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Awaken Your Inner Hero

by Jen Fitzpatrick

“Awaken Your Inner Hero, Volume One” features 50 YOUth Heroes from across Canada who have created positive change within their home, school and or community. Also featured are their mentors, teachers, coaches and influencers who champion each YOUth Hero to share their courageous stories with the world. From Global Peace Prize recipients, water advocates, Diana Award winners, to youth mental health activists, this book showcases the courage, resilience and tenacity of each featured co-author. This compilation of hopes and dreams for the world is a true testament to the magnificence that children of all ages encompass. These stories will inspire youth and adults around the world to look within and Awaken their own inner Hero!

Nonna and Maddox: A Day In The Life Of An Ordinary Boy

by Lynette Spano

A story of a grandmother raising her grandson

Family Are Regular People Too

by Shanna Star

One of the hardest parts of remembering who I am and pursuing my purpose on earth was realizing that not everybody was going to be accepting of me. In being proud of myself, i assumed everybody was going to be proud of me. To my dismay, I quickly learned that speaking your truth is frowned upon by those who have yet to address their shadows, thus forcing you to draw boundaries on what treatment you will allow from others. We have been taught to hold family at a different standard than others because they are family. What I have learned is that you cannot allow treatment from family that is any less than you would allow from a stranger because family are regular people too. You must stand up for yourself and stand firm in your beliefs to be an example of true love and respect for yourself. Love is the only effective way to create change.

Divorce is a Major Comeback not a Setback

by Sarah Green

Now most people really think “Divorce is a setback but little do they know it’s just a Major Comeback!” So who are these ladies? They are three successful, independent, and motivated entrepreneurs that are taking book stores by storm! Have you ever felt like just giving up on life? These women will teach you on how to overcome obstacles in life that you thought you couldn’t handle. Learn how to overcome a divorce, how to become self-confident, and how to build peace and love within yourself. This book is packed with so much wisdom, personal experiences, and motivation! Divorce is a major comeback not a setback-the title speaks for itself!

EQUILIBRIUM: What Makes People Do Things They Shouldn’t Do (Handwriting Expert)

by Manhardeep Singh

“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change.” This is the principle on which EQUILIBRIUM answers What Makes People Do Things They Shouldn’t Do

The book unveils 20+ personality traits along with their specific reasons that actually cause someone to behave in a particular way. Such traits includes but is not limited to anger, cheating, obstinate, sarcasm etc.

Reading EQUILIBRIUM, you will be able to:
– Understand why someone might be doing something they normally shouldn’t do
– Find peace as you realize the other’s point of view
– Identify handwriting strokes that denote a particular personality trait
– Manage conflicts in a better way

It is so common to misunderstand someone’s action or just reacting without understanding why someone might have done something. I too was one among them, when ultimately I decided to change my POV (Point-Of-View). I tried to look through other’s eyes to get the answer of why they would have done something which is bothering me. To my surprise, whenever I contemplated about this, I always got the answer, and most of the times, finding this answer brought more peace in my life than it would have if I didn’t bother to change my perception.

To explain it in a better way, let me share with you a story. Once, there lived a couple in a house. The wife kept complaining about the neighbor’s dirty clothes. She kept complaining, “That lady doesn’t know how to wash clothes properly. She doesn’t even have proper eye sight to see that the clothes are still dirty.” This incident repeated for a couple of days when finally one day she said with a smile, “Well, seems like someone finally taught her how to wash clothes.” Her husband looked towards her and said, “Honey, nobody taught her how to wash clothes. I just cleaned our house’s window.”
Many a times, we are looking through the dirty window and feel that other person is wrong.
Before we start learning about what makes people do things they shouldn’t do, it is important to understand why someone would do something at the first place. Take an example of touching a hot pan. As soon as you feel the hotness, your body’s reflex action kicks in and the hand is automatically pulled away. You didn’t even do anything, then why such a move? It is a defense mechanism of the body to protect you from harm.

What happens when you are afraid or when you are doing an adventure sport, say bungee jumping, for instance? Your heart starts pounding against your ribs. Your senses get better. This is a “fight of flight” mode (no no not airplane mode) of your body. The body releases adrenaline hormone that prepares the body for action. This too is not under your control. It too is a defense mechanism of the body for survival. There might be so many other defense mechanisms of the body like these that help with our survival, whether it is white blood cells who work to fight bacteria or the platelets that clog off a cut, one thing is clear – they all are meant to keep us alive.
Another personality which you might have met in life is the super-sensitive. They are the people who take everything to heart. They are passionate, no doubt, but at times become passionate about unnecessary stuff, such as being upset that they missed the first show of their favorite actor’s new movie. Not only just that, they will be upset for it for months, and sometimes even years! No kidding!

In handwriting analysis, this trait is called the same – high sensitivity. It is common to see this trait in passionate people or people who get aggressive very easily. They make use of force and energy to get things done. They put in their strength in everything they do, including writing something.



A boy was born in a middle class family. He likes to do racing and wish to become a professional racer. Due to financial problems in his family, he can’t able to become a professional racer. In-between, he loves an orphan girl and in the future they get some problems in love. Struggling in relationships and also in racing career, which indicates this story.

The Wife Left Me

by Rick Edelstein

An average macho-man reveals to his friend that his wife walked out on him and owns a gun. They discuss women, celibate priests, what makes a man a man. . Ultimately, everything is reduced to an argument about respect and money. Someone will get shot.

Emotional Self-Regulation: For Highly Sensitive People (Transcend Mediocrity nº 18) (Spanish Edition)

by J.B. Snow

Excerpt: If you downloaded this book to better help with your self-regulation as an adult, you’re in the right place! Many adults find themselves in their adult life, feeling like they still haven’t mastered their abilities to self-regulate and control their emotions appropriately. There are many emotions that we struggle with each and every day, like anger and anxiety. The drug companies are making billions of dollars a year off our search for better ways to self-regulate our emotions and to feel better when things seem to â??go wrong’ in our lives , and we struggle to cope.
But do we have to take drugs? There must be a better way to self-regulate our emotions without self-medicating, right? Yes, there are better ways. We will discuss why you are feeling the way that you are feeling, and more importantly, what you can do to help yourself feel better in the moment. We will help give you tools to deal with other people, to cope better with your life, to better regulate your moods in the moment, to ensure you have the resources that it takes to live your life better than you are living today, and hopefully give you a little encouragement on the way!

Anger Management Workbook For Teens

by Control Anger

A book for teens to plan effective anger management for any situation a teen may come across. This will allow teens to take clear action in reducing the anger in their lives by preparing themselves to identify what causes their anger and which specific techniques can manage it.

Conversations With Damaged Men

by Rick Edelstein

Glynis Medora is a successful writer (five on the NY Times best seller list) but at her private celebration dinner with her husband, he drops the bomb: I want a divorce. Apparently he has lied to her for years. Now, as a single woman, enraged at the male animal, she decides to write a new book of conversations with damaged men. Her agent asks, “How will you find damaged men?” Glynis’s response, “All men are damaged. The male animal should come with a tag delineating their â??expiration date.’ And even some men to be placed on that shelf near the bathrooms, â??Damaged Goods.'” Glynis interviews a wild array of men that are funny, straight, gay, and even dangerous.

Role Players

by Rick Edelstein

Two men discuss their role in life as a father or husband or a single man in the dating scene of single bars, and how the new roles changed their life. Interesting point of view upon marriage, fatherhood, sex nowadays and potential jobs. Their discussion brings into focus the differences in thinking between women and men and how they feel about the new definition of the sexes.

Fearless and Feminine: Raising Confident Daughters

by Laurie W-J-N

This book delivers a relevant and practical approach to raising strong, confident daughters, helping them become the amazing women they were meant to be. As a recreational therapist and professional educator, the author blends her personal and professional experience to guide parents and give them the tools to help their daughters embrace being both Fearless & Feminine.

Contemporary Christian Romance: The Angel Next Door: A North Avenue Church Romance

by Marjorie Evans

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Melinda Roth has worked diligently to create a safe haven for Isaac, the nine-month-old infant she adopted overseas, but she never could have imagined the struggles she would face as a single mother. The transition doesn’t go smoothly, and Isaac spends his nights crying, which sends Melinda into a whirlwind of emotions she’s not prepared for. She finds a small bit of relief as she walks the corridor outside her apartment – the only thing that helps soothe Isaac to sleep.

Late one night, her next-door neighbor, Josh, hears a child crying, and he decides to investigate. When he discovers a frantic Melinda pacing the floor with Isaac, he offers his help, and a friendship blossoms. As they spend the next few nights bonding during long corridor walks and conversations, their friendship evolves into something deeper.

Even though Melinda would love nothing more than to have a relationship with Josh, she can’t get past the guilt she feels over tying him down to a single mother with a fretful child. Nor can she imagine fitting a relationship into her new life with her adjusting son. She tries to push Josh away, but he’s determined to show her the three of them belong together as a family – no matter what it takes.

Enjoy this clean & wholesome inspirational romance, filled with self-doubt, a new baby, determination, and true loveâ??a perfect read for fans who like Brooke St. James and Delany Cameron.

The Balancing Truth, Love and Power: The Key to Achieving Goals that Matters to You

by Sameer Rathour

The Balancing Truth, Love and Power book is derived from one of the
most famous authors in the area of personal development, Steve
The key point of this book is to understand Steve Pavlina’s
principles and apply it in a concise and straightforward way
in your life. The ideas in this book are not endorsed by Steve
Pavlina but are merely a take on the principles, how it
works – especially for the Internet era.
In his book, “Personal Development for Smart People” talks about the
7 principles in terms of effective development and if any of you apply
the strategies and principles, you will be amazed with the wonders
they can potentially bring to your life. The book lays down a very firm
foundation for the readers to understand the root causes on the
things that they do.
For instance, at times you will see people talking about the big plans
of their lives but after a few years, you never happen to see them
coming to pass. What are the reasons behind it? Also, do you really
know the motivation behind a person who is courageous? What are
some of the things that are actually stopping you from being who you
want to be today?
After reading the book, I understand why sometimes I behave in a
certain way. I used to be a very timid person and had problems
starting conversation with the people I met for the first time. I didn’t
know what the problem was until I found out there was actually a kind of fear in me that stops me from going all out to initiate a
conversation. It was the fear of rejection.
Of course, being able to identify the problem is only the first step and
it won’t really help me to overcome my fear of rejection. Nevertheless,
it gave me a direction on where I should work towards. The rest of the
story is history.
So what is the ultimate formula?
It is the balance between truth, love and power. One must weigh the 3
components in a balanced manner. When you have only truth without
love and power, your life remains unchanged.
You know exactly the kind of problems you are facing but you just do
not have the power to many the changes in you. Although, there is a
famous quote that goes, â??Love is Blind’, love isn’t really blind in
reality. You need to love the person correctly and that is why you need
truth and power to say no to his unhealthy request, like eating too
much fat. When you have power without truth and love, people will
suffer because power can be abused.
Those are some of the examples. Don’t worry if the above does not
make any sense to you at this moment. As you go through the entire
book, you will be able understand the balancing principles in depth.

For the Children: Restful Bedrooms

by AnnaLouisa Alberi

If you are reading this, you have probably already thought about changing your child’s bedroom for some reason: they are not sleeping well, it is always a mess and you can’t get them to pick up all the toys, or maybe you are moving into a new house, and want to start fresh.
Here are some of the benefits of undertaking this task: a beautiful and cozy room, where your child feels comfortable and can sleep well; simple organizational solutions to help your child easily keep the room tidy; a bedtime rhythm that is a pleasure every night, for both you and your child.

Love Always

by Wendy Fountain

What’s the meaning of life? How’s it well-lived? Is there any secret to it? For me, the answer to these questions has revealed itself as one constant throughout my life; I’ve come to understand that no matter our situation, regardless of our virtues or our flaws, the common theme, the upshot, the moral of the story is always the same – to love always.

In this story, a series of letters and illustrations penned from the perspective of a parent to a child, or even a friend to friend, discuss some of the good (and not so good) personality traits of us all, while highlighting how loving always may help us through.

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