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Flight Attendant guide (How to be become a flight attendant Book 122)

by Mavis Prah

Flight attendant guide is a book that contains every vital information which helps candidates to be know what it takes to be a flight attendant and also be successful in every stage of the process .
*Requirement and qualifications
*application process
*interview questions and answers
*things to take note on.

Programming with ABAP/4 – The world of SAP: Coding & Programming for beginner & professional (Volume Book 2)

by Gurunanjeshwar Togurage

Programming with ABAP/4 – The world of SAP

Coding & Programming for beginner & professional

This book has been written with the complete novice, SAP super-user, consultant and programmer who want to starts or builds the carrier in SAP ABAP in mind. Whether you are just starting to use SAP systems, an experienced consultant or something entirely different, if you have to use SAP in any way, then this book is for you! Explaining ABAP programming from scratch and explaining business flow of MM, SD, PP, FI/CO & HR Modules & Concepts with flow charts, tables & tcodes

How the Chapters are arranged

ABAP Transaction

  • Introduction to Module-Pool/Dialog Programming
  • Components of Screen
  • Events In Module Pool
    • Process Before Output (PBO)
    • Process After Input (PAI)
    • Process On Value-Request (POV)
    • Process On HELP-Request (POH)

  • Dynamic Screens
    • Leave Screen
    • Leave To Screen
    • Call Screen
    • Set Screen

  • Elements in Screen Layout
    • Sub screen
    • Table Control
    • Tab Strip Control
    • Table Control (Wizard)

  • Single/Multiple Field Validation
  • LUW (Logical Unit Work)

Batch Data Communication

  • Introduction to BDC Technique
  • BDC Methods
    • Session Method
    • Call Transaction Method (CTM)

  • Legacy System Migration Workbench
    • Methods
      • Batch Input Recording (Session)
      • IDOC
      • BAPI
      • Direct Input Method

  • BDC With Table Control
  • File Handling
    • Application Server
    • Presentation Server

SAP Scripts

  • Introduction to SAP Scripts
  • Components of SAP Scripts
  • Function Module In Scripts
  • Crating Driver Program
  • Logo/Graphics in Scripts
  • Modifying Standard SAP Scripts

Smart Forms

  • Introduction to Smart Forms
  • Smart Forms Architecture
  • Smart Style
  • Component of Smart Forms
  • Creating Print Program
  • Differences Between Smart Forms & Scripts


  • Introduction to Enhancement
  • Types of Enhancement
  • Overview User-Exits & Customer-Exits
  • Types of User-Exits & Customer-Exits

BADI (Business Add In)

BAPI (Business Application)

Cross Applications

  • Introduction to Distributed Environment
  • Introduction to Cross Applications

ALE (Application Linking Enabling)

  • ALE Overview
  • ALE Architecture
  • Logical System

IDOC (Intermediate Document)

  • Introduction to IDOC
  • Component of IDOC
  • Creating
    • Message Type
    • Model View / Customer Distribution Model
    • PORT

  • Generate Partner Profile
  • Assigning IDOC Type to Message Type
  • Types of IDOCs
    • Standard IDOC
    • Custom IDOC
    • Extended IDOC

Personal Finance Management: 5 Stepping Stones To Build A Financial Castle

by Ramesh Mandale

Personal Finance Management

We all want to be rich and well settled in our lives. We need money for such a lifestyle and that too coming in steadily. Financial planning is the best way to reach your financial goals and meet future requirements. So what is financial planning? It is the process of mapping out financial objectives, current & future expenses, assets & liabilities to create a rock solid base for your future financial cash-flows. There are financial advisors, financial planners or financial consultants that help you create an in-depth financial plan. A financial plan is a thought-out path taking into consideration various factors such as current and future financial cash-flows & obligations ensuring optimum wealth management.

This Book is going to answer many of your financial question like

  • What are the best financial advice ?
    What are the most important things to know about personal finance?
    How do I learn about personal finance?
    What assets do wealthy people have?
    What are the most important aspect about personal finance that someone without a finance background must know ?

  • Wealth provides a legacy that shows that world who you are !!
    The people with high Net Worth have that Net Worth because of the assets they have acquired, not the actual cash in their pocket.

    Live a happy Financial Life!

    Domina tus finanzas y maneja tu dinero (Spanish Edition)

    by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

    ¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol, de manera entretenida.

    From Stressed to Best: A Guide to Self-Directed Learning with Anxiety and/or Depression

    by Mary Herrington

    Over 25% of American teenagers are diagnosed with anxiety or depression. Another 86% are walking around undiagnosed. This is a serious epidemic we ask our school systems to deal with and the can’t.

    When your child suffers from anxiety and/or depression due to bullying, learning disabilities or mental illness you will do anything to help ensure their present and protect their future. In 2009, Mary Herrington’s oldest daughter was serious when she said she’d “rather be dead than return to school.” In a desperate measure to save her daughter’s life, Mary brought her daughter home to homeschool her. It wasn’t what Mary had planned. They had tried public school, moving districts and private school. There was no other option left. It was literally try homeschooling or be prepared to plan a funeral for her child. THAT wasn’t an option. Mary would do everything in her power to save her daughter’s life.

    Over the next 9 years, Mary learned the in’s and out’s of homeschooling with a mentally ill child. Her oldest daughter suffers from anxiety, depression, bipolar and PTSD. Her other daughter, 9 years younger, suffers from anxiety and multiple learning disabilities. Together, they came across a proven educational method called self-directed learning. This shift in paradigm thinking in regards to education change their entire lives.

    From Stressed to Best walks you through the statistics behind the epidemic of anxiety and depression in the American tween/teen. It also dives into the statistics behind homeschooling success. Self-directed learning is more than just homeschooling. It is a proven methodology of education which puts the educational decisions into the hands of the student, educating and empowering them to dive deep into learning. Through this, they achieve peace at home, scholastic growth and the ability to live a life of fulfillment. The parent-child relationship is redesigned and communication opens up. Trust begins to form again and what blooms is an amazing relationship which is lost in the current rush and bustle of today’s educational system.

    Here is what others are saying about From Stressed to Best:

    “Wow! Wow! Wow! I wish I had read this when we started homeschooling! The line that hit me the hardest was: “Are you homeschooling for others or for your child?” L.S. in NC

    “No 7 year old should feel like they’d rather die than go to school. Because of Mary’s book, I know sending him back to school is the wrong choice. I have hope for my child and their future now.” Sheila E. in MS

    “I’m truly impressed with your book – its content and the way it’s written. You’ve done an amazing job! It’s full of useful and practical insights and ideas, and I especially love the excellent list of resources of all types at the end.” Katie from Key to Learning

    “From Stressed to Best was just what I needed to read as I face the start of my 3rd year homeschooling my son. Thanks to Mary sharing her story about her daughters, I have renewed hope for my 10 year old son’s future.” S in IN

    ” just read “Our Story” and I know why the universe put your book in my path. My kids are only 5&7 and I stressed myself out the last few years struggling with the fact that after researching different schooling methods, we fell into unschooling. So, it made me smile to realize that you too had chosen that and I can hopefully keep up my confidence when society (and my in-laws) think I’m crazy, lol.” Kimberly Ann

    In 2016, Mary’ oldest graduated from an accredited distance high school with a 3.89 GPA. Her youngest skipped 5th grade and went directly into working on 6th-grade work. The ability to cater each child’s education to their specific needs is what has helped each become the independent and scholastically advanced child they became.

    If you are already homeschooling or considering homeschooling, From Stressed to Best is a great resource to have on your shelf. It is full of factual statistics and personal stories to make it real.

    Torito: El regalo del abuelo (Spanish Edition)

    by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

    Hola, soy tu amigo “Torito”. Te invito a seguir mis aventuras al lado de mis amigos Santiago, Sofía y Sebastián. Juntos aprenderemos sobre el adecuado manejo del dinero, el valor del ahorro y el logro de metas.

    How to Memorize Scripture (Volume Book 1)

    by James Paulson

    The Bible is full of great Scriptures but the ongoing challenge that everyone has is trying to Memorize Scripture… This booklet covers a lot of activities that people can do to Memorize Scripture. This is a great tool to use in Sunday School, at Church, for Youth of all ages, or even Bible College Students. The activities included help keep Memorizing Scripture fun and interactive.

    Torito vs. Dr. Peligro (Spanish Edition)

    by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

    Con mis amigos jugaremos a los súper héroes, pero igual como sucede en las películas siempre hay un villano: estará el Dr. Peligro, que impedirá que mis amigos y yo: Súper Torito, podamos mantener seguros a los ciudadanos. ¿Será el mal o el bien quien gane esta batalla? Lee el cuento y descúbrelo.

    Para vivir seguros (Spanish Edition)

    by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

    ¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol, de manera entretenida.

    Christain or not? What would Jesus do?

    by Inijah Quadri

    Christianity is most popular. This book discusses the ‘Christlike’ in the true Christian name and is a perfect read for all ages, religion irrespective.

    Los Secretos del Universo (Spanish Edition)

    by Andjelko Valcic Verges

    Este libro trata sobre algunos secretos que tiene el universo,se habla de agujeros negros,agujeros blancos, agujeros gusano,Nikola Tesla, Albert Einstein, la gravedad,los portales magnéticos y los viajes en el tiempo . Se habla también sobre lo peligroso que puede ser la anti materia.Se menciona también la corrupción de los gobiernos con respecto a la energía libre.

    ¿Qué es la SBS? (Spanish Edition)

    by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

    ¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás de manera entretenida las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol.

    Infórmate y Planea tu ahorro para el futuro (Spanish Edition)

    by Superintendencia de Banca Seguros y AFP SBS

    ¿Sabes de qué se encarga la SBS y qué es? En esta historieta aprenderás las funciones de la SBS y cuál es su rol, de manera entretenida.

    What Happens on the DJIA: Dec 2018 Technical Analysis Report

    by Robert Q.L. Phillips

    In Oct 2018 Report, I recommended “The DJIA is very likely to heading lower to the near-term target at 25,000 – 23,334 points. Now the DJIA is trading near 23,334 points, so what will happen next ?!

    New Years Resolution 2018

    by Ozzie Penslif

    The New Year is slowly nearing, and with the holiday season already upon us many people are indulging in retrospection and reevaluating some of their life choices. New Year’s resolutions are the perfect opportunity for all those who have failed to start making the changes that they said they would make next week, next month, or perhaps when winter starts. Enjoy this list of tips and how you can stick to them!

    PLANET EARTH WILL NO LONGER EXISTâ?¦: By JASON EVANS. (words: 7165) (jason evans series Book 1)


    By JASON EVANS. (words: 7165)

    Educação UNESCO: a Clonagem das Mentes (Portuguese Edition)

    by Justino Vero

    Morreu há muito a figura carinhosa da professora amiga que morava no coração dos pais e das crianças. A tia a ensinar vírgulas e tabuadas com amor de sobra e castigo na dose certa já faz parte da história. Professor é hoje doutrinador a apropriar-se do aparato educacional para promover uma agenda política e substituir a família no papel de educar.
    O fenômeno remonta à queda do regime militar e representa, sem dúvida, o maior sucesso de estratégia gramsciana da história. Nasce da aliança das associações docentes com sindicatos e partidos de esquerda para confiscar a Constituinte no fim da década de 1980. Um momento de suma importância para entender os rumos do ensino, porque, entre barganhas e negociatas, a Carta Magna assentou os fundamentos de uma ditadura cultural que as vertentes de inspiração marxista chamam de “gestão democrática” …
    Tentar captar o episódio como fato isolado conduz a perder o alvo por uma distância astronômica, pois a guerra escolar integra uma campanha mais ampla cujas voltas e reviravoltas transcendem de longe os limites do Brasil e as manobras da hora. Sala de aula, na realidade, funciona como átomo ínfimo de um projeto imenso. E professor é inocente útil de uma intenção bem maior que o próprio entendimento.
    A Nação – como tantas outras – vive tempos de colonização educacional. Importa conceitos pedagógicos e quadros ideológicos incubados nas universidades norte-americanas para difusão periférica via organismos multilaterais com a cumplicidade ativa de segmentos políticos ironicamente radicados no discurso anti-imperialista.
    Diversidade sexual, gayismo, minorias, gênero e demais fantasias a compor o imaginário globalista não emanam do Brasil profundo. São, isto sim, invenções alienígenas a atropelar o ambiente de casa com a ajuda de forças políticas e financeiras de fora. O dinheiro sempre carrega as ideias pelo mundo. E, hoje como ontem, não falta índio para vender a alma em troca de espelhinho. Da Coroa Portuguesa à UNESCO, nada mudou, no fundo.
    Longe de gerar pensamento autônomo, CNTE, LDB, PNE, PPP, BNCC e todo o labirinto de entidades, siglas, conselhos ou instrumentos legais a brotar de duas décadas de “governo participativo” trabalharam no ajuste de currículos, valores e comportamentos à regra onusiana, transformando educandário em linha de montagem de cabeças politicamente corretas.
    Universidades e ministérios fizeram-se correia de transmissão de uma cosmovisão externa. Veiou das conferências internacionais para o MEC … para as Secretarias … para as escolas … e para a cabeça da garotada.
    As páginas a seguir empreendem de confrontar a hipótese com a realidade dos fatos. Para tanto, desmonta o quebra-cabeça ideológico UNESCO. Explica a gênese da psicopedagogia e a conversão da escola em laboratório de psicologia behaviorista a priorizar indução de atitude e produção de funcionalidade social em detrimento dos conteúdos cognitivos. Realiza uma incursão no construtivismo a compor a base pedagógica da geopolítica educacional global. Faz a ponte entre o quadro universal e o plano nacional, percorrendo os mecanismos de internalização do modelo. Identifica, finalmente, os interesses políticos, as forças financeiras e as razões comerciais a mover o mundo nesse rumo …
    Sobre o autor.
    Em 2016, um Curso de Extensão propondo análise crítica do fenômeno LGBT/gênero foi barrado na PUC-Goiás pelo lobby politicamente correto a controlar a decisão acadêmica. Privados de espaço institucional, os professores e alunos responsáveis pela inciativa postaram as aulas na Internet sob o título de “Samba Gay pra Carnaval de Gênero” e publicaram o livro “Por falar em Preconceito e Gênero” sob o pseudônimo coletivo de Justino Vero. A mesma equipe está por trás desta obra. Não propôs mais nada na esfera universitária. Ã? inútil: gay, feminista e petista decidem, desde já, o que se pode estudar e ensinar. A matéria está na Internet. Veja Educação UNESCO: a Clonagem das Mentes (youtube).

    Veeam 9.5 U2 2017 : Installing: Backup & Replication for Today’s Always ON Business! (Veeam Backup & Replication Book 1)

    by Advanced Networkers

    Welcome to a quick start guide to get you up and running with Veeam 9.5 Update two. This version is very stable and this guide is designed for the new Veeam user or those who just want to know more about Veeam Backup and Replication also know as B&R. Veeam has been around for several years and has in the last few years became a flagship product for Veeam and grown into a robust way of backup and recovery for now and well into the years ahead.

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