and New Orleans. When his theses unexpectedly attract media attention, Jones launches a popular “ministry” which preaches that anger at God can lead to deeper faith.

Mad Jones, Hero finds the accidental prophet rising to new heights, going from a regional religious speaker to a national figure targeted for smears from left and right and throughout the scandal-seeking media world of the late 1990s. Will Jones overcome his enemies and stay true to his message? Or will he return to obscurity after enduring brutal attacks on his character?

“I’ve been enjoying Quin Hillyer’s columns for years, and when I read an early draft of Mad Jones, I told him it had real potential and to keep at it. Today’s culture needs satirizing, and Hillyer does it with verve.” – Winston Groom, author of Forrest Gump

Bannock’s First Case

by Pamela Blackwood

Hiding from a horror in his past, former Union soldier John Bannock is trying to start a new life as a private investigator in the post-war South. When his first client presents him with a frightening puzzle, Bannock must marshal all of his resources to solve it — and to confront the apparition that haunts him.

Dodge & Twist: A Sequel To Oliver Twist

by Tony Lee

The first Kindle novel by #1 New York Times Best-selling Author Tony Lee!

Twelve years on from the events of OLIVER TWIST, a once-more penniless Oliver is back on the streets of London… When a meeting with the now grown-up Artful Dodger leads Oliver into a scheme to regain his money, he begins to wonder just how accidental the meeting was, as friends and foes from his past begin to mount up in a plan to steal the fabled Koh-I-Noor diamond from the 1851 Great Exhibition.

As the heist progresses, Oliver is pulled back into a world he hoped to escape from a decade earlier, a world of deception and betrayal, where every ally is a potential enemy and where his so called ‘friend’ Dodger is speaking to the ghost of the long dead Fagin – and planning his revenge on Oliver.

Oliver finds himself in a maze of lies and half truths while escaping the police, the East End underworld and Dodger’s own violent plans – visiting his once home town and workhouse, Fagin’s Saffron Hill den, Sowerberry’s Undertakers, the British Museum and Newgate Prison in the process, as he faces his own demons, including the now destitute Mister Bumble, his one time bully Noah Claypole, and his guilt over the death of Nancy, a decade earlier…

In a situation that can only end with a noose around his neck, Oliver must find a way out of this nightmare – or forever stay a pawn in a game far bigger than that of the people around him, a game he must win at all costs…

DODGE & TWIST is a rollercoaster ride through Victorian London, involving characters from OLIVER TWIST in a brand new, thrilling adventure.

TONY LEE is an award winning writer of audio dramas and comics, the ongoing writer of IDW’s DOCTOR WHO series for both Tenth and Eleventh Doctors and the writer of OUTLAW: THE LEGEND OF ROBIN HOOD and EXCALIBUR: THE LEGEND OF KING ARTHUR, both American Library Association ‘Books for Teens’ finalists.

His graphic novel adaptation of PRIDE & PREJUDICE & ZOMBIES topped the New York Times Bestselling Graphic Novel list in 2010.

“Tony Lee is one of the best story-tellers working in comics today” – Michael Moorcock

“Tony Lee is a supremely talented writer” – MTV Network

“One of the fastest rising stars among the new generation of British comic writers” – Comics International

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