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6 Tips to Improve Your Golf Swing: Become a professional golfer

by Ethan J Thomas

Understanding how to play golf the right way can be a tough game, which is why you need tips on how to improve your golf swing. Improving your golf swing will allow you to experience a lot more success while playing golf. It will also help you to become a better golfer.

Are you tired of not being able to get a hole in one? Or, barely hit the golf ball when you swing it?

I know all golfers have been their one time or another, and the most successful golfers didn’t succeed by accident. They succeeded through perseverance and determination.

Many golfers have to figure it out for themselves, but it in this short report that I’m about to share with you, I’m going to give you tips on how to improve your golf swing, and become a better golfer while doing it.

I’m also going to invite you to sign up for my email newsletter at the end of the report, so make sure to read until the end. In the newsletter, I’m going to be providing additional value that is not included in this report, so make sure to sign up if you want to receive additional value.

World soccer : Special issue Cristiano ronaldo

by Andrew Clarke

How will we remember 2014? As the year when Germany
became the fi rst European country to win the World Cup
in South America, or as the 12 months when football’s
problems – corruption, fi nancial excess – came to a head
with the ethics FIFA crisis?
It’s always diffi cult to review the calendar year in
football. The natural course of a season, in Europe
at least, runs from August to
May. But there has certainly
been more than enough to
celebrate over the past 12

SYSTEM-9: Mini Red Tennis: The ultimate tennis book for 4-8 year olds (SYSTEM 9 1)

by Andy Dowsett

Do you want tennis coaching information that is developmentally appropriate, purposeful yet simplistic and fun? Whether you are a parent wanting to teach your child tennis, or a tennis coach, this well thought out, progressive book is for you.
Andy Dowsett has been coaching juniors for three decades, has educated coaches and taught 1000,s of children over this time. SYSTEM-9 is a tried and tested method that has been showcased all over the world to coaches and parents with huge success.

“A great book for both parents and coaches. This is the best manual for step-by-step progression in under 10 tennis. Simplicity and effectiveness combine in making this a wonderful tool with stepping stones to development at the grass roots level. A must have!”
Reno Manne

â??’Simple, effective, purposeful. What more could you ask for!”
Sarah Jane Stone – WTCA

“Loved it!”
Ken DeHart

Fathers, Sons, & Holy Ghosts: Baseball as a Spiritual Experience

by Austin Gisriel

No other sport, and indeed few other activities evoke as much passion as does baseball. It is a passion that unites generations and genders, laborers and lawyers, Republicans and Democrats. Baseball serves as a common language, a unified way of perceiving the world, a means to greater understanding. Baseball’s shrines, rituals, myths, and heroes certainly give it a religious aura, but many activities may be pursued “religiously.” Baseball is beyond religion. It is a living myth that puts us in touch with Eternity, with the Infinite. Its Miracle is not some long-ago act that contradicts the laws of physics. Its Miracle is the scrubbing away of cynicism to reveal the fresh-faced child within who is ready to believe, eager to believe, who does believe. Fathers, Sons, & Holy Ghosts: Baseball as a Spiritual Experience is an examination in memoir form of how baseball nourishes the spiritual side of those who are part of the game.
From the author of the #1 free Kindle Baseball essay, “Their Glorious Summer”

Why Does the Second Putt Always Go In, And how to get it right the first time: Shattering the myth of your Comfort Zone

by Thomas Pranio

Have you ever missed a putt and then placed another ball down and put the perfect roll on it only to see it go in the hole? Why can’t you do that the first time. The purpose of this book is to give you a better understanding why it happens. Read at your own risk. Buy this book now and you’ll improve your golf game.

Goal Setting For Preppers: How To Achieve Your Massive Goals, WSHTF!

by Chuck Anderson

So you have the gun, the knife, water filter and the bags packed, but do you have a plan? Will you the free running crazy guy WTSHTF or do you have a plan to get ready, surviveâ?¦ and THRIVE!?

In this ground breaking book on how to set and achieve massive goals, Chuck Anderson has created the best bits from his time spent with goal setting researcher and professional goal setting expert speaker, David Hyner from the UK.

The book gives you the skills and confidence to set your goal the way top achievers do, knowing how to get the information you need from credible sources, prioritise the “to-do” tasks, keep yourself motivated, and succeed!
Find out why “smart” goals do NOT work, and how just five minutes a day can ensure your success long term.

THREE SURVIVORS: 400 miles of tropical paradise and hurricane hell


A wild adventure of two men and a woman out of their depth in a murderous storm at sea

THREE SURVIVORS is the true story of a naive traveler 3,000 overland miles from home who finds passage on a small sailboat with strangers. But what begins a a rousing four-day trip in an idyllic paradise turns into a terrifying fight for survival.

Aboard a 50 year old wooden vessel working as crew in exchange for transport, Joseph JK embarks on a planned voyage across 400 miles of the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico with the boat’s beguiling owner, Shasta, and her affable boyfriend-captain, Doug.

Starting with clear weather in an apparently shipshape craft, the author will not discover until far out on open water that this easy-going couple harbor secrets that will put all of them in peril for their lives. This is a journey through the mesmerizing heat and rhythm of the sea, the pleasures of wild lobster and fish, the companionship of frolicking dolphins, naked flirtations and armed jealousies. Only when a small dark patch appears on the horizon does this trio have a clue about the dangers awaiting them.

This is the story of a secret cargo, a killer storm, a sinking sailboat and attempts by a Norwegian freighter captain, an inexperienced Coast Guard skipper and a massive Navy warship at remote rescue.

THREE SURVIVORS chronicles the thrills and menace among three people out of their depth at sea. It unfolds with breathtaking twists and turns all the way to the final page.

Lake Campfire Stories: Horrifying Fables for Your Next Camping Trip

by Kayak Lanternhead

This book is not for children. Our Campfire Stories are so scary you will not be able to sleep tonight. Pick the toughest person on your camping trip, and they will be crying themselves to sleep tonight. Lake Campfire Stories is not meant for kids. We also can not suggest it for anyone who might scare to the point of shaking on the ground wishing they were home with their mommy.

Fight Mind: Entfalte Dein volles Potenzial! (German Edition)

by James Phillips

â?? Mehr Power

â?? Mehr Erfolg

â?? Mehr Fight Mind

Fight Mind-Set

Warum erreichen manche Sportler ihre Ziele, während andere immer nur auf der Stelle treten? Was unterscheidet einen Amateur von einem Profisportler? Der Schlüssel zu einer erfolgreichen Karriere liegt in der mentalen Einstellung. Viele Sportler reden sich ihr Verhalten lieber schön und geben sich mit ihrer Rolle als Verlierer ab, anstatt alles für ihr Ziel zu tun.

James Phillips wei� genau, was es hei�t, hart an sich zu arbeiten. Im Laufe seiner Karriere bestritt er etliche Kämpfe und arbeitete sich in mehreren Gewichtsklassen an die Spitze der Ranglisten. Seine mentale Stärke brachte ihm zahlreiche Meistertitel ein. Im Fight Mind teilt er sein Wissen und gibt Tipps und praxisorientierte Anleitungen für das richtige Mindset im Profisport.

Für wen ist das Fight Mind-Set geeignet?

# Für alle, die mehr Erfolg im Sport wollen
# Für alle, die ihre Motivation steigern wollen
# Für alle, denen das nötige Durchhaltevermögen fehlt
# Für alle, denen das erreichen Ihrer Ziele wichtig ist