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The Five Books of Jesus

by James Goldberg

It starts in the desert. John the prophet lowers Jesus under the Jordan’s muddy waters and pulls him up, just as a bird swoops down to skim the river’s surface.

It spreads next to Galilee, where some welcome Jesus as a disciple of John and others grow wary of his rising influenceâ??fishermen are leaving their nets, tax collectors their offices, and students their masters to listen to this new saint.

After abandoning his nets, Andrew ties knots in the threads of his shirt to remember Jesus’ teachings. After escaping his slum, Judas waits for Jesus to call down the legions of angels who can end a broken world.

But just as Jesus’ movement in the north is gaining strength, he turns south toward the Temple and a fate his followers will struggle to understand.

The Five Books of Jesus, James Goldberg’s lyrical novelization of Jesus’ ministry, tells the story of the gospels as Jesus’ followers might have experienced it: without knowing what would happen next or how to make sense of events as they unfold.

Sweeney Todd

by Anonymous

Sweeney Todd is a barber who dispatches his victims by pulling a lever as they sit in his barber chair. His victims fall backward down a revolving trap door into the basement of his shop, generally causing them to break their necks or skulls. In case they are alive, Todd goes to the basement and “polishes them off” (slitting their throats with his straight razor). In some adaptations, the murdering process is reversed, with Todd slitting his customers’ throats before dispatching them into the basement through the revolving trap door. After Todd has robbed his dead victims of their goods, Mrs. Lovett, his partner in crime (in some later versions, his friend and/or lover), assists him in disposing of the bodies by baking their flesh into meat pies and selling them to the unsuspecting customers of her pie shop. 

Second Chances: A Magical Holiday Romance

by T.M. Franklin

Sometimes second chances aren’t quite what you expect.

On Christmas Eve, Carter Reed sits in a bar and regrets the decision he made ten years earlier that tore the love of his life from him. Mackenzie Monroe was his everything, but he left her behind to follow his dreams. Now those dreams all revolve around her. The one who got away.

Or so he thinks. 

A not-so-chance encounter with a mysterious stranger sends Carter on a mystical journey to fix the mistakes of the past. He goes to bed, alone and lonely, but on Christmas morning, he wakes up on a couch that isn’t his . . . 

in a town he hasn’t visited in years . . . 

and with Kenzie as his wife. 

But the life he’s wished for isn’t all smooth sailing, and Carter quickly learns marriage and family come with their own challenges. He has a tough road ahead in his strange, new world.And if he doesn’t find the key to Kenzie’s heart, he could lose her all over again.

Second Chances is a story about a man who gets a peek at what his life could be, if only he’d walked a different path. In the tradition of It’s a Wonderful Life and A Christmas Carol, it’s a heartwarming romance sprinkled with a touch of magic that’s sure to become a holiday favorite.

Darkside Love Affair (Darkside Love Affair #1)

by Michelle Rosigliani


Falling in love with a rebel was not my plan.
I am a lawyer. I love order, justice, and the little, annoying habits that I never stray from.
Until the night he saves me.
Marcus King is a rebel by day and an unleashed lover by night. He watches me with that delicious glint in his eyes like he is an intimate connoisseur of all my cravings; like he is the one to satisfy them.
He is not the man I want, but giving in to him is so tempting.
And once I do, he sets me on fire, one kiss at a time.
Then it all comes crashing down.
The killer I had been hunting for is on the loose, and I am his target.


Rule #1: Don’t date lawyers.
Rule #2: Don’t get attached.
Rule #3: Don’t act as a savior.

Those were my bylaws, and they were easy to follow because I didn’t do romance, or worse, let myself believe that I could love.
Until the night she waltzes into my life.
Charlotte Burton is the bane of my existence and the virus that contaminates my blood from the very first second I lay eyes on her.
She makes the rules I love to break, but in the end, she is the one to break my rules.
She gets in my veins, in my lungs, in every broken piece of my heart.
But that doesn’t mean that I can keep her. Not until she stops flirting with danger. Not until the killer targeting her is put down.
To protect her, I must break my last rule, but will that be enough to save her?

Tales of the Argonauts

by Bret Harte

The Argonauts are the gold seekers of 1849 and the years immediately following. These adventurers came from all quarters of the globe and all ranks of society, and they had in common only the possession of the strength and determination necessary to reach the new Colchis. Here they lived, at first, wholly free from the conventional restraints imposed by an organized society, and each man showed himself for what he was. Many of these primitive social conditions still existed when Harte went to California in 1854, and they made a great impression on the observant boy. He did not use them in literature, however, until he was able to look back on them in the light of experience.

Round Midnight (Fly Me to the Moon, Book Two)

by Emma Barry

A Fly Me to the Moon Holiday Set!

A Midnight Clear

Annapolis, Maryland, 1948

Frances Dumfries is the perfect admiral’s daughter. She runs the household, hosts the parties, and never falls for the midshipmen surrounding her. Having fun or putting herself first is definitely not on her schedule. And she doesn’t want anyoneâ??particularly not a man too handsome and kind for his own goodâ??to point that out.

Midshipman Joe Reynolds sympathizes: Ever since he tumbled headlong into love with Frances, life hasn’t been much fun. With only so much time until he ships out from the Naval Academy, he’s racing the clock, and her refusal to give him a second look, to secure her affection. But this sailor isn’t surrendering in the campaign to win her heart.

Torn between duty and selfishness, it will take a Christmas miracle to show Frances and Joe that love is rare, preciousâ?¦ and worth fighting for.

A Midnight Kiss

Huntsville, Alabama, 1950

New Year’s Eve is a night for old friends, new hopes, and champagne dreamsâ??and Betty Parrish intends to take full advantage. But when her long-term beau makes one too many arrogant comments, she throws him out. After all, who needs men?

Greg Henkins’s New Year’s plans involve tools and engines, not dances and debutantes. But when the vivacious Betty runs into him, his night ends up head over heels. After all, who could resist a midnight kiss?

Greg and Betty are intoxicated by what they share at midnight, but will their budding relationship wilt in the sober light of morning?

Two Short Stories: The GranView â?? The Present

by Mark Ernest Pothier

Orderly life at the commissary in an Ohio mental health facility falls apart when an disillusioned young dropout lands in the center of its fenced-in maze.
Years later and miles away, the enchantment of a Christmas in Santa Fe fades to near-vanishing for a boy facing similar illusions for the first time.
These two, interfolding short stories follow the rise and fall of romantics through the open, grounded eyes of those who love them.

Swindler & Son: A Heist Misadventure

by Ted Krever

What happens to a confidence man once he’s lost his confidence? Nothing good.

After years of selling legendary fakes to well-heeled clients in Paris, Nicky Sandler’s luck has run dry. His new wife wants out, his partner is collapsing from dementiaâ??a fatal flaw in a conmanâ??and the anti-terrorism squad is camped outside his window.

Swindler & Son is the story of a man with a gift for larceny, forced against his will to try to do the right thing.

Girl on the Corner

by Doug Booth

She was born into a cruel world she doesn’t deserve, abandoned then sold into an even lonelier and miserable existence.
James Castle has spied on the intriguing girl through his telescope for months from his high-rise empire; he knows nothing at all about her, yet she fascinates him. She is young and beautiful with blonde lustrous hair that shines as a halo under the glaring New Orleans late-day sun, framing her innocent and angelic face, her deep green eyes speaking silent volumes of desperation and hopelessness that mirror his own misspent life.

James is incredibly rich and successful, manipulated into enduring a life he loathes with the people he rightfully despises.
Though not once does he even think that he would or should pass by the girl or perhaps sit with her to have his portrait drawn. Until the fateful day when an absolute stranger intercedes, bringing Castle and the girl together the very moment the man throws himself head-on into hectic rush-hour traffic and dies.

Castle should see terror in the girl’s eyes, but he doesn’t. What he sees is an envy so intense that he’s afraid for her.
Short minutes later the mysterious girl on the corner stares up at her saviour, not understanding that she, in fact, will save him.


by Jackie Caldwell

A story of how the world came to be

Parodias la mar de simpáticas (Spanish Edition)

by Enrique Gallud Jardiel

ÍNDICE: El «Avecrem» de la literatura – Rimas zurdas – El Lazarillo de Tormes – La vuelta al mundo en ochenta días – ¿Qué demontres son los clásicos? – La confusa historia de un anillo – Ivanhoe – La dama de las camelias – Literatura bellaca – Robinson Crusoe – La casa de Sherlock Holmes – El código da Vinci – Apócrifos apresurados – El comité – Segundo soneto a Violante – El tema del ventilador en la poesía española – Nerón, artium magister – La misoginia del bolero – Romance de la niña vestida – Pirobolino fulaz – Entienda a Góngora en quince días – El bacalao en la literatura medieval y renacentista – Sonetos de garcilaso de la vega – Villa Buendía – Oda a la matanza – Ofterdingen: el famoso desconocido – Ficción al desnudo – Sobre la fama – La araucana – Escritores pluriempleados – Corusco sí, no numen – Imaginarias casas de ficción que, además, son de mentira – Cita con rama y los que van dentro – Dos poetas arábigo-andaluces – Ignacio Aceves Luján – El verdadero origen de la historia de la Dolores – Lo cómico – Don Quijote en un acróstico – Cómo eludir bodrios – Los diez mejores libros del mundo – Metaforeando – El Tenorio a cachos

The Eagle on the Coin

by R.V. Cassill

R.V. Cassill’s first novel is a frank and probing look at race relations in a small Midwest town in the 1950s.

“A very impressive first novel by a talented writer.”
â??New York Herald Tribune


by Jennifer Reynolds

When everyone you know is dying, how do you go on living? When the world collapses, how do you rebuild it? When you are little more than a child yourself, how do you rule the remnants of such a world?

All Eve wanted out of life was to graduate college, marry her high school boyfriend, and write for World Weekly News, but when a sickness is set upon the world, she finds herself caring for a slowly growing group of survivors.

Can she save herself and them from starvation, from insanity, from each other? Can her group survive a plague-ridden world, while learning to fight against those who have let the loneliness, the isolation, the emptiness destroy who they once were. She doesn’t think so, but she’s determined to try.

El libro de los deseos perdidos (Spanish Edition)

by M. A. Bassili

Las palabras que nos callamos viven dentro como un virus maligno hasta que las liberamos. Mientras están ahí no nos dejan ser nosotros mismos. Aprende a escucharte para ser feliz.

Diaries from Calcutta: A Novel

by Amaldev P J

Often, in the chaos of social and personal life, we lose sight of the more tender and warm sides of our lives; those little moments of love, sharing and kindness. At times, we might just have to remind ourselves of the goodness in our own lives and the lives of others. Diaries from Calcutta hopes to be such a reminder. It’s a light, feel-good novel in 18 chapters that beautifully narrates the often unnoticed depths and insights of ordinary life. Join the protagonist, a researcher from Kerala, as he maneuvers through deep and touching experiences in his dear Calcutta. It’ll certainly be a journey that you’ll hold dear, a journey that might give you a brighter, more accommodative perspective on life.

Here are some excerpts from the novel for you to have a look at… Happy Reading!

There are times when people wish they could just undo their past, shove it into a sack and leave it somewhere on the sides of the road and walk ahead. But somehow, like the annoying cat you thought you had successfully abandoned, it’ll find its way back to you, every time. But there are certain small spaces in between where you actually have a feeling that you have somehow left everything behind and are starting anew. That is precisely how I felt on my first couple of days in Calcutta.
Chapter 1

I had plans to write something while I was here, but now, since life was “alive” in all its senses, all my creative energy was exhausted in the act of living itself. People, places, emotions, storiesâ?¦ I was loving the role of a protagonist and didn’t want to try a hand at the part of an author.
Chapter 10

We always look for a larger sense of meaning and purpose in life, we dream of radical changes in life and the world. But often, in the midst of all these, life happens in such beautiful unexpected episodes that unfold only one at a time. There was much to cherish in the smaller ordinary experiences of life, in affections, small acts of love, touches, embraces, tears… These people; Hema, Da, Thai, Mangal bau, Aalam, Shankar moshai, the children at Savera, their dear Aayi… And my small room, river Galuvela, the tiny bird visitor, those tasty bhols… every thing, every small element contributed immensely to this phase of my life that I deeply held dear.
Chapter 17

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