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Intermittent Fasting for Women: Learn How You Can Use This Science to Support Your Hormones, Lose Weight, Enjoy Your Food, and Live a Healthy Life Without Suffering from Your Dietary Habits

by Serena Baker

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Did you know that a distinction between men and women is necessary when it comes to talking about intermittent fasting?

Are you curious about how intermittent fasting affects the female body?

Do you want to discover a new healthy world?

If the yes, keep readingâ?¦

Intermittent fasting is the simple practice of switching not what you eat, but when you eat. Moreover, sure! It is that simple!

If you’ve ever wondered about IF, or even if you heard of it in passing and thought, “What the heck is that?”, now might be your time to discover it!

Intermittent Fasting for Women by Serena Baker is dedicated to sharing information with specifically female readers about how they can take advantage of this science.

In ways that support their health as women, help them lose weight, support their hormones and rekindle their passion for life.

You will discover and acquire a lot more interesting and useful things about this revolutionary lifestyle. Here I have listed just a few of them, what are you waiting for?

  • At the speed of today’s world, it’s very easy to live a stressful life. Losing weight and having a balanced diet at the same time seems like a utopia for many women. I’ll explain you how you can use IF during your stressful moments to lose weight and keep fit, without changing your eating habits. And as a result, without increasing further stress in your life.

  • Did you know that your health is closely linked to a process called autophagy? Find out how you can get benefit from this process during your periods of fasting, improving your entire cellular structure.

  • Most mothers find themselves having difficulty with their bodies during breastfeeding. We like to see ourselves always in great shape and losing our belly fat or weight during this beautiful phase it seems impossible. But with a hint of good will, you too can get back into shape by using some fasting methods and eating certain foods. With these techniques you can get back into shape in a short time.

  • Intermittent Fasting is not for everyone. For this reason, in this book there are a lot of examples and information on how you can use this science too. At the end of this book, you will be fully informed and free to decide whether to integrate this fantastic process into your lifestyle.

  • PCOS, it can be a big drawback… How to lose weight with fasting during this particular phase? What to eat and what diet to follow? As a woman, I understand this problem. And here I give you as much information as possible to live a balanced life, during this delicate phase of our lives.

  • As you know, IF is just about changing when we eat, not what we eat. But there are some foods that allow us to achieve our goal of losing weight better and faster. Are you curious about what these recipes are? You’ll find 12 of them fully adapted for an IF lifestyle.

Use this book to begin your adventure into the world of intermittent fasting, and you’ll never want to come out of that world again!

In no time, it will be easy for you to see how this art is more than just a pattern of eating, more than a “diet,” and more than a day-to-day choice.

Through just one click and a download, your future health will be unlocked.

Your body will be so glad you did it.


by Shubham Pal

There are a lot of motivations to take up crochet, yet for somebody simply beginning, making sense of how to move can be a test. Potentially you’ve seen a portion of the considerable styles that are accessible in crochet – everything from cool caps, to dresses and even swimming outfits. I have a propensity for seeing something I cherish, however choosing I would incline toward it in purple, rather than white. Or on the other hand the dress I see that would look better a couple of inches longer. (With respect to the swimsuit – I’ll give that a shot when I figure out how to crochet myself another body).

For all the great motivations to give crochet a go, there are difficulties to beginning. Crochet’s best gained from a patient grandma, ideally with a plate of shortbread treats adjacent. In case you’re attempting to show yourself, it can get baffling.

The Internet offers a couple of incredible spots for the learner crochet fan to begin. I discover I learn cunning things all the more effectively in the event that I can see it done. To take in a portion of the nuts and bolts of crochet, I went to YouTube to check whether there were any recordings that could enable me to out. A brisk hunt “On the most proficient method to Crochet” at YouTube delivered 507 indexed lists. Furthermore, the best piece of this is…most of these are extraordinary, short recordings intended for the individuals who are beginning. There are recordings on the best way to crochet a bloom, how to crochet a scarf, how to crochet a cap. In case you’re extremely simply beginning, you can discover recordings on the most proficient method to hold your yarn, and how to crochet essential lines, for example, a chain join or a slip tie.

Once you’ve gotten your feet under you, and you’re OK with some essential fastens and examples, you can proceed onward to further developed examples. The most vital thing isn’t to give yourself a chance to get excessively baffled. Begin off moderate, and you’ll see that crocheting turns into an unwinding and agreeable pastime. Furthermore, on the off chance that you do handle the crochet two-piece, hello – good luck with that.

Precision Horse Training with Positive Reinforcement: 12 Thin-Sliced Groundwork Plans (Life Skills for Horses Book 9)

by Hertha James

This ninth book in the Life Skills for Horses series looks at ways we can learn to be more precise with our body language. When we strive to cut the static or ‘noise’ out of our body language, the horse will begin to notice that our body orientation, our breathing, our gestures and our energy level can indeed be significant.

Horses are expert readers of each other’s body language. Even across considerable distance, the flick of an ear expresses a whole sentence. As a horse gets to know a person, he applies the same skill to reading that person’s body language.

As we learn to remain relaxed and be totally consistent with the way we communicate, we enable the horse to correctly read even our smallest intent.

This illustrated book outlines twelve Training Plans that can be developed into Individual Education Programs to suit each specific horse and handler partnership.

If you are new or new-ish to equine clicker training (positive reinforcement training), the first chapter details how to get started. The book includes an extensive glossary explaining concepts in everyday language. Each chapter has links to free YouTube video clips that help explain the tasks.

The Prosperity Bible: The Greatest Writings of All Time On The Secrets To Wealth And Prosperity

by Napoleon Hill

We proudly present this collection of classic self-help works on how to attract success and money in your life.


1. Napoleon Hill – Think and Grow Rich
2. Benjamin Franklin – The Way to Wealth
3. Charles F. Haanel – The Master Key System
4. Florence Scovel Shinn – The Game of Life and How to Play it
5. Wallace D. Wattles – How to Get What You Want
6. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Getting Rich
7. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Well
8. Wallace D. Wattles – The Science of Being Great
9. P.T. Barnum – The Art of Money Getting
10. Dale Carnegie – The Art of Public Speaking
11. James Allen – As A Man Thinketh
12. James Allen – From Poverty to Power
13. James Allen – Eight Pillars of Prosperity
14. James Allen – Foundation Stones to Happiness and Success
15. James Allen – Men and Systems
16. James Allen – Above Life’s Turmoil
17. James Allen – The Life Triumphant
18. Lao Tzu – Tao Te Ching
19. Khalil Gibran – The Prophet
20. Orison Swett Marden & Abner Bayley – An Iron Will
21. Orison Swett Marden – Ambition and Success
22. Orison Swett Marden – The Victorious Attitude
23. Orison Swett Marden – Architects of Fate; Or, Steps to Success and Power
24. Orison Swett Marden – Pushing to the Front
25. Orison Swett Marden – How to Succeed
26. Orison Swett Marden – Cheerfulness As a Life Power
27. Marcus Aurelius – Meditations
28. Henry Thomas Hamblin – Within You is the Power
29. William Crosbie Hunter – Dollars and Sense
30. William Crosbie Hunter – Evening Round-Up
31. Joseph Murphy – The Power of Your Subconscious Mind
32. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Self-Reliance
33. Ralph Waldo Emerson – Compensation
34. Henry H. Brown – Concentration: The Road to Success
35. Henry H. Brown – Dollars Want Me
36. Russell H. Conwell – Acres of Diamonds
37. Russell H. Conwell – The Key to Success
38. Russell H. Conwell – What You Can Do With Your Will Power
39. Russell H. Conwell – Every Man is Own University
40. William Atkinson – The Art of Logical Thinking
41. William Atkinson – The Psychology of Salesmanship
42. B.F. Austin – How to Make Money
43. H.A. Lewis – Hidden Treasure
44. L.W. Rogers – Self-Development and the Way to Power
45. Douglas Fairbanks – Laugh and Live
46. Douglas Fairbanks – Making Life Worth While
47. Sun Tzu – The Art of War
48. Samuel Smiles – Character
49. Samuel Smiles – Thrift
50. Samuel Smiles – Self-Help

Sensaciones: El Arte de tomar las riendas de tu vida (Spanish Edition)

by Laura Escribá Carrasco

Cuando tocas fondo, cuando tu vida es un laberinto y no encuentras cómo salir de él. Solo te queda hacer una cosa.


Imagina un mundo, tu mundo.

Imagina un sueño, tu sueño.

ENF�CATE en lo que realmente quieres y captura los mejores momentos. Sólo tú puedes hacerlo por ti.

“No hay otro lugar en el mundo en el que la abundancia en todos los sentidos llegue a ti, que no sea TU PROPOSITO DE VIDA.” (del prólogo)


OMAD: Intermittent Fasting Guide to Losing Fat, Increasing your Spirituality and Getting More Sh*T Done

by J.P. Edwin

This is another dumb-ass book about How to Lose Weight. – You are probably thinking that, aren’t you?

Yeah, there is something dumbass here – it’s Fat, and sh*t must definitely be done to lose it.


Introducing: A smarter guide that enables you to discover fat burning secrets and start a healthy life. One Meal A Day – Intermittent Fasting Guide to Losing Fat.

What is intermittent fasting? – It is a simple dieting protocol that alternates between periods of fasting and eating.

The book not only guides you to your perfect self, but also teaches you all the important changes that take place in your body.


But right now you might hear a scary voice, saying:

“It’s so exhausting to follow restrictive calorie diets and routines, just can’t keep doing that”


“You did everything by the books, but your weight still comes back again and again. It feels like torture!”

 …Wait a minute, who said getting healthy was torture? That’s insane, someone completely messed it up. A healthy life is a happy life.


That’s right. Without torturing yourself, there is a way to look in the mirror and one day be able to say – “I am drop dead gorgeous”. Wouldn’t that be bloody fantastic?

Close your eyes and imagine today is that day. Really, look at the better version of yourself:

Less fat, less cellulite, less extra weight.

No breathing difficulties.

You are more confident and sexy. 

Isn’t that worth it? This dream of yours will come true. Don’t give up.


No Excuses, No hesitating. Here’s what this guide offers you:

  • Natural way of losing weight and improving your health without counting calories.
  • No stressful routines, just a good old fasting.
  • Different methods of intermittent fasting and their benefits.
  • Detailed description of what changes take place in your body while fasting.
  • The success stories that will inspire you to start a better life immediately.


Be stronger than your excuses. Don’t doubt yourself, don’t doubt your dream. Rest time is over, increase your spirituality and productivity, start a healthy life from this very moment and LET’S GET SH*T DONE!

Slime Spectacular: 22 Simple Slime Recipes to Dazzle Your Friends

by Gabrielle Elizabeth Brown

Written by a kid FOR kids! Create 22 simple slime recipes at home. Using 5 ingredients or less, your creativity, and a little imagination, you can mix, pop, and poke slime to your heart’s content! This book is for kids who want to learn how to make slime. It is my hope that after reading this book you will love slime as much as I do! Why You Should Buy This Book! Kids of all ages love it! Recipes are simple and easy to make. All recipes are less than 5 ingredients! (Many items you already have in your home.) Perfect present for child, grandchild, or friend’s birthday gift.Perfect for summer or back to school.Buying this book supports a teen entrepreneur! Why Slime? Slime is fun!Slime is a boredom buster.Slime is entertaining for parties and friends. Creating slime is educational. It teaches cooking, measurement, and chemistry skills. You learn how to mix colors. You can personalize slime with glitter, beads, color, etc.Mix, poke, and pop slime!

Persuasion: Dark Psychology – How People are Influencing You to Do What They Want Using Manipulation, NLP, and Subliminal Persuasion

by James W. Williams

If you feel lost, or perhaps dependent on others, then you might be the victim of Manipulation. You might feel like others control you too easily, or perhaps you end up in situations you try to wish your way out of. If you often feel lost, or like others have too much power over you, it’s time to start identifying the ways that you might be being manipulated.

Manipulation is a dangerous tool that can find itself in the hands of anyone. Those who are aware of their influence over other people can choose to do two things with that amount of control. They can use it for good, to lead others and help a community thrive. It can also be used to take advantage of people, and unfortunately, this is the path that many choose.

Stanley Milgram’s psychological study on the influence people can have over each other proves that anyone can be manipulated under the right circumstances.

It’s never easy for an individual to admit that they might be the victim of manipulation, but it’s an important step in order to recover from the damage manipulation has caused. Those that have been manipulated often feel like they don’t have a strong individual sense. They might become codependent on the person that has manipulated them for so long.

It can be a hopeless feeling for a person to realize they have been manipulated. Although it’s not always easy to overcome, breaking free of manipulation is possible. There are a few important steps it takes to become free of manipulation in one’s life.

First, they have to confront the fact that they have been manipulated. They then have to figure out who is doing the manipulation and how it’s being done. After that, they have to confront the manipulator as well as the issue that has caused the problematic situation.

The book will aim to explore what manipulative behavior is at its core. In Persuasion, you will discover:

  • How you are being manipulated
  • What happens to victims of manipulation
  • The profile of a manipulator
  • How your map of reality is created
  • Ways you’re being subliminally persuaded
  • What a cold reading is
  • How to confront your manipulator

And much, much more!

Even if you feel as though you have a good control over yourself and don’t let others manipulate you, there are still some important tools to be learned throughout this book. The more you know about manipulation, the better you’ll be able to stop it, even if you don’t think you’re being that manipulated.

The book will also discuss two more very insidious and dangerous ways that someone might manipulate others. The first one is by using NLP tactics, which basically aims to alter the beliefs and ideas of a person. The last method of manipulation discussed is that of subliminal persuasion. This is a very dangerous form of manipulation that goes unnoticed by most people.

The book is one in a series, so it is best to be read with the others. There still lies important information in each individual book that can help a person recognize, remedy, and resolve their manipulation. Not everyone is going to be capable of breaking through all the challenging steps, but everyone has the ability to self-reflect and discover the things that might be holding them back in their life.

Grab this book and discover the dark secrets of persuasion and manipulation today.


by Shubham Pal

Since we are presently moving toward the winter season, here are a few stages on the most proficient method to sew a canine sweater. You may likewise incorporate different adornments like puppy parka and pooch boots. While deciding for a yarn, make certain that it is agreeable for your canine. There are a few yarns that can cause your puppy skin aggravation on the off chance that you utilize it for your canine sweater.

At the point when this happens, your puppy’s hair may tumble off. Before you begin, make certain that you know about the terms chain, single knit, twofold sew, half-twofold sew, half-treble sew, and slip line.

Why garments?: Animals particularly puppies wear apparel for some reasons. The primary reasons obviously being to beat the winter chill and additionally to be the cutest, most in vogue pooch in the area. Garments are a ponder approach to show of your doggies best highlights, identity and keeping him or her warm. A blend of design and common sense. What on earth is cuter than a Chihuahua with a precious stone jewelry and pink pooch sweater? Dressing puppies to be tuned in to the most recent design rages it developing increasingly in prevalence.

Lucky’s Will

by Helen Gibbs Pohlot

Nothing will keep Lucky from protecting her beloved Willâ??not even frigid temperatures and mounting snow.

When Will slumps over in the car, Lucky, his little dog, sets off in search of help. She braves icy conditions and dangerous highways, but help is nowhere around. With no other choice, Lucky returns to the car to watch over her lifelong friend.

Lucky survives against tremendous odds only to face an uncertain future when rescue finally arrives eighteen days later. At 20 years old, Lucky’s future looks bleak until one little boy stands up to fight for her life.

Lucky’s Will is an inspiring true story that demonstrates the determination and wisdom of a child and the extraordinary resilience of a loyal little dog

Letters from Ethiopia

by Stephanie Black

In November 2000, with two young daughters and two freshly minted PhD degrees, we moved to Ethiopia to teach at the Ethiopian Graduate School of Theology and then to serve at Addis Ababa’s International Evangelical Church. These are the letters we sent to friends and supporters who prayed the prayers and contributed the money that enabled us to offer what we could to God’s work in this fascinating country and the other parts of Africa we were privileged to touch during those years. These regular reports of our life and work offer only fleeting glimpses of Ethiopia and its people – an ancient Christian empire with two millennia of rich layers of culture and history. Or of missionaries and mission work in general. Or of intercultural theological education. Or of anything except the experiences of one American family in one location on this big continent during one period of time, as we sought to be Jesus’ faithful followers in spite of our own limitations. This is our story.


by Diane Windhoud

The major question and answer of the book is: Are you ready to become the woman of your dreams? Even if you are still unsure about looking more closely at yourself, saying goodbye to your negative assumptions, and connecting with others as sources of motivation and inspiration, you can and should treat yourself to the concepts presented in this book, all of which will plant seeds that grow and produce beautiful blooms in due time!

Engineering an Early Retirement: Optimizing Your Cubicle Escape Plan

by Cody Gustafson

Discovering the secrets of the financial independence and early retirement movement has never been so accessible. In this book, you will learn the basics of developing a concrete early retirement plan as well as many optimization and tax reduction strategies. Everything you need to begin your path to early retirement is covered. Simply by reading this book and implementing the recommended strategies, you could shave years, if not decades, off of your retirement date.


by Shubham Pal

Nobody truly knows when or how crochet really appeared. This is on account of crochet, dissimilar to weaving, was increasingly a needle art of the general population – rather than the mind boggling ribbon sewing that was formed for eminence and the high society – then later protected for exhibition halls and history specialists to ponder.

Consistently, crochet has remained consistent with its foundations and has dependably been a more open needle make than weaving, and additionally more adaptable with regards to the flexibility of having the capacity to make more inventive and creative articles of clothing, embellishments, afghans, and different activities.

History specialists concur that it was the lower classes who developed crochet. It’s difficult to trust now, however in the early history of the world, sewing needles and fine yarns and strings were just open to the exceptionally rich. That left any individual who was poor and needed a pastime up the creek without a paddle. Notwithstanding when these materials ended up noticeably accessible to a rising European white collar class, it was just to knit to darn socks.

So an unrecorded and underground crochet development just started with individuals who found whatever sort of strands or strings they could and afterward utilized their fingers to make brightening bunches and chains. This underlying exertion may have been nearer to macramé than crochet, yet regardless it turned into a moderate and innovative specialty for the majority.

Likely around the 1300’s, individuals in Turkey, Persia, North Africa, China, and India started forming snares out of either metal, bone, ivory, or wood. In any case, before individuals really started “crocheting noticeable all around” as it was brought in France later on in the 1800’s, another method for hitching and circling strings grew first.
for more read this book.

Cursive Handwriting Workbook for Kids: A Letter Writing Practice Book for Beginners (Appropriate for Grades 2-5!)

by Handwriting Workbooks

Let’s learn the basics of cursive writing in the most enjoyable and fun way!

This book was created with the paperback in the mind . Purchase the paperback version of this book for the best and most effective learning experience!

This workbook comes with instructions on how to trace each cursive letter of the alphabet. As you progress into the workbook, there will be an increase in difficulty where students will have (for example) to trace and write words without lines.

Children will have fun while improving their cursive writing!

This workbook on cursive handwriting contains over 100 practice pages decorated with handmade drawing:

1st part: The children learn in a fun way how to form each letter and they practice copying the letter multiple times.
2d Part: The children learn how to connect each cursive letter including lowercase and uppercase.
3rd Part: They practice writing their first words in cursive.

This workbook includes:

Illustrations to make each cursive letter one step at a time.
-Handmade drawings
How to connect each letter and form words!
-Cursive Word Tracing
Appropriate for Grades 2-5!
-Perfectly sized 8.5″ x 11″

Handwriting practice has never been easier; select the paperback version and click Buy Now to keep your child engaged with this fun tracing workbook!

HEROBRINE Episode 19: Minecraft Zombie Horde (Herobrine Comic Book Series)

by M.E. Martin

Herobrine and his friends Jack and Aella have just defeated Azula the evil witch who had succeeded in awakening the Minecraft Skeleton Mummy King in the cursed pyramid in the Valley of the Dead.

But now, thankfully, it’s all over and they’re on their way home.

But is it really over?

It soon becomes apparent that awakening the Skeleton Mummy has had far reaching consequences as the three friends stumble upon a vast horde of undead Minecraft Zombies risen from the grave!

Now it becomes a race against time as the three friends must reach the desert village to warn the villagers before a Minecraft Zombie Horde descends on them and kills everyoneâ?¦

INTERMITTENT FASTING: The complete Guide for men and women to lose weight, build muscle and live a healthy Life

by Stephen J. Moody

How to lose weight and live a healthier life with the Power of INTERMITTENT FASTING

If you are searching for a successful way of burning fat and improving your general health you are at the right place.

This e-book helps you to learn the method of intermittent fasting in various ways. First of all it`s not a diet, it’s simply an eating schedule that allows your body to â??rest’ from consuming food, absorb the nutrients, burn the fat and get rid of the excess food that is not necessary.
If you give INTERMITTENT FASTING a try you will experience many benefits within a short time. Besides the benefits of losing weight or building muscle it will purify your blood, help you lower the blood sugar levels, will ease the digestion process, clear your skin, put your blood pressure at balance and will reduce the risk of many evil diseases such as Alzheimer, cancer and diabetes type 2.

In INTERMITTENT FASTING The complete Guide for men and women to lose weight, build muscle and live a healthy Life you will discover:

  • What Intermittent Fasting is?
  • What Health benefits you can expect
  • Scientific studies about Fasting
  • Several reasons for you to start the journey
  • How to apply the different methods for weight loss and training
  • Fasting for women
  • Advice for your fasting journey
  • Basic foods and Recipes
  • Intermittent Fasting in combination with keto diet
  • Are you ready for something new?

    Let`s go the journey together and you will be surprised to see how well you will feel.

    Why Every Business Owner Needs to Master Copywriting

    by William Swain

    Do you want to boost your sales, save time and grow your business at a lightning speed?

    Good copywriting can do all that plus a whole lot more. And world class copywriting can transform your performance out of all recognition. I’m going to show you how.

    Whether you’re aware of it or not, copywriting is one of the most essential elements of effective marketing. It’s the art and science of strategically delivering words that get people to take action.

    In this book, you will learn how to write copy that connects and converts. You don’t have to guess what to write. You can learn exactly what words will increase the level of your successâ?¦ Every. Single. Time. The right words can make the difference between your business fighting to keep the lights on vs. your business breaking sales records.

    From this book, you will discover:

    • How to Tell a Compelling Story
    • Formatting Tips That Make Your Copy a Joy to Read
    • The Seven Saleable Emotions
    • How to Write Headlines That Draw People In
    • Writing Copy for Social Media
    • Creating a Persona
    • How to Write an Effective Call to Action (CTA)
    • Conversations Lead to Conversions
    • Emails that Make You Click
    • And Much, Much More
        Start Reading Now, and Take Your Copywriting to The Next Level.

        Surviving the Health Care Jungle: Leadership Strategies to Thrive in the Corporate Wild

        by Mari Yang

        Learn to become a transformational leader, a change agent, someone who communicates effectively, and builds teams. You want to be the leader others want to work with. You want to make a difference but don’t know how. This book is for anyone who wants to make a difference and represent the voice of the patient. Develop your skills and become the best possible leader. Success in corporate Health Care is more accessible than you think. Learn how to step into the role of a leader and unleash your inner Jane or Tarzan today.

        Questioning skills for IMR Hypnosis and the Swan Protocol

        by Lance Baker

        Some hypnotists work directly in an authoritative approach and just demand the subconscious what to do. Sometimes I will do this and it can work. However asking questions and talking WITH the subconscious works much better most of the time for myself. With this approach you can assist the subconscious to get a result, find out what it can do and will do, it also helps to find out where its getting stuck. The other advantage of this approach is building rapport with that part inside the person. The subconscious has only had the ability to talk to your client in the past, and often they have not paid attention. So it’s begging to be heard, responded to and thanked or forgiven for what’s happened in the past.

        When I started my hypnotherapy I was using an authoritative approach, and I was getting Ideomotor responses (IMR) from the subconscious to agree it would do this. The client would arrive to the next appointment with having had either some change, no change, or great change that lasted only so long. Sometimes I wouldn’t see that client again to know, I just presumed it worked and we got a result so they didn’t need to come back. I am smart enough now to know I was likely quite possibly wrong and had failed the client.

        I varied up my practice within this and got some better results. Sometimes within the conscious chat with the client before the session I could work out by guessing or using intuition what got in the way of this change and adapt the way I asked. I got better results over time, but not exactly what I wanted. Sometimes it was also obvious I was getting compliance from the client with finger signals rather than IMR.

        This all changed in August 2016 when I heard about Bob Burns and the Swan Protocol. It’s all about questioning and feedback. When I first learnt this process I did it on everyone who would let me, often just for five or ten minutes of questioning. Until I took it into the therapy room and had deep chats for thirty to sixty minutes with the subconscious. This really amplified my questioning skills, finding how to ask the right closed questions to get a result, and when to use open questions when you have direct voice or automatic writing.

        In classes that I have taught hypnosis the main thing students have wanted more of was the questioning skills to get change. The common thing I hear is “I’ve got the swan workingâ?¦ now what do I say?” I aim to deliver what I know and use in this book, as I feel it is one of the most useful skills a hypnotist can have, but unfortunately for some can be the most difficult.

        Body Language: Secrets of Body Language – Female Body Language. Learn to Tell if She’s Interested or Not!

        by James Beckett

        Who Else Wants to Know What She’s REALLY Thinking about RIGHT NOW?

        Did you know that we say far more with our bodies and faces than we ever do with our words? Body language is a huge part of human interaction – but it’s often completely ignored or misunderstood.

        If you want to know how to read the signals she’s giving you and find out if she’s looking at you as more than just a chance meeting, then you’ve come to the right place.

        Hi, I’m Lionel, a body language expert with a career spent researching, examining and analyzing the human behavior and psychology. As you can understand, I’ve been studying body language for a very long time and I can literally tell at just a single glance exactly what’s going on in her mind.

        Would you like to be able to do the same?

        Just like you, I’m frustrated that all the books, resources and courses out there on body language focus on exactly the wrong thing: what a facial expression or a gesture means in isolation. That’s not how it works – our body parts work in harmony to create an overall message.

        That’s why I’ve written this book – because I know that the secret of finding out whether she’s interested in you lies in more than just one pout or a flick of her hair. I want to show you how to understand her body so that she can finally get that message across to you. That message that she’s been sending all along…

        Give me ONE day and I’ll hand you the keys to her mind

        And I’ll do it for less than the cost of a cosmopolitan. Even if you’ve never heard a single fact about body language before, you’ll find out in this book what a powerful tool it can be both for you and for her.

        Knowing whether she’s interested or not in just a few moments IS possible, even if you’re a complete beginner

        You’ll learn how to spot the most important signals and weigh them up in the right context to tell what she’s trying to say.

        Within this guide, you’ll discover:

        • Why her eyes really are the windows to her soul
        • What she’s telling you through her gaze
        • The secrets behind her smile
        • Is it a good thing or a bad thing that she’s touching you
        • What it means when her gestures are exactly the same as yours
        • How to use her body language to tell if she’s interested now
        • How to tell if she’s still interested in you when you’re in a relationship
        • And a whole lot more…

        This guide will save you over $500 on a useless course

        You’ll find plenty of courses out there for people who want to learn body language, but why would you risk wasting at least $500 and hours upon hours of your time on something that may or may not work? It’s a no brainer – This proven guide to understanding female body language has EVERYTHING you need, for a fraction of the cost.

        Don’t just take my word for it…

        I’ve been sharing my knowledge about body language for years. Here’s what just a couple of people who have read this book had to say:

        “It is concise, well-structured, and gives valid information that a purchaser of this book would be looking for. There is no wool over the eyes here – my smile says I like it, my lips say it is a must read! A++”

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        Depression, a war with self

        by Edith Dixon

        Depression is a rampant problem in today’s society with fast life, stress and anxiety.

        It is a silent killer and unfortunately still a taboo to talk about in many places. It not only destroys one life emotionally and socially but at times also forces people to take extreme steps.

        This needs to be stopped. In this compilation we will first address this issue in depth and discuss ways to get out of this quick sand without damage.

        Reading this book will motivate you to kill this demon called depression and live the gift of life to the fullest.

        The therapy of depression with pain has to be complex and includes besides psychopharmacs also psychotherapy, ECT, light therapy and another alternative methods.

        If the chosen treatment does not eliminate all symptoms, an alteration and combination of different agents together in addition with other methods of relieving symptoms can contribute to treat the patient successfully.

        Photos collection of Asian girls wearing underwear and swimsuits. Vol3

        by Johanna R. Curtis

        Photos collection of Asian girls wearing underwear and swimsuits.

        REIKI PER ROMPISCATOLE (Italian Edition)

        by Jaime Lluís García

        Questo libro si propone di affrontare il Reiki da un’ approccio che non è abituale. L’autore condivide il suo bagaglio e la sua esperienza personale da un punto di vista critico ma rispettoso con una grande dose di disinvoltura e senso dell’umorismo.

        FIST FULL OF FREEDOM: 7+ Proven Streams Of Income To Make Money And Build Wealth Now!

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        The Secret to Financial Freedom is being able to Generate Multiple Streams of Income!

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        The Outlook of a Happy Fella: A Journey to Joy

        by Randy McIntire


        This is an easy book to read with a clear step-by-step method to lead a happier life. It is written in an engaging, conversational style that draws the reader in, showing how “joy” can still be achieved. You will find yourself smiling and nodding as you recognize yourself in certain situations.


        It shows how the author decided to become a happy fella who celebrates the joys of being alive. Along his journey of transformation, he developed a series of strategies, mental exercises, attitude checkups all aimed at becoming a more positive, happy, and confident person.

        He shares these lessons with others with the writing of “The Outlook of a Happy Fella â?? A Journey to Joy.”

        This book will prompt self-examination. In the end, you are confronted with two questions:

        Do I want to become a calmer, happier person?

        How do I do that?

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