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Diabetic Nerve Pain & Chronic Peripheral Control: A quick and easy ways

by T. millers

This book will teach you how to control Diabetic Nerve Pain & Chronic Peripheral pain in a very simple quick and easy way……..

It’s Not My Home (Alzheimer’s and Dementia, Nursing Homes, Health, Stroke, Therapy)

by Susie Moon

Many of us will face the experience of placing someone we love into a nursing home when we can no longer care for them ourselves. It is a difficult decision to make, and it is certainly not a decision we want to make lightly.

It’s Not My Home by author Susie Moon is a fantastic resource, full of handy information to help you understand nursing home facilities â?¦ both the good and the bad. This book is written for all the potential nursing home residents out there and is based on the author’s eighteen years of experience working for several different nursing home facilities.

Susie Moon’s thoughtful book offers excellent information, observations, and suggestions designed to help you ensure your family member gets the best care possible and the loving attention they deserve. Susie devotes several cha¬pters to covering the many departments in a nursing home and the services they provide. There are chapters describing the kinds of activities that typically go on in a nursing home. Also included are tips and reminders of critical factors that should be considered prior to placing your family member in a nursing home facility.

A nursing home facility can never replace your loved one’s real home. But, by reading this book, understanding variations in nursing home facilities, and following this author’s advice to investigate all options to select the best nursing home you can, you can help to ensure the care your family member receives is the care you would want them to have.

National geographic: Ruging seas

by Andrew Clarke

This book is national geographic national book of book introduction


by Mihail Zastavnitchi

The Beginning of all Origins is the gravitational field. It consists of moving gravitons in space.

Graviton is an elementary quantum of energy when it is in the state of motion and an indivisible particle of mass when it is in the state of rest.

Mass is a conglomerate of gravitons in the state of rest, that is, of gravitons which gave to mass its kinetic energy of motion.

It is possible to scientifically explain many physical phenomena that classical physics cannot explain or explain them naive, if at the basis of physics put the existence of the gravitational field independent of the mass and the mass (created by the gravitational field), independent of the gravitational field:
1. Where does the energy of the stars come from?
2. Why are the planets nuclei hot?
3. What kind of relation is there between the potential and thermal energy in any point inside the mass?
4. Why is the mass accelerating when a constant force acts upon it?
5. Why is the mass moving of inertia?
6. What is the maximum speed at which the given mass can move of inertia?
7. Why do fluxes and re-fluxes take place on the Earth?
8. What is mass? Where did it come from in space?
9. What are black holes?
The masses are not gravitationally attracted to each other. The potential energies of the gravitational field (distorted by the masses) compress the masses.
Thermal energy of the mass (received from the gravitational field at the mass penetration) heats the mass. That part of the gravitons, which gave its energy to the mass and contributed to the creation of the potential energy of the gravitational field and the thermal energy of the mass, remain in the mass and increase the amount of the mass. The mass in the gravitational field is growing in size. The mass is a transformer of the gravitational field energy.
At a certain amount of the mass, the frequency of the maximum of the thermal energy radiation emitted by the mass coincides with the frequencies of the visible spectrum. Such masses are named stars
The mass, which initially received a kinetic quantity of energy, is continuously moved by the inertia energy of the gravitational field.
The mass, which has received rectilinear and rotation motion (when the rotation axis is perpendicular to the vector of rectilinear velocity) changes the volume of parts of the mass in synchronism with the rotation speed.
The category space and the category ether have the same physical meaning; they are the receptacle of moving and resting gravitons.
The ether consists of etherons, that is, the space consists of etherons. Etheron is the minimal, indivisible cell of ether (that is, of space).
Etheron is not changing over time the minimal unit of length, area and volume.
The energy of the homogeneous gravitational field in a given volume of space (that is, of ether) is the sum of the kinetic energies of all gravitons in this volume.
It is a compensated energy, it is zero energy, it is a hidden energy, it is not released energy, and that is, it is the “dark energy” of the homogeneous gravitational field in a given volume of space (that is, of ether).
The mass of the homogeneous gravitational field in a given volume of space (that is, of ether) is the total mass of all gravitons in this volume, if they were at rest.
The mass of the homogeneous gravitational field (because the gravitons move) is zero mass, it is a hidden mass, it is a transparent mass, it is not a materialized mass, it is not released mass, and that is, it is the “dark mass” of the homogeneous gravitational field in a given volume of space (that is, of ether).
The energy E of all gravitons of the homogeneous gravitational field (i.e., “dark energy”) in a given volume of space (that is, of ether) is directly proportional to the sum of the masses m of all gravitons (i.e., “dark mass”) in the given volume of space (that is, of ether) multiplied by the graviton’s average velocity cg in the square.

My Friends the Baboons

by Eugene Marais

Doris Lessing wrote of Eugene Marais in ‘The New Statesman’:

“He offers a vision of nature as a whole, whose parts obey different time-laws, move in affinities and linkages we could learn to see: parts making wholes on their own level, but seen by our divisive brains as a multitude of individualities, a flock of birds, a species of plant or beast. We are just at the start of an understanding of the heavens as a web of interlocking clocks, all differently set: an understanding that is not intellectual, but woven into experience. Marais brings this thought down into the plain, the hedgerow, the garden.”

Written in the popular vein suitable to a newspaper readership, this book is a valuable ancillary to the author’s more detailed and scientific work on baboons, ‘The Soul of the Ape’. Together, the two texts give us as complete a picture as we will get of Marais’ three year study of these complex and virtually human creatures.

Reverse Bad Posture Exercises: Fix Neck, Back & Shoulder Pain in Just 15 Minutes per Day

by Morgan Sutherland

Reverse Bad Posture in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Neglected postures, such as rounding your low back while sitting in front of the computer, standing for hours stooped over, sleeping improperly, and lifting poorly, can all lead to chronic back pain.

In today’s culture, everyone seems to be constantly plugged into an electronic device. Sedentary lifestyles result in hours spent with your body in a human question markâ??head forward and shoulders rounding.

Text Neck and Forward Head Posture

Text neck has been used to describe the repetitive-use injury that occurs to your upper back, neck muscles, forearms, wrists, and hands caused by a combination of poor posture, excessive texting, and smartphone use.

A common text neck symptom is a crick in the neck and upper shoulders. This can develop from overstressing your neck muscles from excessive texting, awkward sleep positions, harshly turning your head during exercise, and from clocking hours of poor posture hunched over your desk.

If you have text neck, then it’s also likely that you have rounded shoulders, which cause your upper back muscles to overstretch and tighten the chest muscles. This posture can potentially compress the brachial plexus, which can lead to a number of problems, ranging from numbness in the hands to thoracic outlet syndrome or carpal tunnel-like symptoms.

Reverse Bad Posture Exercises to the Rescue!

The 21 exercises in Reverse Bad Posture Exercises are designed to fix forward head posture, rounded shoulders, and hunched back posture in just 15 minutes per day.

Take Reverse Bad Posture Exercises everywhere you go, and you can feel confident that you will be able to improve your posture and prevent traumatic neck, shoulder, and back pain episodes from wreaking havoc on your life.

Remember, you are the best version of yourself when you adapt good posture habits. You’ll feel happier, healthier, and maybe even look 3 inches taller.

Alien Contact: The Outer Realm Part One

by Paul Xavier

I have had some addition thoughts that I wanted to add to the story and I was also expanding the book of writings that is collectively called The Outer Realm and this led to a reviewing of the initial essay and hence a slight expansion. Originally ‘The Children of an Alien God’ was supposed to be just a stand-alone short story but then became the first chapter of the book The Outer Realm (or just Outer-Realm). I have now completed a second chapter Alien encounters: Past; Present; and Future which forms the first part of the book called The Outer Realms.
The first chapter contains the reason and justification for spending money to search for signs of life elsewhere in the galaxy by looking for radio signals that might be being broadcast by alien cultures. Many people might consider this type of research a waste of time and money but here I try to justify the cost of conducting such research, which I believe is worthwhile and will be of great benefit to mankind.
I try and explain how to go about conducting SETI research and hopefully this will not rattle to many cages. I have made some wildly speculative statements about a few concepts such as: the speed of light possibly not being the absolute speed at which one can travel (which I go into more depth in another chapter); another idea being that we are currently picking up alien transmissions but are not able to recognise them for what they are, as they are hidden in pulsar signals and background radiation. I make no apologies for such outrageous statements against the standard model of physics as this is foremost a theoretical work which aims at the freeing-up of theoretical physics as one of its goals along with the raising of awareness of the public in general about the need for SETI research. As the Outer-Realm is slowly brought to completion you will see that there is this revolution in thought which is felt necessary to express so that we can prevent the stagnation of free-thinking here on Earth and so aid the continuing propagation and survival of humanity.
The second chapter (Alien Encounters: Past; Present and Future) is just a discussion of whether there has been alien contact already and, indeed, whether there are aliens living on the Earth today. This is just a light-hearted discussion about this topic drawing various well-known accounts of alien contact. Although I am largely sceptical about most of the alien contact stories in circulation today, I am however, I firm believe that that there are aliens alive elsewhere in our galaxy and beyond.
Trying to write such a book in one’s spare time when one must work doing other full-time work, unconnected with the area of interest, can be quite difficult as I know many people who write in their spare time will know. Often one finds that there is very little time to spare for private study and research as other tasks in life need attention. However, I thought I might just release a few chapters at a time and I hope that you find it worth any money that you might have to pay to read the work. It will probably amount to one hundred pages of readable material by the time you download this part of the book. If you do like this work, please ensure that you leave some comments to tell people what you think. If it has not been as good as you would like, please feel free to leave some constructive comments but please be civil. In either case I would like people to offer constructive criticisms; suggestions of possible correction; or even suggestions of additional material. If I feel that these are valid points and interesting, I may decide to include these in any future revisions.

Best Treatment for Sciatica Pain: Relieve Sciatica Symptoms, Piriformis Muscle Pain and SI Joint Pain in 20 Minutes or Less per Day

by Morgan Sutherland

Best Treatment for Sciatica Pain

Have you ever suffered from the misery of sciatica or sacroiliac joint pain? If so, you know how debilitating you feel, and you’d love to know a way that you can relieve the hurt.

Sciatica is more than just a simple pain in the butt. When it strikes, it causes misery and debilitating pain that instantly downgrades your life. The sciatic nerve runs right through this tiny, powerful muscle in your buttocks called the piriformis, a pear-shaped muscle deep in the glutes that helps laterally rotate the hip.

If it gets too tight, it can impinge the sciatica nerve, causing tremendous pain, tingling, and numbness through the glutes and into the lower leg.

Sacroiliac (SI) joint pain refers to pain in the sacroiliac joint region caused by abnormal motion in the sacroiliac joint, either too much motion or too little motion. People with SI joint pain often have trouble standing from a sitting position, transitioning from lying down to getting up, and frequently change positions to feel comfortable.

This book will give you easy-to-understand and follow sciatica exercises to give you pain relief. You’ll learn the following exercises and techniques, accompanied by clear illustrations that demonstrate the proper body positions.

  • Eleven effective exercises to reverse sciatica symptoms in 20 minutes or less per day.
  • Six resistance band strengthening exercises for sciatica relief.
  • How to foam roll your sciatic pain away.
  • Do-it-yourself techniques for SI joint pain relief.
  • Eleven exercises for instant SI joint pain relief.

Performing these dynamic exercises in Best Treatment for Sciatica Pain really can work wonders for stubborn sciatica and SI joint pain. And all it takes is just 15 to 20 minutes per day.

If you have low back pain and sciatica, help is on the way to a more vibrant and engaging quality of life. Find relief from sciatica pain and SI joint pain with these 29 proven exercises from an orthopedic massage therapist, who specializes in treating chronic pain. You’ll be glad you did!

HOW DC MOTOR WORKS?: Fundamental Concept & Mathematical Representation

by Dr. Jignesh Makwana

This book explains fundamental concept of electric motor with new perspective. It is designed to help students understanding fundamental concept and mathematical derivation. Simplified explanation helps to understand why DC motor rotates when supplied by the voltage source. Science & technology enthusiastic from school to college can get exact idea about operating principle of electric motor.

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